War spear shook his hand, shout at top of voice, impermanence, and the scar on his arm is recovering at an alarming rate. Then he held war spear high and stabbed him in the air.

An abyss was torn open and appeared in the void, splitting the whole sky in two. The abyss of terror swallowed up the black sword curtain and disappeared cleanly. And this abyss has turned into a chaotic zone.
ZhuGeMing finally some unbearable, the whole people collapse down, almost fell from mid-air, fortunately, Zhuge didn’t light up to hold, will he stand behind.
A burst of regret, although Zhuge Ming learned the supreme magical power of Demonbane, but after all, it was too low to wield the great power of this sword, and he could only cut out three swords. But even so, it still makes impermanence a little awkward.
Impermanence came up with war spear and said, "It’s a pity that this kind of swordsmanship is horrible, but it varies from person to person!" As he spoke, the spear in his hand pointed at Zhuge’s two brothers and shouted coldly, "Now send you two on your way!"
Exalting, endless dead shrouded in vanity, impermanence rushed up, and his body was like a ghost. war spear directly stabbed Zhuge’s dull chest.
Zhuge touched the black gourd before it was bright, and smashed it at war spear. The black gourd collided with war spear’s pointed head, and a series of sparks shot out, and a spiritual force wave visible to the naked eye and a gray dead body rippled out. Two people deadlocked in the air, Zhuge not bright blood churning in the body, if it weren’t for his * * of the earth, the force of shock alone is enough to let him destroy.
"click ~ ~"
At this time, a small sound, on the surface of the black gourd, there was a crack of fine lines.
"impossible!" Zhuge couldn’t believe his eyes when he wasn’t bright, and the black gourd showed signs of breaking. This is the magic weapon left by the demon monk in those days. It didn’t even melt the infinite fire of Yin and Yang. Now it’s just blocked the impermanence and it will be broken.
"impossible!" Zhuge not bright surprised way.
"Quack quack!" Impermanence is now, and he knows that Zhuge Liang can only compete with himself by relying on this different treasure. Seeing that the gourd baby is about to break, impermanence is even crazier. war spear even cuts and hits, and the fierce chopping at Zhuge is not bright.
Zhuge Liang held the black gourd against it, and every time he hit it, the cracks on the black gourd would be denser.
"How come, the magic weapon left by the demon monk is so useless?" Zhuge thought in disbelief.
In fact, he didn’t know that although this black gourd was horrible, it was originally equipped with infinite fire of Yin and Yang, and the interior had already been corroded by this horrible flame of infinite fire of Yin and Yang. The reason why it was not destroyed was entirely because of the essence left by the demon monk in it.
Previously, in order to understand the residual arm of the demon monk, the essence of the demon monk in the black gourd was also exhausted, coupled with impermanent and fierce attacks. This magic weapon has reached its limit.
Finally, under the fierce chopping of impermanence, the black gourd was broken and fell into pieces, only the black golden gourd plug was still intact.
The black gourd was broken, and the Yin and Yang contained in it suddenly raged, and the whole sky was covered with fire of Yin and Yang. The whole world is covered with fire of Yin and Yang. Those practitioners who gathered around to watch the battle suddenly boiled up and fled. However, many people were eroded by yin and yang fire and instantly turned to ashes.
Now the fire of Yin and Yang is completely out of the bondage, the fire is more fierce, a scream rings, and countless practitioners are destroyed under the fire of Yin and Yang.
Only a small number of them found refuge by special magic weapons and temporarily got rid of yin and yang fire.
Zhuge Liang pulled out the broken hilt and bronze hilt to avoid the erosion of yin and yang fire. Zhuge Buliang had Zhong Kui sword in his hand, and he was not consumed by Yin and Yang fire.
Dusk rain and dust will protect the moon glass by her side. She looks at the broken black gourd, and there is a flash of different mans in her eyes. The reason why she didn’t have trouble finding Zhuge is not bright is simply because there is yin and yang fire in the other hand. Now the gourd with yin-yang fire is broken, which means that yin-yang fire will no longer be used by Zhuge Liang. You can always get back at him from now on. Thought of here, dusk rain dust gives birth to a little lucky in my heart.
The rise of impermanence is inevitable, and the twilight rain and dust will not be whimsical, and Zhuge Liang will not stop him. Therefore, her heart is not bright for Zhuge and there is a murder.
The fire of Yin and Yang spread and burned, and countless practitioners died tragically. Gradually the fire of Yin and Yang spread to Qianyecheng.
At this time, the magic pestle guarding over Qianye City suddenly lowered its golden light, which fell into the fire of Yin and Yang, and the fire of Yin and Yang merged into a torrent and went out instantly. The magic pestle flies like a golden dragon, and all the yin and yang fires are extinguished at the golden light.
In the blink of an eye, the raging fire was dissolved.
They breathed a sigh of relief and looked at the magic pestle over Qianyecheng. Few people know the origin of this magic pestle, but they all know that it has guarded Qianyecheng for tens of thousands of years and must have its existence value. Nowadays, many people are even more surprised to see that the magic pestle has put out the fire of Yin and Yang so easily.
Zhuge frowned when he was not bright, the black gourd was broken, and he had no hope. How can he escape the impermanence of killing?
Although the fire of Yin and Yang made impermanence a little embarrassed, it was not fatal.
At the moment, impermanence came up again with war spear in his hand. They were ferocious, and it was necessary to slay Zhuge without light.
The spear came and went straight to Zhuge’s dull head. Many people have closed their eyes in despair. In view of the current situation, Zhuge will die before he shines. The sneer on impermanence’s face is more prosperous, and it seems that Zhuge’s head has broken under the judge’s pen.
At this time, Zhuge felt clearly before dawn that in his own body, the sleeping soul opened his eyes.
A violent momentum overflowed from Zhuge Buliang’s body, and the impermanent war spear hung directly in front of Zhuge Buliang for two feet, blocked by an invisible force.
"what!" Impermanence is a surprise.
And at that time, Zhuge raised his arm before dawn, grabbed war spear, and then volleyed a kick out.
This foot was directly raised on impermanence’s chin, and impermanence was still immersed in surprise, and the whole person had already flown a thousand feet away.
Chapter 459 The ancient warfare impermanence (below)
One foot, just one foot, lifts the previously incomparable impermanence out of the distance of thousands of feet.
This scene immediately made everyone feel awkward.
"What’s the matter? Impermanence was beaten out. "
"mistakes? Impossible, this kind of character can’t make mistakes, so there is only one reason, which was done by Zhuge Liang. "
In the frequent surprised and surprised eyes, Zhuge stopped moving, and his body was like lightning, and he caught up with the impermanence that has not yet stabilized his body. Then my feet fell heavily, "Bang!" With a bang, impermanence fell like a shell and collapsed a mountain.
"How impermanence was beaten up for the second time!"
"Not a mistake, nor an accident! Impermanence is really being beaten out! "
At this moment, all the people present, including the poor and difficult monks, are showing strange colors. Everyone was unbelievable. They thought Zhuge would die before he lit up, and there was no chance of winning. But in a flash, the situation completely changed. The incomparable impermanence of strength has been defeated twice, which is by no means a fluke.
Dusk revealed a different color on his sacred face and murmured, "How on earth did he do it?"
6 Zi Han’s face was also shocked: "How many cards does this guy have!"
At the moment, Zhuge is not bright, but I feel that a force of all previous actions is filled with my body. He knew that this force was lent to him by the soul in the body, which helped him to temporarily improve his strength. At the same time, Zhuge Liang felt a strange message appear in his mind.
"Taiwu Heart Sutra!"
Zhuge was surprised when he didn’t light up. When he came to the browser quickly, he was suddenly surprised. This is a secret book similar to the achievement method and experience, and its value will never be lower than the enlightenment volume. Moreover, this Taiwu Heart Sutra, in a sense, is the sublimation of Gu Wu’s Upright.
He was anxious to browse the Taiwu Heart Sutra, which introduced the methods of cultivation and experience, as well as some Juexue.
Among them, Zhuge Buliang found an avatar named "Magic Fist with Thousand Hands" and wrote down the information of his avatar quickly. This information has already been imprinted in his mind, and it is only a moment to write it down.

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