"Master, I haven’t eaten for a long time either." Chi demon shook his head.

"Well, well, you are a group of boring people." ChuYanQi shook his head and said nothing.
When Chi Mo moved over, he could see the shark slave. When he saw the shark slave, he immediately understood why Chu Hua ran away from the endless abyss.
Owl slave is suspicious in nature, so why should he entrust Chu Yanqi to himself? He is bound to get someone he can trust out.
"Ha ….." The shark slave couldn’t help but hit a "ha ha" when he saw Bitter, and then he just walked beside Bitter. "Bitter? We haven’t seen each other for many years. "
"Yes, Master Shark!" The demon said.
Shark slave wandered around him in a very serious way, and then said, "Gee, you have left the ghost land of the Ten Sides, why are you still incomplete?"
"What do you mean incomplete?" ChuYanQi leng ran, incomplete? He doesn’t lack his nose or eyes when he looks at the devil.
For this problem, Chi Mo didn’t say a word, just looked at Chu Yanqi.
"Who did you fight with just now, Yu Shuiqing?" Shark slave laughed cheerfully. "Why are you fighting?"
The devil couldn’t bear it any longer. He said angrily, "What’s your business?"
The shark slave raised his hand and slapped it in the face of the stinger, cursing, "Why is it none of my business?"
The devil shook his body, moved lightly, retreated and said coldly, "Even if I am incomplete, I will be more than enough to deal with you." (To be continued. Mobile phone users please go to read. )

Chapter three hundred and thirty-one Not allowed
The shark slave sneered. He originally just wanted to slap the owl slave, but at this time, it was vanity who drew something in the air. When the devil saw it, he was shocked and cried, "No!"
However, it was still late, and the thing appeared above the sky, just like a heart. Then the shark slave made a move and took it in his hand. The next moment, the pain of the demon screamed aloud.
"If you say no, don’t?" Shark slave sneers.
Chi Mo and Chu Hua, the red bodhi old zu, had a bad fight, and they were injured. At this time, where can they afford such torture? They immediately spit out one mouthful blood, and people fell to the ground softly.
"What did you do? Stop it. " ChuYan habitat is busy flying in the past, looking at the appearance of Chi Mo’s painful struggle on the ground, remembering how he fell down on the ground and suffered from torture when he was in the ghost land of Shifang.
Seeing that the shark slave had no theory, Chu Yanqi called again, "Shark slave, stop it."
"Your Majesty, this man is rough and dry, and he won’t die!" As the shark slave spoke, he could not help but exert himself again.
"No … don’t …" Because of the pain, Chi Mo was buried in the sand. When he saw it, he couldn’t help but look up at Chu Yanqi and pleaded, "Your Majesty is merciful!"
"Stop it!" While Chu Yanqi was talking, he had already snatched it from the shark slave, trying to snatch what was in his hand. The shark slave stayed, was busy stopping, and held Chu Yanqi at the same time. He smiled wryly: "Your Majesty, I was just joking with him."
"When shall I play this joke with you?" Chu Yanqi was annoyed. Anyway, Chi Mo is now one of his people. In front of him, torturing his people, are you kidding?
To put it mildly, beating a dog depends on the owner.
"Devil!" ChuYan habitat stretched out his hand to help sting the devil, asked. "Have you met Jade Water?"
At this time, the demon finally breathed a sigh of relief, touched the blood on his mouth and said with a wry smile, "Yes, master, is Yu Shuiqing Chu Hua?"
"He has been raising you all these years?" Chi Mo frowned slightly. Although ChuYan helped him, he still felt painful panic. What have they done all these years? Chinu and others will never let him go, they just want to help him out, while Yu Shuiqing and the red bodhi old zu and others are unwilling to let him go.
He’s … What’s the use?
ChuYanQi wry smile, over the years, it is indeed ChuHua raised him, there is no doubt about it.
"Does it still hurt?" Error-free novel network does not skip words. The demon suddenly asked.
"What?" ChuYan habitat for a stay, then follow the eyes of the sting, fell on his arm. There is a scar on my arm. It was during the daytime today when I was practicing the dance of soft light, and I was injured by a poisonous insect.
But … It’s just some common skin injuries, and it doesn’t matter. After he touched the medicine, he forgot all about it.
"No pain. If you are free tomorrow, you can continue to practice the dance of soft light with me. " ChuYan habitat smiled, "if you don’t eat. Let’s go back now, I still have some things to ask you. "
"good!" The demon readily agreed.
Chu Yanqi told Wuji to pack his things at once, then left and moved directly back to Qingsong Garden.
Sang Feilong and others were there, and when they came back, they brought a person with them, and immediately thirteen secretly asked Wuji, and Wuji didn’t know how to explain the shark slave to him, so he could only mumble.
ChuYan habitat back to the room going to wash one’s hands and change clothes, and thirteen took Wuji and Guangchengzi and secretly went to his room to talk. Shark slave didn’t care about them at all, but followed ChuYan to wait on him, just as owl slave did his duty there when he was in the ten-square ghost domain.
"You said, that person, actually has the accomplishment of being a great king?" Thirteen couldn’t help rubbing his hands, looking excited, and asked Wuji, "How did he do it? I will learn it later."
"Cough …" He felt incredible when he coughed gently for nine minutes. Really, it’s too much to go out for a walk and pick up a great king. There are many words in the error-free novel network
Road flyover Fat now has the same idea as Thirteen. He also wants to learn this skill. As Xiao Nu said, Chu Yanqi really doesn’t need to practice any secret skills. He just needs to practice spiritual cultivation at once to maintain Shou Yuan. Other things, there are slaves to help him. Why should he practice all kinds of secret skills? The point is, it seems useless.
"You can learn!" Wuji smiled. "He just said a word to others-hey, then you don’t have to chase after jade and water, so follow me from now on." This sentence, he learned the taste of Chu Yanqi.
"Just one sentence?" Thirteen wait for a while looked at him.
"hmm!" Wuji nodded. "My ancestor is the king of the Holy Spirit, and Lord Sangcheng is the king of Dacheng. You can choose one to try."
"My master will slap you to death." Sang Feilong sneered.
"I feel that my bodhi old zu will slap you to death." Infinite chuckle aloud, saying, "however, when he was still in Kunlan town, I don’t know what he fooled our bodhi old zu? Let our bodhi old zu work with him, not counting the lingshi instrument, but also give me to him as a slave, lest he be wronged. The point is that if he gives me to him, he is afraid that he will know. If he doesn’t accept it, he will design to sell me to the slave market first. "
If this was said before, Sang Feilong would probably scold Wuji, thinking that Mr. Cang had other plans and wanted to take the opportunity to let people touch Sang’s house, but now he says that he only has a wry smile. After thinking about it, he said, "I feel amazing, too. Even if he is the child of Gu She Fairy, he really has nothing to do with our family. He has something that our family can completely ignore. But the master was stupefied because of him and offended many sects in the East Wilderness. "
"Yes, yes!" The fat Taoist said, "I am a master, but it can be understood that it is for Mr. Cang’s sake, and if Master Sang is only for the sake of his son’s adoption, he can completely mediate from it, and there is absolutely no need to cut Master Mo’s waist-well, although it has not been cut."
Infinite smile, if there is no red bodhi old zu, Mo Boming will die.
"Well, don’t talk about him, he is a monster." Wuji shook his head. "What have you got there?"
"My master may have entered the poisonous fire finch pool." Nine Hou said.
"That place is not very easy to go." Infinite frown, poison fire finch pond is not a fun place, this is a fierce place in the West Desert, on the surface it is a huge crater, but it belongs to a small secret realm like Fusang’s secret realm, and countless people cultivate immortals in it.
"But you have to find a master." Nine Hou said.
"Well … we should also find the Gu She Fairy and ask about the life experience of Zi Chu’s son." Sang Feilong said, "Master privately told me to find the Gu She Fairy, otherwise-"
"Otherwise, from now on, your master is afraid that he will have trouble eating and sleeping?" Promise laughed, "right? There are many words in the error-free novel network. "
"Yes!" Sang Feilong shook his head. "I don’t know what’s going on?" In his mind, he is complaining about Sang Changfeng. If we know that Chu Yanqi can’t be his child, why did he make moves? He can publicly announce that the marriage between ChuYanQi and the whole city is cancelled, and he has nothing to do with the city of Cangwu. The major sects in the East Wilderness can do with him as they want, and it has nothing to do with the city of Cangwu.
However, he leng, took this shit in the body.
Now, the magic repair has come back again, and the city of Cangwu is equal to indirectly offending those magic repairs and also offending the whole East Wilderness.
At present, those sects in the East Wilderness dare not move because of Sang Changfeng’s cultivation, but what about the future? What will happen to the city of Cangwu if Sang Changfeng dies, or after the Tao soars? Relying on that Chu Yan who has endless ability to fool, or relying on himself?
Sang Feilong believes that he is really not weak, but-he is not even infinite, and at best it is almost the same as nine waiting for thirteen. The road to cultivate immortality in the future depends on chance and fortune. No one can guarantee that the city of Cangwu will produce a great king.
He never thought that he would become a great king one day, and it would be good to be a saint.
"Chu Gongzi also wants to find a fairy and ask about his life experience." Nine Hou said.
"get ready, get into the poisonous fire finch pool." Wuji said, "By the way, what did the Shajia say?"
"The Sha family has nothing to do, and it’s very good." The fat road flyover frowned slightly. He also hoped that Sha Jia would come to find Chuyanqi’s trouble, and then let Chi Mo slap him to death, so that he could pick up something ready-made and cheap. I can’t think about it. He is poor.

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