Qinan ran dozens of meters to the restricted area of the industrial management department in a few seconds, and two opposing defenders surrounded him left and right, trying to clamp him. The goalkeeper at the back was even more absorbed in preparing for the angle that the two defenders might have missed.

In the rapid running, Qina tried to keep quiet inside, her heart was empty, and her steps matched the rhythm of breathing. Facing the two guards who are getting closer and closer, at the moment of contact, Qinan suddenly stopped, and the two defensive guards also stopped with him. Just as they were preparing to camp out, Qinan moved again. He knocked the ball into the gap between the two people, and people also passed between them like a sword. That moment from extreme motion to extreme silence to extreme motion seems to have stopped time. It feels as if Qina has never stopped. With a touch of lightness and agility, the figure of Qinan flies between two people like a Hua Hudie, elegant as a poem. Smart as a painting.
By the time the two defenders turned around, Qinan had wiped into the penalty area and started shooting. The football crossed a beautiful and sad arc and spun into the upper right corner of the goal. Beauty is for the audience, while sadness is from the goalkeeper’s point of view. Wang Delun, the goalkeeper of the industrial management department, fell to the ground by instinct and jumped in the right direction, but he could only watch the ball fly into the net from the top of his head.
The audience applauded. The ball was so ornamental that it gave people a sense of beauty with infinite imagination, like a poem of a romantic poet population and a painting by an abstract painter. Qinan combines speed, technique and body perfectly, and composes a gorgeous waltz with endless aftertaste.
When Zhang Xingjian saw the goal, he looked at Qin, who was a little excited in the stands, and almost shed blood in his heart, giving birth to incomparable frustration for the first time. This beautiful goal is not just a goal, it shortens the score gap and greatly improves the morale of the Chinese department. The lead has changed from three goals to two goals, and the gap between the goals is simply a world of difference. If you want to win the bet, you have to score four goals. Zhang Xingjian himself feels that it is impossible to complete the task.
Sure enough, after the game resumed, the morale of the Chinese department was raised at once, and the people in the industrial management department were like eggplant beaten by frost, and they were not as active as before. Qinan calmly dispatched in the midfield, and the attack of the Chinese Department improved greatly.
Seventy-five minutes into the game, Jina’s scalpel-like straight plug broke through the defense line of the industrial management department. After Martin caught the ball, he scored a goal, three to four, and the Chinese department was only one goal behind. Taking advantage of the dead ball, the Chinese Department put on three substitutes, including Sun Dasheng, in one breath. The game lasted for almost 80 minutes, and several people in the Chinese Department were already overwhelmed.
Sun Dasheng is full of energy because he just played, and he is busy jumping up and down in front of his sister at school, which is quite his ancestor’s demeanor. It’s a pity that the level is really limited and I haven’t caught any decent opportunities.
The game will be over in a few minutes, and the Department of Industry and Management has completely given up its last hope, moving around the court like a walking corpse, and only Zhang Xingjian is persistent in running on the court. Jina looked at Zhang Xingjian and thought he was a little pathetic and pathetic. Blind arrogance sometimes blinds the eyes of reason, man! It’s better to keep a low profile
Qinan saw that Sun Dasheng was still in front of the opponent’s goal and spared no effort to play his role as a "stirring stick". He also wanted to give him a hand, aiming at the distance between him and the goal with his eyes, blinking at Sun Dasheng, and lifting his foot to make a long pass. Sun Dasheng looked up at the ball with his back to the goal, huh? This ball doesn’t look like it was passed to me.
The football hit the crossbar with a bang, but it bounced back to the court and hit Sun Dasheng right on the ass. Rebound and then entered the goal.
The audience was speechless, and then a burst of laughter broke out. Sun Dasheng, who scored with his ass, laughed embarrassedly.
The referee blew the whistle at the end of the game. To everyone’s surprise, relying on Qi Nan’s amazing play, the Chinese Department finally tied with the Industrial Management Department four to four.
volume one
Chapter 38-Going to Italy as an Exchange Student
The game is over, and the biggest attraction of this game comes with it. Will Zhang Xingjian kowtow to Qina and give up? Three or four thousand people looked at Zhang Xingjian in the stadium.
At this time, Zhang Xingjian’s face was pale, his teeth clenched, his fists clenched, and his body trembled slightly. It can be seen that his heart must be fighting fiercely.
Knock or not? If you knock, you will lose face and your image will be destroyed. If you don’t knock, since the gambling contract was put forward by yourself. If you don’t abide by it, you will lose face. Where is the credit? Hey! ! ! Lifting a rock only to drop it on your own feet. He has lost the qualification to pursue Qin Yishui, no matter whether he knocks or not.
Just, willing to "agree"! ! Just let go! ! Zhang Xingjian is also a hero. After much consideration, he finally decided to kowtow and give up.
Jina saw that Zhang Xingjian was really ready to kowtow and throw in the towel, and thought that Zhang Xingjian was a man of his word. His nature was not too bad, but he was just a little aloof. Hurriedly come forward to stop him; "The challenge I promised you was not meant to make you kowtow. I just want you to know that being a man can’t be too cruel. We are all people with self-esteem, and we can kill them but not humiliate them. I believe you also understand this truth. Let’s just forget it. Finally, I would like to state that Qin Sishui and I really have nothing. "
Zhang Xingjian looked at Qina in disbelief. Did he just let me go? Maybe it’s really that I’m a gentleman’s belly with the heart of a villain
Zhang Xingjian hobbled away with a group of dejected members of the Department of Industry and Management, and when he left, he took a deep look at Qina, with a hint of gratitude for letting bygones be bygones.
A huge farce ended in a peaceful way, and the audience still felt a little unsatisfied, but it was fortunate to see Qi Nan’s stunning performance and the dramatic equalizer.
After this war, Qina’s reputation reached its peak, and he pulled down two popular boys in Hunan, Luyan and Zhang Xingjian, and Qina became the most popular boy in Hunan. The scandal between him and Qin Sishui has been hyped by everyone, but now no one says that he wants to eat swan meat. Overnight, he has been upgraded from a toad to a cob. He and Qin Yishui are really love in the city, and they are a good match.
Party JiNa is bitter can’t say, every day no matter where, there are girls pointing at him, fortunately, now dare to chat up is less, after all, they don’t think they can compete with Qin Yishui, the first beauty in Hunan. Since Qin Sishui, who never watched the game that day, came to the sidelines to cheer for the Chinese Department, everyone thought that there must be countless ties between her and Qi Na.
Qin Sishui also found that the number of love letters and flowers sent to classrooms and dormitories has been greatly reduced recently. Of course she knows why. It must be that many suitors think that the famous flowers have been taken by others, and Qinan, who has recently made a splash, must be the one who picked the flowers.
Hehe, it’s actually good to have him as a shield, at least I can avoid the entanglement of many boring boys. Qin like water in the mind secretly thought. I have never made any excuses for the scandal, and this time, of course, it is the same. Let them misunderstand. Just why do you seem to secretly expect them to misunderstand? This is a feeling I have never felt before. Strange.
Peng Beiwang, Qin’s close friend like water, looked at Qin like water in a daze again, feeling funny. Recently, Sishui often falls into such a daze. What is the specific reason? She knows it. It must be because of the handsome guy in Qinan University in her boyfriend’s dormitory. When Qin Sishui is reading a book in the dormitory, it doesn’t affect her at all. Recently, whenever she chatted with another roommate, Tang Shiqi, and occasionally talked about Qinan, she would find that Sishui put down her book intentionally or unintentionally and listened attentively. This is like a girl in her prime. Before, even she felt that Qin was like water, just like the lotus fairy who could be seen from a distance but not played near. It’s out of touch. However, it seems that Qin Fairy, whose ice is as clear as lotus, is also moved.
The Taekwondo Department and the football match between the two departments are still being talked about by all the students in Huxiang, and Jina has already started a normal life. On this day, the chairman stood on the stage and suddenly announced an unexpected news.
"Classmates, tell you a good news. Our Huxiang University and Oriental University in Naples, Italy have formed a joint partnership. In order to strengthen the cooperation between the two schools, the school decided to send ten people from all ages of the Chinese Department as exchange students to the Oriental University in Naples, Italy for three months. I elected Qin Yishui as my classmate in our class. I believe everyone should have no different opinions. Qin Yishui’s literary attainments should be the highest in our class. There is no doubt about this. Oh, Qin Sishui, please come to my office with me and we will discuss the specific issues that should be paid attention to. "
In the envious eyes of the whole class, Qin Sishui stood up and followed the class tutor to his office. Her face was also a little stunned. Obviously, she didn’t expect the class tutor to announce that she would go to Italy as an exchange student.
After the class tutor announced the news, let everyone finish the meeting. When he and Qin Yishui disappeared, he quickly took out his phone and went to a remote place in the corridor to call Xiao Canghai. The news was so sudden that he was caught off guard. Let Xiao Canghai study what he should do. You can’t just chase after Italy to protect yourself.
The phone was connected soon, and Xiao Canghai told him not to care. He would personally deal with this matter and report it to Qin Ye. Let him decide what to do next.
The next morning, Qinan’s name appeared on the list of exchange students visiting Oriental University in Naples, Italy. Qinan had to sigh Qin Ye Xiao Canghai and their miraculous powers again. It’s harder to be in front of outsiders than to be in heaven. They completely solved it in one night.
Next Monday, ten of them will leave. Today is Wednesday, and there are still five days from that day. JiNa was very sad at the thought of being separated from Xiu Xiu for three months. In the afternoon, she made a phone call to Xiao Canghai and asked him to call a hand to look at Qin Yishui. She hurried back and wanted to tell Xiu Xiu the news first.
Hey! ! Three months, it’s been half a month since I had sex with Xiu Xiu. In addition to calling her every day, I haven’t gone back to see her for half a month, and Xiu Xiu never asked Qina to go back to see him. She knew that her brother was working, and the thought of Xiu Xiu’s thoughtfulness made Qina feel guilty for no reason. What a nice girl? I have no reason not to cherish her! !
volume one
Chapter 39-The appearance of rival in love
The bus glided for some distance and stopped at the platform. Qinan jumped out of the car and couldn’t wait to get home. The platform was about 200 meters away from where he lived, and there was a stone street in the middle. Cai Yi’s building is surrounded by roads, and the traffic is very convenient.
When Jina was walking to the street opposite the building, a silvery white car crossed a beautiful arc and just stopped at Cai Yi’s downstairs. It turned out to be the latest BMW Z4 sports car. Of course, Qinan only knows that it is a BMW, but he doesn’t know what series it is. When he was reading in the library, he specially read a book describing the famous cars in this society.
Hmm? Aunt Cai’s friends have such rich people? Qinan knows that this BMW is valuable. But then a man got off the bus and let his brain crash on the spot.
It was Xiu Xiu who got off the bus! ! !
After Xiu Xiu got off the bus, a tall and handsome man in his mid-20s got off the bus, and Xiu Xiu stood downstairs, talking and laughing with him.
Jina suddenly felt the pain like a tear in his heart. Suddenly he found that he was so concerned about Xiu Xiu. There was an inexplicable panic in my heart. Will Xiu Xiu leave himself? There are too many temptations in this world. At school, he often listens to Martin and Sun Dasheng. They say that any girl in the school dumped her boyfriend who had no money and took a fancy to him. Can his Xiu Xiu resist the temptation of such materialism?
He struggled to move his legs, as if it would take a century to walk from the street corner to the downstairs. But the moment Xiu Xiu saw himself, JiNa finally reassured my heart. That smiling face, which suddenly became as bright as azaleas all over the mountain, let him know that Xiu Xiu was still that Xiu Xiu, or that stupid Xiu Xiu who said he would spend his whole life with him.
The man next to BMW is Li Wenjun, who is 27 years old. He is already the boss of a real estate company at a young age, and his father is the boss of a listed company. However, he started this real estate company by his own strength, and his father just lent him some start-up funds. His company has always done business with the real estate company under Qin Ye. The morning ten days ago is still vivid in his mind, because he thinks that he met a woman he may never forget in his life-Xiu Xiu in front of him.
That day, as usual, he walked into Shuntian Real Estate Company, that is, the real estate company under Qin Ye. He almost comes once or twice a month, and Shuntian is the biggest partner of his company. When I walked into the glass door that I didn’t know how many times I had been in, I saw a girl who was clean as a clear spring in the mountains and bowed her head and said hello to him and a group of people accompanying me. In a trance, he only felt that time seemed to be stagnant, and he could no longer hear any noise in his ears. It turned out that the world really had the so-called love at first sight. This was the only thought in his mind at that time.
Once upon a time, he never believed in the so-called love at first sight, thinking that it was a beautiful lie imagined by boring people to comfort those ignorant men and women. Unexpectedly, his concept of love changed dramatically in one morning, and he actually became one of the ignorant men and women. That day, he was absent-minded in everything he did, and only the smiling woman at the door was in his mind. I tried my best to find out that she was just a new receptionist of Shunfa Company.
At the age of 27, he is young and rich, tall and handsome, and God has given him almost everything he can give. A man like him certainly won’t lack women. Over the past few years, there have been dozens of women around him, either young and beautiful, sexy and charming, or smart and capable, and all kinds of women pass by his bed like a horse changing lights. But no one can make his heart settle down.
The moment he saw Xiu Xiu, he really felt his desire to settle down. In the next few days, when he had something to do, he ran to Shuntian and tried every reason to get close to Xiu Xiu. After a few days of contact, he was even more sure that Xiu Xiu was the right girl in his life. It is hard for him to imagine that such a clean and almost spotless girl still exists in this materialistic and cheating society. Even the innocent is almost childish.
Xiu Xiu is very kind to everyone, even the aunt who sweeps the floor in property management. He just saw Xiu Xiu and the aunt who sweeps the floor in her forties talking and laughing for an hour or two. Nowadays, girls, especially beautiful girls, who are still chatting with an aunt who sweeps the floor without covering their noses, is already a very noble performance.
With this, he invited Xiu Xiu to have coffee in a coffee shop next to the company and asked her why she liked chatting with the aunt who swept the floor. She actually said that because the aunt who swept the floor looked like her mother, she even hid her face and burst into tears in front of him. Crying and saying that she misses her mother. I didn’t treat him as an outsider at all, and I didn’t care about the strange eyes of everyone in the coffee shop.
Xiu Xiu completely conquered him with such a simple, simple and unthinking side. She is so clear and dry, like a mountain stream winding for the exit of plain life; She is so simple and lovely, like an antelope running unguarded in the forest in the snow and fog in the morning. When she saw him suddenly breaking in, she stopped, but did not escape. She just tilted her head and opened her kind and clever eyes and said, "Hello, good morning …"
In the past, in order to please him, his women always tried every means to dress up beautifully and intrigue with other women he knew. Even when they cried, they carried him behind their backs, so as not to let him see the ugly side of crying makeup. Sometimes it makes him feel really tired with them. Only in front of Xiu Xiu did he really feel at ease, which he had never felt since he was sensible.
Although Xiu Xiu once told him that she already had a boyfriend, he never took this sentence seriously, because he secretly observed these days and never saw the appearance of the man. At first, Xiu Xiu wouldn’t let him drive her back, but despite his repeated insistence, Xiu Xiu agreed to his move, which further convinced him that Xiu Xiu’s saying that he had a boyfriend was just her girl’s reserve. He firmly believes that in less than a month, Xiu Xiu will be in his arms, after all, he is really good enough.
Today, he bought a diamond necklace with a value of more than 30,000 pieces, ready to confess to his goddess, and imagined that he personally put the necklace on Xiu Xiu’s neck as slender as a swan, and he trembled with excitement.
volume one
Chapter 40-Beautiful Spring Night
Just as he was about to take out his necklace, he suddenly found that Xiu Xiu’s smiling face, generate, shone like the sun, making people’s eyes almost ache. At the moment, Xiu Xiu actually blooms with even more amazing beauty. Li Wenjun was discouraged to realize that the light on Xiu Xiu’s face was not blooming for him, but for the man coming from the street. At this moment, he knew that Xiu Xiu really didn’t lie to him, but she simply didn’t know how to refuse herself. He secretly put the necklace back in his pocket before he could take it out. Li Wenjun looked at the young man in front of him. It looked like he had just reached the age of 20, but the elegant and natural temperament had a maturity that was not commensurate with his age. There was a faint smile hanging from his mouth, and his eyes were deep and deep, which seemed to hide many kinds of flavors. Indifferent, cheerful, nostalgic, and a few inexplicable sadness, he felt that although the young man in front of him had a young face of 20 years old, he had the mature taste of a man of 30 years old. It turns out that it is more mature and stable than yourself, which is a very contradictory feeling. But he can’t help but admit that this man really deserves Xiu Xiu.
Holding the diamond necklace in his pocket, Li Wenjun suddenly felt more sad than dead in his heart. He knew that maybe he could never send it out again. Just give up this girl who makes him feel moved at first sight? No! ! Never! ! He Li Wenjun never flinched because of difficulties, whether in career or love. Although the man opposite is excellent, he is by no means worse than him. He thinks that he is at least more spoony than this man. I can’t believe that he actually stood a beautiful girl like Xiu Xiu who didn’t come to see her for half a month. If it was him, he could hardly wait to be bored with her every day. A man who doesn’t know how to cherish him doesn’t deserve Xiu Xiu, a pure and lovely girl.
This, of course, is Li Wenjun’s wishful thinking, and Xiu Xiu won’t know, of course. Her eyes are only her brother. Half-moon lovesickness is bitter, who to tell. Although in the eyes of Li Wenjun and her colleagues, she has always been happy, but who knows her panic and doubts about this strange society. She only believes in his brother, and believes unreservedly that only by his side will she feel safe and full of confidence in life.
Xiu Xiu just stood there, with a happy smile on his face, and the deep feeling in his eyes was like a flood that was rampant. Jina came over and held her tightly in her arms, as if to rub her into his body. Xiu Xiu’s heart is quiet and peaceful, just like this dusk afternoon. Half a month’s lovesickness, anguish vanished in this tight embrace, and I will never feel half a minute again.
Li Wenjun looked at the affectionate couple in front of him, and his high morale could no longer be lifted. He knew that he might never win this one-sided battle. Silently turned and got into the car and gently started the engine. At this moment, even he didn’t want to disturb the two people immersed in infinite warmth. So silently bless Xiu Xiu, there is a kind of love called letting go, which turned out to be true. Li Wenjun silently read aloud a way. BMW threw a sad arc and disappeared at the corner of the street. The corner is not to meet love, but to lose an unforgettable love.

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