He began to meditate cross-legged and suck the energy * * to forcibly absorb the spiritual force in the sea water to heal himself. The force of this energy * * to reshape the flesh is really powerful. He has absorbed enough physical injuries and has been much better.

Open your eyes, the dim eyes have disappeared, replaced by bright eyes.
He knows that the bodhi old zu has gone after the monster. It’s a good time to go first. After all, he doesn’t have much chance to win the battle against the bodhi old zu, but he can’t bear to leave the monster and escape by himself. Moreover, his flying sword has been taken away and his magic weapon has been abandoned, so he can’t escape this Haikui.
After making up his mind, Haikui dived into the water and drew a long arc to catch up with the bodhi old zu.
In the distance, the sea water fluctuated badly. Haikui knew that the bodhi old zu had not captured the monster. This monster was so strong that he could persist for such a long time under the hands of a monk who was a baby. He just didn’t know if the bodhi old zu had any other magic weapon besides the turtle carrying the stone tablet.
Haikui accelerated and rushed in their direction.
At this time, the outside world has become a mess, and inexplicable storms and waves have had a certain impact on coastal cities. However, fortunately, it is only rainy and windy, but there is no other harm.
Haikui quickly found the bodhi old zu of the robe, but the situation changed at this time
This surprised Haikui. At this time, the bodhi old zu was fighting with the monster, and the black turtle with the stone tablet and a white water ape with a three-pronged fork fought together
When did you have such an extra water ape? Haikui is strange.
Chapter 155 Water Ape
The water ape actually fights with the bully evenly. Under the frequent waving of the trident in his hand, the sea water can also form a water rope under his command to plague the bully.
And the bodhi old zu of the robe alone can’t resist the monster’s extraordinary power.
Grass is this monster calling for help?
When the bully opens his mouth, he spits out a water arrow and goes towards the white water ape, while the white water ape waves a trident to disperse the water arrow.
A strange scene happened when the water ape shook his body, and all the white hairs scattered on him were shot at the bully. Then the water ape actually pinched and printed them quickly, and all the white hairs burst to form a rune, which surrounded the bully under a mass of white light and sealed the bully.
I can’t believe when monkeys are so awesome.
After the water ape sealed the bully, he raised his big fork and hit him at the bully.
At most, the water ape is three or four feet in size, and it looks small in front of a dozen feet, but even so, its momentum is extremely amazing. When the trident is lifted, even the huge bully seems so powerless.
There was a loud bang and the trident slammed on the stone tablet.
A trembling rune flashed, and the whole sea was trembling.
I saw that the bully kept shrinking under the trembling, and finally became smaller and smaller, becoming only the size of a fist. The water ape reached out and grasped Naha in his hand.
What I saw by Haikui was tongue-tied. Isn’t this monkey too strong? Not only is it powerful enough to control the sea water, but it can also spell and rune.
Is it a relative of the Monkey King who is so powerful and so made?
The water ape took over the magic weapon of the robe bodhi old zu and then jumped to the front of the robe bodhi old zu and fought with the monsters. The situation of the robe bodhi old zu changed immediately.
Although the monster is powerful, it can’t do any spells or rune spells, but the water ape is almost no different from a human being, and he is the water ape. This sea water is its main battlefield, and it also has a magic weapon trident in the hands of spells and runes, and it is not weaker than the bodhi old zu.
The white-haired water ape came to the side of the robe bodhi old zu, waved a trident, and several water ropes appeared quickly and wrapped around it and went to the robe bodhi old zu.
The bodhi old zu already knows that he will lose, and even the magic weapon has been taken over by this monkey. I’m afraid he will be grabbed before the storage bag is patted. After the red gourd reappears at his feet and sets foot on it, the whole person rushes out and runs towards the distance.
How can Haikui let him walk away? At least leave the flying sword behind.
Haikui shouted, "Leave my flying sword", and the whole person was like an arrow leaving the string and chasing after the bodhi old zu in the robe.
The bodhi old zu of the robe bit his fingertips and painted spells with blood, and then pushed out those bloody spells one by one, and quickly spread backwards, blocking Haikui’s way. Haikui’s flying sword was robbed, and there was no other magic weapon, so he had to stretch out his hand and hold the bronze mirror in his hand and pat it towards those runes.
The rune collided with the bronze mirror and gave off a huge collision force. Fortunately, Haikui released the protective qi, which was such a huge impact that he was washed out and spit out one mouthful blood.
The footsteps of water apes and monsters have also been blocked. The water apes stopped in great anger and opened their mouths with a loud roar. The roar resounded throughout the sea, and everywhere they could spread was the roar of water apes.
The bodhi old zu was running away, and suddenly it was dark like a wall in front of him. Look carefully where the wall is, and there are countless sea fish standing in front of him.
The bodhi old zu is furious that you little shrimps are going to block my way, too. With a wave of your hand, a cold breath instantly freezes the sea water. With a wave of your hand, an ice arrow goes forward and pierces the sea fish. At the speed of thunder, dozens of sea fish burst open, but the number of sea fish is too much, and they just die a little, and then they are filled up quickly.
Haikui only felt the darkness at the moment, and he also saw countless sea fish blocking the way of the robe bodhi old zu. These fish were carefully looked at and looked at, which was completely different from the fish he usually ate
He saw the white-haired water ape open his mouth and shout again, and then Haikui saw several huge sharks appear in front and bite away at the bodhi old zu.
Haikui instantly understood that the water ape was commanding all the fish in the sea to fight against the bodhi old zu.
Hai Kui suddenly remembered a sentence: there is no tiger in the mountain, and the monkey is called the king, but this is not the mountain, this is the sea, and this monkey is not an ordinary monkey at all, so it makes sense to be the king.
Haikui stopped with water apes and monsters and countless schools of fish. He felt that the bodhi old zu couldn’t run away. He just stood by coldly and watched as long as he could get his flying sword back later. He didn’t want to fight so many fish and water apes and monsters. The number was terrible.
The bodhi old zu of the robe waved his soul frequently, and the freezing speed of the sea water became faster and faster. Ice arrows were sprayed out and harvested the lives of these marine fish, but those marine fish rushed towards the bodhi old zu of the robe without hesitation.
The sea is no longer bright green, and it has begun to be dyed red. This scene looks spectacular, just like on the battlefield, which is as tragic as the first world war. Countless fish soldiers died here with blood on the sea.
Those sharks are dead, two of them are dead, and several others are desperate. When the bodhi old zu waved his hand and the red light flashed, countless marine fish died again.
Several souls appeared on the coffin, some with knives, some with guns and some with axes. Those souls had all kinds of weapons in their hands. They rushed out and harvested the lives of those fish like chopping melons and vegetables.
Haikui was shocked.
Although it’s just killing fish, it’s not killing fish in the vegetable market. It’s tens of thousands of fish killed in the blink of an eye, and their limbs are broken and slowly floating in the sea, as if they were unwilling, and their eyes are wide open and deeply unwilling.
Haikui retreated dozens of feet, and he didn’t want to get contaminated with the fish blood, which seemed terrible to him.
The bodhi old zu of the robe was jealous. He didn’t expect that there were so many fish as ants, and there seemed to be endless supporters from all directions.
Water apes and monsters have also joined the first world war with the Pharaoh, who wants to escape, but his teleport distance is limited, and the ocean is vast and boundless, and they are thousands of meters under the sea. At that time, they were unable to fix for his infancy.
The truth in his body is not endless, so after several hours of war, he was finally captured alive by the water ape.
At this time, the sea water has been dyed red by fish blood, with nearly tens of thousands of cubic meters. Haikui saw only the endless blood in the sea water, but he still smelled the bloody gas that made him vomit.
This war made Haikui see what is tragic and what is angry fish.
After catching the bodhi old zu of the robe, the monster became bigger again, and opened his mouth and sucked all the dead fish and blood in the seawater into his stomach. Other living fish had already fled far away again.
The sea has returned to its original appearance, and there are still dead fish everywhere before.
The white-haired water ape is holding his trident in his right hand and the bodhi old zu with some broken clothes in his left hand is moving slowly towards Haikui.
A few feet away from Haikui, he raised his fork and pointed it at Haikui’s sharp fork tip, showing cold light and expressing hostility to Haikui.
At this moment, Haikui guessed that the white water ape might have regarded him as an enemy. He knew that the Taoist robe bodhi old zu could not defeat himself and certainly could not. He hurriedly said, "This monkey brother, I mean no harm to you. It was this bad guy who drove me here. I didn’t intend to come to your territory."
White-haired water apes screamed twice when they heard Haikui talking.
Haikui didn’t understand what it meant, so he said, "Don’t get angry. I’m leaving the sea. Not only is my flying sword still in this guy’s hand, can you ask him to give it to me?"
The white-haired water ape glared at him and barked twice.
Haikui still doesn’t understand
The monster behind the white-haired ape whispered. Niu Jiao generally called two times. The white-haired ape turned around and shouted at him with dissatisfaction. The monster seemed very wronged. After calling a chase, the white-haired ape actually reached out and stroked it like a compromise, just like a human appeasing a pet.
Seeing this scene, Haikui felt amazing, but he felt like a monster. The two of them are human beings who can communicate with each other.
After communicating with the monster for a while, the white-haired ape suddenly turned around and threw the black bully snatched from the bodhi old zu’s robe to Haikui.
Haikui wondered what he meant. He took over the bully and asked, "You want to give me this."
The white-haired water ape nodded.
Hai Kui didn’t expect it to understand his meaning, and thanked him with joy and said, "Monkey, look at my flying sword."

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