Le Yang Tian looked at Wen Leyang dumbfounded and shook his head impatiently. "More than 2,000 years ago, three ancestors went out of the same school and their big brothers swept away to practice witchcraft. The second brother continued to refine resin figurines and the younger brother was proficient in poison."

Liu Zheng shout shout low wonder "five elder brother is vegetable altar brother refining resin evil spirit? No wonder it’s so powerful! "
The younger brother’s vegetable altar Tuo obliquely protected the raccoon dog and fought a shocking battle with a group of top experts.
Master elder brother swept away the witchcraft and even the broken cone was resurrected by him.
How can the second brother continue to refine the corpse evil spirit?
Le Yangtian ignored Liu Zheng, the small head of the company, and sighed from the side. "Why don’t you Tuoxie people know anything!"
Wen Leyang said that our grandmaster didn’t come and said anything, so he led the thunder and fled.
From the root, the painting city brother, Hiderigami’s five elder brothers and their extension disciples are all of the same origin, which can also be regarded as the painting city of the same school. They have just killed the hundred monks by singing a witch outside, and they don’t know what spell has outweighed the three real people’s spiritual knowledge. One shot broke his title, and these powerful means can never be faked. Brother Hiderigami, not to mention that he is brother Tuoxie, who personally refined the corpse and fought against the hidden sword fairy heaven and the seventy-two sword statues of Kunlun Road with one human power.
For a long time, Wen Leyang has always put the killing demon and picking up Brother Yuan on the opposite side. Secondly, because the jade knife wrapped around the ring once said that Grandmaster Tuoxie had a big fight with the demon hunters to save him. If they killed the demon hunters, they should all be enemies of Tuoxie.
Now I know that Brother Hiderigami is of the same ancestry as him … Should he be considered a granduncle? If so, the original guess and estimate will be all messed up.
The resurrection cone entrusted by the ancestors of Tuoxie is naturally a large array of monsters in Heibai Island. But Hiderigami’s elder brother Wu’s affection is to kill the demon and nourish Liu Xiang’s evil soul. The former is to suppress Liu Xiang and the latter is to keep Liu Xianggen, that is, one black, one white, one positive and one negative …
In addition, knowing that grandmaster was also a poison, witch and corpse in those days, Wenleyang was not white after his own practice, but grandmaster finally brought the prey and the lost collar together, and it was not so good to draw a picture of the city gorilla waving his hand without leaving a friar in the scenic zone, and thousands of witch brothers were almost ruined by a dirty banshee; The fifth brother of Hiderigami has a clear tongue and can do business by himself against the property of Kunlun Daobu. Raven Ridge has just developed a newly-produced corpse, which is rusty and slow, and can’t talk. Occasionally, he giggles, not to mention that the corpse raised by Tuoxie people is really full of strength.
Wen Leyang suddenly found himself digressing, and quickly dragged his thoughts back and followed the topic just now to continue asking, "I won’t ask you what you know if you have something to do with Grandmaster Tuoxie, why don’t you just say it yourself?"
His mind was full of confusion, and no matter how he asked, he felt that something was wrong. Stupid people simply had a stupid idea. They didn’t ask, let Leyang sweet talk, but Wen Leyang didn’t finish his words and found out whether it was Liu Zheng or Leyang sweet, including his two older disciples. They all looked solemn and looked out.
The house was forbidden by the Leyang Sweet Witchcraft Law. You can hear and see the outside, but people outside can’t see it at all. Just now, many people in this house were busy walking around to investigate the scene and ask for transcripts, but now it’s all quiet. Whether it’s the police or the city students, it’s as silent as death.
Wen Leyang quickly jumped up and stood side by side with Liu Zheng. "What’s going on?"
Liu Zheng shook his head. "Once it’s over …"
Liu Zheng the words sound just fell and a familiar sound solemnity sounded in the room "Kunlun Road is like this in Five Blessingg friendship? I "
Liu Zheng, the small head of the store, paused for a moment and then screamed "Impossible!"
Wen Leyang also reacted to who the sound belonged to and stared at Liu Zheng. "Didn’t you say he was killed?" After saying his word, his voice suddenly broke, and when he came from the outside, he suddenly made a ripple, and then boom, and the smoke screen that Le Yang Tian arranged outside the house had been washed away.
Peng, one by one, the head was almost smashed, and the body was thrown in front of them. The body was thick and strong, and the arm was thicker than the average person’s waist. It was a real person.
Small owners Liu Zheng immediately pointed to the body "and see if it is dead! I saw him shot with my own eyes! "
Wen Leyang looked at the body and smiled bitterly. "Who is the speaker outside?"
Just now, the new sound was impressively the real person of Sanwei, the head of Goose Sheep Road, but the body of Sanwei was in front of everyone.
Liu Zheng returned his hand to hit his backpack and handed the big horn to Wen Leyang. At the same time, he walked over and exhaled. "Which fairy is outside?"
"Being original and having three flavors!"
Liu Zheng and Wen Leyang looked at each other, and it turned out that the outsiders were goose and sheep, and the real person continued to ask with a wry smile, "Who is the fairy in that room?"
Sanwei Road outside seems to hesitate for a while before answering "him? Count me in! "
Wenleyang didn’t understand that Liu was thinking about it for a while, and it seemed that he suddenly thought of a possibility, and his face suddenly turned pale!
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Chapter 21 Sanwei
Tall and fat Leyangtian went to the door and looked out with a smile. Hehe asked, "Where are you?" Why don’t you come? " Tone again in Beijing dialect that can’t erase the frivolous.
As he spoke, he pulled out a mobile phone from his fat trouser pocket, and his thick fingers were more flexible than pressing text messages.
It was quiet outside, and the real person didn’t talk again.
Liu Zheng, the small head, squatted down and tore off the corpse clothes, then frowned for a moment and then flashed two charms. After muttering a few spells in his mouth, he suddenly exclaims, "The law is overwhelming!"
Two pieces of paper shook in half a mile, but they refused to fly out, as if they could not find their prey. The falcon was dazed and impatient, shaking its wings.

"You this child must you scold your wife I can’t say"

"Mom, he’s fierce and always bullies me." Sue took the opportunity to tell on her love affair and tried to distract Wenyiting.
Sure enough, Wen Yiting listened to Sue’s sweet nothings and stared at Liu Yichen. "This is how you take care of your daughter-in-law, is it itchy?"
Sue couldn’t help laughing. It’s hard to imagine Liu Yichen being beaten as a child.
Liu Yichen some embarrassed busy end up a bowl of porridge.
Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law smiled at each other, and the expression was consistent with that of Liu Yichen.
Lu Yichen went to the company after breakfast.
Sue changed her clothes in the evening table. Wen Yiting said quickly, "Let the driver take you to the evening. It rained a little last night and the road was a little slippery."
"No, Mom, I’ll … I’ll drive myself." How can the driver follow her to Hongyuan Company?
"But …"
"Mom …" Sue’s late affection took Wen Yiting’s arm. "Aileen and I grew up together in an orphanage. I don’t want her to see me being picked up by a driver back and forth for fear that she would feel uncomfortable."
Wen Yiting understood and nodded and patted her on the back. "They are all poor children."
Sue’s eyes were sour and hoarse, and she said, "Mom, I’m leaving."
"Be careful"
"Got it, Mom."
Sue wan Qing picked an ordinary car in the garage and drove out of Lu Zhai towards the elevated road.
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Section 24
Do you dare to disappear like this after 51?
The biggest mistake people make every day is to be too polite to strangers and too hard on intimate people. Change this bad habit and it will be peaceful.
After the car got on the elevated road, Su Qing played navigation to find out the address of Hongyuan Company.
It was just after nine o’clock, because it was raining last night and it was winter. It was rare for an elevated car to pass by occasionally.
Sue’s late love will step on the gas pedal and the car will pass by.
After more than two hours, Sue entered G City and Hongyuan Company went all the way according to the navigation car in the suburbs.
When the car entered a road, it was like entering a dead end. Sue walked back and forth with her car several times, but she still couldn’t find Hongyuan Company.
The navigable display is right here
Park your car on the side of the road. Looking around the road, you see a figure coming over. Before running, "Sister, do you know where Hongyuan Company is?"
Elder sister shook her head and left.
Sue was disappointed. How could she not be?
Did she ask the wrong person?
But it’s on this road. How could I not know?
After waiting for about five or six minutes, another figure finally came over.
"Uncle, do you know where Hongyuan Company is?"
Uncle from the bike to see the eye Sue late love "you are not a person? Listening to you, are you from other places? "
Sue shook her head at night. "I’m not here. I’m Uncle Linshi. Do you know where Hongyuan Company is?"
"Just ahead" Uncle pointed to the end of the road.
Sue looked in the direction pointed by her uncle. "I just looked for it and didn’t see any office building?"
"Hongyuan Company is not an office building, but a factory material factory," Uncle explained.
"Oh, well, thank you, uncle."
After saying thank you, Sue got sentimental about the car, restarted the car and headed for the end of the road.
Sue’s car is slow and she’s afraid of missing it.
Finally, I saw a sign hanging next to the gate of a semi-old factory with a small face saying Hongyuan Materials Co., Ltd.
Sue was so busy that she parked her car on the side of the road and walked to the gate, which knocked on the door and looked out of the glass.
The glass was pushed out of the face of a middle-aged man in his fifties. It seems that he is a janitor.
"Uncle, I’m looking for Boss Jia."
The man said impatiently, "The boss is not here."
"Do you know where the boss Jia went? When will you be back? I came from other places to look for him. "
"I don’t know" the man threw out three words coldly and gave the window.
It’s been almost a year since Sue got back to the car and waited to take a look at her wrist. It’s estimated that she will go to dinner at this time.
There was a rumbling in my stomach, and Sue felt her belly, and then there was a rumbling.
Flat, flat mouth, take out your mobile phone from your bag and look at it. It’s long gone.
I forgot to charge it last night.
Sue is a little anxious about her late feelings. Without her mobile phone, Liu Yichen will definitely call her, and then she will be anxious if she can’t get through.

"It’s better to close your eyes and retreat here."

This slightly immature sound is extremely harsh in the boiling waves.
They looked down the source and found a child-like young man sitting quietly in it, and the wind kept him still.
This person’s lips are red, teeth are white, aura is compelling, eyes are sparkling, and there is an extraordinary arrogance and yang, which seems to be born by adhering to the heavens and the earth.
"Ruoyu Wang, what’s your opinion? Just say it! " Taishilin Liu’s eyebrows are slightly tilted like a knife, which seems a little unpleasant.
If we put it in the usual place, Wang Ruoyu, a four-fold little guy who is just beginning to quench his breath, can’t attract people’s attention. However, in the past year, everyone has been fighting in the purgatory world, but they have been defeated by their wisdom.
The gap between the names of the two men and the realm of strength was made up by the backwardness of the Qing Xuanmen.
She managed to gather the chaotic people’s hearts and make the scattered sand have a little cohesion. The other party’s lightness almost negated all her efforts. How can she get up?
After the words, Wang Ruoyu closed his eyes and seemed to be really in repose, keeping J and NG sharp and didn’t answer.
This is red luo naked contempt.
When did the little devil dare to despise the perfect quasi-avatar who quenched his breath?
Taishilin was angry, but she didn’t interrupt Yan Hong when she was born, so she promptly said, "Say it if you are stupid."
Hearing this, Wang Ruoyu smiled and slowly got up and acted extremely obedient. "The reason is very simple. There are two points."
"One of the nine underground magic emperors, Xiang Dong’s magic emperor ranks second to last, but after all, he is a great avatar in the fairyland, and he understands the laws of heaven. It is not for us who are quenching the gas to be cracked by the younger generation."
"Second, Taishilin, Ma Fengzi, Fang Tangjing, Wu Nayan and other outstanding core of Xiandao Magic Door are that unless there is something wrong with the cultivation of Xiangdong Magic Emperor, he will never dare to kill us unless he wants to trigger two world wars."
After Wang Ruoyu paused, he didn’t know whether he was thinking about others or thinking about his own words. Then he added, "If we have refined the converging attack method of war, there is still a glimmer of hope to break the cage. Now …"
He hung a sneer at the corner of his mouth, and he didn’t know whether he was laughing at himself or at Taishilin’s overreaching.
"That he put us in prison! You don’t think there is any plot in it? " Taishilin said bitterly with her teeth clenched
Wang Ruoyu blinked and cocked up slightly. "If what I expected is good, Xiang Dong’s plot is not us, but …"
"Ding Tian Mo Huang!"
Speaking of which, he hasn’t come yet, and a cold and overbearing voice rings directly in the hearts of many geniuses from outside.
"Cong, I’m curious. How did you guess?"
A perfect glowing Zijin se male suddenly appeared in the field of vision to be continued.
Chapter two hundred and fifty-three The magic sword of God!
Chapter two hundred and fifty-three The magic sword of God!
Chapter two hundred and fifty-three The magic sword of God!
"… what you have plotted must be the triple God of purgatory and the treasure of Ding Monty’s imperial body."
Wang Ruoyu’s talk about Kan Kan is extremely obedient even in the face of such mystery.
This demeanor has made many young Toshiko who look down on him sit up and take notice and completely change his attitude.
It should be noted that the perfect Zijin Se Ze man in front of them is the double main building of the devil emperor who is the great avatar of the fairyland!
Don’t you see that Tai Shilin and Hong Ri, both of whom are quenched with gas, dare not speak freely under the pressure of the great avatar?
After listening to Wang Ruoyu’s remarks, he nodded approvingly at the corners of the mouth of the Magic Emperor in Xiangdong. "You are very clever, but you still guessed wrong."
"I don’t want Ding Monty, but someone else."
Dozens of young Toshiko in the field are all psychic people. Just after one or two breaths, they will straighten out the cause and effect and change their faces in succession, Se.
The nine magic emperors in purgatory are not monolithic. If they have any calculations, magic weapons, property and resentment, they can be resolved. However, if their lives are involved, it will be a big event.
Magic emperors kill each other and plunder the battlefield, which is by no means limited to purgatory. The heavy fighting will certainly extend to the ground, and no one in the whole meta-world can escape this catastrophe.

Seeing Kang Mo’s words rushing to come over, Mrs. Muang’s body rolled over and sucked the real dragon’s body into a huge cave in an instant. The thunder and fire in the cave were dazzling and wanted to inhale the enemy firmly!

Mo ‘ang Tai Lei Huo Shu Kang Mo Yan Yun Wu Lei Qi Zang Na Samadhi True Fire Magic has the same effect. Lei Fa Shu Yang can absorb fire magic power. Mo ‘ang Tai Shen Shui Fa has been achieved. If it is not very powerful, the fire method will be difficult to enter his eyes. He has been practicing hard for many years, but it seems that everything is hidden in one place, which is even more devastating. If you don’t understand or despise it, you will definitely suffer a big loss!
Kang Moyan had seen Muang Tai’s means as early as 200 years ago. Although he didn’t really appreciate the power of Thunder Fire, he didn’t underestimate this spell. This time, he was about to be introduced into the urn. This little white face was so heroic that he was self-sustaining. The mysterious snake body was tough and tough enough. He immediately roared, and the mysterious snake was full of anger and thick black fog covered his body. He didn’t hesitate to crash in the past!
Even if you have thousands of spells, you can’t stop my magic!
Kang Mo’s words are in a trance, and there is an illusion, as if there were thousands of thunder and fire in front of him. The cave turned into a green scale flying dragon is a mountain in front of his own cultivation road! A powerful magic is not a way to prove the truth, but two barriers that are difficult to cross. They are two completely different constraints. Only by breaking them can we take the last step!
Kang Moyan chose Kunlun Mountain Mana from three rules by chance, and he felt regret more than once in his heart. He vaguely knew that Tailaojun’s way was quiet and heavenly, and that Daoism was broken and then established. Kang Moyan chose one of these two rules, and both of them had a general direction of efforts and laws to follow.
But I just got the original Buddha heaven in Kunlun Mountain!
What is the original Buddha Road?
Como didn’t know clearly. Even after thinking about this rule for more than half a month in Qingcheng Mountain, he could understand some clues.
But at this moment, in the face of Moan’s too tough spell, Kang Moyan suddenly felt a clue in his heart and pulled out a thread. At this moment, his mind turned thousands of thoughts, and the changes brought about by the rules of heaven and earth reappeared in his own sea of knowledge
There was a loud bang!
The mysterious snake’s dharma body hits the real dragon’s dharma body. The mysterious snake’s shaqi is like a black tassel pike churning and strangling into thousands of lightning fires.
Como said that the same loud noise in the sea is like kicking a long-awaited closed door, which is what he has worked so hard to pursue!
"Even if there is a myriad of spells, I am fit and Kunlun! Even if there are thousands of avenues, I will break through the sky! "
The clarity of a song is better than that of Kang Mo’s words appearing in the sea of knowledge. It is like a broad road spreading out in front of you, looking at it from afar. Although the front is hazy and full of unknowns, the road ahead is clear! Although I don’t know the final outcome, I have never had a belief!
"Yuan Buddha Tao was so so …"
Kang Mo’s words suddenly cleared, and the shock seemed to swing in a circle. Mrs. Mo Ang summoned a little thunder and fire and suddenly collapsed. The real dragon dharma body also fell straight from the sky into the black water river!
Friar Sand, who was watching the game, got up in horror and said, "Moang Tai actually didn’t even make it through a move. This demon is too fierce! Brother, our master can’t keep it! "
Walker’s expression has never been serious. His eyes are shining with gold and his eyes are shining with fire. Only when he can see clearly can Kangmo say that he has crossed a very important threshold. Although he has not taken one step in place, it is only a matter of time before the most difficult step has been taken!
But time is not a problem for practitioners!
Monkey thought to himself, "I don’t know what adventure repair has gone up several times since Wuxing Mountain was separated! Today, he has made another breakthrough. Although there is no improvement in mana, he has actually realized that the new realm is ahead of me! I don’t know if it is the right choice for me to convert to Buddhism now? "
Bai Longma also looked awe-inspiring and hit two ringing noses, but he didn’t say a word
In the sky, a black-and-white snake shuttled through the clouds, and it was faintly visible that the snake was shrouded in a layer of chaos and hazy breath. After a moment, all the breath converged, and the black-and-white snake slowly changed into a human body. Kang Mo’s expression was calm, and when he looked down in the virtual, everything changed. Everything was in his heart, and the mountains and rivers became small.
Kang Moyan’s eyes suddenly bumped into one place. This little white face smiled faintly and there was a gesture of floating out of the dust. Walker was shocked and had a complicated feeling that it was hard to say. It seemed that this moment was not worth mentioning in Kang Moyan’s eyes!
"This is the word! ?” Walker a fiercely in the heart suddenly flashed an idea in my mind.
Como stepped in front of Monkey and reached out a finger. "Everything was arranged in advance, and the Great Sage already knew it."
Although Kang Mo-yan’s eyes were indifferent, there was a pressure from the line of sight to force the walker to pass by. After a few flashes of golden light, he suddenly woke up and stared at Kang Mo-yan. He replied, "I have my own way to mind your own business!"
When Monkey refused Como’s words, he was not disappointed. He took away all the previous pressure and smiled faintly. "Monkey is really white, but this time I am abrupt!"
Monkey shook his head and said, "I don’t know whether to attain the Tao or become a Buddha. I was expelled from my master’s school in those days, and then I rejected the Tao of Tailaojun in the palace. Now it’s hard to go back!" It’s absurd to take this road now, but it’s still the right way. "
"So that’s it!"
Kang Mo sighed a little before he suddenly realized that he wanted to use this point to guide Walker to get rid of Buddhism and rejoin the ranks of Taoism, but after listening to what Walker said, he suddenly came to nothing.
The walker has no choice when he walks like his own!
Kang Moyan had a grudge against Buddhism since he crossed over, and then he offended several Buddhas step by step. Even Guanyin Bodhisattva had to send someone to arrest himself. In this case, choosing the door is naturally the only way. Kang Moyan thought this matter white in his heart, so when his magic touched the path of Luo Jinxian, he readily accepted the rules of three clean-ups and descending heaven and earth, but he tried his best to get rid of the constraints of the western Lingshan flying.
Although the walker was born in a gate, he was first driven out of the gate wall, and then he made trouble in heaven, so that the gods of the gate were offended completely. He also sinned that the gate master was too old, and now it is the only way to go. If you want to go further, you will have to convert to Buddhism and become a monk halfway to prove the status of Bodhisattva.
Como figured it out, but he sighed in his heart, but he didn’t give birth to much emotion. After all, cultivation has long been an idea, and he has thought about all kinds of possibilities several times. In front of him, there is a tightrope to walk, and two cliffs are to go forward bravely until the end, so is the walker. Since he wants to help the walker with one arm, it is wishful thinking, what a pity!
Kang Mo said with a faint smile, "I have my own way and it’s not easy for me!" I’m proud of myself, but I don’t think it’s as clear as Monkey King’s. Monk Tang and Marshal Tianpeng are in the Shuifu, so I’ll release them to Muang Tai, but they were slightly injured and fainted. I’ll also take his soldiers to escort him back to the West Sea! "
Monkey suddenly bared his teeth and smiled. "I didn’t think it was because I was forced to go, but when I saw you, I guessed that this matter had something to do with you. But I have been involved in it for many months. You helped me in the dry pine stream, and today you want to reverse the weapon and hit me?"
Kang Mo said with a smile, "Since it’s just a formality, it’s called whether anyone will get some benefits from the game. Now I’m short of some effective monster thugs, and maybe I’ll collect some hands after the golden cicada. If it’s not necessary, please ask Monkey to be gentle and leave me some small demons to drive!"
"But it depends on my mood," Monkey said. Don’t gossip, save the monk to big sleep quickly, and there are not a few monsters who really want to eat his meat all the way! "
Como said, hey, hey, smile, and disappeared when his figure flashed.
Friar Sand blinked and asked, "What do you mean by Monkey talking to that monster just now? I can’t understand a word?"
Monkey glanced at Friar Sand and said, "It’s a good thing that you don’t listen or pretend to be white! If you really get white one day, you will feel sad. Xiaobailong is a white man. If you want to know, ask him! "
Bai Longma sprayed two snuffles and said, "Give me back a pair of dragon horns when I ask the old bald donkey when I get to Lingshan!"
Two, two, one, two cars, late country
Two, two, one, two cars, late country
In the battle of Heishui River, Kang Moyan didn’t realize what he said in the end, so that the first fierce man in the Dragon Palace fled in a panic. However, Mo Angtai was in a mess enough, and 700 aquarium soldiers bravely urged a large array to barely lift the dharma body and fly slowly to the west sea. He was hit by Kang Moyan himself, and now he even feels it.
When Moan Taitai left Kangmo Yan, he added up and thought that Heishui River could not stay. Although he was not afraid of the Dragon Palace’s counterattack now, he did not intend to play tricks on him at this time. The four dragon kings were the other side’s hordes, and it was also because of the trouble that Aoqing Kangmo Yan initially planned to find an old dragon king’s hand when he was busy at the Water God Conference.
Kang Mo said that he wanted to get away at once, and the little dragon was also flustered. This time, he turned Mrs. Mo An upside down. Even though he had a hundred mouths and a 30-foot long tongue, he couldn’t get rid of it, but this temple was determined to kill him and wouldn’t go with Kang Mo Yan!


I just want to hold you, and I don’t want to let go. I keep holding you gently, and my voice is a bit childish, but it seems that I am distressed and can’t find a solution.
Then keep hugging. Don’t let go
Well, never let go until you let go
It’s so simple to feel sweet and happy, even if you don’t do anything, it’s like holding each other for a long time. The future will not be dim or light, because the other person is there.
Cough and cough disturb the peace.
Mujing eyebrows a wrinkly.
Suer also dyed a smiling face a little shy and wanted to leave Mujing’s arms. He was also bad and didn’t want to let go. She had to kiss him gently on the cheek before he let go like a child got candy.
Then not far away to make them laugh and cry dialogue.
The first snow closes its eyes and a bad voice exaggerates and shouts.
The first snow was shy and left me alone. I I didn’t see anything.
Children still don’t look at this matter well, hum
Brother, I’m not young anymore
You’re not married yet, that’s a child’s insistence. It’s simply forcing people to be children
I’m almost twenty-two years old and I’m an adult.
Ah, why do I feel that you are only twelve years old
You seem angry.
Well, I’m going to let that woman find a marriage partner now.
Why not?
I’m-I’m too young to squeak.
Didn’t you just say that you grew up?
Er, it’s still young, it’s still young, it’s early snow’s cheeks are red, and it’s estimated that it’s early snow also lamented how this brother is so bad. Section 134 Love is the most dazzling person. 3
Shen Suer wanted to step over, but when he did, he asked Mujing to hold his little hand and said softly, Wait a minute. How can this be to see two younger brothers?
Follow his eyes, and my cheeks are slightly red. I’m sorry. At this moment, I realized that I had my hair hanging freely. I didn’t think so just now, because it was common in modern times, but it was not very polite in ancient times
Mu Jing draws a filament handkerchief from nowhere and then glances at him. When the thief laughs, the fragrant handkerchief is her.
Mu Jing’s slender fingers gently lifted her hair and moved her slightly. Xiangpa tied her ponytail in judo. I have seen you tie your hair like this and deliberately lowered your voice. I guess you didn’t want some two to hear it.
When did it happen?
When you, when you first arrived at the palace,
You watched me.
Well, that’s a terrible thing to say. Her voice is slightly embarrassed, as if she had done such a thing
She gave him a white look, and it’s hard to listen if she doesn’t breathe. If you say it from my mouth, you have to say it beautifully. If you don’t say it beautifully, I won’t listen to you.
Yes, yes, mother said it beautifully