Having said that, his heart suddenly moved. Since there is Long Mai here, there must be more than one eye. The coffin was placed alone across the ravine, which seemed abrupt.

Get it and say that the tomb of the Great Sage King is a fake tomb? Of course, his purpose is not the tomb of the Great Sage King, but something else. He was going to get some money to spend. Now, he is worth a lot. This trip to Kunlan Mountain far exceeds his original budget. Just offended Tiantai Mountain and Penglai Fairy City, and planted two untimely bombs.
As he thought about it, he walked deep into the bottom of the valley.
"Hey, hey, where are you going?" Feather cherry fairy asked.
"Dragon Cave." As Chu Yanqi spoke, he thought about walking deep in the valley. Sure enough, there was a big hole deep in the valley, and it was dark and chaotic. Vaguely, there was a pulse of dragon breath.
"Do you want to die?" Feather cherry fairy urgent way, "don’t you know, between the breath of the earth and the air, there is a huge mysterious power, even the gods will be twisted into pieces?"
"In a short time, it won’t be huffing and puffing." ChuYanQi said, and has walked in toward the big hole, want to have gone deep into the mountainside, the cave was dark, Piansheng in the depths of the dark, with a little golden light flashing, drifting.
Knowing that it was the place where the dragon’s breath gathered, Chu Yanqi immediately carried the octagonal palace lantern and strode toward it, carefully pushing open a wave of surging confidence. Fortunately, he learned the tactic of looking at the dragon’s breath and finding the dragon’s breath, and was able to accurately calculate the time point of the dragon’s breath. As he walked all the way, he was finally close to danger.
And feather cherry fairy is dumbfounded, feeling completely unable to understand, when she was teaching ChuYan habitat CV 21 Lapras tactic, because know that he studied the way of seeking dragons in Feng Shui, but I didn’t expect that he was so proficient.
An hour later, Chu Yanqi was already sweating, and finally went to the depths of the mountainside, holding a lamp and shining it in the past, and suddenly he was deeply touched.
This kind of terrain is rarely seen on the earth, but I didn’t expect it to be easily found in the wild.
Deep in the mountainside, there is a huge natural faucet with a big mouth and a series of black gas, and there is a small pool with a Jin Yezi in it below the faucet.
The leaf is not big, only the size of a palm. It looks like the leaf of a ginkgo tree, without any extra branches and leaves. It is just on the water. On the whole, it looks like it is made of gold, not natural.
It’s said that the land where dragons gather together is rich in natural materials and treasures. I think this gold leaf is a rare medicinal material between heaven and earth.
ChuYan habitat while thinking, while just want to pick the leaves in the past, but at this time, the black dragon suddenly swept towards him.
ChuYanQi hurriedly pinched a finger knot, the dragon spirit to the other side, only heard a loud bang, originally hard mountainside, was abruptly made a big hole by the dragon spirit.
For an instant, ChuYanQi only felt the cold sweat on his head. This power … is too strong, just a wisp of dragon spirit flowing out. It seems that I want to pick the golden leaf unless I can first receive the dragon spirit.
"What are you going to do next?" Feather cherry fairy looked at Longkou’s uncertain dragon breath and asked in a low voice.
"Introduce this dragon spirit into the sea of knowledge." ChuYanQi whispered.
"If the breath is huge, are you sure?" Feather cherry fairy leng ran, it is no wonder that this ancient magic tactic, at the beginning in her world, no one is willing to practice, this is simply dying.
"Look at the color of thick black jade in Longkou?" ChuYanQi whispered, "that’s the real dragon spirit, not all of them can be called dragon spirit. Only by brewing the dragon spirit can they become dragon spirit. All the breath outside is a wisp of it flowing out. According to Xuan Ji Lapras’s formula, this should be regarded as the black dragon of the earth vein. "
When the feather cherry fairy heard this, she looked at it intently. Finally, in Longkou, when she saw the thick black jade, she not only sighed, "Is this it?"
"Lapras’s strategy is not to bring all the dragon spirits into the sea, but to collect such a little essence of the dragon spirit core." As he spoke, Chu Yanqi found a slightly higher place, hung up the palace lantern, then sat cross-legged on the ground and said, "Do you want to go back to the bowl?" Error-free novel network does not skip words.
"Uh …" Feather cherry fairy one leng, immediately understand, he let himself go back to the jade tripod, because he is going to start to receive dragon gas into the body, nothing is dangerous.
"What do you mean I’m going to the bowl?" Feather cherry fairy shook her head and said, "This fairy is not going to the bowl."
"Then be careful, I’m going to start." ChuYan habitat laughed, while speaking, he has pinched a finger knot, a little soul force, to the dragon.
The golden soul was cremated as a dragon-binding tactic and wound around Longkou, but at this time, Longkou suddenly opened wide and the dragon spirit suddenly exploded.
ChuYan habitat dark call is bad, busy pinched a finger knot, so all the dragon gas partial lead out, a little bit of diffusion.
If you don’t change the tactic of tying the dragon, where the golden soul fire goes, the dragon spirit will break away and fly to the depths of Longkou, forming a big net-
"accept!" ChuYan habitat with a drink, soul fire wrapped in the middle that a wisp of thick black jade color, flew towards him.
On the verge of success, unexpectedly, under the struggle of the black dragon of Moyu, the dragon gas overflowed, and the dragon-bound tactic formed by the soul fire suddenly disintegrated. Chu Yan’s mouth was full of blood, and he only felt the pain of knowing the sea, like thousands of needles.
"Little geese live …" Feather cherry fairy looked at the big worry, but she was helpless.
Without the black dragon of the black jade bound by the soul fire, such things as the essence of heaven and earth condensed and cultivated, although without spiritual wisdom, are unusual, and immediately jumped at Chu Yanqi.
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Chapter seventy-five The black dragon (2)
Chapter seventy-five The black dragon (2)
ChuYan habitat to pain, finger knot multifarious, once again tied the black dragon, and then he just a grind, directly dragged it into his knowledge.
"I … you want to die?" The feather cherry fairy is frightened. Knowing the sea is the root of a spiritual practitioner. How can it be so foolish?
But Chu Yan’s habitat has got so much, and he is a little confused by the pain. The black dragon of Mo Yu is the essence of heaven and earth that is nurtured by the dragon spirit of the earth pulse. How carefree is it on weekdays? Suddenly being dragged into a narrow space, where would you like to? Immediately, the dragon’s tail was placed, and the knowledge of the sea was immediately aroused.
ChuYan habitat corners of the mouth have blood oozing again, but, since the black dragon has been included in the knowledge of the sea, he said what also won’t let him leave, fuelling his own yuan was fire, using XuanJi Lapras tactic of great skill, a little refining black dragon.
The black dragon of black jade knows a lot. He is busy with the struggle of SiJin, and he growls with his mouth open. Chu Yanqi only feels that his insides have shifted, and he can’t bear such great pressure. Now he is not only the corner of his mouth, but also attached to his nose and ears, and there is blood oozing out.
Feather cherry fairy look very anxious, but it is helpless. Although Chu Yanqi cultivated the Xuanji Lapras tactic, she gave it to him, but she didn’t practice it, or rather, she didn’t look for the dragon tactic, and no one could practice it, so she couldn’t do anything except worry.

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