With yali answer a scream, an arm is thrown high.
Muqingfeng tried to raise his eyelids and looked at a sage like type old man with wide eyes and three feet of Qingfeng in his hand, which made him dare not look straight in the eye.
"Dare to burn and plunder in our summer land. Today I will do good for heaven! !”
"Give me kill! ! Ah ah! ! It hurts me to death! ! How dare you cut off my hand? Brothers stripped me of this old skin! ! !” Yali replied, grinning from ear to ear, regardless of her own blood.
See blue Wolf clan soldiers like a mad dog pounced on clamoring for revenge for their deputy commander.
A huge stone flies out of the Woods with the slightest sign, hitting a barbarian in the chest on the spot, breaking his bones and breaking a shadow, accompanied by a huge drink.
"Also my parents life! ! !”
It’s a dog’s egg. This is Mu Qingfeng’s last thought before he fainted.
"Old man, old man, my brother is awake. Come and see! !” Listening to the dog’s yelling at Muqingfeng, I can’t help but feel that I have fainted so many times in just a few days. It seems that his life is really not hard
"Don’t move. You’re badly hurt."
Mu Qingfeng, a kind and affable old face, came into view, and it was difficult to associate him with the man who had just lost his hair and beard.
Before Mu Qingfeng asked him, he sat beside him and introduced himself endlessly. "Being original, Li Daoling is an elder of the virtual palace. Recently, we received an order from Wulin that a barbarian team had infiltrated our rear in the summer. Was it too late or too late for me to catch up with this team? Just when I was going to pursue this team, I saw your brother in the Woods. Your brother told me what you had told me at an early age, and it was rare for me to be original and mature."
"Taoist you"
"You don’t say anything, I know you want to avenge your parents, but it’s even more difficult for you to recover from this injury. Besides, I heard your brother say that you haven’t learned any martial arts. This can’t be done. Look at the fact that we just killed those barbarians and practiced kung fu outside. The roots of ordinary people are not their opponents, or they won’t enter our summer. By the way, when it comes to martial arts, it’s not being original and boasting, but the elders of the Palace are empty. I break the sword of Yan Jianfa and sacrifice the natural enemies to make the ghosts change color.
"Taoist me"
"No, I, I, I know you’re very touched. You must be very excited to have such a powerful teacher willing to teach you. Is it true that I don’t want to accept disciples? The master is pushing me hard. I can’t afford to lose my amazing martial arts. Looking at you is a good piece of material. Although I’ve lost a little weight, it’s still very much to my liking. Did you hear that I want to accept you as an apprentice and you stopped crying? It’s just after so many tragic events. It’s hard to have an elder who loves you and is touched. You should cry, too. "He just recovered and didn’t have much strength to push the old road to stumble. Muqingfeng shouted in his surprised eyes.
"You’re crushing my leg! You’re killing me! ! ! !”
At dinner, Mu Qingfeng was barely able to eat by himself. Although he was very painful, he felt inexplicably relieved to watch him eat dog eggs.
"Xiao, this is our secret medicine for virtual palace healing, rejuvenation and vital qi ointment. I’ll help you wipe your leg. If it’s too late, you’ll never be able to live without crutches. How about I treat you well and call the master quickly?" Li Daoling kept a close eye on Muqingfeng while talking.
"The old man’s apprentice isn’t a matter of your affection and my wish, so you are optimistic about me? My brother saw your superb swordsmanship today and insisted on learning martial arts with you. Besides, I don’t think you are reliable." Mu Qingfeng said lazily
These words said that he blew his head off. "You know what a fart. You have to talk about fate. You have to be hacked to death. I appeared and saved you. This is the fate. I didn’t come earlier and later. That’s it. Your younger brother is a brute. Are you going to make me turn a willow into a bear and shoot a tree? ? ! ! And what’s wrong with me? I can’t say rejuvenation Zhengqi ointment. I have erosion muscle and bone powder, and I will wipe it for you then! ! !”
"Say you are unreliable, you still lose your temper, I hurt my left leg, and you press my right leg to paint something! ! !”
I saw that I was treating Muqingfeng’s injured right leg. The old face turned red. "It was too dark to pay attention. Besides, isn’t your right leg injured?"
"It’s not impossible to learn from master, and you know I’m still too weak and bent on revenge, which may turn away from your family." After all, the old man also saved his life, and Muqingfeng is hard to say.
"Is it not the Green Wolf clan? When you learn martial arts, it’s very simple for us two to cut them down." Li Daoling said casually.
"No, my enemy is also a mausoleum palace! ! ! !”
Suddenly I heard this sentence, and the old hand shook the ointment to the ground.
"Small rice can eat words can’t blather! !” Li Daoling has a serious face. "This is impossible. I want to ask you if you know who Ling Wang is fighting in the corner of Xinjiang. Ling Wangfu has a position in my summer! !”
"I don’t know who the king of Ling is, and I don’t know what the palace of Ling is. I know that those people who slaughtered our village personally said that they had a palace of Ling to lead the way! ! !” Mu Qingfeng roared.
"And this" MuQingFeng a Yu Pei "this bloody word Yu Pei is my father’s broken hand holding its root, it is not a barbarian. How do you want me to believe this? Do you have a mausoleum in your mouth? ! !”
"That is, I also heard them say that there was a problem because the Lingwangfu guides didn’t come and they retreated," said the dog egg.
Looking at the blood in front of me, Jade Brand Road sighed, "I really don’t know what happened, but you can’t rely on this to say that the people of Ling Wangfu colluded with foreign enemies. You know, if you say this in the summer capital, I’m afraid you, the leader of Liuyang, have long been cut down."
"How come Li Daoling and Li Daochang don’t you still know Ling Wang Zhan Yu Jiang?" Mu Qingfeng said coldly
"I haven’t known your name for so long. What’s your name?" Li Daoling didn’t answer Mu Qingfeng’s question.
"Little Li Daochang named Mu Qingfeng can answer my question now?"
"Mu Qingfeng, have you ever been away from the mountains?" Old road looked at the distance and asked
"I’ve lived here since I can remember. What’s the matter, Taoist? I don’t want to laugh at my ignorance. I don’t know the name of Ling Wang and Yu Jiang?"
Listen, they’re talking more and more strongly, and the dog looks at the two at a loss.
"Our summer country is located in Kyushu, with a vast territory and abundant resources. Ten years ago, the Nangong emperor was overjoyed, regardless of the national people’s desire to expand the territory for years, and the war burned to the grassland where there was friction with us. We expanded the territory. The four kings of the summer, the North Wei Yan Wang Bai Sushen, defended the mausoleum in the west, and the king of the war in the eastern town of the Xinjiang, Liu Wang Zhu Jie, the Southern Ding Yue Wang Nangong Ao, all sent out an army. In the past few years, our summer territory has expanded to the north for hundreds of miles. Although the Nangong emperor Making the army leave no prisoners has created one person after another. The king of Hell couldn’t bear to suffer untold sufferings. He advised the emperor to suspend the sword. I didn’t know that the Nangong emperor heard that he was furious and arrested the king of Ling for disturbing the morale of the army. He made the western army attack the ancient city of the western regions for years, which made the soldiers physically and mentally exhausted. It was heard that the emperor ordered the soldiers to be furious and killed the Nangong emperor. The troops retreated in Daxianai, but how could the barbarians bring disaster to the grassland? The Chinese army was safely separated from the Golden Knife and the first Golden Wolf clan organization was scattered all over the grassland. The soldiers pursued our army in the summer, which was just a 300-mile defense line. We sacrificed several soldiers in the summer. When the army was about to be wiped out, the king of the Western Town Ling fought in the corner of Xinjiang and led the Western Army to the death. After that, he called on his friends to draw a sword to help him with his position in the rivers and lakes. In the end, several martial arts heroes shed blood on the battlefield, and 300,000 Western troops were different. Finally, Daxia was spared a trace of vitality. Since then, Daxia’s national strength has been frequently threatened by the grassland. Although Ling Wang protected Daxia countryThe king of Ling suffered this great disaster, but he was still loyal to the Great Summer. After returning to China, the country spared no expense. That is to say, today’s emperor remembers the hereditary throne of the four kings of Ling Wang Dagong. When the emperor did not kneel, the king of Ling refused to accept that he would never leave the palace of Ling Wang. Now let me ask you, do you believe that such people colluded with foreign countries to slaughter my people? ? "
Look at the bright eyes of the old road and look at the jade brand Muqingfeng in his hand. He doesn’t know what to do or what to do.
Looking at Mu Qingfeng hesitating, Li Daoling said softly, "I don’t want you to finish. Believe me, I can’t guarantee whether the mausoleum king is the original mausoleum king after many years. I hope you’d better see it yourself and don’t be carried away by anger."
"Well, I’ll believe you for a moment." Muqingfeng put Yu Pei back in his clothes. "But the king is so far away, how long will it take us to get there?" The old saying calmed himself down a little. After all, Muqingfeng learned from the mouth of the Green Wolf clan that it was the truth that the mausoleum palace was involved. I’m afraid it would take a long time to explore it. Looking at the dark night, Muqingfeng felt something. Li Daoling seemed to have something to hide from me.
"Well, since the misunderstanding can be put aside for the time being, let me ask you what are your plans?" Asked the old crossing
"I listen to my brother and I will go wherever he goes." Since they have eased up, the dog jumped out and said that he was hanging out with his brother.
"If the old man doesn’t think we are cumbersome, take us to Kyoto. If I want to see the charm of the famous summer capital," this also asks Mu Qingfeng to naturally think about solving the Yu Pei problem
"Does the enemy country hate you as a choice?"
Mu Qingfeng has never seen an old man so serious, even when they bickered just now.
"I don’t know anything. I hope the Taoist priest can answer my family hatred, such as national hatred."
"I don’t mind if you want to avenge your family. After all, if you don’t avenge your parents, it’s like living in the world. Once you choose this road, I can send you and your brother to the nearest post and leave you enough money and medicine. You can go all the way south to Wangdu, and then you and I will go our separate ways and pay you revenge in this life, whether it is success or failure, or I will be old-fashioned again."

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