Chapter one hundred and sixty-three Amazing move
Yun Xuan Valley Master, who hasn’t opened his mouth since he entered the stadium, was a little puzzled. He turned to the crowd behind him and said, "It’s not necessary for this child to say that he is swollen and fat. W WW. T XT 8 0. C OM The fastest novel network to update the text section: If this child has a false appearance, it’s not entirely true. Before the competition, not everyone can enter the final of the Four Immortals, and luck alone is not enough. I think his purpose at the moment is just to make Yunxi suspicious and lose his mind, which will greatly increase the winning rate. I wonder if you are satisfied with my opinion? "
"Yun Xuan Valley Master’s words are just what we want. They are reasonable and have been taught!" At the back of the people began to Yang in y and n violations of pinch mei said.
In the ring, Yunxi made Tianjun make moves, but he was still as motionless as dead mouse feels no cold, just staring at her firmly.
Suddenly, Tianju spoke golden words and said softly, "This dance of Yan is also practiced in perfection, which is gratifying."
For the dance of Yan, Tianjun has some different feelings. His inner thought has always been that there must be a set of footwork that can be attacked, retreated and defended as the backing and dependence. At the beginning, if this dance of Yan hadn’t been specially designed for girls, it would be hard to get involved in it myself, and it wouldn’t have taken a lot of trouble to learn the art of flying Sect with the old, which would be a little far away.
Yunxi’s county has begun to tremble slightly at this moment, and every word of your husband can really kill her this day, and every word pokes in her heart.
The trembling voice came slowly, and the jade hand was a little shaky, pointing to Tianjun and saying hesitantly, "You, you …"
"Sister, sister, what’s the matter with you?" Yunyue was on Yuntai, shouting from a distance. Yunxi’s gaffe had never happened since her memory, and she couldn’t help but worry about being scared, thinking that she had been countered by something.
Fu Bo is still cheerful. This expression is not noticed by Yunyue, but Zuo Hao, who had seen one side before in the dead of night, has a big doubt in his heart, but there is no worry about Se inside. Somehow, he always feels that this old man is an aboveboard person and will never do anything to hurt Tianjun. Besides, if such despicable means are investigated, it will be swept out of the house by Van Gogh, even if he is a dignitary.
"I what?" Tianjun said jokingly.
"You, who are you?" Yunxi asked with some disbelief. Although she had some slight doubts at the moment, everything was still undecided.
"Me? I am Tianjun of Tiangu. " Tianjun ha ha smiled, and his face turned straight. He said solemnly, "Yunxi, look at the move."
Panlong Jian flew out with the tone of Tianjun, and it was soft and weak during the flight. Everyone saw that this sword did not bless any spiritual force.
At first Yunxi was still in the middle of Mi Li, and Hun was so suspicious that he didn’t expect Tianjun to suddenly shoot himself.
I suddenly woke up and hurried to run the psychic force, but at first glance, the sword flew to me lightly, and I didn’t even feel any sense of danger, and the Excalibur Van Gogh also sensed something. I didn’t move, but just flew tightly against the Panlong sword, which also meant nursing.
Panlong Jian gradually flew to Yunxi’s eyes. Looking at this half of Excalibur, Yunxi felt a little distressed about who was so reckless, but after the sword, a sword ear immediately attracted all her attention, even her body and mind.
"Kowloon bound silk sword spike?" Yunxi recognized it at a glance, because there is a cloud word in the middle of it, and there is nothing in the world except the one he gave to Tianjun.
"You, you …" Yunxi finally confirmed who the person in front of him is at the moment, and there will never be a second one except that person in the world.
"Brother Tianjun!" Yunxi has been crying, and finally shouted out the sentence that has suppressed her heart for many years. This sentence will only be silently recited when no one is around. Today, I can finally say the name that has been bothering me for many years in public.
Tianjun was touched by the scene and remembered Yunxi’s feelings for himself all the time. Even as a man, he could not help but burst into tears at the moment.
"Brother Tianjun, when it is really you?" Yunxi still can’t believe everything in sight, because this dream is too long and too long, which makes her a little hard to accept at the moment.
"Well, well, it’s me, it’s me." Tianjun choked to answer, and the unforgettable scene came and went in my mind.
"My name is Tianjun!"
"My name is Bingxi!"
"Uncle," Yunxi knew that it would be difficult to control himself if he went on like this, which would make people gossip, so he made up his mind and said to the law enforcement elders, "Please declare Tiangu Tianjun a winner. I know I am no match for him, and I hope Uncle will forgive me."
No one, no matter how imaginative, would have thought that Yunxi, the number one popular Van Gogh, would give up to Tianjun in Tiangu before it started, and it seems that they are already familiar with each other. Was the previous play for everyone?
Too wide of the mark, this amazing king began to talk in succession, not to mention them, even the famous man on Yuntai was at a loss for a while, and such a game that was originally expected ended in such a farce.
Yuntai, Yun Xuan Valley Master only moved a ripple at that moment, and then returned to his usual style, which made people unable to see whether it was happy or sad for a father to see this situation.
Yunyue nature is even more jaw-dropping. Brother Tianjun, who has been chanting in my sister’s mouth for a long time, can’t have you near him, while Fubo has already made an official visit to this place, ha ha, smiling, but he didn’t realize that he couldn’t help but leave tears.
Others, ZuoHao nature is also a confused face, this way is unheard of, rare in the world, so, I’m afraid that Tianjun will kill two birds with one stone, although I don’t understand, but I’m really happy for my lover.
For example, Wu Qiang of Tianyu and Yuan Jin of Wu Zong are totally unnatural. This time, they can’t kill Tiangu, which makes them feel bitter. Moreover, this new champion seems to have some ambiguous feelings with the size of Van Gogh’s alum elder sister. If this continues, the two factions will share the same spirit, and it is not as convenient as before to want to move some hands and feet in the future.
This competition really lost both the wife and the soldiers, which is the same idea for both of them.
Jin Xun and Feng Ling looked up at the challenge, but they couldn’t help but look at Xuanji around them. I just wanted to ask if Xuanji didn’t mean to be angry.
Although Xuanji understood that this day would come sooner or later, it seems that the beloved is in love with another woman in full view, even a saint, and it is hard to accept for a while. ! .

Chapter one hundred and sixty-four Strange feeling
"YunXi wench, do you really want to decide to quit and his game? Don’t think about it? " This law enforcement elder is also very surprised. From the appearance, there is nothing surprising about this day. In his view, Yunxi is fully capable of World War I, and even has a chance of winning more than fifty percent, so he asked puzzled. {ww.txt80.com fastest text chapter reading}
"I still hope that my uncle will be fulfilled." From beginning to end, Yunxi’s eyes never left Tianjun’s figure, as if in her eyes, Tianjun was the only one left in the world, and all her eyes contained was the deep tenderness and endless love for Tianjun, which was a feeling that others could not read.
"Well, in that case, I declare Tiangu Tianjun the winner!" Helpless sigh, a puzzled face said, endless depression and depression in my heart.
After all, there are too many unknown things between Tianjun and Yunxi, and these people can’t understand them. Yunxi understands what these people think and see, and although he can’t control their thoughts, he doesn’t mind people’s opinions.

After all, the sudden rise of Master Liu has never even heard of it.

Plus, it is said that there is a 19-year-old uncle, which is even more ridiculous
Think about seventeen? How awesome is it to be able to cure and fight this?
So how can those young successful people pretend to be forced? I have been here today with superior talent, but I am only seventeen years old. Are they superior to dogs in the past five or six years?
So they came here for one purpose!
Pretend to force!
To put it bluntly, they are here to smash the field today!
What nonsense, Master Liu? Who believes it? If you really don’t play dirty, I’ll eat it live.
"I don’t know your so-called public"
If autumn in the face of these hungry wolves, her eyes are close to some Liu Yu.
She has a hunch that if she leaves with these people, nine times out of ten she won’t come back. There are even more terrible things waiting for her.
"Hey, hey, don’t you know Miss Beauty? I’ll know her soon. It’s true … our family is a family member. You’d better not give face to shame." The young man directly exposed the threat after smiling in front of him.
It seems to him that the family’s family, Nanling City, but the big family, Gu Shao, personally named the younger sister sooner or later.
"Ah ah ~ ~ ~ ~ who are you? What a shame, Qiu Jie? Don’t you want to hear it? Don’t want to! "
Liu Yu is impatient. It’s better to sell a fork knife than to sell it. I forced this gun from the inside tonight!
He glanced at Ruoqiu again. Gee, it’s really a femme fatale. This fucking water is coming. All right, come on. Let’s make this storm and rain more violent tonight.
"ouch? What about you? "
The young man froze and looked at Liu Yu’s kid? It looks as if you don’t even have a formal dress, and that dress is a hundred pieces of cheap goods, right?
Even this little Wang egg dares to tear me down?
Against my family?
"What he what situation? Hurriedly cross the border and influence. "
"Ding-dong, congratulations on the success of the host’s loading force. This force successfully crushes the opponent’s momentum and rewards 5 points of loading force value."
Liu Yu’s mouth is covered with a thief’s smile. It seems that I met a guy named Gu Yan when I was eating for 1,000 yuan. I think he is also a family man.
Speaking of which, he still has an account to settle with the family
"Wocao, believe it or not, my horse has your limbs torn down? You dare to call me over? "
The young man failed in pretending to be forced, even he didn’t understand how a young man dared to disobey himself. This is not so good. Even if he doesn’t invite a woman back, Gu Shao will be very disappointed with himself.
He flew into a rage when he read this!
Liu Yu got up and a master breath was released. He faced these guys like a sea of clouds. "Dismantle my limbs?" You don’t have that ability. I’m in a good mood today. I’ll give you a face … "
The angry face of the young man showed a smug look.
Pretend to be forced? Mom, you keep pretending. You can’t pretend when you hear Gu Jia’s name, can you? In the end, you can’t just go there?
Old mama must let Gu Shao teach him a lesson later!
However, his idea is wrong.
There is another sentence after Liu Yu’s original words: "I will give you a face to let your so-called Gu Shao roll over. Oh, by the way, don’t be shameless. I have a bad temper!"
"You! ! Okay, you got balls, right? It seems that you don’t know what you have offended tonight. Wait for death, stupid thing! "
Young people are blue and blue, and they can leave angrily.
"Ding-dong, congratulations to the host for successfully obtaining 762 points of loading force value"
"Poof ~ ~ ~ ~" If Qiu laughed at Liu Yu, it was too high.
What do you mean, treat people with humanity? This is it.
She found that Liu Yu was not only incompetent, but also an…… … She just didn’t hurt her.
Soon those people went back, but this time it was a man with a melon face and a harsh mouth. He was about twenty-five years old and exuded the arrogant and arrogant temperament of Wan Ku.
Obviously a man with five poisons!
Those who have just come to provoke are now respectfully waiting beside a eunuch owner.
"Who told me to roll over?"
Gu Heng comes over and drinks directly. Dare to let him take care of his family and roll over? What happened to your sister!

Thousand-Eye Pacific "Ah!" With a roar, I raised my feet and stepped on a tree and immediately rushed over. His face has been deformed, and now he is a six-headed bird, and now he is a 30-year-old strong man from other places. No matter how he changes, he is full of murderous look.

Without waiting for others to make moves, Bai Meng once again threw the big five elements and swept away thousands of dust. Even under the sword of Xuanhuangshi, he smashed into pieces, leaving only spots of blood on the white jade altar as if it were the tears of six birds.
Bai Meng slowly opened his eyes and stared at Empress Shi Ji with endless bullying and repression. She grabbed the flying stone and came over step by step, and said coldly, "I’m willing to save your life. Don’t kill yourself. I killed your master and brother just for self-protection, so I won’t embarrass you if you are willing to surrender!"
Empress Shi Ji stopped and laughed, suddenly stopped and glared at Bai Meng. "What you value is just my magic weapon, so I don’t blame you for killing ourselves today, just as you said, you just did it for self-protection."
After she said this, she threw the flying stone banners in her hands on the ground and ran retrograde. Zhenyuan’s whole body was thumped and rattled, and she was about to burst and smash the rocks.
"Don’t worry, girl!" Suddenly there was a high drink in the sky, but it was Huang Lingzi and the Arctic reality.
When Huang Lingzi saw that this woman was a flying stone on the Huangshan Mountain, it took tens of thousands of years to absorb the essence of heaven and earth before her soul came to life. It was really valuable and had some true temperament. She immediately flew out of the 36-way Zhenyuan charm to suppress her rebellious truth.
Bai Meng doesn’t try to stop difficulties. Like Huang Lingzi, only the woman turned out in this stone enjoys herself the most. Although the personality is inevitably a bit extreme, it is also affectionate and righteous.
Tian hu’s old demon deserved to die, but she, the green fox, and the Three Demons with Thousand Eyes didn’t deserve to die. It was just an accident. I accidentally killed the blue fox and had to kill Qianyan. Now she’s the only one left. Naturally, I hope Huang Lingzi can save her.
Seeing that Huang Lingzi’s lack of practice can’t stop this stone spirit, she is also bent on death and Bai Meng has to make moves. The fairy vine flew out of the sun and moon and bound the stone essence. This vine binds the spirit to lock the soul, and immediately curses the real yuan scurrying about in her body.
Seeing Bai Meng’s rescue, Jinguang Mantis hurriedly knelt down and kowtowed again and again and shouted, "Master, spare my life. Jinguang is willing to be a servant all his life and will not regret it!"
White faint a sneer at. Excalibur Dreadwind immediately flew out along his mind. This golden mantis was immediately pierced without a dike, and its protector, Jin Guangwan Daozhen Yuan, flowed like a spring into Excalibur Dreadwind.
Standing next to Golden Mantis, the doll monster opened his mouth and didn’t know what to do, but he didn’t dare to help. He just looked at Golden Mantis in disbelief and watched her body dry up a little.
"Help me … old white squid!" The golden mantis reached out to the doll monster with great difficulty and pain. Begging him to help.
The doll monster made a tingle all over, as if it were an electric shock. It was shocking to see that the golden mantis slowly lost weight and finally became a dried-up mantis mummy.
Bai Meng will Dreadwind Excalibur back. He took a cold look at the doll monster and asked, "Who the hell are you? With your strength. Why aren’t they in the Thirteen Pacific Islands? "
The doll monster listened to Bai Meng’s question but didn’t throw the dark sword directly. Hurriedly and busily caressed my chest and asthma, I gasped and plopped down on my knees and said, "I … little demon … was originally a jade squid in Huangtian River of Lushan Mountain, and some people called me a jade-skinned giant salamander. When I was practicing for a thousand years, an old man from the northern Sect of Lushan Mountain taught me a line of five elements of Taoism. I practiced hard at the foot of Wulaofeng Mountain in Lushan Mountain. Two years ago, I was bullied by some old men from Taiqing Sect and had to flee to Huangshan Mountain. Later … I got to know this golden light. He said that he would protect me from soaring in the future and I entered this evil demon gate! "
As he talked, he even cried and cried, and he was really similar to a baby.
Bai Meng couldn’t guess whether he was telling the truth or lying, so he took a look at Tianlong Zi. When Tianlong Zi saw Bai Meng, he immediately offered a mirror of destiny, first according to Shi Ji’s empress and then the jade squid.
After taking a photo of two goblins, he showed a smile and didn’t speak, but in Bai Meng’s view, it was natural that the white squid didn’t tell the truth and had a predestined relationship with Zi Xia Wonderland. He immediately shouted, "I see that your practice is not easy and there are no bad consequences. From today on, you will practice in the Linglian Pool outside the Hall of Tibetan Scriptures. You can’t go out without my law. If you dare to get sick, I will take your sex and order you not to be reincarnated forever!"
Jade Squid was overjoyed. He immediately kowtowed several times and loudly said, "I know that I just want to get through all kinds of difficulties safely, so I won’t make trouble if I get a positive result in the future!"
Bai Meng could see that this jade squid was a timid guy, and it was useless to keep it. It’s just that since this jade squid hasn’t done anything bad and it’s not easy for him to practice, he should stay in the fairyland and let it practice slowly and wait for it to soar.
At this time, there is only the problem of Shi Ji, but this Shi Ji still needs Huang Lingzi to slowly enlighten Bai Meng and doesn’t want to ask too much, so let Huang Lingzi take Shi Ji back to the Purple Palace.
Bai Meng asked Tianlong Zi to lead Zhu Xingjun and the second generation of disciples to clean up the war-torn land, while he conveniently collected the seal of thousands of dragons and thousands of treasures and returned to the fairyland.
The second generation of disciples who suffered heavy casualties before and after the first world war are afraid that no fewer than 20 people are injured and almost half of them die. Bai Meng counted the list and couldn’t help frowning and sighing.
Most of these second-generation disciples were brought back from the Ziyang Sect and the Moon Magic Temple in those years, and they have already built a foundation. After experiencing this World War I, the accumulated network foundation in Zi Xia Wonderland was destroyed a lot.
Nangong Paiqingsong was seriously injured, and the other four disciples under his name were not saved except Tian Changzi, Tian Lezi and Tian Jizi. Even the big disciple Tian Changzi was seriously injured, but it was not Qingsong and Qingmei San who were afraid to die on the spot, but only three second-generation disciples were left.
Although the Ziyang Sect went to war late, it was rather tragic. Not to mention the five disciples killed and four others brought by the door, only the big disciple Tianjizi got away with it. Fortunately, there are still many young people in Ziyang School whose accomplishments are not low, which does not affect their luck.
The Guanghan Sect is even more bleak. The Red Crescent was wounded twice. Not to mention that the last Huangyue was also wounded by the old demon in tian hu. It was not Guangyang’s real hand that would have killed him on the spot. Seven female disciples under the sect injured three of them before, and finally the other four died in battle and almost broke the foundation of the sect.
These three factions were originally the most prosperous ones in Zi Xia Wonderland except the authentic Yin and Yang of Xuanmen, but all of a sudden they lost most of their foundation and suffered heavy losses.
Most of them were in Bai Meng’s heart when Bai Meng, Huang Lingzi and the Arctic reality rushed out to kill the bat bodhi old zu because of the lack of strength in this door.
If he hadn’t gone after the bat bodhi old zu with ice silkworm and Jin Chanzi’s Gankun Tongbao, there wouldn’t have been great damage in the third battle. Now it’s better that the damage in the third war is a little worse than that in the second world war.
Bai Meng sat silent on the lotus throne with his head down, and his heart was a little frustrated. If he hadn’t been too reckless, it would have been a great victory, but he couldn’t help sighing again.
When Huang Yue saw Bai Meng’s remorse, he immediately forced a smile: "Master, don’t worry about my fairyland. Although it suffered many losses after this war, it was still a great victory. Since then, it is expected that no one will dare to break into our mountain gate within a hundred years!"
Bai Meng said with a wry smile, "The bodhi old zu bat may not dare to come again. Now that he has seen the great array of mysteries, he will definitely dare to come with his skill and courage after careful preparation. In fact, even if he comes again ten times, I’m not afraid. It’ s just that I made a mistake in this war and it’ s really embarrassing for everyone to suffer heavy losses! "
"Patriarch, you don’t need to blame yourself. I think it’s rare for Zi Xia Wonderland to be able to lick those big monsters with such force. However, what I am worried about is not the bodhi old zu Bat or the Shushan Sect, which has always liked to be biased and has three treasures in the Mahayana period. If they take advantage of our weakness at the moment to make trouble on the pretext of a two-year contract, I am afraid we will not be able to resist it! " Guangyang reality suddenly sank with a sigh.
Bai Meng’s heart was in a deep depression. It was clearly the victory of the war. Now I don’t know why, but everyone’s heart is in a low mood. I think it’s also a fairyland in Zi Xia. I’ve never had such a setback. It’s hard to avoid being unacceptable when people are used to everything smoothly for a while.

Chapter two hundred and twenty-one SuoRen
Today’s Zi Xia Nebula … It’s too low to breathe; It’s a little confusing.
Bai Meng stood on the white jade temple of heaven and looked up at the sky. It was a bit monotonous but so quiet to have only that endless nebula in the sky.
"I’m afraid the Shushan Sect won’t come after the First World War. After all … they have to measure it!" Violet scattered people step by step, carrying their own skirt, light and quiet, but they couldn’t hide a trace of worry in their eyes.
"It will come!" Bai Meng looked back at her, and gave me a subtle smile. She continued to look up at the Zi Xia nebula overhead for a long time before saying, "How could she not come?" Nowadays, the so-called four factions actually come and go for the benefit of our school, but some are long-term interests and some are short-term interests. Many things seem to be doomed, but they are also reasonable to follow. I think the weakest point of their Shushan Sect is the method of mind. Their Emei method is only a second-rate method, but it is only as long as the sword. Therefore, the greatest sense of crisis among the four schools is that they have the sense of crisis at this moment. The Emei people of all ages are very persistent in strengthening themselves and even sacrificing their peers! "
"But after all, they are noble and decent Taoists. I still hope to have a settlement. Even if they disagree, there is no need to fight like this!"
"You are bored here all day long and don’t know what’s going on outside. In fact, the so-called noble decent is not just a big gate. The means used by each are not very aboveboard. Forget the shushan school. Let’s just say it’s too clear. Actually, He has been holding us all these years, just like the Shu Mountain holding Huang Lingzi. " White faint a sneer at.
"Ah … this is really unexpected. What are you going to do?"
Bai Meng only replied faintly: "I’ll see you then. What good way can people be detained in their hands?" Even if I’m right It is impossible to get people back without losing money! "
There is still a year to go before the appointment of sending the mountain gate in Shushan, and it is said that the length is long, short and short. A year’s time is just a blink of an eye.
Tian hu and the old demon suffered heavy losses in Zi Xia fairyland. A year’s time can’t be fully recovered at all, and then we will face the appointment of sending the land to the mountain gate in Shushan. Although the Shushan Sect may not have such an old demon as the bat bodhi old zu. There are absolutely no fewer than six or seven people in the Mahayana period, and the three treasures that are even more difficult for ghosts and gods are run.
In particular, there is a more difficult seven evil spirits to deal with in the middle. I don’t know why Bai Meng always has a bad feeling in his heart. Tian hu’s old demon, though terrible, is just the strength in the later period of Mahayana. Compared with the seven evil spirits who are proficient in Taiping Daoism, it’s a little different.
Fortunately, the damage caused by the first world war with tian hu’s old demon is also quite fruitful. There are many magic treasures captured, including thousands of seals and thousands of seals. In addition, there are rare treasures such as Shenmu sword, and there are a bunch of strange magic treasures such as flying stone banners, tian hu sword, green fox sword and golden sickle.
Yaobao is a unique category. Gankun Sitongbao belongs to Yaobao, but it’s just authentic. This kind of demon treasure is different from the magic weapon of magic fairy, and it is also growing with the improvement of its own strength by the owner, because they are part of the fairy’s novel arrangement and are almost the same as the fairy’s inner elixir.
Most of the demon treasures are difficult to imitate or even unique! Sex is like everyone is different, and so is every goblin. If the owner of the demon treasure dies, there will be no room for growth in the future. It can only be re-refined as a very rare material to become a magic weapon, otherwise it will be impossible to use it.
I accidentally got dozens of demon treasures. As long as I refine them well, I can really refine a lot of good magic weapons to worry about the lack of magic weapons in fairyland. This is a supplement.
After the war of Seven Shamen and Huangshan Mountain, especially this mountain gate war, Bai Meng has seen through that it is vain to cultivate for the highest level, and it is of little use without proper magic weapons and exquisite occult skills.
On the one hand, the reason why our side took themselves, the Arctic real person, the Guangyang real person, the Jin Lingzi and the Huang Lingzi as five people in the previous World War was that the five people were able to practice. The more important reason was that they all had their own treasures and wonderful skills.
All the schools in the world, the Emei Shushan School, have experienced the most wars and have the deepest understanding of the importance of this treasure, which is why they are extremely keen on all kinds of good magic weapons.
The Shushan Sect’s sword practice is a unique skill, and it also has its own opinions, but there is no great idea, and there is no advantage in alchemy, array method and character seal, which further stimulates the desire for the magic weapon of the Shushan Party.
After so much experience, I gradually feel that I can understand more and more that Shushan sent people to die for wealth, birds to eat and fix the truth … to die for magic weapons!
The more I can understand that Shu Shan sent Bai Meng, the more I can feel that the Covenant between Shu Shan and my own mountain gate must be imminent, so it is rare to give them such a good excuse not to seize the opportunity to seize the magic weapon in their hands. How can they be willing?

"If you go back on your word now, I’m afraid your unbearable information will fall into the hands of Bai Yinting. If you don’t mind, you can leave here." The man is a little impatient and seems to be finished for him.

Yimo closed his eyes and slowly took off his clothes. The man also took off Lin Biao.
When Yimo slept beside Lin Hao, some intimate photos were taken soon, and even Yimo threatened to take some very bad photos.
These photos have got the restricted standard. Imo finally got a little confused. Why did she do these things?
"Don’t worry, these photos are all to threaten him, and they will never flow out, which has no influence on you." One man winked at another man and the two of them went out.
It took Yimo a long time to slow down and look at the men around him. What did they just do?
Although it’s a little flapping, is it any different from what really happened?
It’s a disgrace, but it’s a lifesaver for Yimo. But there’s no turning back.
Now all she has to do is wait here for Lin Hao to wake up. I don’t know what those people injected him with. He has been sleeping for hours without waking up.
Yimo sat beside him with his shawl, his hair disheveled and his eyes staring at the overhead lamp.
She doesn’t know if Bai Yinting will find her mobile phone at home. It’s so quiet. Yimo began to suspect that Bai Yinting might not know about it.
When she came out, she was very careful. Aunt Qiao didn’t even know about that family. She has always been lovely. This is her sadness.
In order to realize his ideal, all this may be worth Yimo’s constant encouragement, but he found himself crying.
"Uh ~" Lin Hao made a sound.
Yimo gently turned to look at his tears more turbulent.
Lin Hao slowly opened his eyes and saw Yimo for a long time. Suddenly he sat up from the bed and found himself naked.
And Yimo is almost naked. What happened? How did this happen? Isn’t he drinking with his friends?
"You’re awake." Yimo cried even harder.
"What’s the matter?" Lin Hao caressed his forehead and his brain turned white.
Chapter two hundred and ninety-six I’m not that stupid.
Yimo doesn’t talk. Lin Hao grabbed his mobile phone and looked at it. It seems that he was sent to investigate that Yimo people called him. Is it because he remembered wrong?
He looked up at Yimo suddenly seemed to be white. "What do you want? Do you do it again? "
"I was caught here and they forced me …" Yimo buried her face in pain and began to cry.
"Being caught here?" Lin Hao looked around and knew that this was really a bar room.
Moreover, he remembered that he seemed to have been knocked out after entering the health service, and he woke up here.
Someone is trying to frame him? When Lin Hao took one look, he quickly got into bed and got dressed. Then he took one look at Yimo and said, "Get dressed quickly and I’ll send you out of here."
Yimo didn’t expect Lin Hao to be so calm. Even if those things didn’t happen?
"Don’t tell anyone about me and you for the time being, including our boss. I’ll find out." Lin Hao suspected that all this was done by the so-called behind-the-scenes eyes
"But we have a lot of photos. What should they do?" Yimo is also concerned about those photos.
"What photos did you say?" Lin Hao realized the seriousness of the matter.
"What else are you and I afraid of?" Yimo finally saw the panic from Lin Hao’s face
Lin Hao was afraid that these photos would be sent to Bai Yinting. At that time, he really explained it.
"Yimo, this should be your means?" Lin Hao suddenly showed fierce eyes.
Yimo was wronged and cried. "What good is it for me to do this? I can’t live much longer, but should I spoil myself like this? "
Lin Hao suddenly felt that what Yimo said was reasonable, but what should she do with those things?
"Lin Hao, I think I can stay with Bai Yin Court at last to make up for the mistakes of that year. Please give me this chance, but I beg you for two months." Yimo is good at delicate and touching.
After all, Yimo has not been idle for three years since she left Bai Yinting. She was kept as a lover by two middle-aged men, but I’m afraid she wouldn’t be swept out of the house if she wasn’t sick.
"Yimo, I’m afraid you didn’t really feel guilty to come back? I think you just want to find a meal ticket at the end of your life. "Lin Hao really looks down on Yimo.
Yimo is wry smile "even so? Think of it as a good deed every day when people are dying, and it’s not good for you. "
Lin Jieshi also hates threats, but today he is really threatened and has no resistance.
Even so, he still wants to see who dares to set him up.
Of course, there is no such thing in Yimo unless there is someone behind her to support her, or all this is done by someone else
"I’ll send someone to send you back first. Remember that you can’t say a word about what happened tonight." Lin Hao wanted to investigate the matter clearly
"Don’t worry, I’m not that stupid." Yimo knew it was done.
Lin Hao won’t tell Bai Yinting about her for the time being because he doesn’t know what trouble it will bring to himself.
It seems that Yimo is going to die, even if she tells Bai Yinting about her rotten stalls, it won’t make any difference.
Who would have known that Yimo had deceived everyone by hiding so deeply?
After Yimo left, Lin Hao began to enter the investigation and checked all the monitoring. Sure enough, he and Yimo were dragged into the room.
And I can’t see clearly who are those people with strange faces.
What chose Yimo? Do they just want him to have any conflicts with Bai Yinting?
Lin Hao asked people to continue the follow-up investigation. When he glanced at it, it was dawn. If he saw Bai Yinting, would he tell the truth?
After all, everything is unknown. If these words come out of those people’s mouths, I’m afraid it will be more likely to cause misunderstanding.
Lin Hao was very worried that those photos were sent to a newspaper or a network and had a temporary investigation.
Lin Hao was completely at a loss. Yimo and Bai Yinting were special. He really didn’t know what to do.
But fortunately, this woman is Yimo instead of Xia Zhu, otherwise wouldn’t he feel more guilty?

At that time, everyone was frightened and uneasy, and speculation was everywhere.

Bai Zhi is casting spells, although there are some doubts, and he is not interrupted by being disturbed.
The black-faced man couldn’t help but snort when he saw this picture of everyone. They only feel ear suddenly sounded a loud thunder. The scene suddenly quieted down.
When the black-faced man saw that the panic was stopped, he said solemnly, "What a scandal? If I disturb Bai Zhi’s sorcery, who can afford it? This volcano was blessed by a powerful array of ancient wizards, and it will explode there. And even if there is an earthquake outside, there will be no problem if there is array protection. "
Although he was reprimanded, everyone was relieved to hear that the volcano had a secret blessing.
I heard the black-faced man say, "Zi Sang, Dan Tai will go out with me to see the outside situation, and the rest of you will stay here and take care of Bai Zhi. If anything goes wrong, you will not be spared when you come back. Heaven and dark black, you two should restrain everyone. "
"Yes, Han Dawu" and dark black should track at the same time.
Looking at Han Dawu with two middle-aged men left, looked at each other for a total of days and dark black, without any language. There was a sudden silence here. Only Bai Zhi waved a bell and beat silently.
Yang Xiu flew down the crack, and after a kilometer, it touched the ground.
Although it was dark all around, Yang Xiu’s eyes were working spiritually, and he immediately saw the surrounding space clearly.
Unlike a glimpse of the gods just now, it is completely different to feel the shock brought by being there.
It’s like a temple, surrounded by vast space, without a pillar to support it.
Rows of statues stand on both sides of the temple, coldly overlooking all beings.
These statues are as high as a hundred feet, carved with stone, and lifelike.
Most of them are heads of animals, or heads of animals, wearing giant snakes in their ears and stepping on dragons on their feet, all covered with scales.
Yang Xiu stood at the foot of these gods, looking extremely small, and felt the coercion of the gods.
Occasionally, a cold wind blows, which makes Yang Xiu feel that these gods are alive. This idea makes Yang Xiu shudder, but it still lingers.
Through the rows of statues, the pattering footsteps seemed unusually empty. Yang Xiu always felt that someone was watching him in the dark, but no matter how he probed with his gods, there was no problem now.
Some hair in my heart, Yang Xiu opened the wings of Qingluan, and I quickened my pace. He wants to check the temple thoroughly and see if there is anything worth taking away, and then leave at once. He doesn’t want to stay here for a moment, and he always feels that it seems extremely dangerous here.
The temple is so big that it has been half a column of incense for coming in, but Yang Xiu has only gone less than a third. Besides, there were statues everywhere, and there was no temple or anything else.
"It is impossible for such a big temple to have nothing but to store these gods!" Yang Xiu, frowning, flew to the front of an idol, and then checked it carefully with the gods. There is nothing special about these statues except that they are too realistic.
"Is it what’s in the idol?" Think of it and do it, brimming with hair in my heart. Yang Xiu stood in the distance, raised his palm, and tentatively patted the vanity of one arm of this idol.
The arm of the idol suddenly broke and fell to the ground, and there was a crisp sound of "thud, thud".
Yang Xiu didn’t expect the arm of the idol to be easily interrupted, and he also found that the middle of the broken arm of the idol was hollowed out. Just now, I was able to deceive Yang Xiu’s divine knowledge.
But to Yang Xiu’s surprise, in the middle of the broken arm of the idol, a dark red liquid was constantly flowing out, which smelled pungent and turned out to be blood.
It was weird enough that there was blood in the middle of the idol, and it was still blood that could flow. You know, look at the existence of this temple. I’m afraid it hasn’t been thousands of years. Even if there is any blood, it should have solidified long ago.
This now makes Yang Xiu more cautious, and I don’t know what else will be hidden in the idol.
Yang Xiu will immediately open the whole statue to see it, but he is afraid that there will be any trap. He first opens the protection of the dark blue cassock, and when his wings move, he flies to the distance flush with the head of the statue.
After getting ready, Yang Xiu waved his hands again and again, and the spiritual force hit the bottom of the statue from a distance, and the statue with a height of 100 feet suddenly collapsed and shattered.
"Wow", more blood was scattered on the ground like a waterfall. When everything was calm, Yang Xiu didn’t have any magic weapon, jade slips, classics and so on in the fragments of these gods.
But there is a big push maggots surging in the blood.
Although I know that the secret code of magic weapon is not so easy to get, this is still disappointing for Yang Xiu.
Looking at the ground, dense, overlapping and entangled maggots, Yang Xiu is going to give birth to a true torch and they are all purified. After all, it is so weird to appear in a place like this, and it is inevitable that something will happen.
But just as Yang Xiu was about to start work, these maggots on the ground suddenly mutated.
One by one, the bodies began to turn black and hard, but actually a layer of skin like a carapace grew. Then a pair of cicada-like wings emerged from their backs. Eyes protruding, hands and feet growing, tentacles, unexpectedly began to mutate with the naked eye.
Yang Xiu instinctively feel bad, immediately move innate true fire.
However, after the real fire, except for the pool of blood on the ground and the maggots that haven’t had time to change, the mutated bugs were not damaged at all.
Instead, one by one "buzz" flew, even tens of thousands, forming a dark cloud, and immediately swept to Yang Xiu.
But Yang Xiuxian, fortunately, although these bugs are dissatisfied with their flying degrees, there are still many gaps compared with Yang Xiu’s qingluan wings. This gives Yang Xiu enough time to attack with the charm and magic weapon.
But to Yang Xiu’s horror, these bugs turned out to be hard and abnormal. The general low-level and intermediate ofuda had no effect on these bugs, while the advanced ofuda could only destroy a dozen at a time, and this number could not hurt the worm army at all.
Also, when Yang Xiuyong attacked Yun Jian, now these bugs are like all desperately taking the initiative to pounce on Yun Jian, completely covering the magic weapon in an instant. Then these bugs spewed a black unknown liquid at Yun Jian. Yun Jian was corroded by these liquids, and before he could react, he lost his mental strength and fell to the ground. And Yang Xiu immediately lost contact with Yun Jian.
Yun Jian was destroyed in an instant, which made Yang Xiu surprised and angry. Unexpectedly, the magic weapon of liquid pollution spewed by these insects was so severe that he dared not attack with it again.

Chapter one hundred and nineteen Wu Tomb II
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Since it is not easy to destroy, then avoid it. Because these bugs are limited in size, as long as Yang Xiu fully expands the size of qingluan wings, they can be dumped immediately.
However, just after Yang Xiu’s promotion, inadvertently, these bugs actually stopped chasing and devoured each other together. Yang Xiu don’t understand, but also know that this is not a good thing, so before leaving at the last moment, and hit a high-order "filariasis" to them. But it still didn’t have much effect, and there were not many casualties.
He didn’t care, no longer stayed, and immediately flew elsewhere.
Yang Xiu really doesn’t believe that these are the only stone statues in such a magnificent place.
But now I’m still disappointed. There are really only these giant statues in such a magnificent place.
Yang Xiu is just going to visit all the places now, and then he will leave after completely breaking the hope in his heart.
But before long, Yang Xiu suddenly heard a buzz from behind.
Looking back, now it’s just that group of black-shelled worms, but to Yang Xiu’s surprise, the number of worms this time is less than half, but the size is much bigger than just now, and its flying degree has also increased nearly times.
Yang Xiu didn’t know how they found him in such a big space, but the thought that they could evolve immediately by devouring each other shocked Yang Xiu.
And it seems that they seem to be chasing after Yang Xiu, so Yang Xiu won’t let them evolve, and intends to solve them while he can still deal with them now. Otherwise, if they are advanced, Yang Xiu can’t imagine what will happen.
Mind move, the ghost king and day ghost immediately released from the hand of the dry Kun. Yang Xiu immediately gave the order to attack them.
I saw the ghost king suddenly spit out a mouthful of black gas in the direction of the worms. These worms were unguided and didn’t know how to dodge, so they were easily covered by the black gas from the ghost king.
Insects suddenly fell in succession, but although these black gases have some effects on dealing with them, they are not obvious. Most of those fallen bugs flew up from the new place because they didn’t count their breath.
Fortunately, however, these bugs can’t deal with these ghosts as they can with healthy Yun Jian. The scene was deadlocked for a while.
While the ghost appeared from the rear of these swarms, just sticking out two bones and claws, tearing and pulling, until some bugs died, but for many swarms, it didn’t hurt elegance at all.
Yang Xiu saw this seesaw battle and couldn’t help worrying.
Although he still has a purple jade gourd treasure that can be attacked in a large area, he doesn’t dare to use it now because he is afraid of being blissfully honored or Ji Yuxin outside, so he hasn’t recovered it since he gave Jiman self-defense in a different space last time. And regardless of whether it will be sensed by those two old monsters if it is used here, it will have to be refined again even if it is not sensed.

Looking at the smug and gloating smile of Haoyang real person, Bai Meng stood up angrily and said, "How dare you look down on me and show you the true skill of Ben Shajun!"

Bai Meng suddenly took out a black wooden tripod. As soon as the wooden tripod came out, a cold wind blew in the whole treasury.
He bit his middle finger and spouted a blood symbol on the wooden tripod, only to see wisps of black evil wind floating in the wooden tripod. As soon as the wind landed, it became an evil spirit, and nine evil spirits of different shapes changed continuously.
These evil spirits are all green, and a pair of cold and mysterious scorpions are chilling and frightening.
At the sight of these evil spirits, the real Haoyang grimaced slightly and said, "It seems that you are really a good material for cultivating immortals. Although this ghost control is not a subtle spell, and you have the help of top-level celestial objects such as the Nine Ghosts and the Magic Ding, there is no good way to cultivate the true spirit. It is really your talent."
Bai Meng’s hey hey smile has been praised many times, but it feels good to be praised by such a master … Bah, a money addict. He ordered the nine ghosts to count a few sentences and let them drive their own cars to put the BRICS class into the Gankun bag.
With the help of these nine hundred-year-old evil spirits, it’s much faster to move the golden bricks than before. It’s getting late for the real people in Haoyang, and it’s finally inconvenient for them to take away the golden bricks that have been circled by Bai Meng, just blowing several tornadoes to help Bai Meng clean up the mess as soon as possible.
This is really a real whirlwind!
I was not satisfied with scraping all the gold bricks, so I suggested to the real person Haoyang: "There are several countries to the west where the gold bricks are much bigger!"
The old Taoist frowned and said, "am I that greedy person?"
Bai Meng thought for a moment and smiled: "Then it’s easy to say that there’s a small country of Fanbang. It’s impossible if you don’t go. They robbed our Chinese territory. It’s still making trouble now. One is India. Oh, it’s Tianzhu. There’s another one … It’s just that the thieves of Fanbang used to be bad, so it’s hard for you to come out once. Please teach them a lesson and let them know that we have a lot of Chinese people!"
The old Taoist priest frowned slightly and said, "That place in Tianzhu is a Buddhist holy place. Forget it. Many things between Taoism and Buddhism are beyond our control. But his mother’s … sins are all learned from your little evil spirit. This small country should be taught a good lesson! "
"He’s still a bully!" Bai Meng laughed and high-fived, "What the elder said is so reasonable. You are always rare to come out. Why don’t we find a place to refine enough purple gold and then go to toe?"
The old Taoist laughed and said, "The gold in my bag of Taiyi Gankun is enough for me to refine 120 pieces of purple gold sand. No amount of money is useless to me. As for your gold, hehe, I don’t think I will help you refine it. You little devil, your life is too hard. If I help you get dozens of kilograms of purple gold sand for no reason, I’m afraid I’ll be damaged and lose some luck. I can’t do such a thing!"
"Damn you, you old Taoist priest are so insidious!" Bai Meng couldn’t help complaining in his heart, but it’s useless for him to ask for purple gold sand now, even if he doesn’t need red gold sand. It is estimated that at least four or five hundred tons of gold will be enough for him to use. Then he laughed and said, "That’s all right. I’ll lead the way and you burn the wall. We’ll take advantage of the interest to go around the small country!"
The old Taoist priest is quite cheeky and laughs. "In that case, why don’t you lead the way quickly?"
Who the fuck can have too much money?
Bai Meng took the old Taoist priest with him, biting his teeth without considering his physical exhaustion. This is a saying in Ming Dynasty. In order to take care of the old Taoist’s habits and reduce his guilt, he just said it was a big one.
In fact, Bai Meng really overestimated himself. As soon as the old Taoist burned through people’s treasuries with three flavors, he couldn’t wait to jump in, feel guilty, take out a purple-gold mixed-yuan dry-Kun bag, hold a magic tripod with nine ghosts, and call out nine ghosts to grab the gold bricks with him.
The bricks here depend on the fact that if the bricks in Naypyidaw can be described as the East China Sea, it is simply the fucking Pacific Ocean.
Wait, didn’t the old Taoist priest say that too much gold was useless to him? Did this … Nine tornadoes blow out by themselves?
Come on, grab it!
Fortunately, I took a nap on that flying sword for a while, and now I’m a skilled worker again. Look at the way these nine century-old evil spirits move things, even the old workers at the old Shanghai pier are not on it.
Fortunately, the treasury was buried deeper, and no one came in to disturb them for seven or eight consecutive hours. Bai Meng also took time to sleep. Anyway, the nine-headed evil spirits don’t have to sleep.
As soon as I woke up, Bai Mengcai now nine evil spirits were staying in their original Zijin mixed-yuan dry-Kun bag, which was about to overflow. He used this bag for so many years, and this is the first time to fill it.
I turned to look at the old Taoist priest, who is still pretending to be non-stop. What kind of bird is this old Taoist priest? I’ve seen greedy people, but I’ve never seen anyone so greedy.
"It seems that next time I’m going to put ten more eight dry Kun bags on my body. Oh, my God, I originally had two Zijin dry Kun bags. It’s really a loss!"
Bai Meng is really crying at the moment!

Chapter 10 Two billion only bought two things
After grabbing the state treasury, Bai Meng really felt that he should have nothing to ask for, and even wondered if Wang Ding’s life was problematic. It was clear that he was the richest and most expensive. If he poured out all the gold bricks in the bag of Gankun, he estimated … It’s really hard to estimate that this seems to be too much. Although most of the treasuries of the two small countries were scraped by the old Taoist priest, he could scrape at least 1,000 tons by himself.
1,000 tons. Even if it’s one or two gold and two hundred dollars, he’s robbed four billion. It’s too fucking cool. It’s a pity that these gold can’t be converted into money immediately. It’s better to find someone to smelt them into purple gold sand later. That’s where the big money comes from.
Refining purple gold sand is not something that anyone can do. You can’t really burn it without blowing three flavors. A thousand tons of gold is burned with three flavors of real fire. Although the gold is burnt into gold ash powder, it is worthless, but at least two thousand kilograms of purple gold sand can be obtained. How much the fuck is this?
My heart suddenly looked forward to a set of fix true cheats and treasures promised by the old Taoist priest. Now that I have money, this is the practice. I still have to work hard from scratch!
Bai Meng smiled and flew back to Jinling with the old Taoist priest in the boundless night.
Back in Sanlitun night market, he didn’t come these days, and everyone thought that he had made hundreds of millions at a time the other day, so it didn’t surprise him to rest at home these days.
Wang Ding and Lao Liang have already prepared the goods. As soon as they arrived at the market, Wang Ding packed the Zi Long phlogistic herbs in jade boxes for Bai Meng.
Bai Meng smiled and said, "I apologize to you for 90 million yuan, but the amount of business this time is too large for me to turn around. I’m afraid I can’t pay you for the time being!" "
Wang Ding smiled indifferently and didn’t say anything. If Bai Meng wants to default, he can’t do anything with the name of this little evil spirit gentleman. Anyway, who is Bai Meng? He is clearly in no hurry.
Bai Meng is in a hurry. Fat people’s total assets are just a few points. They can’t compare with their 90 million goods. Maybe most of them are on credit. He secretly thought that he had to find a way to find enough funds as soon as possible to make himself and Wang Ding’s business turn around.
It’s important to do business. It’s important to have goods on hand for three cents and seven cents, but it’s not a problem to keep buying goods without living money. Sooner or later, I think Lao Liang is still very rich. After 30 years of repairing the truth, there are 300 million accounts empty at the moment.
Bai Meng tore up a check for 40 million and gave it to Wang Ding, asking him to endure for a period of time. As long as he slowed down, he could definitely settle the remaining debts as soon as possible.
Go to the old beam again. This man can’t say that he is not a good man, but he is a businessman after all. He looked at his poor adventure and begged protective talisman to take himself into the business. Although he didn’t die, he got lung disease for no reason. He coughed badly every day.
Because of this kindness, I don’t want to bother the old man to tell the truth, but the deal with Haoyang reality is too big. Sanlitun belongs to its own territory, and there are more than 20 fix true businessmen who may help themselves collect those goods with a debt of 300 million, which is Lao Liang.
Seeing that Bai Meng was blowing with an evil wind, Lao Liang came quickly with a helpless smile, put down the teapot in his hand and pointed to the big red gourd around him: "You can take it with you." However, Shajun, let me make it clear first. Now your business is getting bigger and bigger. Be careful to capsize in the gutter. And this time, you are in a hurry. I can only get the goods with some friends who are not very serious. They want money. Where is the surplus of 300 million in my small business? You should try to get together 160 million as soon as possible to plug up the hole I left behind, and then we can slowly find ways to deal with those people. We can’t afford to offend them! "
Bai Meng Zheng also has his own jargon in the business field of repairing truth. This "not-so-serious person" is actually a person who practices magic tricks. This kind of person really wants money and is desperate. He really can’t afford to offend himself and blames himself for the large land preparation on his plate, so he is in such a hurry to get the goods. Otherwise, Lao Liang wouldn’t take the initiative to contact those people. His little evil spirit gentleman is the bully in Sanlitun. If he really goes out, it’s nothing.
He knows in his heart that these accounts are not cheap, and it is impossible without 500 million yuan, but seven or eight points are all on the goods. Where is the living money of 300 million yuan, he has to take a big gourd and say, "Don’t worry, I still have this measure. If you allow me three days, I will definitely collect 160 million yuan and never give you any trouble!"
Old beam nodded slightly and closed his eyes against the back of his recliner.
Bai Meng may feel a little heavy and depressed in his heart. This business is really a bit too much. It is not a problem to make a business of 100 million yuan with his current financial resources, popularity and reputation. This time, it is really a big play. Maybe something is got. The business of himself and the only two teachers and friends may have to be lost.
Driving a gust of evil wind, he went straight to the Lotus Slope of Wushan, where he made an appointment with Haoyang Road, and it was only two miles away from the White Garden where he lived.
When I first arrived at Lianhuapo, I saw Haoyang Laodao meditating there, and Bai Meng flew over in the evil wind and said, "Give me half of the goods first. After all, we are a trader. You are doing business with traders. Don’t break the rules. I don’t care who you are, real person or founder!"
"You’re such a bad temper. I’ve lived for so many years, so it doesn’t matter. Hum, if you deal with those young disciples of Shushan and Taixu, your temper will be bad sooner or later. You, a lone star in Dreadwind, will have a successful day, and then others will not be afraid of you. If you continue like this, you will really suffer! "
It’s rare for an old man to give a well-meaning sermon, but suddenly he thought of the expression when he and he robbed the BRICS. With a sneer, he put away all the gourds and jade boxes, only to see what the old man wanted to give to himself.
Haoyang Road has been silent for nearly half an hour before carefully taking out a golden dry Kun bag from the bosom and pouring out only two things for a long time. It is the same as the A4 paper on the front of a black jade treasure chest, but it is quite heavy and twenty centimeters thick. The other thing is very simple. It’s just a very ordinary hollowed-out carved jade basin with a lid on it. The lid is also hollowed out. It’s 30% to 40% carved and breathable. At the same time, you can’t see what’s in it. The shape of the jade basin is really exquisite and elegant, and it also emits wisps of strange blue smoke. It sounds like it’s filled with a living thing, but you don’t know what it is.
The old man had no scruples about pushing both things directly in front of Bai Meng, and smiled slightly: "I won’t let you down!" "
He naturally doesn’t have to worry about it. If Bai Meng plays fake with him, even if he is a once-in-a-thousand-year evil spirit, killing him is like strangling an ant.
Bai Meng thought it was obviously not a bad thing that the road was so proud. If I checked the goods myself, I wouldn’t hand over my own things. How can I be looked down upon if I don’t have tolerance?
He immediately pushed the red gourd and the jade box containing Zi Long’s phlogistic herbs to Laodao: "I haven’t inspected the goods in a hurry, but these goods are two of the three people I can only trust in this world. I believe they won’t lie to me!"
The old man said with a slight frown, "No need to check. I have already experienced it as soon as you sat down beside me. If I don’t have this ability, would I still be a real Haoyang? It’s you. Take a good look at what I handed over. It will surely benefit you for life! "
After saying this, the old Taoist priest suddenly added: "Don’t worry, there is no one within three hundred miles, and there is no one who has entered the realm of refining and gasification, let alone a nobody in Yuan’s infancy!"

Chapter 11 I got the beautiful cheats.
Being polite to others means being hard on yourself!
Bai Meng doesn’t care what face it is. Just open the Mo Yu treasure chest now. The old Taoist priest hasn’t died for hundreds of years. Maybe what he thinks will benefit him for life is all over the place now. Or maybe it’s a book called "Wu Zhen Jing", which is now a printed book of 22.60 yuan in Xinhua Bookstore!
As soon as the Mo Yu treasure chest was opened, a stream of black and white qi whizzed out, and it was almost time for the qi to drift away. Bai Mengcai poured out the contents, totaling thirteen cheats, and several of them were particularly thick in many printed books today, which could simply print hundreds of thousands of words.
Every secret book is a manuscript, but the strokes are neatly written, and the strokes are well-balanced and clever. Many calligraphy works are not comparable to the first book, The Record of the Pope of Yin and Yang. It is probably that a person who claims to be the patriarch of Yin and Yang, Qingyun Zi, is about to ascend to heaven. At the end of the historical article, he can also read the words "Twenty-one years of Hongwu". Presumably, this patriarch of Yin and Yang was promoted to immortality after the Hongwu period of the Ming Dynasty.
However, there is also a possibility that Hongwu was killed by lightning after that.
This is a casual book, not too thick, just forty pages.

Twenty thousand foot soldiers! His elite!

It’s all over!
Liu Chang left for Chen with tears in his eyes.
After Ji Fan killed all the remaining troops, he looked at the thirty thousand troops coming from Mercedes in the distance and smiled coldly.
Led by a person looked at the scene of the shura hell, canthus twitched twice, then bring a smiling face to JiFan fuels.
"This is the five senses corps commander JiFan! It’ s really a hero who is a teenager! "
JiFan deadpan fuels said: "Not bad!"
The man was suddenly speechless. This JiFan seems crazy! However, at the age of seventeen, he is the third largest vassal in the world, and he has crazy capital. But led by the man’s heart is sneer at.
Without the support of your family, you are just lucky, crazy!
The man still said with a smile on his face, "I am a general under General Xiaji, Zhang Xiao, and I have met General Ji!"
Ji Fan was still expressionless. Just now, he saw a trace of disdain in Zhang Xiao’s eyes, and he said with a lack of interest: "Please ask General Zhang to lead the way."
There was a flash of displeasure on Zhang’s smiling face, but he quickly recovered his smile and said, "Okay, okay! General Ji also worked hard. "
. . . . . .
JiFan here is not very harmonious, Liu Chang here is not so good!
Liu Chang was rushed to Chen Liu by the general, only to find that Chen Liu had been surrounded by the military forces of General Ji and began to attack.
Soon after Liu Changgang arrived, he was seen by a detective of General Ji, and from a distance he was chased by a team of thousands of cavalry.
When really want to cry very much.
. . . . . .
Three days later.
JiFan led by Zhang Xiao came to Hulao Pass.
When Ji Fan looked at the majestic pass in history, he sighed: "Xiongguan! Xiongguan! "
A strange smile flashed in Zhang Xiao’s eyes and he replied, "Yes, yes!" Then he rode forward and shouted at the closed foot soldiers: "Ji Fan, the commander of the five senses, came to Kyoto to be appointed, but he didn’t open the door quickly."
A stout man shouted, "Where is the commander of the five senses!"
Ji Fan frowned lightly and rode forward and shouted: "Ji is here again!"
The big fellow raised his heavy eyebrows and said disdainfully, "How can a little boy be a doctor with five senses! Go back and eat milk for a few more years! Ha ha ha ha! Hahahaha! "
Ji Fan looked at Zhang Xiao expressionless and asked, "Come on, General Ji asked you to test me."
Zhang Xiao looked unnaturally shaken twice and changed the subject and said, "General Ji, this is Man Zi. I’ll say something about him."
Qiang Qiang!
The next moment, a long sword was drawn on Zhang Xiao’s arm and asked coldly, "Say! I don’t believe that General Ji will turn against me for you! "
The big fellow who closed it was angry when he saw it. He shouted, "Yellow Mao Xiaoer let go of Brother Zhang Xiao as soon as possible, otherwise I will kill you today."
Ji Fan shouted with a cold face: "Let’s see if he dies first, or if I die first! Say! " The last word was addressed to Zhang Xiao.
Zhang Xiaoxiao carefully swallowed a mouthful of saliva, just trying to control the horses to stay away, but the sword tightened again, and red blood was already seen.
Zhang Xiao kept beating drums in his heart: "It’s really General Ji who occupies the land of four states in Hebei Province. This boldness of vision is something that Hulao Pass dared to do before. Get it!
Zhang smiled faintly and said, "This is not what General Ji meant, but what I meant. I’m not convinced that you have achieved such success as a 17-year-old boy. I want to try and see what kind of strength you have. Just choose a general to defeat. "
Ji Fan sneered and said, "Send someone! I don’t want any more trouble, otherwise don’t blame me! "
Zhang Xiao suddenly had a sense of foreboding in his heart! At the moment, he shouted: "Li Xiong goes to war!"
The big fellow who laughed at Ji Fan before closing was in a hurry and shouted, "I’m going out to fight!" "
Another person was anxious and roared: "Didn’t you hear Brother Zhang Xiao say that I should play?" Say that finish ran down.
Ji Fan said in Zhang Xiao’s ear in a cold tone: "You have to pay for your behavior, this man is dead!"
At present, he shouted, "Dian Wei, I don’t need anyone alive! Slay on the spot! "
Dian Wei is riding a horse with a double halberd!
Two horses intersect. . .
Hey, hey, hey, hey! ! ! Poof! ! !
The man named Li Xiong got a cold heart on the spot by Dian Wei’s double halberd!
Zhang Xiaoxiao gawked at the scene in front of him, and a chill in his heart surged like his head.
Fortunately, it’s just a captain. . .
If Man Zi dies, the master will have the idea of killing me.
The only thing left in my heart is happiness.
The big fellow named Man Zi gawk at this scene.
One round. . .
Just one round, even he needs fifty rounds to kill this Li Xiong!
Is this the legendary bump on the iron plate?
Then quickly released.
In the following days, nothing happened again.
Everything is calm.
On the afternoon of September 30th, I finally arrived at the gates of Luoyang.
Ji Fan ordered 6,500 soldiers to camp outside Luoyang, and kept in touch with Ji Fan at any time.

The lake was choppy for a while, and then a column of water rushed up from the bottom of the lake. Accompanied by numerous waves, Kongming turned into a blue-and-white brilliance and rushed into the temple, and possessed it on the two-meter-high statue. As Kongming possessed it, countless messages came down from the top of his head instantly and flew into his mind, knowing that this was an acceptance of inheritance, and there was information about the water god’s position. Without any hesitation, Kongming hurriedly pulled these messages, which was bound to happen.

After three breaths, the yellow incense of many mortal hands who prostrated themselves on the ground outside had burned out. Hu Lao stood up and inserted the residual incense of his hand into the cauldron, and then took the lead in entering the temple, followed by thousands of people. When these thousands of people inserted the residual yellow incense of their hands into the cauldron and entered the temple, the sky began to dim, and the angry moon gradually shed moonlight.
As soon as they entered the temple, all the people saw the two-meter-high statue standing on the altar at a glance, and the appearance of a human body scattered endless majesty. Immediately, all the people who had just stood up saw the statue, and then they bowed down to the ground again, afraid to look at the statue. So, in the water temple, except for Hu Lao, who was still standing in front, all the others were short, kneeling on the ground and afraid to look up at the statue with their heads down.
Hearing the noise, Hu Lao looked back at all the mortals who knelt down, barely suppressed the idea of prostrating himself, and suddenly had an endless majestic idol with a slight sweep of the corner of his eye. Then Hu Lao went to the front of the altar in the temple and looked at three bowls of blood and five bowls of fruit on the altar. Hu Lao instructed two men to come in like a tripod furnace outside and put it in front of the altar. So, everything was ready without any mistakes.
After all this, Hu Lao immediately took out three incense sticks again, burned them, inserted them into the cauldron, and looked at the smoke rising from the newly burned incense sticks. Hu Lao immediately prostrated himself on the ground, chanting aloud the chapter of sacrifice, constantly talking about good weather, blessing one side, marriage and having children, life and death, etc. The whole temple echoed with Hu Lao’s voice, and there was no other sound.
After half a ring, Hu Lao finally finished reading the long chapter and threw his paper into the tripod furnace. Hu Lao bowed for the second time, then stood up, hung his head, and led many mortals to slowly push out the temple and hit the island. So, the sacrifice was finally over, and most of its things were empty and bright.
"Shout …" As soon as I walked out of the temple gate, there was no such heavy momentum on the capital. At this moment, everyone gave a sigh of relief and relaxed. At this time, there were countless torches on the island, and everyone could not see clearly. After a half-ring, Hu Lao called everyone to go home and rest, and continue to work as before tomorrow. Of course, in any case, there have been changes, and every morning and evening are needed.
Soon, the island was still buzzing, but at this time, there was no one. All the people had gone home to rest, and after cleaning it, Hu Lao also went home to sleep, ready to tell his wishes when he got up early to worship the gods tomorrow.
In the middle of the night, on a quiet island, a figure two meters high suddenly appeared, with numerous long slender snake heads, slender eyes with different colors, one flashing silver light and the other flashing golden light. There were two fleshy whiskers under the straight nose, and the long fleshy whiskers dragged down to the shoulder, and the thin lips became bright red, and they opened slightly from time to time, swallowing long bright red letters.
Hold tight, loosen, hold tight, loosen, look at your hands, and constantly be flexible with common sense. It is clear that your new body has very great power. When you hold your fist at will, there will be whistling sounds, and the long snake with your head can also be controlled at will. Every long snake can change into its own shape that has not yet become this body. The power on each long snake is very great, controlling the long snake with your head flying for a while.
As soon as he entered the temple, Kongming flew to the idol, and suddenly, it seemed to dissolve. After Kongming flew to the idol, he merged into it and disappeared into the temple. For a moment, when Kongming opened his eyes, he saw himself in the cave at the bottom of Dongting Lake. Now he should be said to be a abode of fairies and immortals.
Looking at this humble abode of fairies and immortals, I can’t help wondering. Generally speaking, every existence that becomes a god has a small world of its own, but I don’t feel any signs of it. The only one connected with the gods is this abode of fairies and immortals, which is supposed to be wrong.
With doubts, Kongming shook his long tail and sat down on a white stone. His mind sank into the purple house in an instant and he began to query information, trying to find out why he didn’t have a small world.
For a long time, after rummaging through all the information, Empty Ming immediately found his own little world according to the imprint of his soul. However, after a little induction, Empty Ming felt a very familiar smell in his own little world, which was the smell of his own ontology. Suddenly, Empty Ming’s two places at once understood why he didn’t have a little world, but he could only come to this abode of fairies and immortals.
The so-called Xiaotian is derived from the space debris, and most of them are controlled by the gods. Almost all the gods will have such a small world when they become gods. It is reasonable to say that there should be a small world when they become gods, but in fact, seriously speaking, the spirit of the empty and bright members is exactly the same as that of the empty and bright body. That is to say, no matter how many members are divided, there is only one body and only one soul.
I realized why I didn’t have a small world, but I could only return to this abode of fairies and immortals. After that, I could only give a wry smile, and then I dispersed my thoughts about the small world. After the heart has no other doubts, the empty and bright members will no longer consider other things, and begin to get familiar with their own bodies. This body is newly generated, and it still needs to be familiar with control.
Just as Kongming’s busy body was familiar with the body in this constant sand world, the line of sight flew up. In the small world, Taishan Mountain God and Kongming’s ontology opened their eyes in the small world, and looked at the surrounding environment of the small world with a slight loss. My mind was shocked, and then I returned to my absolute being. My hands shrouded in my sleeves touched slightly. In an instant, I knew that I had been sleeping for more than three years.
"Oh, in three years, I finally repaired the loopholes after the split, so I was completely flawless." Looking at my own soul without any flaw, I didn’t show any expression, as if I were saying something. Not far in front of me was a lotus pond, white lotus swaying in the breeze, and some purple bamboo leaves were scattered in the lotus pond, adding a touch of luxury to the whole lotus pond.
Body shaking, empty Ming stood up, and instantly, countless purple bamboo leaves fell from me. No, there were also bamboo leaves falling from empty Ming into the lotus pond. They didn’t care about the bamboo leaves on their bodies. They left the dust and swung their sleeves, walked out of the small world and came to the temple of Mount Tai.
"pa-pa." Tiptoe point on the altar of the mountain temple, looking at the tattered altar covered with dust, raised his eyebrows, brushed his hands, and instantly, the whirring wind sounded in the mountain temple, but after three breaths, the mountain temple was clean and there was no dust. After strolling down the altar and out of the mountain temple, he looked at the branches and plants on the ground that seemed to be nests. These things were just empty and swaying.
I didn’t care about the branches and plants that make up the nest. Kongming strolled on Mount Tai and browsed the scenery on Mount Tai. After three years, the scenery on Mount Tai seemed to be more beautiful. Walking on the mountain road, Kongming suddenly frowned. Not far away, there were some mortals playing Mount Tai. This was originally a good thing, and Kongming was not prepared to disperse these mortals, but when Kongming saw the ubiquitous garbage on the ground, The empty heart seems to have been pricked. Suddenly, I feel a little disgust from Mount Tai, which is the disgust of many mortals who visit Mount Tai and also the disgust of these rubbish scattered on the ground.
"Your will is my will, your mood is my mood, and your thoughts are my thoughts." Mouth can’t help mumbling, empty eyes narrowed instantly, filar silk brilliance in the eye circulation, looking at the few laughs, casually dropped oiled paper, or saliva of mortals, empty without hiding their disgust, the whole body without wind automatically, waves of shock came from me, in an instant, suddenly a strong wind blew on Mount Tai, the wind blew so dark that all mortals on Mount Tai couldn’t see anything and didn’t know anything.
Half a ring, the wind blowing in the darkness of Mount Tai finally stopped. When many mortals opened their eyes, they saw that there were all Woods around them, but it was not the Woods on Mount Tai. Looking around, they were very strange at this time. For a while, many mortals who didn’t know where they were began to use their own means to find their way, or instructed the page, or greeted their friends, or shouted loudly. At this moment, in the Woods, there was no place, and many mortals could not help but show their ugliness.
Casually left a glance at the many mortals in the forest, disgusted with the ugliness of many mortals. Empty Ming immediately withdrew his sight and looked at the garbage blown together by the strong wind. Empty Ming squinted and saw a villa closest to Mount Tai. Then, between dusting and shaking, the garbage gathered together like a hill was sent to that villa by Empty Ming. Out of thin air, it rained garbage in the sky of the villa.
Randomly leaving many mortals in a forest, and throwing garbage into a villa, these are all casual actions, which are nothing, but this is only temporary, and it can’t be regarded as unobstructed temperament, nor can it be regarded as a wish. These are just trivial, and it can’t be exactly.
"Laws and regulations should be set to restrict mortals from going up the mountain." Standing on the top of Mount Tai, looking at the distance in a dull way, Kong Ming said, with a faint tone, it has already decided that there will be no trace of Mount Tai in the next ten million years. As if echoing empty words, Mount Tai rose another hundred meters in an instant, and the clouds on the top of the mountain became thicker.
Standing on the top of Mount Tai for three days, I looked at the distribution of Godsworn Almighty around Mount Tai through my eyes. I knew that there would be no Godsworn Almighty to disturb the stability of Mount Tai during this period of time, and Kongming withdrew his sight, strolled down the top of Mount Tai and returned to the temple on the mountainside of Mount Tai. As soon as I entered the temple, Kongming shook his sleeves and sent a message to let the deer head gods and scholar gods come to the temple.
Soon, after receiving the information of emptiness, the deer head gods and the scholar gods quickly came to the mountain temple. As soon as they entered the mountain temple, the two subordinate gods saw standing on the altar, looking at the emptiness in the distance, and their dark and deep eyes seemed to be able to see through the future and everything, with a frightening chill.
"The subordinates meet the mountain gods." The two subordinate gods paused when they came in, and then they bowed to the ground in order, and bowed to the empty Ming who had not seen each other for three years. All their words were pious.
Slightly looked at the two subordinate gods, although these two subordinate gods have their own followers from time to time, but they also have a belief thread connected to themselves, and they are still very firm in that kind of strong belief, without any vacillation. These two subordinate gods were all made by the empty hand. The deer head god was originally just an ordinary elk on Mount Tai, while the scholar god was originally a mortal. These two can become gods now, relying on the empty hand. Therefore, these two are sincere, and they can open their minds and give the team that is not suitable for empty and clear inspection.
Wave to the two subordinate gods to get up, and then empty Ming turned his hand, and there was a flash of golden light. The empty Ming’s hand appeared in the merit book that had not been checked for three years. Open the merit book, take a half ring of paper at the two subordinate gods, and then flip the merit book. After the next page, the merit book shows what the two subordinate gods have done in three years …
Tidy up the grassland, manage the elk herd, protect the land, erect the atmosphere and clean up the river, so that tens of thousands of elk not only believe in the deer head god but also believe in the emptiness of Mount Tai, protect the ecological environment and maintain the biological chain.
This is the achievement of the deer head deity. Counting it carefully, it has a total of fifteen thousand in the past three years. After all, it is the first time to do these things from time to time. If this kind of thing is done for the first time, the merits of heaven and earth will be very rich, but now these things have been done many times, so although they are also for the sake of Mount Tai, the merits are only fifteen thousand, which is not very rich, but it is enough to comfort, after all.
Manage morale, collect people from Mo Bao, manage people visiting Mount Tai, check the moral knowledge of Mount Tai people, and make Mount Tai prosperous.
This is the achievement of the scholar-gods. Although it seems to be less than what the deer-head gods do, many of them are very troublesome. You know, managers, that is, mortals, must be involved in it, instead of simply animal gods. After entering the ranks of human gods, they need a lot of things, not just minds and ideas, but also people who will not be harassed by human humanitarian fate.
After careful calculation, the merits and demerits of scholar-gods are only 20,000. In the past three years, there are altogether 20,000 merits and demerits. The career that scholar-gods are in charge of is also a long-running thing. After a long time, they can not only hone their minds, but also taste the true meaning of books. Maybe after a hundred years, Cheng Miao, a scholar-god, will understand the meaning of books and open up his own Confucian road.
Once again, I opened the book of merits and demerits, and on the next page, I wrote my own merits and demerits that the Taishan Mountain God can get from these two subordinate gods. After three years, the total number of merits and demerits I got was seventeen thousand five hundred. I picked my eyebrows, but I didn’t say anything. This was already expected. At this time, if I want to improve my rank, I need hundreds of merits and demerits, and tens of thousands of merits and demerits are not enough to improve my rank. Now, there are only 17,500 merits in three years, so it will take at least nearly 20 years for you to improve your rank.

Chapter one hundred and twenty-two Scriptures
Chapter one hundred and twenty-two Classics
Twenty years is a long time for Kongming. If so, we must find other ways to gain merit, flip our left hand, take out a green bamboo pen, and then write a comment on the merit book to show that we have consulted it, and there are no mistakes and omissions.
As the bamboo strokes of Kongming moved, soon, the sky fell with two faint yellow smells and looked at the deer head gods and scholar gods who were absorbing merits. Kongming turned the merit book to the first page again and looked at his own merits.
Name: Kongming.
Priesthood: Taishan Mountain God.
Rank: 8.
Merit: 65ooo.
If you want to upgrade your rank, you need to accumulate merits and deeds to 250,000, put away your merits and deeds book conveniently, and let the two subordinate gods step down and continue to perform their duties, while Kongming walked out of Mount Tai behind the two subordinate gods, strolled on Mount Tai and walked towards the other side of Mount Tai, where there was a different space called Taishan Space.
Sitting down and riding a perfect white deer, strolling on Mount Tai, surrounded by faint clouds, shaking the snow-white dust, the emptiness of a white green gauze walked into the Taishan space on the mountainside of Mount Tai. Looking around, three years later, there are still no monsters in this Taishan space, except for the colorful clouds that are almost turned into liquid in this Taishan space, and the rest are just those that have become aura in this rich aura.
Although it has been soaked in rich reiki for three years in this Taishan space, after all, it was originally just a mundane thing. Besides being contaminated with many reiki, because it didn’t generate spiritual wisdom, it could only gather reiki unconsciously, and then the gathered reiki dispersed independently, and there was no change. Those rare plants and natural resources were taken away long ago when the monster beasts walked away. Even if they left, they were just junk, even empty.
Drive the White Deer to the heart of this Taishan space, squint his eyes, look at the top of this Taishan space, and then at the ground of Taishan space. Two subtle filaments fly out of the two cinnabar spots between the eyebrows of Kongming, and instantly stab the place where Kongming just looked. Then, with the establishment of the connection, countless information materials in this Taishan space are introduced into Kongming’s mind with the established silk thread.
Three days later, after combing the information in Taishan space, Kongming rode a white deer out of Taishan space again, walked up the mountain road and looked up. While looking at the scene on Taishan, he sprinkled his own breath on the way. Soon, a month passed. When Kongming was sitting in a small world, all the changes in Taishan in the past three years were reflected in detail, which also filled Taishan with emptiness.
Sitting next to the lotus pond, Pan looked at the crystal clear water. After three breaths, Kong Ming suddenly stretched out his right hand, slowly pulled the long sleeve of his right hand away, revealing the pale right hand with bloodshot inside, straightened his index finger, and then Kong Ming pointed the pale and slender index finger on the crystal clear water of the lotus pond.
For a moment, like a phantom, with the right index finger pointing on the water surface of the lotus pond, the ripples spread out, just like the veil receded. After the ripples subsided, the water surface of the lotus pond, which was originally crystal clear, was changed. What was reflected on the water surface was the scene in the unknown Hengsha world at the bottom of the Hengsha world ocean, which was the most heart-felt scene. It was a vast lake.
Looking at the lotus pond surface, there was a scene of the empty and bright doppelganger. The flashing light of the empty and bright eyes immediately turned into a brilliance, which flew into the lotus pond surface. In an instant, it was integrated into it, worn out in a hurry, and came to the top of the empty and bright doppelganger in the constant sand world. Then that brilliance turned into countless words and was absorbed and digested by the empty and bright doppelganger.
Open your eyes, lean against the white rock and blink, and look up at the stone wall above your head. There is not much. After getting up, Empty Ming busy just worships the above, to show that he has understood the meaning of ontology transmission and is full of gratitude to ontology.
After a few times of worship, the empty Ming member randomly withdrew his action, sat on a white rock again, turned his mind, fell silent in the purple mansion, and began to look at the information transmitted by the empty Ming ontology.
"If the water is good, all things in water conservancy will not be disputed …"
An article "Tao Te Ching" appeared in the Purple Mansion of Empty Ming, and it was all about water. It began to reverberate in the Purple Mansion of Empty Ming, as if an old man was reading in the Purple Mansion, and there were countless waters flowing in the Purple Mansion. When the empty Ming mind saw this dish, it could not help but indulge in it and didn’t know anything outside.

See Sunday at the weekend, I feel so proud that I can’t speak because I am angry with myself. It seems that I have seen the most proud achievement in my life. That kind of pleasant mood is expressed in French words. I burst out laughing coldly. "You don’t do a few great things on Sunday, so you are a natural enemy. I tell you that in my eyes at the weekend, you are either lucky. Because of the Zhou family’s brother, most of the family resources can be changed to me."

On the weekend, when I talked about it, I became more and more excited and repressed, and my personality burst out. The whole person looked extremely manic and restless, and my face was even more ferocious and terrible, as if I were going to swallow Sunday alive.
Lan Xin looked a little scared and said softly, "Is he crazy on Sunday? It looks terrible. I’m I’m a little scared."
On Sunday, Lan Xin patted the back of his hand and said, "Don’t be afraid to have me. I won’t let him hurt you." Looking at the weekend coldly, "I don’t care what you want to do, but I can tell you that if you want to hurt people around me, I will definitely kill you." The murderous look in my eyes emerged depending on the crazy look on the weekend.
I laughed at the weekend. "Believe me, I believe you will kill me. Don’t worry, I won’t target people around you. Since you have come to Guangdong Province, we can have fun. In other places, I can’t help you, but in Guangdong Province, that’s my day. I will stay in your girl literature and play slowly until you die."
Sunday sneered, "I’m ready, but now it’s time for us to eat. This is my place. Roll for me." Holding a cup in your right hand, it’s a crushing cold way. "If you don’t roll, I’ll let you be like this cup."
"Okay, I’ll go, I won’t bother." On the weekend, my hands spread out slowly and walked backwards, saying, "You eat slowly and we will have fun later." I bumped into a fallen man and fell backwards when I stepped on his foot.
"Ha, ha, wow, you’re so handsome and handsome." Lan Yao burst out laughing when he saw the weekend fall, pointing to the weekend mess and couldn’t say how happy he was.
Lan Xin glared at Lan Yao. "You also said that it was all your trouble. If it weren’t for your family, they wouldn’t find you."
Vomitted to stick out your tongue LanYao see next to Fang Yi is also a face of poor shan smiled a few hurried to eat a bowl of Chinese food.
Weekend mess got up from the ground and scolded "Fuck you". The man was kicked a few times and walked out of the restaurant in anger. The rest of the people saw that they had gone over the weekend and dared to stay. They all ran out of the restaurant in a mess.
Lan Xin saw that all those people left on Sunday at the weekend, and he still looked very angry. He said, "Don’t be angry on Sunday. It’s not worthwhile for a villain to be angry. It’s all Lan Yao’s fault. If you dare to make trouble outside again, I’ll deduct your life and see what you do."
"Elder sister, I didn’t," cried Lan Yao bitterly. "I really didn’t provoke others. He deliberately provoked me. What can I do?"
"You don’t admit your mistake."
Zhou Tianxiao smiled to know that Lan Xin cherished him. He was humiliated and felt bad. Find her brother and say a few words to let him get rid of his resentment. He laughed. "Yan Yan, don’t blame Lan Yao. Even without him, you will find me. I have a strange feeling that he and I seem to know each other and have a feeling of blood connection."
"Brother-in-law, are you really a Zhou family member?" Lan Yao smiled and said, "I think that man was afraid of you just now. He is a Zhou family member, which can make him afraid, that is, the same family member, and his position in the family must be higher than his. From his jealous expression on your face, it can be seen that brother-in-law’s position in the Zhou family is not low."
Lan Xin said, "Lan Yao, don’t talk nonsense. Your brother-in-law is not a Zhou family member. He is from our company. However, your brother-in-law is a very talented person and many people are afraid that his Zhou family brother is afraid of your brother-in-law." I don’t know what Lan Xin is particularly afraid of being a Zhou family member. He always tries his best to draw a line between Sunday and Zhou family members.
Lan Yaogang was about to speak when Lan Xin interrupted Lan Yao’s words "Stop eating" and stared at Lan Yao and began to eat at once.
On Sunday, I also saw that something was wrong with Lan Xin. I still saw that dude was afraid of him at the weekend. So was he. Everyone was also a dude. He smiled and said to Lan Yao and Fang Yi, "Let’s have dinner." But his mind had already flown to the outside world.
Disrupted the four people’s interest in eating, ate a few mouthfuls of rice, paid the bill and left on Sunday. Both Lan Yao and Fang Aiwu had classes, and Sunday and Lan Xin didn’t stay at school. Lan Xin wished Lan Yao a few words to tell him to study hard and not to neglect his studies because of falling in love.
LanYao nature is xi xi ha ha promised on Sunday, he solved a big trouble, Lan Xin also agreed on behalf of the family he and Fang Yi communication mood how can’t happy? Now to Fang Yi home agreed to estimate their things is not much suspense.
However, the thought of Fang Ai’s parents’ eyes disliking him as a single-parent family is a little frustrating. He didn’t tell Lan Xin about it for fear of causing unnecessary sadness to his sister. Girls’ literature is updated for the first time. After all, falling in love is a problem for him and Fang Ai, and the two of them can’t rely on Lan Xin for everything.
Lan Xin wished a few words and then saw that there was nothing to say, so he and Zhou Tianche left Guangdong University of Economics and headed for the apartment.
Fang Yi looked at Lan Xin’s car and looked worried and said, "Lan Yao, your family has agreed to our two people’s contact, but my family still refuses to agree with us to solve the problem anyway."
Lan Yao laughed. "Nothing, what’s the problem? We’ll solve it together. You are my girlfriend and I won’t let you suffer."
Fang Yi smiled slightly and said, "I hope so. Girls’ literature will be updated for the first time" and Lan Yao went back to the teaching building hand in hand.
Not far from Lan Xin and Sunday, a car went out, and at the same time, it came out from a dark corner at the weekend. Looking at the back of the four people, they sneered. They took out their cell phones from their pockets and dialed a number and said, "Dad, it’s me."
"Oh, is it the weekend? What can I do for you?" Zhou Chu Qian Yin came over there.
Suppress the excitement at the weekend and say, "Dad, guess who I saw."
"Who did you see?" Zhou Chuqian seemed to be in a good mood, so he quipped with the youngest child, "Should you not see any beautiful women and have some bad ideas? Girls’ literature is updated for the first time."
On weekends, I sweat straight. "Dad, am I that vulgar in your eyes? Can’t I think of something else except beautiful women? I can also share it with my father?"
"Good dad put my foot in my mouth. It’s good for dad to make less trouble outside." Zhou Chuqian walked over and said, "Come on, tell me who you saw."
"I saw Sunday," said the weekend word for word, adding emphasis at the end. "And I’m still in my school. I saw it just now."
"What?" Zhou Chuqian sat up in a hurry and said, "Who did you see again?"
"I saw Sunday," said the weekend. "I had a little friction with him. Don’t worry, I won’t forget him. I can recognize him even if he turns to dust."
Zhou Chuqian’s hand trembled and held back his excitement. "Are you sure that person was Sunday at the weekend? You have to know that all family members have been looking for him in the past seven months, but he has disappeared like a man."
On the weekend, I said, "I can’t be wrong about that person. It’s the Sunday we’ve been looking for."
Zhou Chuqian was silent for a moment and said, "Who else knows about it when you see Sunday?"
On the weekend, I said, "No one knows that I called you as soon as they left, and I also sent someone to follow them to see where they live."
Zhou Chu Qian said, "You did a good job on this weekend. Remember that when you see things on Sunday, don’t say anything to people, especially the younger brothers of the Zhou family."
At the weekend, I said, "Dad, don’t worry about the seriousness of this matter. I know that Sunday was a representative of the Zhou family myth family. If we can defeat him, our family power will expand rapidly."
Zhou Chuqian pondered for half a meeting and still couldn’t help worrying. "Don’t make a move on Sunday at the weekend. You are still a capable person. Don’t take action at present. Your brother is now in Guangdong Province, and what can I do for you?"
On the weekend, I said, "OK, I know. I’ll discuss it with my brother."
Zhou Chuqian knows his temperament too well, so he said, "Remember what Dad said at the weekend. Don’t provoke you alone on Sunday. He will kill you. I will call your brother. Your father won’t forget it."
At the weekend, I felt that Zhou Chu’s money was too wordy and impatient and said, "Dad, I know. Don’t worry. I won’t mess around. I’m not a child anymore. Don’t worry about everything. It’s nothing. I’ll hang up first." Then I hung up.
Chapter three hundred and forty-two Crisis comes quietly
Girls’ literature
Zhou Chuqian gave a wry smile to this child. He really dotes on him and spoils everything, which makes him arrogant. Sometimes I want him to suffer, but I can’t bear to shake my head in my heart. My heart is finally at ease and I’m not afraid that fooling around on weekends will annoy Zhou Tianzhen and kill him on weekends. That would be regrettable.
Zhou Chuqian picked up the phone and dialed Zhou Haifeng’s number. After a while, he simply said, "Is it Haifeng? I’m your father. There’s something I want to tell you. Your brother came over this weekend. He said he saw Sunday at Guangdong University of Economics."
"What Sunday?" Zhou Haifeng said in surprise. "Dad will be wrong about how many people are looking for girls’ literature on Sunday. How can it be met by such good luck on the weekend?"
Zhou Chu Qian said, "Judging from the current signs, he won’t lie at the weekend. He did see Sunday, and Zhou Tianren is now in Guangdong Province, and there have been some minor frictions at the weekend."
Zhou Haifeng was silent for a while. "Dad, if this is the case, it will be difficult."
Zhou Chuqian said, "Oh, I want to hear your opinion."

He began to meditate cross-legged and suck the energy * * to forcibly absorb the spiritual force in the sea water to heal himself. The force of this energy * * to reshape the flesh is really powerful. He has absorbed enough physical injuries and has been much better.

Open your eyes, the dim eyes have disappeared, replaced by bright eyes.
He knows that the bodhi old zu has gone after the monster. It’s a good time to go first. After all, he doesn’t have much chance to win the battle against the bodhi old zu, but he can’t bear to leave the monster and escape by himself. Moreover, his flying sword has been taken away and his magic weapon has been abandoned, so he can’t escape this Haikui.
After making up his mind, Haikui dived into the water and drew a long arc to catch up with the bodhi old zu.
In the distance, the sea water fluctuated badly. Haikui knew that the bodhi old zu had not captured the monster. This monster was so strong that he could persist for such a long time under the hands of a monk who was a baby. He just didn’t know if the bodhi old zu had any other magic weapon besides the turtle carrying the stone tablet.
Haikui accelerated and rushed in their direction.
At this time, the outside world has become a mess, and inexplicable storms and waves have had a certain impact on coastal cities. However, fortunately, it is only rainy and windy, but there is no other harm.
Haikui quickly found the bodhi old zu of the robe, but the situation changed at this time
This surprised Haikui. At this time, the bodhi old zu was fighting with the monster, and the black turtle with the stone tablet and a white water ape with a three-pronged fork fought together
When did you have such an extra water ape? Haikui is strange.
Chapter 155 Water Ape
The water ape actually fights with the bully evenly. Under the frequent waving of the trident in his hand, the sea water can also form a water rope under his command to plague the bully.
And the bodhi old zu of the robe alone can’t resist the monster’s extraordinary power.
Grass is this monster calling for help?
When the bully opens his mouth, he spits out a water arrow and goes towards the white water ape, while the white water ape waves a trident to disperse the water arrow.
A strange scene happened when the water ape shook his body, and all the white hairs scattered on him were shot at the bully. Then the water ape actually pinched and printed them quickly, and all the white hairs burst to form a rune, which surrounded the bully under a mass of white light and sealed the bully.
I can’t believe when monkeys are so awesome.
After the water ape sealed the bully, he raised his big fork and hit him at the bully.
At most, the water ape is three or four feet in size, and it looks small in front of a dozen feet, but even so, its momentum is extremely amazing. When the trident is lifted, even the huge bully seems so powerless.
There was a loud bang and the trident slammed on the stone tablet.
A trembling rune flashed, and the whole sea was trembling.
I saw that the bully kept shrinking under the trembling, and finally became smaller and smaller, becoming only the size of a fist. The water ape reached out and grasped Naha in his hand.
What I saw by Haikui was tongue-tied. Isn’t this monkey too strong? Not only is it powerful enough to control the sea water, but it can also spell and rune.
Is it a relative of the Monkey King who is so powerful and so made?
The water ape took over the magic weapon of the robe bodhi old zu and then jumped to the front of the robe bodhi old zu and fought with the monsters. The situation of the robe bodhi old zu changed immediately.
Although the monster is powerful, it can’t do any spells or rune spells, but the water ape is almost no different from a human being, and he is the water ape. This sea water is its main battlefield, and it also has a magic weapon trident in the hands of spells and runes, and it is not weaker than the bodhi old zu.
The white-haired water ape came to the side of the robe bodhi old zu, waved a trident, and several water ropes appeared quickly and wrapped around it and went to the robe bodhi old zu.
The bodhi old zu already knows that he will lose, and even the magic weapon has been taken over by this monkey. I’m afraid he will be grabbed before the storage bag is patted. After the red gourd reappears at his feet and sets foot on it, the whole person rushes out and runs towards the distance.
How can Haikui let him walk away? At least leave the flying sword behind.
Haikui shouted, "Leave my flying sword", and the whole person was like an arrow leaving the string and chasing after the bodhi old zu in the robe.
The bodhi old zu of the robe bit his fingertips and painted spells with blood, and then pushed out those bloody spells one by one, and quickly spread backwards, blocking Haikui’s way. Haikui’s flying sword was robbed, and there was no other magic weapon, so he had to stretch out his hand and hold the bronze mirror in his hand and pat it towards those runes.
The rune collided with the bronze mirror and gave off a huge collision force. Fortunately, Haikui released the protective qi, which was such a huge impact that he was washed out and spit out one mouthful blood.
The footsteps of water apes and monsters have also been blocked. The water apes stopped in great anger and opened their mouths with a loud roar. The roar resounded throughout the sea, and everywhere they could spread was the roar of water apes.
The bodhi old zu was running away, and suddenly it was dark like a wall in front of him. Look carefully where the wall is, and there are countless sea fish standing in front of him.
The bodhi old zu is furious that you little shrimps are going to block my way, too. With a wave of your hand, a cold breath instantly freezes the sea water. With a wave of your hand, an ice arrow goes forward and pierces the sea fish. At the speed of thunder, dozens of sea fish burst open, but the number of sea fish is too much, and they just die a little, and then they are filled up quickly.
Haikui only felt the darkness at the moment, and he also saw countless sea fish blocking the way of the robe bodhi old zu. These fish were carefully looked at and looked at, which was completely different from the fish he usually ate
He saw the white-haired water ape open his mouth and shout again, and then Haikui saw several huge sharks appear in front and bite away at the bodhi old zu.
Haikui instantly understood that the water ape was commanding all the fish in the sea to fight against the bodhi old zu.
Hai Kui suddenly remembered a sentence: there is no tiger in the mountain, and the monkey is called the king, but this is not the mountain, this is the sea, and this monkey is not an ordinary monkey at all, so it makes sense to be the king.
Haikui stopped with water apes and monsters and countless schools of fish. He felt that the bodhi old zu couldn’t run away. He just stood by coldly and watched as long as he could get his flying sword back later. He didn’t want to fight so many fish and water apes and monsters. The number was terrible.
The bodhi old zu of the robe waved his soul frequently, and the freezing speed of the sea water became faster and faster. Ice arrows were sprayed out and harvested the lives of these marine fish, but those marine fish rushed towards the bodhi old zu of the robe without hesitation.
The sea is no longer bright green, and it has begun to be dyed red. This scene looks spectacular, just like on the battlefield, which is as tragic as the first world war. Countless fish soldiers died here with blood on the sea.
Those sharks are dead, two of them are dead, and several others are desperate. When the bodhi old zu waved his hand and the red light flashed, countless marine fish died again.
Several souls appeared on the coffin, some with knives, some with guns and some with axes. Those souls had all kinds of weapons in their hands. They rushed out and harvested the lives of those fish like chopping melons and vegetables.
Haikui was shocked.
Although it’s just killing fish, it’s not killing fish in the vegetable market. It’s tens of thousands of fish killed in the blink of an eye, and their limbs are broken and slowly floating in the sea, as if they were unwilling, and their eyes are wide open and deeply unwilling.
Haikui retreated dozens of feet, and he didn’t want to get contaminated with the fish blood, which seemed terrible to him.
The bodhi old zu of the robe was jealous. He didn’t expect that there were so many fish as ants, and there seemed to be endless supporters from all directions.
Water apes and monsters have also joined the first world war with the Pharaoh, who wants to escape, but his teleport distance is limited, and the ocean is vast and boundless, and they are thousands of meters under the sea. At that time, they were unable to fix for his infancy.
The truth in his body is not endless, so after several hours of war, he was finally captured alive by the water ape.
At this time, the sea water has been dyed red by fish blood, with nearly tens of thousands of cubic meters. Haikui saw only the endless blood in the sea water, but he still smelled the bloody gas that made him vomit.
This war made Haikui see what is tragic and what is angry fish.
After catching the bodhi old zu of the robe, the monster became bigger again, and opened his mouth and sucked all the dead fish and blood in the seawater into his stomach. Other living fish had already fled far away again.
The sea has returned to its original appearance, and there are still dead fish everywhere before.
The white-haired water ape is holding his trident in his right hand and the bodhi old zu with some broken clothes in his left hand is moving slowly towards Haikui.
A few feet away from Haikui, he raised his fork and pointed it at Haikui’s sharp fork tip, showing cold light and expressing hostility to Haikui.
At this moment, Haikui guessed that the white water ape might have regarded him as an enemy. He knew that the Taoist robe bodhi old zu could not defeat himself and certainly could not. He hurriedly said, "This monkey brother, I mean no harm to you. It was this bad guy who drove me here. I didn’t intend to come to your territory."
White-haired water apes screamed twice when they heard Haikui talking.
Haikui didn’t understand what it meant, so he said, "Don’t get angry. I’m leaving the sea. Not only is my flying sword still in this guy’s hand, can you ask him to give it to me?"
The white-haired water ape glared at him and barked twice.
Haikui still doesn’t understand
The monster behind the white-haired ape whispered. Niu Jiao generally called two times. The white-haired ape turned around and shouted at him with dissatisfaction. The monster seemed very wronged. After calling a chase, the white-haired ape actually reached out and stroked it like a compromise, just like a human appeasing a pet.
Seeing this scene, Haikui felt amazing, but he felt like a monster. The two of them are human beings who can communicate with each other.
After communicating with the monster for a while, the white-haired ape suddenly turned around and threw the black bully snatched from the bodhi old zu’s robe to Haikui.
Haikui wondered what he meant. He took over the bully and asked, "You want to give me this."
The white-haired water ape nodded.
Hai Kui didn’t expect it to understand his meaning, and thanked him with joy and said, "Monkey, look at my flying sword."