See Sunday at the weekend, I feel so proud that I can’t speak because I am angry with myself. It seems that I have seen the most proud achievement in my life. That kind of pleasant mood is expressed in French words. I burst out laughing coldly. "You don’t do a few great things on Sunday, so you are a natural enemy. I tell you that in my eyes at the weekend, you are either lucky. Because of the Zhou family’s brother, most of the family resources can be changed to me."

On the weekend, when I talked about it, I became more and more excited and repressed, and my personality burst out. The whole person looked extremely manic and restless, and my face was even more ferocious and terrible, as if I were going to swallow Sunday alive.
Lan Xin looked a little scared and said softly, "Is he crazy on Sunday? It looks terrible. I’m I’m a little scared."
On Sunday, Lan Xin patted the back of his hand and said, "Don’t be afraid to have me. I won’t let him hurt you." Looking at the weekend coldly, "I don’t care what you want to do, but I can tell you that if you want to hurt people around me, I will definitely kill you." The murderous look in my eyes emerged depending on the crazy look on the weekend.
I laughed at the weekend. "Believe me, I believe you will kill me. Don’t worry, I won’t target people around you. Since you have come to Guangdong Province, we can have fun. In other places, I can’t help you, but in Guangdong Province, that’s my day. I will stay in your girl literature and play slowly until you die."
Sunday sneered, "I’m ready, but now it’s time for us to eat. This is my place. Roll for me." Holding a cup in your right hand, it’s a crushing cold way. "If you don’t roll, I’ll let you be like this cup."
"Okay, I’ll go, I won’t bother." On the weekend, my hands spread out slowly and walked backwards, saying, "You eat slowly and we will have fun later." I bumped into a fallen man and fell backwards when I stepped on his foot.
"Ha, ha, wow, you’re so handsome and handsome." Lan Yao burst out laughing when he saw the weekend fall, pointing to the weekend mess and couldn’t say how happy he was.
Lan Xin glared at Lan Yao. "You also said that it was all your trouble. If it weren’t for your family, they wouldn’t find you."
Vomitted to stick out your tongue LanYao see next to Fang Yi is also a face of poor shan smiled a few hurried to eat a bowl of Chinese food.
Weekend mess got up from the ground and scolded "Fuck you". The man was kicked a few times and walked out of the restaurant in anger. The rest of the people saw that they had gone over the weekend and dared to stay. They all ran out of the restaurant in a mess.
Lan Xin saw that all those people left on Sunday at the weekend, and he still looked very angry. He said, "Don’t be angry on Sunday. It’s not worthwhile for a villain to be angry. It’s all Lan Yao’s fault. If you dare to make trouble outside again, I’ll deduct your life and see what you do."
"Elder sister, I didn’t," cried Lan Yao bitterly. "I really didn’t provoke others. He deliberately provoked me. What can I do?"
"You don’t admit your mistake."
Zhou Tianxiao smiled to know that Lan Xin cherished him. He was humiliated and felt bad. Find her brother and say a few words to let him get rid of his resentment. He laughed. "Yan Yan, don’t blame Lan Yao. Even without him, you will find me. I have a strange feeling that he and I seem to know each other and have a feeling of blood connection."
"Brother-in-law, are you really a Zhou family member?" Lan Yao smiled and said, "I think that man was afraid of you just now. He is a Zhou family member, which can make him afraid, that is, the same family member, and his position in the family must be higher than his. From his jealous expression on your face, it can be seen that brother-in-law’s position in the Zhou family is not low."
Lan Xin said, "Lan Yao, don’t talk nonsense. Your brother-in-law is not a Zhou family member. He is from our company. However, your brother-in-law is a very talented person and many people are afraid that his Zhou family brother is afraid of your brother-in-law." I don’t know what Lan Xin is particularly afraid of being a Zhou family member. He always tries his best to draw a line between Sunday and Zhou family members.
Lan Yaogang was about to speak when Lan Xin interrupted Lan Yao’s words "Stop eating" and stared at Lan Yao and began to eat at once.
On Sunday, I also saw that something was wrong with Lan Xin. I still saw that dude was afraid of him at the weekend. So was he. Everyone was also a dude. He smiled and said to Lan Yao and Fang Yi, "Let’s have dinner." But his mind had already flown to the outside world.
Disrupted the four people’s interest in eating, ate a few mouthfuls of rice, paid the bill and left on Sunday. Both Lan Yao and Fang Aiwu had classes, and Sunday and Lan Xin didn’t stay at school. Lan Xin wished Lan Yao a few words to tell him to study hard and not to neglect his studies because of falling in love.
LanYao nature is xi xi ha ha promised on Sunday, he solved a big trouble, Lan Xin also agreed on behalf of the family he and Fang Yi communication mood how can’t happy? Now to Fang Yi home agreed to estimate their things is not much suspense.
However, the thought of Fang Ai’s parents’ eyes disliking him as a single-parent family is a little frustrating. He didn’t tell Lan Xin about it for fear of causing unnecessary sadness to his sister. Girls’ literature is updated for the first time. After all, falling in love is a problem for him and Fang Ai, and the two of them can’t rely on Lan Xin for everything.
Lan Xin wished a few words and then saw that there was nothing to say, so he and Zhou Tianche left Guangdong University of Economics and headed for the apartment.
Fang Yi looked at Lan Xin’s car and looked worried and said, "Lan Yao, your family has agreed to our two people’s contact, but my family still refuses to agree with us to solve the problem anyway."
Lan Yao laughed. "Nothing, what’s the problem? We’ll solve it together. You are my girlfriend and I won’t let you suffer."
Fang Yi smiled slightly and said, "I hope so. Girls’ literature will be updated for the first time" and Lan Yao went back to the teaching building hand in hand.
Not far from Lan Xin and Sunday, a car went out, and at the same time, it came out from a dark corner at the weekend. Looking at the back of the four people, they sneered. They took out their cell phones from their pockets and dialed a number and said, "Dad, it’s me."
"Oh, is it the weekend? What can I do for you?" Zhou Chu Qian Yin came over there.
Suppress the excitement at the weekend and say, "Dad, guess who I saw."
"Who did you see?" Zhou Chuqian seemed to be in a good mood, so he quipped with the youngest child, "Should you not see any beautiful women and have some bad ideas? Girls’ literature is updated for the first time."
On weekends, I sweat straight. "Dad, am I that vulgar in your eyes? Can’t I think of something else except beautiful women? I can also share it with my father?"
"Good dad put my foot in my mouth. It’s good for dad to make less trouble outside." Zhou Chuqian walked over and said, "Come on, tell me who you saw."
"I saw Sunday," said the weekend word for word, adding emphasis at the end. "And I’m still in my school. I saw it just now."
"What?" Zhou Chuqian sat up in a hurry and said, "Who did you see again?"
"I saw Sunday," said the weekend. "I had a little friction with him. Don’t worry, I won’t forget him. I can recognize him even if he turns to dust."
Zhou Chuqian’s hand trembled and held back his excitement. "Are you sure that person was Sunday at the weekend? You have to know that all family members have been looking for him in the past seven months, but he has disappeared like a man."
On the weekend, I said, "I can’t be wrong about that person. It’s the Sunday we’ve been looking for."
Zhou Chuqian was silent for a moment and said, "Who else knows about it when you see Sunday?"
On the weekend, I said, "No one knows that I called you as soon as they left, and I also sent someone to follow them to see where they live."
Zhou Chu Qian said, "You did a good job on this weekend. Remember that when you see things on Sunday, don’t say anything to people, especially the younger brothers of the Zhou family."
At the weekend, I said, "Dad, don’t worry about the seriousness of this matter. I know that Sunday was a representative of the Zhou family myth family. If we can defeat him, our family power will expand rapidly."
Zhou Chuqian pondered for half a meeting and still couldn’t help worrying. "Don’t make a move on Sunday at the weekend. You are still a capable person. Don’t take action at present. Your brother is now in Guangdong Province, and what can I do for you?"
On the weekend, I said, "OK, I know. I’ll discuss it with my brother."
Zhou Chuqian knows his temperament too well, so he said, "Remember what Dad said at the weekend. Don’t provoke you alone on Sunday. He will kill you. I will call your brother. Your father won’t forget it."
At the weekend, I felt that Zhou Chu’s money was too wordy and impatient and said, "Dad, I know. Don’t worry. I won’t mess around. I’m not a child anymore. Don’t worry about everything. It’s nothing. I’ll hang up first." Then I hung up.
Chapter three hundred and forty-two Crisis comes quietly
Girls’ literature
Zhou Chuqian gave a wry smile to this child. He really dotes on him and spoils everything, which makes him arrogant. Sometimes I want him to suffer, but I can’t bear to shake my head in my heart. My heart is finally at ease and I’m not afraid that fooling around on weekends will annoy Zhou Tianzhen and kill him on weekends. That would be regrettable.
Zhou Chuqian picked up the phone and dialed Zhou Haifeng’s number. After a while, he simply said, "Is it Haifeng? I’m your father. There’s something I want to tell you. Your brother came over this weekend. He said he saw Sunday at Guangdong University of Economics."
"What Sunday?" Zhou Haifeng said in surprise. "Dad will be wrong about how many people are looking for girls’ literature on Sunday. How can it be met by such good luck on the weekend?"
Zhou Chu Qian said, "Judging from the current signs, he won’t lie at the weekend. He did see Sunday, and Zhou Tianren is now in Guangdong Province, and there have been some minor frictions at the weekend."
Zhou Haifeng was silent for a while. "Dad, if this is the case, it will be difficult."
Zhou Chuqian said, "Oh, I want to hear your opinion."

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