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The 3.48 millionth burial pit
The sky is dark and gloomy, and the cold wind is whistling. This is a barren land, and there are desolate hills everywhere, and nothing grows, giving people a sense of silence. 35
Zhuge Buliang and more than 2,000 practitioners followed the two elders of the Dugu family to come here. Looking at the scene before them, many people took a gasp. Familiar people know that the domain name of this area is a land of alchemy and has endless legends.
The legend here is quite old. Even in the Archaean era tens of thousands of years ago, some people said that immortals once appeared here, and finally they were scattered by the spirits of divine fire refining, so they called it the land of refining immortals.
"Is the dragon spirit vein here?" Zhuge mingled with the crowd before dawn and looked around. In the overcast sky, Lei Guang flashed from time to time, and there was a "rumbling" noise in the sky.
The pouring rain poured down, but it didn’t stop everyone’s footsteps. Under the guidance of the two elders of the Dugu family, they walked through the rain curtain. After about half an hour, the heavy rain stopped without any warning.
Then, I don’t know when the dark clouds in the sky dispersed, and the fierce sun hung high, reflecting the golden color of this area. But in the air, there is still a breath of yin cold, which makes people feel like falling in icehouse. The fierce sun at high altitude did not have much impact on this area.
"It’s really a weird place." Zhuge thought before he lit up.
More than 2,000 practitioners rowed across the sky, and finally stopped in front of a rocky hill. Before they came to this rocky hill, many practitioners had been here.
"Tianchi." Zhuge didn’t move in his heart. He saw many practitioners in Tianchi, and it seems that Tianchi also invited many other practitioners in Kyushu.
The two sides met, and there were more than 3,000 practitioners, which was quite spectacular.
These 3,000-odd people, most of whom were scattered, camped in this rocky hill and settled down.
"No wonder Tianchi and Dugu want to recruit foreign aid. It turns out that the place where the Dragon Spirit Vein was unearthed this time is the place where immortals are refined."
"There are many horrible legends in this area, and it is an ominous place."
"God, Tianchi and Dugu won’t use us as cannon fodder." Suddenly someone asked such a question, and then, everyone fell silent and suddenly felt betrayed.
"Don’t guess, tianchi and dugu home for such a big power, should not do such a thing. Peace of mind. " Someone comforted, but the tone was somewhat low.
Zhuge didn’t light up and felt something was wrong. Maybe Dugu and Tianchi recruited talented people this time, which was really a yin plot.
Two days later, more than 3,000 practitioners were placed in rocky hills, and Dugu and Tianchi didn’t tell them what to do, so the two days passed peacefully. But everyone has a bad feeling that this seems to be the calm before the storm.
Until the fourth day, someone suddenly appeared, and all the areas within a thousand miles of Fiona Fang were blocked, even the void was sealed.
When the news came out, people were even more worried. Do people in Dugu and Tianchi really have ulterior motives? Otherwise, why block the surrounding area, for fear that people will escape?
On this day, an elder figure of the Dugu family arrived and comforted: "Don’t be flustered, we are just afraid that there will be an abnormality in the excavation of the Longling pulse this time, and we will block the surrounding area for safety reasons. As we all know, the dragon spirit pulse has its own consciousness. If it escapes after being unearthed, then our efforts will be in vain. Please rest assured that as long as you make meritorious deeds this time, you will be rewarded handsomely, and I can assure you. "
After what he said, they finally breathed a sigh of relief, but those with keen minds can still feel the loopholes in the words of the elder figures in the dugu family.
Zhuge struggled with a frown before dawn, and the surrounding area was blocked. I’m afraid someone can’t escape by using vanity transfer. He feels that these people are like imprisoned prisoners.
Time passed day by day, and everyone spent it peacefully, and the people of Dugu and Tianchi did not come again. Zhuge walked in this rocky hill before dawn, and he talked about almost all the places in Fiona Fang. On this day, Zhuge suddenly saw a familiar figure before dawn.
"blind old man!" Zhuge not bright exclaimed.
I saw on a hill not far away, a blind old man staring into the distance in the wind, dressed in linen, carrying a Gu Jian behind his back and holding a tattered bamboo pole in his arms.
"Fiona Fang miles around is not blocked? How did he find this place? " Zhuge was surprised that it was not bright, or that the blind old man had come quietly long before the surrounding area was blocked.
He really came for the dragon spirit pulse! Zhuge walked up before dawn.
"Old man, how did you come here?"
The blind old man turned to "look" at Zhuge and said, "You? So it’s your boy, and you’re in? "
"Old man, shouldn’t you stay at Dugu’s house and teach that little girl?" Zhuge not bright deliberately asked.
The blind old man smiled: "How can there be a busy place without the old blind man?" But be careful, boy. If I guess the old man correctly, there will be a good show in the next few days. "
"Good show, but also tell me to be careful?" Zhuge was startled when he was not bright, and immediately nodded seriously. His heart was sure that Tianchi and Dugu were not invited to come here for no reason.
"Old man, when are you going to leave the dugu family?" Zhuge asked without light.
"I can’t say for sure. It’s delicious and delicious at home in Dugu. When am I tired of staying, when will I leave?" The blind old man said casually.
After that, Zhuge Liang chatted with the blind old man for a while, but Zhuge Liang spared several twists and turns to find out the purpose of the blind old man coming here. But the blind old man kept his mouth shut, or answered irrelevant questions.
Finally, the blind old man roared off and disappeared in front of Zhuge Liang.
Zhuge returned to the place where everyone lived before dawn, and sure enough, as the blind old man said, the next day, there was a sudden earth-shattering noise in the distance, and large dark clouds fell down, Lei Guang intertwined, and thunder and lightning.
"There is a trace of the dragon spirit pulse now. Please follow me." An old man from Dugu’s family flew in, with more than 3,000 practitioners flying to the place where the noise was thunderous.
Zhuge didn’t light up at the back of the crowd and flew to a place hundreds of miles away. The first thing you saw was a sinkhole with a diameter of thousands of meters. It was dark and secluded, and a very heavy yin gas rose from the hole.
Around the pit, cha planted 9981 banners, and eighty-one banners interwoven into a map, which was pressed over the pit.
"It’s so strong yin qi, how can the dragon spirit pulse appear in such a place?" Someone was surprised. This is obviously a fierce place, and the dragon spirit vein is a heterogeneous spirit root, which takes away the nature of heaven and earth. No matter what, it is impossible to be born in this evil land of yin.
At this time, Zhuge Liang saw two people, Xia Dongliu and Dugu Yijian. The two men stood with two old people of Dugu’s home. At the same time, there are two elderly people in Tianchi.
Over the sinkhole, the array slowly rotates, and there is a very heavy ShaQi in the dark hole.
An old man in Tianchi said, "Ladies and gentlemen, please follow me into the tiankeng to find out the whereabouts of the dragon spirit vein. I can guarantee everyone’s safety."
Everyone looked at each other, and no one dared to stand up. Just kidding, anyone can see that this is an evil place, and it is dangerous after going in. But in the end, they couldn’t stand the temptation of a few old guys. Dugu and Tianchi promised to everyone, but anyone who entered the sinkhole, whether they could find useful clues or not, would get 30 thousand pieces of top-grade Lingshi.
If you can use the existing clues, you will also be rewarded with a magic weapon of Xuanpin level.
Under the four questions, there will be a fool. At present, nearly 700 people followed the old man in Tianchi into the sinkhole.
Zhuge didn’t go in before dawn, and stood around the sinkhole waiting with others.
A little while later, there was a loud and earth-shattering noise in the sinkhole, followed by a foaming ShaQi transpiration, and everyone retreated.
Then, dozens of people flew out of it, each with a look of horror, and said in dismay, "Horror, it’s terrible, it turned out to be a mass grave inside!" !”
When this statement came out, everyone could not help but be moved. No wonder there is such a strong murderous look. It turned out to be a burial pit where tens of thousands of people were buried. At present, many people have given birth to resignation in their hearts.
Later, several people rushed out of the sinkhole and shouted, "Lingshi, there are countless Lingshi under the mass grave, and two Lingmai are buried deep underground! It’s just that there are two powerful creatures guarding, and the predecessor of Tianchi is fighting fiercely with that creature. "
At this news, other people who had already given up their intention became interested again. The temptation of the spiritual pulse is enormous, and there will be some treasures of heaven and earth in the spiritual pulse, which is of great help to practice.
"Gentlemen, please go down and fight with the old lady!" Another old man in Tianchi flew into the sinkhole. Then, Xia Dongliu and Dugu Sword also flew in with a group of children of Dugu’s family.
Around the sinkhole, people can’t help wondering. Although they know that this ten thousand-person burial pit is very dangerous, the temptation of the spiritual pulse is too great. The so-called nothing ventured, nothing gained, at present, many people followed.
Some people take the lead, others go with the flow, and hundreds of practitioners jump down.
There was an earth-shattering noise in the sinkhole, and people jumped in from time to time to seek the treasures in the spiritual vein. Zhuge is also tempted when he is not bright, and he is considering whether to go in and have a look.

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