But could Parma beat Lazio at half-time?

Many reporters think it is impossible.
But when they heard such reckless cheers, they suddenly wanted Lazio to lose the game.
Think of it as the best lesson for such a team that doesn’t respect its opponents.
At half-time, if Lazio are really underestimating their opponents, then they will definitely not be in good form.
The question now is how will Parma react?
Does Parma know that their opponents are celebrating at halftime?
This is a shame to them!
If Parma knew, they would be enraged by arrogant Lazio players.
Then they will fight back at half-time …
Lazio, on the other hand, were not prepared for the difficulty of the half-court game because of their pride and underestimation. Only after they played did they find that their opponents were fierce.
They really want the horse to regain the advantage, but they relax too much, and the result is that they can’t hold on tight. Once Parma can recover a goal, Lazio will be in a panic.
At the same time, in this game, they have to win, and they will be out of shape.
This will form a vicious circle.
The more you want to win, the less you can win.
Parma, on the other hand, will be more confident when they see Lazio’s performance like this.
When the time comes, it will change …
With this analysis, everyone suddenly felt that what they wanted to see was not impossible.
But first, Parma needs to know that their opponents have already celebrated the championship and have not paid attention to them.
Do they know?
This reporter is not clear now
But I’m sure they’ll know after the game-look at Parma’s performance. If they still stick to their words like half-time, it’s definitely over.
Journalists want to see Palma alive and kicking all the time at half-time.
So will Palma give them what they want?
Chapter three hundred and seventy Six consecutive championships!
Those journalist who want to see Lazio jokes are eagerly wait to see Parma’s performance at half-time.
They hope to see a high-spirited Palma.
But … although the dream is beautiful and full, the reality is always very cruel and skinny.
Just three minutes after half-time, before the reporters came to see what Parma really did, Lazio launched a sharp attack.
After a series of dazzling runs, they sent the football into the restricted area.
David silva catches the ball in the penalty area and dribbles horizontally.
In the process, he pretended to shoot many times and deceived the Parma defender. Finally, he deceived the Parma goalkeeper Pavarini to the ground before he started shooting!
Football flies into Parma’s goal in suspense!
“3! ! Lazio scored another goal! Their goal at half-time declared their determination-no one should expect Lazio to be turned over by Parma at half-time! "
Caressa’s remarks seem to be specially addressed to those journalists …
But the reporters couldn’t hear him.
Even so, these reporters still feel the "malice" from Changsheng …

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