The cornucopia shone brightly, and something flew out. It was a pair of silver rings, which seemed to have the sound of wind chimes, jingling and crunching.
A hot in the eyes of all, many people jumped up and rushed up desperately.
Dragon Family Master, Dugu Helan made moves in succession, and each of them did their best to catch the pair of silver rings.
"mine!" Beargguy roars, his body suddenly soars, his body is covered with a layer of black hair, and his big palm presses down and covers the silver rings.
"Hum." Dragon house owner with a snort of cold, a punch on the palm of Beargguy. Even if Beargguy one like flesh, also can’t help but feel a shock, back out two steps. After all, people are masters of the deification period, and the further the gap between the realms, the more insurmountable it becomes.
At this moment, the blind old man shot again, swept away the broken bamboo pole and whipped it on the Dragon Family Master. An open master of deification, with a snort of stuffy, staggered and flew out, looking at the blind old man in horror.
With a crunchy sound, the broken bamboo pole was drawn on Dugu Helan’s face, leaving a clear blood stain on it.
At the same time, the blind old * * * waved his hand and the pair of silver rings fell into his palm.
"You …" Dugu Helan nearly vomited blood, thinking that he was a master at the peak of the deification period, and he was actually pulled back with a stick in front of so many people, losing face. This shame immediately made him angry.
The Dragon Family Master had a hard time, too. He put his hand over his chest and felt a burning pain. He looked at the blind old man in surprise.
"This ….. this is really Hong Ying old thief? When did it become so powerful? " They shook their heads in disbelief.
Several experts in the deification period all showed surprise, and never dared to look down upon the blind old man again.
"Don’t get angry, I’m just looking …" The blind old man laughed.
The cornucopia was full of splendor, and another treasure flew out, but this time, no matter whether it was a master of the deification period, a blind old man or Zhuge Liang, he didn’t start work. Obviously I don’t like this gadget.
But even so, it still attracted many people to compete. Finally, it was taken by a female practitioner in Tianchi.
A surprising sword awn, a stunning Excalibur flew out of it, the sword rainbow shattered the sky, and the front of God was exposed.
This time, several experts in the deification period attacked the blind old man at the same time, and the monstrous truth rolled like a torrent, flooding the void.
The broken bamboo pole in the hands of the blind old man is raised again, and the tattered bamboo pole is infinite in power, which has repeatedly cracked the attacks of your deified masters. The broken bamboo pole was ugly and was held in the arms of the blind old man. But anyone can see that this broken bamboo pole is a world-famous treasure.
Excalibur crossed the air, as if trying to hide.
Several figures flew up. Kirin, Demon Prince, Dugu Bingyu, Dugu Crane and the young man in white all wanted to keep the Excalibur for themselves.
And at that moment, Zhuge didn’t light up, relying on the speed brought by the purple boots, and rushed up in an instant. When his arm was lifted, the golden chain wrapped around his arm flew out and suddenly entangled Excalibur.
Several young masters’ faces changed color, and they looked at Zhuge with resentment, wishing to tear them off.
Zhuge didn’t light up the golden chain of cutting, and the Excalibur wrapped in the golden chain flew towards the young man in white.
The young man in white was one leng, and then quickly caught the flying Excalibur and held it. He looked at Zhuge Liang in consternation, just in time to see Zhuge Liang winking at him quietly.
White youth heart induction, nodded and said nothing.
Facing the hatred of people around him, Zhuge Buliang shrugged his shoulders, learned the tone of a blind old man and said, "I’m just looking …"
Everyone has an impulse to beat Zhuge up, but they can’t do it at the moment. There are different treasures flying out of the cornucopia at any time. If you are careful, you will miss it.
This time, more than a dozen treasures flew out of the cornucopia, which was colorful and flooded more than half of the void. Everyone is in the air, chasing the magic weapon that flies out.
This time, the number was huge, and the blind old man and Zhuge Liang didn’t have time to stop others, and each grabbed one. Dugu sword, Xia Dongliu, and the dragon scattered people have also seized a magic weapon.
At this time, Zhuge Liang did not see a green flying sword, which was a wooden flying sword. He raised his arm and the golden chain flew out, wrapping the green flying sword.
"It’s him again, stop!" Some people can’t help swearing. Zhuge doesn’t light the extra speed on his boots, and the invincible golden chain in his hand is really a headache.
Several practitioners rose to the sky, trying to stop Zhuge Liang. With a wave of Zhuge Liang’s arm, the golden chain threw the green flying sword at Xiang Yi Fei.
Xiang Yifei was a little startled, but she quickly came to her senses and caught the flying sword. Without saying anything, she branded the gods on it, lest someone snatch it away or fly away by herself.
Looking at Zhuge’s dim eyes, Xiang Yi Fei nodded gratefully.

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