Jin Jian shattered into countless pieces, and Zhuge Liang grabbed Jin Ren’s arm without lighting it, making it move abruptly, which was so overbearing.

Jin people are golden, but they can’t get rid of the shackles of Zhuge Liang.
Zhuge Liang’s theory of moving to the gold man, flying towards the dragon, smashed the past. In Zhuge Liang’s hands, the gold man completely became a weapon with a domineering sword.
Long Xiangfei’s face changed, and his arms were held high to the sky. Several mountains seemed to have crossed the barren ancient times and headed for Zhuge Buliang Town.
Zhuge Liang’s theory that the golden man in his hands smashed in the past, and the mountain collapsed and the rocks flew, turning into scattered real elements and dissolving in the rain curtain.
The Golden Man was flying in the hands of Zhuge Liang, and he was invincible. The Golden Man smashed the air and flew to Long Xiangfei.
The dragon flies like an enemy, his hand is moving, and meteorites everywhere in the sky fall, gathering into a huge giant, as high as a mountain, and his huge arms are like mountains.
Jin Renlun smashed up and abruptly broke one of the giant’s arms.
Past mountains boom, spectacular scene, Fiona Fang thousands of meters within the void all collapsed, even the rain was separated.
Zhuge Liang didn’t talk about the golden man in his hands, smashed all the mountains and giants and came to Long Xiangfei’s front.
Without any words, Jin people directly smashed the past.
Dragon flying was smashed and spit out one mouthful blood, and his body flew back like a shell.
Zhuge walked in vain before dawn, and his figure was like a dream bubble. He caught up with the dragon and flew, and the Golden Man smashed it again.
Long Xiangfei had no resistance and flew out again.
Zhuge didn’t light his body and moved, so he chased him up again.
Whenever the dragon flies out, Zhuge can always stop him in the middle of the road when he is not bright. Without any nonsense, he directly talks about the gold man and hits it.
"bang! !”
The golden man fell violently, just like a big mountain, and the dragon flew into a mountain peak, and the whole mountain completely collapsed and scattered stones.
Zhuge didn’t light up one step at a time, his vanity trembled, his black eyes danced, and his eyes were dead and heavy.
"ah! ! !”
With a long whistle, Long Xiangfei flew out of the ruins, his face covered with blood and dancing wildly. Full of piercing roar and shaking the fields.
As a first-class genius of the Dragon Family, when did you receive such an insult?
At this moment, Long Xiangfei’s body lit up with a purple brilliance, wearing a purple shining armor on him, and even his head was covered with a helmet. The shadow of a purple dragon lingered around him.
This purple armor is a defensive magic weapon of the Dragon Flying Sacrifice for many years. It has been advanced to the advanced level of metaphysics, which can defend against ten attacks of the magic weapon of the ground grade.
"hey!" A halberd painted by Fang Tian appeared in his hand, peerless and sharp-edged, and chopped at Zhuge.
Vaguely, there was a dragon song in Fang Tian’s painting halberd, and it was clear that a dragon eagle was wrapped around Fang Tian’s painting halberd.
"Not enough to see! !” Zhuge roared before dawn and punched Long Xiangfei. There was a brilliant light on the fist.
Peng!’ A flips, the dragon flying fan fly out. "Boom!"
The edge of Fang Tian’s painting halberd was cut to Zhuge again, and the void was divided into two halves. Zhuge shook his body before it was bright, and reached out and grabbed Fang Tian’s halberd, which made it difficult to hurt him.

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