The lake was choppy for a while, and then a column of water rushed up from the bottom of the lake. Accompanied by numerous waves, Kongming turned into a blue-and-white brilliance and rushed into the temple, and possessed it on the two-meter-high statue. As Kongming possessed it, countless messages came down from the top of his head instantly and flew into his mind, knowing that this was an acceptance of inheritance, and there was information about the water god’s position. Without any hesitation, Kongming hurriedly pulled these messages, which was bound to happen.

After three breaths, the yellow incense of many mortal hands who prostrated themselves on the ground outside had burned out. Hu Lao stood up and inserted the residual incense of his hand into the cauldron, and then took the lead in entering the temple, followed by thousands of people. When these thousands of people inserted the residual yellow incense of their hands into the cauldron and entered the temple, the sky began to dim, and the angry moon gradually shed moonlight.
As soon as they entered the temple, all the people saw the two-meter-high statue standing on the altar at a glance, and the appearance of a human body scattered endless majesty. Immediately, all the people who had just stood up saw the statue, and then they bowed down to the ground again, afraid to look at the statue. So, in the water temple, except for Hu Lao, who was still standing in front, all the others were short, kneeling on the ground and afraid to look up at the statue with their heads down.
Hearing the noise, Hu Lao looked back at all the mortals who knelt down, barely suppressed the idea of prostrating himself, and suddenly had an endless majestic idol with a slight sweep of the corner of his eye. Then Hu Lao went to the front of the altar in the temple and looked at three bowls of blood and five bowls of fruit on the altar. Hu Lao instructed two men to come in like a tripod furnace outside and put it in front of the altar. So, everything was ready without any mistakes.
After all this, Hu Lao immediately took out three incense sticks again, burned them, inserted them into the cauldron, and looked at the smoke rising from the newly burned incense sticks. Hu Lao immediately prostrated himself on the ground, chanting aloud the chapter of sacrifice, constantly talking about good weather, blessing one side, marriage and having children, life and death, etc. The whole temple echoed with Hu Lao’s voice, and there was no other sound.
After half a ring, Hu Lao finally finished reading the long chapter and threw his paper into the tripod furnace. Hu Lao bowed for the second time, then stood up, hung his head, and led many mortals to slowly push out the temple and hit the island. So, the sacrifice was finally over, and most of its things were empty and bright.
"Shout …" As soon as I walked out of the temple gate, there was no such heavy momentum on the capital. At this moment, everyone gave a sigh of relief and relaxed. At this time, there were countless torches on the island, and everyone could not see clearly. After a half-ring, Hu Lao called everyone to go home and rest, and continue to work as before tomorrow. Of course, in any case, there have been changes, and every morning and evening are needed.
Soon, the island was still buzzing, but at this time, there was no one. All the people had gone home to rest, and after cleaning it, Hu Lao also went home to sleep, ready to tell his wishes when he got up early to worship the gods tomorrow.
In the middle of the night, on a quiet island, a figure two meters high suddenly appeared, with numerous long slender snake heads, slender eyes with different colors, one flashing silver light and the other flashing golden light. There were two fleshy whiskers under the straight nose, and the long fleshy whiskers dragged down to the shoulder, and the thin lips became bright red, and they opened slightly from time to time, swallowing long bright red letters.
Hold tight, loosen, hold tight, loosen, look at your hands, and constantly be flexible with common sense. It is clear that your new body has very great power. When you hold your fist at will, there will be whistling sounds, and the long snake with your head can also be controlled at will. Every long snake can change into its own shape that has not yet become this body. The power on each long snake is very great, controlling the long snake with your head flying for a while.
As soon as he entered the temple, Kongming flew to the idol, and suddenly, it seemed to dissolve. After Kongming flew to the idol, he merged into it and disappeared into the temple. For a moment, when Kongming opened his eyes, he saw himself in the cave at the bottom of Dongting Lake. Now he should be said to be a abode of fairies and immortals.
Looking at this humble abode of fairies and immortals, I can’t help wondering. Generally speaking, every existence that becomes a god has a small world of its own, but I don’t feel any signs of it. The only one connected with the gods is this abode of fairies and immortals, which is supposed to be wrong.
With doubts, Kongming shook his long tail and sat down on a white stone. His mind sank into the purple house in an instant and he began to query information, trying to find out why he didn’t have a small world.
For a long time, after rummaging through all the information, Empty Ming immediately found his own little world according to the imprint of his soul. However, after a little induction, Empty Ming felt a very familiar smell in his own little world, which was the smell of his own ontology. Suddenly, Empty Ming’s two places at once understood why he didn’t have a little world, but he could only come to this abode of fairies and immortals.
The so-called Xiaotian is derived from the space debris, and most of them are controlled by the gods. Almost all the gods will have such a small world when they become gods. It is reasonable to say that there should be a small world when they become gods, but in fact, seriously speaking, the spirit of the empty and bright members is exactly the same as that of the empty and bright body. That is to say, no matter how many members are divided, there is only one body and only one soul.
I realized why I didn’t have a small world, but I could only return to this abode of fairies and immortals. After that, I could only give a wry smile, and then I dispersed my thoughts about the small world. After the heart has no other doubts, the empty and bright members will no longer consider other things, and begin to get familiar with their own bodies. This body is newly generated, and it still needs to be familiar with control.
Just as Kongming’s busy body was familiar with the body in this constant sand world, the line of sight flew up. In the small world, Taishan Mountain God and Kongming’s ontology opened their eyes in the small world, and looked at the surrounding environment of the small world with a slight loss. My mind was shocked, and then I returned to my absolute being. My hands shrouded in my sleeves touched slightly. In an instant, I knew that I had been sleeping for more than three years.
"Oh, in three years, I finally repaired the loopholes after the split, so I was completely flawless." Looking at my own soul without any flaw, I didn’t show any expression, as if I were saying something. Not far in front of me was a lotus pond, white lotus swaying in the breeze, and some purple bamboo leaves were scattered in the lotus pond, adding a touch of luxury to the whole lotus pond.
Body shaking, empty Ming stood up, and instantly, countless purple bamboo leaves fell from me. No, there were also bamboo leaves falling from empty Ming into the lotus pond. They didn’t care about the bamboo leaves on their bodies. They left the dust and swung their sleeves, walked out of the small world and came to the temple of Mount Tai.
"pa-pa." Tiptoe point on the altar of the mountain temple, looking at the tattered altar covered with dust, raised his eyebrows, brushed his hands, and instantly, the whirring wind sounded in the mountain temple, but after three breaths, the mountain temple was clean and there was no dust. After strolling down the altar and out of the mountain temple, he looked at the branches and plants on the ground that seemed to be nests. These things were just empty and swaying.
I didn’t care about the branches and plants that make up the nest. Kongming strolled on Mount Tai and browsed the scenery on Mount Tai. After three years, the scenery on Mount Tai seemed to be more beautiful. Walking on the mountain road, Kongming suddenly frowned. Not far away, there were some mortals playing Mount Tai. This was originally a good thing, and Kongming was not prepared to disperse these mortals, but when Kongming saw the ubiquitous garbage on the ground, The empty heart seems to have been pricked. Suddenly, I feel a little disgust from Mount Tai, which is the disgust of many mortals who visit Mount Tai and also the disgust of these rubbish scattered on the ground.
"Your will is my will, your mood is my mood, and your thoughts are my thoughts." Mouth can’t help mumbling, empty eyes narrowed instantly, filar silk brilliance in the eye circulation, looking at the few laughs, casually dropped oiled paper, or saliva of mortals, empty without hiding their disgust, the whole body without wind automatically, waves of shock came from me, in an instant, suddenly a strong wind blew on Mount Tai, the wind blew so dark that all mortals on Mount Tai couldn’t see anything and didn’t know anything.
Half a ring, the wind blowing in the darkness of Mount Tai finally stopped. When many mortals opened their eyes, they saw that there were all Woods around them, but it was not the Woods on Mount Tai. Looking around, they were very strange at this time. For a while, many mortals who didn’t know where they were began to use their own means to find their way, or instructed the page, or greeted their friends, or shouted loudly. At this moment, in the Woods, there was no place, and many mortals could not help but show their ugliness.
Casually left a glance at the many mortals in the forest, disgusted with the ugliness of many mortals. Empty Ming immediately withdrew his sight and looked at the garbage blown together by the strong wind. Empty Ming squinted and saw a villa closest to Mount Tai. Then, between dusting and shaking, the garbage gathered together like a hill was sent to that villa by Empty Ming. Out of thin air, it rained garbage in the sky of the villa.
Randomly leaving many mortals in a forest, and throwing garbage into a villa, these are all casual actions, which are nothing, but this is only temporary, and it can’t be regarded as unobstructed temperament, nor can it be regarded as a wish. These are just trivial, and it can’t be exactly.
"Laws and regulations should be set to restrict mortals from going up the mountain." Standing on the top of Mount Tai, looking at the distance in a dull way, Kong Ming said, with a faint tone, it has already decided that there will be no trace of Mount Tai in the next ten million years. As if echoing empty words, Mount Tai rose another hundred meters in an instant, and the clouds on the top of the mountain became thicker.
Standing on the top of Mount Tai for three days, I looked at the distribution of Godsworn Almighty around Mount Tai through my eyes. I knew that there would be no Godsworn Almighty to disturb the stability of Mount Tai during this period of time, and Kongming withdrew his sight, strolled down the top of Mount Tai and returned to the temple on the mountainside of Mount Tai. As soon as I entered the temple, Kongming shook his sleeves and sent a message to let the deer head gods and scholar gods come to the temple.
Soon, after receiving the information of emptiness, the deer head gods and the scholar gods quickly came to the mountain temple. As soon as they entered the mountain temple, the two subordinate gods saw standing on the altar, looking at the emptiness in the distance, and their dark and deep eyes seemed to be able to see through the future and everything, with a frightening chill.
"The subordinates meet the mountain gods." The two subordinate gods paused when they came in, and then they bowed to the ground in order, and bowed to the empty Ming who had not seen each other for three years. All their words were pious.
Slightly looked at the two subordinate gods, although these two subordinate gods have their own followers from time to time, but they also have a belief thread connected to themselves, and they are still very firm in that kind of strong belief, without any vacillation. These two subordinate gods were all made by the empty hand. The deer head god was originally just an ordinary elk on Mount Tai, while the scholar god was originally a mortal. These two can become gods now, relying on the empty hand. Therefore, these two are sincere, and they can open their minds and give the team that is not suitable for empty and clear inspection.
Wave to the two subordinate gods to get up, and then empty Ming turned his hand, and there was a flash of golden light. The empty Ming’s hand appeared in the merit book that had not been checked for three years. Open the merit book, take a half ring of paper at the two subordinate gods, and then flip the merit book. After the next page, the merit book shows what the two subordinate gods have done in three years …
Tidy up the grassland, manage the elk herd, protect the land, erect the atmosphere and clean up the river, so that tens of thousands of elk not only believe in the deer head god but also believe in the emptiness of Mount Tai, protect the ecological environment and maintain the biological chain.
This is the achievement of the deer head deity. Counting it carefully, it has a total of fifteen thousand in the past three years. After all, it is the first time to do these things from time to time. If this kind of thing is done for the first time, the merits of heaven and earth will be very rich, but now these things have been done many times, so although they are also for the sake of Mount Tai, the merits are only fifteen thousand, which is not very rich, but it is enough to comfort, after all.
Manage morale, collect people from Mo Bao, manage people visiting Mount Tai, check the moral knowledge of Mount Tai people, and make Mount Tai prosperous.
This is the achievement of the scholar-gods. Although it seems to be less than what the deer-head gods do, many of them are very troublesome. You know, managers, that is, mortals, must be involved in it, instead of simply animal gods. After entering the ranks of human gods, they need a lot of things, not just minds and ideas, but also people who will not be harassed by human humanitarian fate.
After careful calculation, the merits and demerits of scholar-gods are only 20,000. In the past three years, there are altogether 20,000 merits and demerits. The career that scholar-gods are in charge of is also a long-running thing. After a long time, they can not only hone their minds, but also taste the true meaning of books. Maybe after a hundred years, Cheng Miao, a scholar-god, will understand the meaning of books and open up his own Confucian road.
Once again, I opened the book of merits and demerits, and on the next page, I wrote my own merits and demerits that the Taishan Mountain God can get from these two subordinate gods. After three years, the total number of merits and demerits I got was seventeen thousand five hundred. I picked my eyebrows, but I didn’t say anything. This was already expected. At this time, if I want to improve my rank, I need hundreds of merits and demerits, and tens of thousands of merits and demerits are not enough to improve my rank. Now, there are only 17,500 merits in three years, so it will take at least nearly 20 years for you to improve your rank.

Chapter one hundred and twenty-two Scriptures
Chapter one hundred and twenty-two Classics
Twenty years is a long time for Kongming. If so, we must find other ways to gain merit, flip our left hand, take out a green bamboo pen, and then write a comment on the merit book to show that we have consulted it, and there are no mistakes and omissions.
As the bamboo strokes of Kongming moved, soon, the sky fell with two faint yellow smells and looked at the deer head gods and scholar gods who were absorbing merits. Kongming turned the merit book to the first page again and looked at his own merits.
Name: Kongming.
Priesthood: Taishan Mountain God.
Rank: 8.
Merit: 65ooo.
If you want to upgrade your rank, you need to accumulate merits and deeds to 250,000, put away your merits and deeds book conveniently, and let the two subordinate gods step down and continue to perform their duties, while Kongming walked out of Mount Tai behind the two subordinate gods, strolled on Mount Tai and walked towards the other side of Mount Tai, where there was a different space called Taishan Space.
Sitting down and riding a perfect white deer, strolling on Mount Tai, surrounded by faint clouds, shaking the snow-white dust, the emptiness of a white green gauze walked into the Taishan space on the mountainside of Mount Tai. Looking around, three years later, there are still no monsters in this Taishan space, except for the colorful clouds that are almost turned into liquid in this Taishan space, and the rest are just those that have become aura in this rich aura.
Although it has been soaked in rich reiki for three years in this Taishan space, after all, it was originally just a mundane thing. Besides being contaminated with many reiki, because it didn’t generate spiritual wisdom, it could only gather reiki unconsciously, and then the gathered reiki dispersed independently, and there was no change. Those rare plants and natural resources were taken away long ago when the monster beasts walked away. Even if they left, they were just junk, even empty.
Drive the White Deer to the heart of this Taishan space, squint his eyes, look at the top of this Taishan space, and then at the ground of Taishan space. Two subtle filaments fly out of the two cinnabar spots between the eyebrows of Kongming, and instantly stab the place where Kongming just looked. Then, with the establishment of the connection, countless information materials in this Taishan space are introduced into Kongming’s mind with the established silk thread.
Three days later, after combing the information in Taishan space, Kongming rode a white deer out of Taishan space again, walked up the mountain road and looked up. While looking at the scene on Taishan, he sprinkled his own breath on the way. Soon, a month passed. When Kongming was sitting in a small world, all the changes in Taishan in the past three years were reflected in detail, which also filled Taishan with emptiness.
Sitting next to the lotus pond, Pan looked at the crystal clear water. After three breaths, Kong Ming suddenly stretched out his right hand, slowly pulled the long sleeve of his right hand away, revealing the pale right hand with bloodshot inside, straightened his index finger, and then Kong Ming pointed the pale and slender index finger on the crystal clear water of the lotus pond.
For a moment, like a phantom, with the right index finger pointing on the water surface of the lotus pond, the ripples spread out, just like the veil receded. After the ripples subsided, the water surface of the lotus pond, which was originally crystal clear, was changed. What was reflected on the water surface was the scene in the unknown Hengsha world at the bottom of the Hengsha world ocean, which was the most heart-felt scene. It was a vast lake.
Looking at the lotus pond surface, there was a scene of the empty and bright doppelganger. The flashing light of the empty and bright eyes immediately turned into a brilliance, which flew into the lotus pond surface. In an instant, it was integrated into it, worn out in a hurry, and came to the top of the empty and bright doppelganger in the constant sand world. Then that brilliance turned into countless words and was absorbed and digested by the empty and bright doppelganger.
Open your eyes, lean against the white rock and blink, and look up at the stone wall above your head. There is not much. After getting up, Empty Ming busy just worships the above, to show that he has understood the meaning of ontology transmission and is full of gratitude to ontology.
After a few times of worship, the empty Ming member randomly withdrew his action, sat on a white rock again, turned his mind, fell silent in the purple mansion, and began to look at the information transmitted by the empty Ming ontology.
"If the water is good, all things in water conservancy will not be disputed …"
An article "Tao Te Ching" appeared in the Purple Mansion of Empty Ming, and it was all about water. It began to reverberate in the Purple Mansion of Empty Ming, as if an old man was reading in the Purple Mansion, and there were countless waters flowing in the Purple Mansion. When the empty Ming mind saw this dish, it could not help but indulge in it and didn’t know anything outside.

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