"Only these eternal wars of heaven and earth can resist the erosion of the blood sea and turn the blood sea into itself." Yudu Duxiu Gujing said.

The Hunger Nailai doesn’t care about Yu Duxiu’s ability to run to the side to start the array method, but he sees that the murderous look of heaven and earth is still like ink. Then The Hunger’s innate immortal flashes in the bronze furnace of nature, and that murderous look is like finding an organization. Wanderers instantly return to their homes and throw themselves into the bronze furnace of nature.
Chen Sheng wiped his forehead sweat in the wild and threw a stone. "Master, this old deathlessly is unreliable. Do all the dirty work for me. Can ordinary people come to this ancient battlefield? It’s cruel to rush into the Yuan God if it’s a murder. But in ancient times, I didn’t expect that there were actually thirteen ancient battlefields. This Shaqi was really tragic. If it weren’t for the protection of the master’s avatar, I would have to explain that this old deathlessly here is too unreliable. I’m exhausted. "
The Chen Sheng swearing constantly decorated with past law.
Chapter 154 Ancient secrets such as visiting from the dust
I kept complaining that all of a sudden, the murderous look of heaven and earth turned into a whirlpool, and Chen Sheng couldn’t prevent the instantaneous lift and flew out.
"I knew I shouldn’t have come this time, but that The Hunger promised to give it to me …" Chen Sheng cooed.
With a steady stream of war gas pouring into the copper furnace of Chenghua, Jade Duxiu converges to one side of the formula expression.
"That’s good?" Blood magic road
"If it’s so simple, wouldn’t it be all kinds of powerful magic weapons flying all over the sky?" Jade Duxiu looked at The Hunger like an idiot
The Hunger smell speech suddenly blushed with thick neck, hey hey smiled and stared at the bronze furnace crossed by nature and didn’t talk.
Jade Duxiu corners of the mouth moved "until the murderous look of the ancient battlefield is stolen by us, this magic weapon is half practiced."
"Only half?" The Hunger was surprised.
It is indeed beyond The Hunger’s understanding of refining magic weapons to get so much trouble and complete half of it.
Yu Duxiu closed his eyes before the bronze furnace with his hands. "What kind of good baby is this? It’s trouble to refine it. Do you know that the three treasures were refined as a sacrifice?"
The Hunger shook his head and confessed his knowledge.
Jade Duxiu gently sighed, "I don’t tell you that Sanbao Ruyi is so easy to refine and so simple. There are three reasons. The first one is that Zuo Yi won the jade of the beginning of the world."
"God jade first? Is really rare, but it is not hard to find things "The Hunger hit it hit the mouth.
"This second point is that the seat has won a chaotic mother gas" Yu Duxiu casually said.
"This chaotic mother gas solid … what did you say? Chaos mother gas? " The Hunger almost jumped up a pair of eyes staring at jade Duxiu face horror way
"This matter was known to all the worlds in those days, but it was a quick step to refine it into a treasure. What’s the fuss about trying to seize it too late?" Jade Duxiu said.
"Make a fuss? That’s chaotic mother gas. Do you know what this chaotic mother gas represents? " The Hunger incredible way
"What does it represent?" Yudu avenue
"Tut tut" The Hunger looked at Yu Duxiu back and forth. "I’m really curious that this fellow of yours is still alive up to now. The first owner of the chaotic mother gas was an unlucky ghost. The unlucky ghost was fierce and terrible. Even after his death, the chaotic mother gas was contaminated by the unlucky things. The most important thing is that the chaotic mother gas is contaminated with the unlucky ghost. It’s not easy for you to be alive."
"Otherwise, you’ll get the precious things like chaotic mother gas from the dust. That little bitch was the bodhi old zu, and I was a step late, otherwise I’ll take the chaotic mother gas." The Hunger bodhi old zu gnashed her teeth.
Yu Duxiu heard the news and frowned. He didn’t die because of the disaster. The source of the disaster was more prosperous and blessed by God’s will. But even so, he was unlucky enough. Taiping Road turned against all parties and became enemies. These hatred causes and effects were enough for him to die ten times and a hundred times. But the source of the disaster was alive and kicking. "Is there really such chaos?"
"What is your third condition?" The Hunger dialect brought Jade Duxiu back to reality.
"The third nature is that only when the laws of heaven and earth are taken care of and conform to the heaven and the will of heaven and earth can we sacrifice and refine such treasures," Yu Duxiu said.
"God’s will has been illusory since ancient times, and you have come to deceive people." The Hunger pie pie
Yu Duxiu sighed gently when he heard this. "Who can tell if God’s will is ethereal?"
With that, Jade Duxiu looked at The Hunger. "You are here to watch me close my eyes until the war between heaven and earth is almost over. You call me."
"Okay, okay, you go to rest." Blood magic way
"By the way, why did you scold Li Chen as a bitch?" Jade Duxiu suddenly way
"Hum, it’s a long story. Anyway, Liang is married." The Hunger said angrily.
Looking at The Hunger’s jade show, I know that this fellow suffered a big loss in ancient times.
"It’s not that I can’t say that I’m telling you that it’s strange to restrain the bodhi old zu, the bodhi old zu on the blood river avenue. I think that the blood god is independent, but if it’s faced with the death of the dust god, it’s absolutely instantaneous to be strangled. Everything has its vanquisher." The Hunger bodhi old zu said with a bad face.
Looking at The Hunger bodhi old zu Yu Duxiu shook his head and didn’t say much but said in his heart, "From the dust? This fellow is also a powerful figure in the heavens. If you can pull into Buddhism, you can also expand the power of Buddhism. "
Buddhism is now the first Sect in all worlds. What?
Amitabha is the first person in all worlds, but this deficiency makes Buddhism the first religion in all worlds, which really shakes Buddhism. The heavens are full of bodhisattvas from different origins, and the strong ones are all transformed by Yu Duxiu’s hand, and Buddhism appears.
However, these bodhisattvas are rarely seen before people, so they are found to be flawed by various clans. Everyone shouts that Buddhism has many masters, but there may not be a few who really get it.
Thought of here, Jade Duxiu touched the bar. "It will take Sun Chi to go once, and forgetting the dust will also be connected to the pure land of Lingshan in Da Lei Yin Temple."
In the future, the world will be in turmoil, and it is foreseeable that you will promote a storm that will sweep across the world, and the ancestors and all sentient beings will stay out of it
It’s not until Tongtian Road is over that the grand plan will be truly laid out and truly prospected.
Amitabha, the pure land of Lingshan, felt something in his heart. A method aimed at coming from the virtual was taken by Sun Chi.
Sun Chi, the Taoist priest from Dust, slowly closed the decree and thought for a while. I have heard about Taoist priest from Dust before. I wonder which bodhisattva knows more about Taoist priest from Dust.
"Tell the Buddha that the Taoist way away from the dust is long in ancient times, and that he is arrogant in his skill away from the dust." A quasi-fairy way
After listening to the bodhisattva, Sun Chi made a mistake. That’s an old saying. How can a strong man be recruited casually by himself?
However, since the Buddha’s decree is a violation of the law, it may not be necessary for the Buddha to make any arrangements.
After that, Sun Equatorial said, "I am going to travel to Lingshan to practice Buddhism in the middle earth."
Say that finish has disappeared.
Sun Tzu, who is far away from the dust cave, is surrounded by Buddha’s light. "The Tathagata of Da Lei Yin Temple, please meet the Taoist cold."
"It turned out that you came to the Buddha in the Da Lei Yin Temple. Why didn’t you come to my place to leave the dust?" There was a female voice in the cave of dust. "I didn’t expect that the wonderful show has fallen into reincarnation. Even you voted for his main certificate, and even the ape demon god was planted in your hands."
Listen to the cold, I can’t say whether it is praise or ridicule. Sun Chi smiled bitterly. He never dared to say that the Buddha in Lingshan is his own master. This is not too shocking.
"Taoist priests are not hospitable like this. Monks come here with sincerity." Sun Equator
"Oh, you want to see me?" The cold body shape slowly appears, and it is determined to be ten feet away from the grandson of the dusty land.
"I want to invite the venerable master into my Lingshan to enjoy the fruit of Bodhisattva and be served by the world" Sun Equator
"You’re not interested in the big screamo temple, and you’re not interested in Buddhism." After that, you left directly to dry Sun Chi here.
Sun Chi looked at the dusty cave and hesitated a little, but after all, he was afraid to say that his master was the Buddha. I don’t know how many eyes and ears stared at his trip. Even if he was confident in his own strength, there were countless kinds of secrets in heaven and earth. If this kind of thing leaked out, the heavens would be turned upside down. If the cold man invited himself into the abode of fairies and immortals, there would be a law to cover it up. One thing or two can be said. This cold man was too embarrassed to even let him into the abode of fairies and immortals
Chapter 155 Wonderful Jade Proof
Sun Chi knows something about some entanglements of Han Kui’s own master. After all, Sun Chiyu’s absolute confidant has planted a kind of robbery, and betrayal will never happen.
Looking at the cold and tight abode of fairies and immortals, Sun Chi smiled and touched his nose. A pair of eyes scanned the imaginary sirs and secretly peeped at the monks. They all retreated and turned around and turned to the big screamo temple.

Rui Rui is an understanding child who knows that work is very important to adults and there is no noise.

But Si never spoke to Chuningzhao again. Even though Rui Rui tried to make Si and Chuningzhaotong talk many times, Si found various reasons and excuses and refused.
She felt that she didn’t want to hear ChuNingZhao now, especially after the slap that day.
I don’t know why Chu Ningzhao can say marriage words to herself so easily. If she is a child, she really can’t stand it.
Think feel angry, and that kind of anger will not go away.
Last night, Chu Ningzhao called Rui Rui again. She didn’t know what her father said in the words. After Rui Rui hung up, she ran over and told Si that he was going to live with his father.
Alice’s reaction at that time was, "Are you going to live with him?"
Ruirui didn’t know when he learned to sell, and even said, "Mom and Dad told me to keep it a secret and not to tell you for the time being."
At this moment, even if Rui Rui doesn’t tell Si, she also knows what the two fathers conspired to discuss in their words.
Isn’t it necessary to live together? Chu Ningzhao sent someone to directly change everything in this room, and many things are estimated to be the style that Chu Ningzhao usually likes.
Of course, thinking about the decoration of the house is not too careless. Seeing that these things will naturally bring better enjoyment and comfort to life to some extent now, it is of course impossible to squander her money in these areas. She still has to live with Rui Rui, although there is no difference in money, but it is also necessary to prevent anything that needs money from happening.
But this is not important. The important thing is that Rui Rui went to the door when someone knocked at the door early. He lifted a stool to press the password.
This proves that Chuningzhao has agreed everything with Ruirui.
Si watched the moving company move the furniture in, with some things-something that belonged to Chu Ningzhao at first sight.
How can something that makes you want to cry come to this?
But Beth didn’t get angry in front of the moving company, because she knew that these people were just taking money to do things, and they didn’t do what they should do, and if they didn’t do it, they would have a tragic ending.
Silly is a soft-hearted person. She thinks that Chu Ningzhao must know this about her so recklessly that these people break in and change the whole family.
Qingchen watched the movers finish everything quickly and said with a smile, "Did you get robbed? It’s just that people send you something to rob. "
Si smiled bitterly. "Yes, I took the old things and sent me the new capital."
"What the hell happened?"
"This-you should ask Rui Rui" Si looked down at the child’s face and "Rui Rui told me what happened"
If Qingchen wasn’t here, Rui Rui would be afraid. Once Qingchen was here, Rui Rui felt that he had found a backer and ran to Qingchen’s side, holding Qingchen’s legs in his hands and saying softly, "Mom, I don’t know. This is what Dad said. He said he would move in with us."
Think "… he said he would come and you agreed?"
Rui Rui naively replied, "Yes, why should I refuse my father? And I want to live with dad, too. Mom, shouldn’t you live with dad, too? I see it says that mom and dad should sleep together. "
Think about your forehead. It’s hard enough for children to know too much now!
Ruirui added "and you should sleep in the same bed"
Think "…"
Qingchen laughed. She bent down and rubbed it on Ruirui’s cheek. "God, Ruirui baby, how can you be so cute!"
Looking at Qing Chen, "Are you still laughing? Are you gloating …"
Qingchen shrugged. "Otherwise, this is what your son promised. What can you do?"
Si leng snorted, "If he dares to come in, I will kick him out."
Qing Chen and Rui Rui took a look at each other and vomitted to stick out her tongue. Now she suddenly feels that ChuNingZhao is also a difficult person, and it is not so easy to deal with.
And she still remembers that when she called her that night, her tone was … I wanted to say yes, but I couldn’t get past myself.
After that, Qingchen can already tell that she must like Chuningzhao, even now, as always.
However, too many things have happened to them, and the snag in their hearts is too sad, and even Chu Ningzhao is not simple.
"But these new furniture are pretty good-looking." Qingchen looked around for a while and you can see that these furniture are valuable at a glance.
"Good-looking and what?" I thought my eyes were cold and I couldn’t wait to throw all these things out now.
But her original furniture has been taken away by the moving company department at this time, and she can also leave these things here for the time being.
And she’s glad that Chuningzhao isn’t here at the moment, otherwise she would have lost control of her emotions and had to rush to slap the man again.
This is her house. How did his things take up all of it?
But looking at this moment, Rui Rui has a face of thoughts and feelings that are really complicated.
She knows too well how much Rui Rui lacks fatherly love over the years to be so sticky. This is her fault except letting Rui.
There is no other way but to let Rui Rui do according to his own mood.
Qingchen comforted her for a few words and told her not to be impulsive. Calm down first and then go back to her room.
Of course, the first thing after going in is to call Chenchi to ask what the hell is going on.
Qingchen is sure Chenchi must know something.
But when Chen Chi Yin sounded at the other end of the sentence, Qingchen almost forgot what he was going to say.
She heard her heart thump, thump, thump, thump and thump.
The reason is that he just had a deep line in Chenchi, which was sexy and hoarse with special meaning. It was like just waking up from sleep, and those lazy sexy ones were directly inserted in Qingchen’s heart like a knife.
Oh, my god
Qingchen lamented in his heart that what is a sound of this man can be so attractive?
I finally calmed my heart and said, "You haven’t got up yet?"
Chenchi smiled, "What time is it now?"
"Oh … I think you are the kind of person who gets up early and struggles."
Chenchi Nai "can’t get up at half past six earlier, can you?" And it takes less than ten minutes to go to school from me. "
A doesn’t go to class until half past ten. Chenchi needs to get up before one o’clock, so she can get to school in time.
"Well," Qingchen was indefensible. "I got up early today."
"Why can’t I sleep because I miss what I have?" Chen Chi smiled hoarsely at the other end of the words.
The green morning exercise sword flashed a crimson sneer. "You want to be beautiful because other men can’t sleep."
Chenchi’s voice sank. "Who?"
This time, Qing Chen smiled, "Professor Yu Chen was so gullible?"
Chenchi hummed and smiled "you little thing"
Qingchen’s cheeks are redder. She can’t help regretting why she called Chenchi this early in the morning. This isn’t to find herself restless. What is it?
"I’m awake. Go ahead. Call me at this time. What should I say?"

Ji Wu Shuo: "I forgive you for helping me escape."

Jia Wen and shook his head, lowered the good, no sound.
Then Wang Qiang hesitated, trying to say something, but finally didn’t say it.
JiFan hand an iron tire bow, a green arrow feather, aimed at the heart of Wang Qiang, as long as Wang Qiang talk, then this arrow will shoot, an arrow through the heart! ! !
Wang Qiang held back, JiFan kind to him! He can’t forget! But when you die, you owe kindness, and you don’t owe each other.
JiFan breath a sigh of relief, the feeling of betrayal, will be in the heart of guilt.
Necessary sacrifice, if he is still indecisive, then he is not suitable as a monarch.
After so many years of feelings, how can Ji Fan forget that the establishment of six royal guards in the three armed forces is the opportunity brought by his bandit troops?
Among them, Wang Qiang was the last thing JiFan wanted, followed by Jia Wen, Xun You and Fang Jin. . .
Hard to give up!
JiWu eyes empty lying on the ground, lying next to Jia Wen.
But I didn’t find that Fang Tianhua’s breakthrough took away most of the arrow feathers, and only a few were still harvesting the chaotic cavalry in Jiwu.
In this case, Xun You was taken away by Fang Tianhua.
Those soldiers of Ji Wu, who took the long knife rest with cold light shining between the necks of three people, were leaderless and in chaos. They had long lost their long knives and were ready to escape.
Fang Jin jumped suddenly, with his left foot as the axis and his right foot splitting a sweep.
Touch! !
There were two dull clashing sounds in a row, and the two foot soldiers closest to Fang Jin flew out.
Fang Jin snatched a long knife from one of the foot soldiers, and even chopped four foot soldiers with the gesture of the earth. Warm blood was sprayed on him, and ShaQi was threatening! !
Suddenly, a wave of arrow feathers hit his head. . .
Caught off guard, Fang Jin succumbed to death on the spot and fell down. . .
JiFan heavy sigh, above the battlefield, the sword has no eyes! !
That wave of arrow feathers did not stop there, but shot at Jia Wen with residual potential.
Jia Wen looked up, sighed and closed his eyes. . .
Bow and arrow!
A fat shadow is bold jump on Jia Wen’s body, trying to cover Jia Wen’s body with his own body.
Poop, poop, poop! ! !
Blood flowed to Xun You’s face, weighing nearly two hundred Jin. For various reasons, Jia Wen opened his eyes.
Wang Qiang! !
Wang Qiang pale face, but also with a shock. . .
Even he didn’t think he would do such a move, which completely violated his wishes.
People may be so complicated that they obviously don’t want to do something, but in a critical moment, they still do it.
Completely a conditioned reflex, subconscious.
Ji Fan looked at this scene, closed his eyes and shed a tear in the corner of his eye. He said to himself, "Go all the way."
Jia Wen looked at Wang Qiang silently and said, "You are the king of hell, and you won’t die. . . Right? . . Get up! ! ! ! !” Said in the end, Jia Wen and they practiced yelling at Wang Qiang lying on the ground, with thick red neck.
That an arrow feather straight into Wang Qiang’s vest, after a finger, Wang Qiang exhaled blood gushed out of the mouth, revealing a pale smile.
Wang Qiang, die!
All the military commanders around JiFan were transferred to the front, while Dian Wei and Xu Chu took the infantry, and it took some time to get here.
For Wang Qiang’s death and Jia Wen, who was in a dangerous state, Ji Fan was helpless and could only pray in secret.
At this moment, Fang Tianhua has begun to attack the encirclement, and that direction is a small slope.
Archers commanding, occupy the geographical position, JiFan some doubt Fang Tianhua plot, otherwise, why did he choose the difficult hillside.
Ji Fan gave the order: "Shrink the encirclement and win Ji Wu. The primary target is Fang Tianhua’s team."
Ji Wu looked like he was waiting to die, which made Ji Fan disdain.
Such a man has fought with him for so many years, lost his dependence on Jia Wen, and completely collapsed.
On the other hand, under the command of JiFan, the encirclement was shrinking, Fang Tianhua’s team was also shrinking rapidly, and blood flowed down the hillside. . . Red this piece of heaven and earth. . .
After dozens of minutes of entanglement, Ji Fan helped Jia Wen up, returned to the team and walked in the direction of Fang Tianhua.
. . . . . .
"What? Fang Tianhua’s body was not found? ? ?”
JiFan hair blown to a foot soldier asked.
Now JiFan has rescued Xun You, then JiFan ordered foot soldiers to find Fang Tianhua’s body.
Now JiFan get such an answer, how to don’t let him lose heart?
If Fang Tianhua escapes, he will surely return to Jingzhou overnight and even annex Yangzhou to resist him.

It’s a bit embarrassing to discuss that we will separate this road when we wait until the day of the spirit city.

Although I want to let Jiu Xuan go, Xiao Leng’s heart is still very uncomfortable. For so long, Jiu Xuan has been taking care of himself. It is true that I feel close to Jiu Xuan in my heart, but I don’t have the heart to let Jiu Xuan ruin my life. Although my strength is much stronger, Xiao Leng didn’t think that I could protect two people completely. Even Yue Linger’s own Xiao Leng didn’t fully grasp the protection, but Yue Linger was his wife. Xiao Leng realized that it was normal for husband and wife to be together, even if they died together. It’s normal, but he doesn’t need to let one of his predecessors die with him. Although it’s impossible to die, you should take precautions anyway. Xiao Leng’s preventive measures are very simple, that is, you should be careful to part ways. The word "parting ways" is good to say, it means disagreement and separation, but it means that they are all passers-by. However, their departure is different from this, and they can be safe after separation, which is not caused by any disagreement.
Walking all the way, I gradually feel that there are more people. Now there are still no robbers in the official road. The robbers in this place are absolutely afraid to move. If they are caught, it will be miserable. Besides, there are many patrol teams near this place. These people are not strong, except that the captain is Jin Xianyu, who is a fairy, but it depends on how many people there are. Even if you are strong, you can’t stand the siege of hundreds of thousands of Jin Xian and immortals unless you are extremely strong.
"Look at the elder here, it’s still Ann Day Spirit City, and it must be safe." Xiao said with a smile that he wanted to leave the nine Xuanan. Now it’s still very safe here, and Xiao Leng is naturally relieved.
"Grace" Nine Xuan nodded lightly. He also knew that Xiao Leng had let himself leave. Of course, he wouldn’t have any other ideas. He was really nothing too big. Yue Linger was very curious about celestial things. Looking around all the way made two people walk around. Although the atmosphere was not very good, it didn’t feel like where will you go.
The celestial region is very natural, and it is impossible to go through all the official roads in one day. Naturally, there will be celestial inns left in the distance, so it is naturally impossible to dig a hole here. If you dig a hole, you will be trampled to death.
After watching around for a day, the walking speed was not very fast. When they arrived at an inn, it was already dark.
The celestial inn naturally wants celestial currency. It can’t be celestial money. Even if people fix the world, there can’t be celestial people. The circulation of the celestial world is Lingshi, and the circulation of the celestial world is fairy stone. Although they haven’t got the fairy stone, there are many fairy stones that are cold and cool, but there are many even mountains and shapes in the fairy house. However, all the people are naturally worried without celestial currency.
As soon as I entered the inn, I saw a lot of people in the hall. Most of them were ordinary immortals. There were a few immortals. Yu Jinxian was one without their strength. Naturally, people attached great importance to her, especially Yue Linger. She was wearing that artifact armor, which gave people the feeling that she couldn’t see through her strength. Naturally, people in the store didn’t dare to provoke them. An immortal soon came to them. "Objectively, are you three staying at the hotel?"
Xiao Leng nodded but took out a few pieces of fairy stone in the fairy stone celestial world, which is also very difficult to get him to do. Naturally, it is to let this small two eyes shine and be so generous to take out these fairy stone people, which will definitely not be weak or powerful. He is so convinced that he can’t neglect nature.
"Give me two rooms," Xiao Leng said. "I’m going to put the fairy stone in a small second hand. How do you say this is also a fairy level? Xiao Er can still easily get it when Xiao Leng finished speaking. Xiao Er seems to look at Xiao Leng like a rural person." Don’t you know objectively? Are all the inns in Jieya Xiandi site a group of people living in one room? And we don’t have a room here, but it’s an ordinary room, but I can’t help it. "The celestial second is not the kui is a fairy level. Who are you? I speak according to the facts. If the human world sees such a rich man, it’s almost the same for you to give up your place to live."
Xiao Leng suddenly became a little embarrassed. He really didn’t know these things. A team and a room must be big.
"Let’s have one, then." Xiao Leng said that he didn’t have the strength to dare to destroy the immortal emperor’s order. Xiao Er took the four pieces of immortal stone handed over by Xiao Leng. Of course, this is a fairy stone in the middle or a fairy stone can be seen at a glance.
"Well, objectively, you can spend money to stay in a small shop for a month. When it’s a month, I will naturally ask you to go." Xiao Er said that Xiao Leng couldn’t help but feel that Nai himself was still too young and didn’t understand this celestial world. When he took out so many fairy stones, others would be rich. Maybe he would be robbed. Xiao Leng was worried, but he didn’t calculate that it was a big deal to live here for a month.
Xiao Leng said to the Xiao Er, "We’ll give it to you if we stay for one night." Xiao Leng’s generosity immediately made the Xiao Er overjoyed, and it was not that no one gave it to Xiao Er, but it was often given to several fairy stones. It was the first time for nature to treat Xiao Leng well, and they were not ungrateful. Later, he sent the money to Xiao Leng and they sent some food. Xiao Leng was grateful for a smile and then a fairy stone passed.
Xiao Leng left the inn early the next morning, and their destination, Riling City, was still a few days away. What they had to do was to hurry. Xiao Leng also got a little understanding of the monetary ability of the celestial world. Xiao Leng left nature to live in the celestial world. Xiao Leng gave him five hundred fairy stones, but there was no Xiao Leng’s golden meaning. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have taken out the fairy stone at first.
A few days will be enough for them to get to Riling City. They all stayed in inns, which is relatively safe. A few days later, a group of three people came to a tall city. People came and went outside the gate, and the city head said Riling City.
A few people entered the Riling City along the gate. When Xiao Leng Jiu Xuan was just entering, he took his wife Yue Linger and stopped at Jiu Xuan. He felt that Xiao Leng stopped but looked back.
"Senior, let’s separate here."
PS joke: I am a rabbit to test the strength of the United States, Hong Kong and Chinese mainland. The United Nations will put three rabbits in three forests to see the three places. Who will find the rabbit first?
Before the first forest, it was the United States * * They spent a whole half-day meeting to make a battle plan and strictly divide the work, and then sent special forces to quickly enter the forest for carpet search. As a result, when the meeting was delayed, the rabbit failed!
Then it was Hong Kong’s turn * * They sent more than 100 people and dozens of police cars lined up outside the forest, and the leader shouted "Tutu, you have been surrounded, come out and surrender " Half a day passed, and nothing happened. The Flying Tigers went into the forest to search again and failed!
Finally, China * * There were four people who played mahjong for a day first. At dusk, one person took a baton and went into the forest. In five minutes, he heard a burst of animal screams coming from the forest. China * * One person was smoking a cigarette and laughing, dragging his black face behind him and dying, saying, "Don’t hit me again. I am a rabbit."
Chapter 115 Riling City
After looking back at Xiao Leng and Yue Linger, Jiu Xuan nodded silently and walked away all the time. It is better to leave now than to leave by himself. They are also a little less worried about their own strength. They seem to be really weak. It is better not to be that burden. Jiu Xuan is also a proud person. He has always been a top strong person. Even if he was not strong at the beginning, his own master took care of him and his position was very high. For so many years, he was not used to being a burden to others and a protected person.
In that case, let’s separate.
Xiao Leng and Yue Linger left, and Jiu Xuan left by himself. Xiao Leng and Jiu Xuan had no purpose, but they were going to Jieya Xiandi. It was normal for Jiu Xuan to go there. After all, Jieya Xiandi once took care of Jiu Xuan, although Jiu Xuan had never seen Jieya Xiandi, but Jiu Xuan respected Jieya Xiandi very much. Now it is considered that Jiu Xuan’s heart has been bought.
After leaving Jiu Xuan Xiao Leng’s heart, he is not very happy. Such a senior takes care of himself. Once he leaves himself, especially in a strange place, no one will be in a good mood. Well, take the bustling Riling City Street and look at the bustling city Xiao Leng. Finally, he can be distracted from other things. This place wants to concentrate, but he can’t come here because there are many people. Plus, it is normal to trade what he wants here. The prosperity of the celestial world is really beyond the prosperity of Yueling. Son, this inexperienced person is curious when he sees things. Yue Linger has to go and see what she looks like. It’s a good thing that Xiao Leng’s temper is still very good for Yue Linger. Xiao Leng has always walked over and looked at the hands, but there are some neutralization fairy stones that Yue Linger will buy once she really sees what she likes, but after shopping for a long time, she can’t see what Yue Linger sees. She is curious about celestial things, especially celestial market things. She is curious and may not be able to buy them.
"Linger, what did you see? My husband bought it for you." Xiao sneered and said that he picked up Yue Linger and just put a decoration in the celestial world. It’s really hard to encounter such a decoration. Xiao Leng took out a Zhongxian stone and put it in the boss’s hand. The boss was very excited that a small decoration could be changed to such a Zhongxian stone, but it was quite difficult, especially when the man put it in his hand, he said, "Don’t find a department to give it to you." The currency price of the celestial world is 1 piece of Xianxian stone =1 piece of Zhongxian stone =1 piece
Fairy fairy stone can be cultivated and circulated, and most people do this transaction almost all for cultivation. This boss is no exception. Xiao Leng is such a piece of fairy stone, but if he practices enough, he will absorb a lot. Xiao Leng doesn’t know that the fairy aura of the celestial world is abundant, but it is impossible for ordinary immortals or fairy roots to absorb the fairy aura of the celestial world. It takes a series of transformations before the immortals can absorb the cultivation, but the fairy stone is not. Otherwise, if there is a fairy stone, Xiao Leng can absorb the fairy aura from it. Absorbing the fairy aura in this fairy stone is actually because his body can directly absorb the fairy aura in the celestial world. Naturally, there is no need to absorb the situation in the fairy stone. It is a fairy stone that can circulate money. He doesn’t know that this thing is really natural, so he is very confused.
Yue Linger looked at Xiao Leng and picked up the little ornament, and her face turned red. Yue Linger liked this little hair accessory very much. She had never met any good hair accessories. Naturally, she was very interested in it. Although it was well done, it was not worth much. What can Xiao Leng take this is actually the longest when Yue Linger took this by himself? It is easy to see that Xiao Leng is not short of anything. Naturally, he can see that he is very happy and took out a Zhongxian stone and handed it to the boss. After a slight pause, he picked it up. Then he took out dozens of fairy stones from the place where he put them, and gave them back to Xiao Leng, which made Xiao Leng feel funny. But he didn’t expect that this person would give himself so many fairy stones, although it was just like watching.
"This is all yours. Don’t give it to me." Xiao smiled at the fairy boss but was angry.
"Hurry up or I’ll call the law enforcement team." He said so. Xiao Liang was angry and gave him money himself. What did he not want? Is it too much money? Xiao Leng was very angry. He took the man and handed him the fairy stone. He felt carefully that Xiao Leng found that this man had given himself ninety-five fairy stones. Such a hair accessory actually required five fairy stones or Xiao Leng was suspicious. Is it true that some people don’t like money? I don’t want it for him myself.
Looking at Xiao Leng, I also look at myself. This immortal is also a Naide who explained it to Xiao Leng. "I said, is this your first visit to Lingcheng in Japan? Even if I don’t understand this rule, I can charge the fairy stone according to the price, and I can’t ask the guests for a small fairy stone. Once it is known, I will be fined a hundred times. This is not that I can afford it. Even if I can afford it, I don’t want to pay my monthly income. I can’t catch such a fine. "
Xiao Leng is aware of this day’s spiritual city. It is really ironic that such a regulation should be made. Since it is the case, Xiao Leng is also happy to save money. No one in the circulation partners doesn’t like it. The truth is that it has become a regulation and no one dares to disobey it.
Personally bring this little hair accessory to his wife. Hehe, Yue Linger is blushing. Although they are married, they haven’t taken the last step. Yue Linger is still very embarrassed. It seems that this situation is about to change.
Leaving this small stall, two people continue to walk along the bustling street. I’m afraid Rilingcheng Street is the busiest place in the whole celestial world, and all kinds of things can appear. Of course, it’s the busiest place, not in this respect, but because this place is the most powerful place, so it should be. You know that the territory of Jieyaxiandi is the largest population and it is quite normal for such a big city to appear at most, but the rest of the cities are also very big, which is smaller than this day’s Lingcheng. Two people continue to wander around. There are many people in this street in Riling City, but suddenly I saw a group of people around in front of me. Immortals are generally not strong in desire, and the onlookers must be less. Although there are many people in this street, it is surprising that there are more people around. It is a group of people wearing bright armor, but there are also these people, but none of them are going to let Xiao Leng look at each other.
"Go and have a look."
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Chapter 116 What happened?
Two people don’t have to watch the scene of bustle, but they are those who dress the same. They are the city guards. They can naturally arouse others’ interest in big things, regardless of whether they are big or not. For big things, Xiao Leng never gives up the habit of watching. It is not long before he pulls his little wife to the periphery of the crowd, but it is not very high. Xiao Leng and Yue Linger can’t see the situation inside. Xiao Leng has nothing about Yue Linger, but he is not very happy. His mouth pursed with a face of unhappiness.
"What’s wrong with my wife? This is to see who made our beautiful shine angry." Xiao Leng sneered, but he walked over. He smiled and let Yue Linger’s face turn red. He couldn’t help but hang his head down. Xiao Leng pulled Yue Linger, but he shouted "offended". He and Yue Linger finished the package with Xiao Leng’s body and began to walk forward. Yue Linger was pulled forward by him, accompanied by Xiao Leng, and the crowd gathered in front was squeezed open by him. He was just able to go in. The force is not the strongest, but he was able to go in, perhaps because he was behind the scenes, but among these people, it was not without resistance, but it was still pushed away. It was very strange that Xiao Leng finally entered the surrounding area for a long time.
The circle is very large, and the scope inside is also very large, but there is such a large team of city guards and a person standing next to the ground.
The man who stood on the ground was so proud that he looked at that man, but he was afraid to return his hand. So were the city guards. No matter what the rules in Riling City were, they were quite strict, and the city guards strictly enforced the law. It was also famous that this man could bully people like this. If he had been caught by the city guards in accordance with normal conditions, now none of these city guards here was in charge of it, but they would be severely punished for not enforcing the law. This is what they all know, but they still do it. Presumably, the maker of this matter is either extremely strong or extremely powerful. People who don’t create rules are like this. There seems to be so few people. Presumably, it won’t be this person in front of him. His breath is not so strong, but the expression of the person lying down is extremely afraid.
"Yo interesting others so want to see others abused? You are really curious. Ya, this woman is really beautiful. "The man saw Xiao Leng and Yue Linger coming in, but said that when he carefully observed Yue Linger’s appearance, he suddenly said that he could see that Yue Linger was still a virgin and this woman was absolutely young. Although she could not see through herself, she didn’t look like a master.
When I heard this man say that Xiao Leng’s face sank, Yue Linger’s face was covered with a faint mist, but this man could still see her real appearance. This man must have some magic weapon. Xiao Leng guessed the fact that he was right, but this man would not easily show it.
Xiao Leng’s performance is very obvious. Of course, as soon as he can see, he ignores his feet, but he picks them up.
"The elder brother this beauty is your friend? Gee, it’s really beautiful. You won’t be unhappy when I say this, will you? "He laughed but wanted to touch Yue Linger and Xiao Leng became angry.
Pa! He knocked off this man’s hand and said, "Keep your hand clean." Xiao Leng’s expression Yue Linger was very influenced by this man, but he quit. "Why do you dare to touch me when I come to see your friend?" As soon as he got to Xiao Leng, a sword appeared in his hand.
"unbridled emperor temple to see your friend is to give you a face, you still dare to resist." Seeing Xiao Leng seems to be about to start work. A group of city guards quit. They all came to Xiao Leng’s side and surrounded Xiao Leng and this Jie Huang Linren.
Jie Huang Lin seems to be very fierce. A man named Liancheng Guard has to help him. Xiao Lengyi realized that he seemed to be impulsive.
But what can I say now? What can I say now?
"Hum, this is my wife. Of course, I’m not satisfied with what I want to say." Xiao Leng is not timid, but he protected Yue Linger. His ice soul sword also appeared in his hands behind him. It seems that it is rare for Xiao Leng to pretend to be such an adult in this day spirit city. He didn’t realize that he was now provoked by a day spirit city.
See Xiao Leng also dare to flaunt their weapons so flailing. Those city guards all took out their weapons. "Little us, Riling City is not such a small rookie who dares to be wild casually. I just came to Riling City and dare to be so crazy. I think you don’t want to live." As soon as they said this, Xiao Leng was very suspicious that he was really such a dish. Is it a shame that you don’t know this Jie Huang Lin Ren? Is this man famous in Riling City?
Xiao Leng’s calm face is to tightly protect Yue Linger. Once a fight is about to start, Xiao Leng will put Yue Linger into the Golden Fairy House for the first time, but they will run to see if they can chase Xiao Leng. They are still very confident about this.
Is Xiao Leng going to drop this man named Jie Huang Linren Xi Xi laughed and the weapon in his hand was gone, but the man who just lay down disappeared.
"Ha ha, small enough, bold enough. I like the person I like in Jiehuang. Do you dare to be so polite to them? Even if you are my Sineitai, if I tell my dad, you can’t tell them to spread out. It seems that I should take my new friend to my house. "Jie Huanglin said that there was no tension at all, which made Xiao Leng very confused when he became a friend of this person. It’s best not to fight. At least he can stay in this spiritual city for a while, so he won’t run away so soon.
"See what see all scattered temple let you all scattered, do you dare to come loose? Looking for a fight, isn’t it? "These guards dare not be angry with their own masters, but they are much stronger than those onlookers."
The crowd gradually dispersed, but it came to Xiao Leng’s side and patted Xiao Leng’s shoulder.
"Ha-ha, good friends are good enough for me. I haven’t seen such a madman who dares to come with me for a long time. It’s in line with my temper. I like to go and dare to visit my house." Jie Huang Lin laughed and said that Xiao Leng was suspicious. Can you ask what this Jie Huang Lin did? It’s not necessary for strangers to meet for the first time to be so close?
"Friend, who are you?" Xiao cold asked.
"Didn’t I say I’m Jie Huang? Let’s go." Said the representative, pulling Xiao Leng to go, no matter where the man went.
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MM, you whine. Where did you get killed or injured?
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GG, where are you from?

Throughout Kyushu, all the top experts left their homeland a hundred years ago. In just a hundred years, the practitioners who grew up were only in the realm of semi-deification. Of course, there were also some talented people, but in this troubled times, they died countless times. Every once in a while, any new talent with a strange son of heaven will be assassinated by the hostile side, which is why the highest state of Kyushu is only half-deified for a hundred years.

Zhuge entered Tianchi before dawn, and his chickens and dogs were restless. Half an hour later, he came out of Tianchi and shot several elders in Tianchi. At the moment, there are six golden dragons flying out of his head, Chutianchu, and nine dragon spirit veins have gathered six, only the last three.
But for the next period of time, Zhuge didn’t go all over Kyushu, but he couldn’t find any clues about the remaining three dragon spirit veins.
"It won’t be taken into Shengxian Road." Zhuge had a bad feeling when he was not bright.
Two months have passed, and during these two months, I have searched everywhere, whether it is Kunlun wonderland, barren land, chaotic land, overseas, and Zhuge Buliang, but I have never found any clues.
Buddha prison.
Zhuge stood on a hill before dawn, with a bloody coffin and a burly figure standing on it.
"Is there no other way?" Zhuge not bright frown way.
The burly figure on the blood coffin shook his head: "I have never heard of any other place leading there except Shengxian Road."
"Thanks a lot." Zhuge flew away from the Buddhist prison without a bright arch.
Overseas turtle back island, Zhuge landed in front of a grave, and the stone tablet was clearly engraved with: the tomb of the teacher’s blue sky. Zhuge Liang bowed deeply to the grave of the elder of the sky. This is the site of the Yaohai School, but it is a pity that the Yaohai School no longer exists. At the turn of the new era, it has been destroyed by other sects.
Zhuge was lost in thought when he was not bright, and looked at the tombstone and fell into memory. When I first entered the world of cultivating immortals, everyone in Yaohai School looked at myself coldly. Only the elder from the sky looked at himself with special respect and taught himself the science of cultivating immortals, and today’s achievements were achieved.
If the Kirin girl stood not far away, the fire in her palm flashed, but it eventually faded.
"Who are you?" Suddenly there was a sound of jiao drink behind him, and a woman in red came up.
Li Kewei can be said to be one of the few surviving practitioners of Yaohai School. One hundred years have passed, but Li Kewei’s appearance has not changed much, and she is still graceful. Behind her, a young man in white, impressively, is Siqinyu.
Kirin girl seems to have an instinctive resistance to human practitioners if she quietly retreats to one side. Perhaps the hundred-year pursuit has left a shadow in her heart.
A hundred years can change many things. Li Kewei and Si Qinyu are now a couple, living in seclusion overseas and not participating in the struggle of cultivating immortals.
Zhuge turned around silently before dawn, and Li Kewei immediately exclaimed, "Ah! You … you are … little teacher younger brother! "
"Sister." Zhuge was surprised that he didn’t shine. I didn’t expect to meet my old acquaintances again.
Li Kewei can be said to be one of the few relatives in this world. When they meet, they are naturally deeply touched. A hundred years ago, the Ascension Road was opened, and Li Kewei and Si Qinyu, who had no power and influence, naturally had no chance to enter. In order to avoid the struggle of cultivating immortals, they retired overseas and became a couple of immortals. This is also a good choice.
Zhuge smiled bitterly. At the beginning, only himself, Li Kewei and Si Qinyu were still in the world among the disciples of Yaohai School. And God seems to care for them, and achieve a happy karma for them.
"Shengxian Road has already been closed, and it is probably impossible to enter." After learning that Zhuge was not bright in his heart, Siqinyu said.
"I want to gather nine dragon spirit veins, and maybe I can find some clues." Zhuge said before dawn, and six golden dragons flew out overhead.
Siqinyu shook his head and said, "I’m afraid I can’t. I heard that when I first entered Shengxian Road, the two dragon spirit veins of Xiuxian Alliance disappeared at the same time, which shows that they took the other two dragon spirit veins with them. The rest of the dragon spirit pulse … should be in the hands of falling heaven, but he has already entered Shengxian Road. "
"what!" Zhuge’s heart was suddenly cold before dawn, and the only trace of fantasy was shattered: "Then I will never get into the Ascending Immortal Road, and I will never see the Dream Glass, Lin Er and Xin Er … and my old friends again."
When it comes to Yin Meng glass, Siqinyu’s eyes flashed a trace of fluctuation, which immediately showed the color of bitter nai.
The three men talked for a long time. Finally, from Li Kewei’s mouth, Zhuge Buliang learned that the Zhuge family still existed, on an island three thousand nautical miles away.
Leaving Guibei Island, Zhuge flew to the island where Zhuge’s family was located before dawn. Kirin girl is still behind him if she leaves. She seems determined to stay with Zhuge Buliang, knowing that one day she can get revenge.
On an island 3,000 nautical miles away, Zhuge did not reach out and swept away, and he had already seen a huge manor in the depths of the island. He swooped down and came to the outside of the manor. He could feel that there was a ban around the manor. It was not particularly powerful, but it should be a means for the practitioners in Yuan infant period.
Zhuge raised his hand a little before dawn, forbidden to break a passage and walked in.
"There are intruders! What person! " Two descendants of Zhuge’s family rushed up, with two flying swords suspended above their heads. Zhuge Liang glanced at the two men, and their cultivation was about three layers in the foundation period. It seems that Zhuge’s family has quite a situation of cultivating immortals and officially entered the cultivation world.
"Who is the master now?" Zhuge looked at the two younger generations of Zhuge’s family.
"I’ll ask you who you are, you … yi? No, his appearance seems to be exactly the same as that of his second uncle. " A younger generation of Zhuge’s family wondered.
"You … you are …" Two younger generations of Zhuge’s family stared at Zhuge.
At this time, a graceful figure flew from the depths of the manor, where light, clothes fluttering, turned out to be Zhuge dusk.
"ah! It doesn’t light up … "When Zhuge Muyan saw that Zhuge didn’t light up, he was immediately surprised and made a noise. He fell out of the air and said," No light up, you … you’re back. "
Zhuge Muyan was shocked and didn’t know what to say. The two younger generations of Zhuge’s family are very clever. Seeing that Zhuge Muyan confirmed the identity of the former, they hurriedly bowed down and saluted. At the beginning, when Zhuge Liang died, Zhuge Ming returned to his family and gave Zhuge Liang a coffin. Who would have thought that Zhuge would come back before dawn today, and the Zhuge family made a sensation for a time.
From Zhuge Muyan’s mouth, Zhuge Buliang learned that Zhuge Ming had followed an overseas master of bulk repair into Shengxian Road and never looked back. Now Zhuge Muyan is the agent of the family.
"Did he leave any message before he left?" Zhuge asked without light.
Zhuge Muyan was silent, without words.

Wu Zhe’s excitement was suddenly wrapped in this group of beetles and flew far away.

I don’t know when Dan Jiuyehua, a beetle-eater, has lost its pure beast, and a practitioner’s virtual shadow suddenly appears.
Wu Zhe heart horse took out the objective lens.
"After the death of the strong, there is a spiritual sea of a practitioner."
"Spirit is empty, spirit is sea?" Wu Zhe was startled to see the introduction of the spirit just now, but only the practitioners of Ophiopogon japonicus can broaden the spirit sea. Wu Zhe wondered to himself, "Can the practitioners protect their spirit sea after they die?"
That’s all for the introduction of the objective lens. Wu Zhe went to the news area to see the introduction of Spirit Sea.
"The spirit of cultivating Ophiopogon japonicus is a kind of spiritual power, which reflects that people die like lights. The natural law of spirit is preserved, but just like the monster beast, it reaches the yellow order. The monster beast can still live without the beast Dan, and the practitioner can create a spiritual sea in his mind, and the spiritual sea will turn into a virtual shadow. The practitioner who is weaker than his own spirit will be able to take possession and regenerate.
(Note that this rule is that the dragon will seize other players or np with the np special player method in the world, but the player has a great chance of being seized by np, and after being seized, the player will die and be reborn.)
Another possibility is that those practitioners who have refined and refined the natural materials and treasures that can increase their spirit will leave the natural materials and treasures in their minds if they are not destroyed after their death. When someone regains this natural material and treasure, the previous practitioners can also invade the spiritual sea to seize the body! "
Wu Zhe was shocked in his heart. I didn’t expect Liu to set up such a game. Fortunately, players have a news area to ask and search. If he is not very cautious, players or some np will be reborn when they encounter such a thing.
16 Lingmai Spring Water
Light blue Guanghua spirit virtual shadow can’t feel the surrounding creatures, and then slowly retreat back to Jiuyehua, and Jiuyehua keeps trembling slightly as if it were angry!
Wu Zhe looked down and saw that there were no less than 20 skeletons, practitioners and monster beasts in Jiuyehuafang, which was previously covered by Guanghua. Wu Zhe didn’t see it clearly.
I don’t know if there is the thief willow who made a lot of noise in these dead bones. He died here, but the nine-leaf flower and his spiritual sea were preserved. Instead of taking the practitioners around him, did he kill them?
Wu Zhe couldn’t help but see that Jiuyehua was quiet over there and was being eaten by beetles and flew to a small corner around.
The closer you get to the corner, the more obvious your previous strong and pure physical feeling becomes.
Is there any pure beast Dan?
In front of Wu Zhe, there is a circle of shimmering natural spring water gathering place. The spring water is pure and visible to the naked eye. There is a surge of energy in the spring water. It seems that someone deliberately built an earth-rock fence so that all the springs can gather together to take a bath and soak in water. Wu Zhe thought, should this be the place where willows take a bath? But the longer you stay here, the more physical energy you feel. Is it physical strength that flows in these springs?
Suddenly, several biting beetles jumped into the spring and carried out a pure beast Dan, and several biting beetles carried out an evil beast Dan from the ground and threw it into the spring.
Although these beetles were controlled by Wu Zhe, Wu Zhe didn’t order them to do things, they would still do the process that was previously arranged, but now the pure beast Dan carried out by the beetles has not been put over to Jiuyehua, but handed it to Wu Zhe.
Wu Zhe this just calculate white all willow means here.
Here, Liu set up a bureau to wait for the practitioners to enter randomly, and then he ate beetles and sent the practitioners to the front, choosing his own practitioners to seize their homes and regenerate.
It was Liu who never thought that there were beetles in his beetle-eating group that mutated and evolved, and a rare body emerged, which contained a heavenly beetle-eating beetle
Over the years, the beetle-eater has been following the orders of his previous owner to do the things assigned to him. As soon as this beetle-eater appeared, King Lishan controlled most of the outer circles to wander and eat beetles.
It should be that the heart of the beetle is also afraid that the previous owner never entered the outside of the Ministry and turned the practitioner and monster beast into their own delicious food.
Liu has never met a practitioner and a monster beast who came here for so many years. Wu Zhe is the only practitioner who came in. Liu Spirit also has his own hole. What’s the problem? It’s reassuring to see another practitioner coming in. But he didn’t want to take possession of him after seeing Wu Zhe’s physical condition. Why don’t you know that the practitioner didn’t greedy and took nine leaves, but harvested the pure beast Dan next to him?
There are 100 ways for the practitioner to touch the nine-leafed willow to make the bones turn to death. But if the practitioner doesn’t touch the nine-leafed willow, there is really no way to watch Wu Zhe move all the pure beasts. Dan Liu’s heart drops blood and bites his teeth. He wants to take possession of it, but he didn’t think that he ate beetles … and actually helped this man avoid his own thoughts of taking possession of Liu …
Wu Zhepei Liu took out the objective lens at the same time and shone it on the spring in front of him.
"The pure energy of heaven and earth in Lingmai spring has the effect of purifying evil things. Practitioners practice in spring water with twice the result with half the effort."
"Lingmai spring water?" Wu Zhe startled the horse and searched the news area again.
Lingmai Spring does have the effect of dispelling evil spirits, but it will take a long time. This small pool of water will definitely be slower. Seeing the news area saying that Lingmai Spring is good for practitioners, there is no harm. Wu Zhe undressed and soaked himself in the spring.
As soon as I was wrapped by the vast energy of heaven and earth, I felt comfortable all over, and I needed to exercise my body. Hundreds of millions of pores relaxed every inch of blood and flesh independently, and every cell rejoiced, and my physical fitness increased rapidly.
Very rich and pure energy of heaven and earth. Wu Zhe was overjoyed. He sat cross-legged and started to work like a whale absorbing water and swallowing the energy in the spiritual vein spring.
Wu Zhe said, "Thief really found a good place to practice three hundred years ago. No wonder it can be practiced in thirty years to the point where all major doors are helpless. It turns out that there are not only nine leafflowers to help control the beetles, but also this spiritual spring? It’s strange that the former keeps the body while the latter keeps the body and has two big treasures.
Wu Zhe no longer wants to close his eyes and meditate and practice! He didn’t notice that the badger’s pen and blue beard dived into the spring early and chewed it …
Physical fitness will be full in a minute. This time, I am not afraid of the black mass in the middle of the body. When I am full of physical fitness, I will keep helping to absorb the longan stone in my chest. It seems to be very disgusted with the black area grabbing physical fitness with myself and actually quickly absorbing the physical fitness in Wu Zhe’s body …
At that time, Wu Zhe actually felt that his physical fitness was not enough to make him dizzy.
Physical exhaustion?
Wu Zhe wondered what happened to Blackie and Beetle-eating. Are you hungry? I can’t afford you to eat like this …
You have to eat a few animal Dan to increase your physical strength. When Wu Zhe touched Gan Kun to quit, he chose pure animal Dan. When he caught it, he was a few purple pure animal Dan.
For the first time, Wu Zhe felt that there was little difference between pure beast Dan and evil beast Dan, but his physical fitness increased rapidly …
For more than a month!
Wu Zhe’s practice of forgetting himself and opening his eyes when he didn’t notice it directly kicked him out of the game.
present world
As soon as he left the game, Wu Zhe heard the door knocking at the door.

Gong Sunsheng was overjoyed and accepted it without hesitation. For him, the Lingcao of 7,000 years is much more difficult than the sons of thunder.

Chapter one hundred and thirty-one Return to destroy the magic star (below)
After Fukai opened a double courtyard, Xi Fangping rushed to Chicheng Mountain, where he bought 40,000 Jin of Taiyan stone with ten 7,000-year-old flat trees, which is the output of Chicheng Mountain in about ten years. All of a sudden, it was completely changed by Xi Fangping. Then, Xi Fangping rushed to Baiyun Temple again, and also used ten Lingcao trees to get a huge amount of dust-forgetting pills and Shengji powder from Baiyun Temple. At the same time, he also took out 10,000 pieces of 3,000-year-old gold ginseng and gave it to Baiyun Temple, asking them to refine 500,000 pieces of gold essence pills with enough dosage. Although he also knows that Baiyun Temple will get some benefits from it, Xi Fangping doesn’t matter, he makes a big profit. You have to make some money for others. If you have money, everyone will earn it. This is the secret of doing business. Xi Fangping was very careful, trying not to use Lingshi, but to use Lingcao. For him. Lingcao can be regenerated, as long as it is given enough time. There are as many Lingcao as you want. But … Lingshi is different, many times. Lingcao alone cannot solve the problem.
After Baiyun Temple was finished, he went to Baihu Mountain and Feijian Gate again. Xi Fangping rode a one-horned cow and hurried towards Cihang Temple. This time, the magic star was destroyed, which has made everyone know. If you don’t go to Cihang Temple to have a look at Huiqing, it’s a bit unreasonable. In fact, originally XiFangPing was thinking of going to visit HuiQing as soon as he got to destroy the magic star, but he couldn’t make up his mind, for he was afraid of seeing HuiQing’s red eyes.
Before he entered Cihang Valley, Master Yuan Qing met him at Taniguchi. These big sects all have their own ways to convey information. If Xi Fangping didn’t deliberately hide it, he wouldn’t have broken into the valley at all. Xi Fangping dare not neglect Teacher Yuan Qing, who is the master of Sister Hui Qing. In fact, he has to call Teacher Yuan Qing a senior. However, now Xi Fangping is the senior elder of Yingyue Palace, and his status is the same as that of the Yuan Qing teacher, even higher. The two sides are friends, and God knows how to calculate this stupid account.
Xi Fangping jumped out of the unicorn and greeted him. He said loudly, "Thank you for coming to meet me from afar. I’m afraid.
Master Yuan Qing made a Buddha’s name, and he lowered his hand and said, "It’s a great honor for Xi Daoyou to come here. Please invite Xi Daoyou in. There is nothing good in Cihang Valley, and there is always a cup of green tea. "
Xi Fangping shook his head: "No, Teacher Yuan Qing, I’m here to see Hui Qing. I have something urgent to do, so I have to leave at once. Please also ask the teacher to call Huiqing’s sister out. "
Mrs. Yuan Qing smiled and shook her head and said, "I’m sorry, Mr. Xi Daoyou, but Hui Qing can’t come to see you. After Daoyou left last time, Huiqing closed the door. This time, she is closed to death. If she can’t advance to the early stage, she will never come out.
XiFang calm down a dim, he knew. Hui Jiang closed the death gate for him. When he left, Xi Fangping told Hui Qing that he would leave for a period of time and strive for an early advancement to Yuan infant. At the same time, Huiqing should also step up training and strive for early advancement. HuiQing must have listened to his words, just closed the dead, have to advanced yuan baby. Hui Qing’s deep affection has never been shown on his face, but that intention has made Xi Fangping deeply uneasy.
For a while, XiFangPing this just lift again. He said to Yuan Qing, "In this case, I won’t go in next time. I have some things here, please ask Teacher Yuan Qing to accept them."
After that, he took out twelve Lingcao from the storage bag, gave it to Yuan Qing and said, "Teacher. Among them, ten Lingcao trees should be regarded as filial piety to your teachers, and please help your teachers to take care of Huiqing. There are two other trees, after Huiqing goes through customs. Just give it to her.
Then, he took out another catty of Xuanyu, put it in a brocade box, and handed it over. He said, "These are some refining materials that I got in the next place, which are very suitable for martial sister Huiqing. Please give them to her, too."
Yuan counted his head. Took the brocade box. When I opened it, my face suddenly changed color. Obviously, Yuan Qing, who is well-informed, didn’t know what this thing was, but she already saw the extraordinary thing.
Xi Fangping left Cihang Temple in disappointment. He was a little afraid to see HuiQing, but when he didn’t, he was so worried that even he didn’t know why he had such contradictory ideas.
Xi Fangping returned to Hunyuanzong, and first called out the first and second products of the immortal beasts in his belt. This just started the biggest goal of this trip. Since there is a serious shortage of Lingcao on the Cape Star, the exotic flowers and plants that are almost everywhere in Hunyuan Sect are worth a lot of money. When I left last time, I didn’t know what I needed on another planet, so. The amount of Xi Fang’s flat mining is not much, which is just nine Niu Yi hairs to the exotic flowers and grasses of Hunyuan Sect. It’s different now. There’s a shortage of lingcao in Arcturus. If we don’t get some in the past to exchange lingshi, it’s really a bit unreasonable. Especially. The war is about to explode. At that time, the injured monks must be hundreds of millions of herbs for healing, giving birth to stocks and restoring aura. The demand must be quite large. If we take some, he will make a fortune.
Xi Fangping used three. For many months. In Hunyuan Sect, a large number of holy healing products were collected, such as blood orchid for stopping bleeding and enriching blood. Cold tobacco for promoting granulation and bone bonding, etc. Tuck it all into your belt. These herbs are still precious on the magic star. When you arrive at Arcturus, you will definitely be able to sell large-priced clams with fine notches and different shapes, at the very least. Xi Fangping stayed in Feixian City for a long time. There is no "Ya Qu Meng" Lingcao.
Four months later, Xi Fangping left Hunyuanzong and ran to Yingyue Palace. As he expected, the double sacred courtyard, Baiyun Temple and Flying Sword Gate. Bai Hushan sent what Xi Fangping ordered to Yingyue Palace. A huge amount of Dan medicine, 20,000 sons of thunder, and other things were filled with a whole hundred storage bags, and they were also storage bags used by monks in Yuan infant period. How many things have Xi Fangping bought? What makes Xi Fangping even more stunned is that the five hundred thousand pieces of horoscopes and five thousand pieces of magic weapons obtained by Yingyue Palace were actually filled with five hundred storage bags used by monks in infancy, and they were piled up on the table. It’s scary to see. As a parting gift, Yin Wuji also gave Xi Fangping a hundred extreme talismans, which is enough to deal with the high-order talismans of the monks in Yuan’s infancy. There are not many of them in Yingyue Palace. This time, the bottom of Yingyue Palace was almost hollowed out. However, compared with Yin Wuji’s 40,000 Jin of lunar stone and 15 Jin of xuanyu, Yin Wuji didn’t even frown when he took it out. Not only did he give a lot of talismans, but at the same time, at the request of Xi Fangyi, Yin Infinity made him some very useful array flags, and Xi Fangping carefully put these things into his pocket.
After Xi Fangping said goodbye to all of you, he took a big cloth bag and wrapped all 600 storage bags. It was really time to fly to the transfer array, and then he took out all the contents of the storage bags. Put most of them into your belt. Such a huge amount of things still occupy only a small part of the belt, so we can see how big the capacity of this belt is. It’s just another world.
After leaving for four months, Xi Fangping finally returned to the Pleiades. He made a big circle outside first, and then entered Feixian City from the other side. He didn’t go back to his stupid shop without a door. But straight to the inner city of feixian city. At the city gate, Xi Fangping was blocked by dozens of Jiedan monks whose eyes were higher than the top. Xi Fang was calm and surprised. When he came some time ago, there were only ten knot Dan periods at the gate of the inner city to lead dozens of condensation periods for posturing and blocking idle people. Now, the strength of the guards has increased by about five times, so it is certain that the situation has become more and more tense.
A guy in the middle of Dan’s marriage swaggered over and shouted, "Who are you? Don’t you know this?" You didn’t build the place by yourself? "
Xi Fangping is no different. He doesn’t need to compete with a janitor. That’s what janitors need. Look at several janitors outside Wanbao Hall. It doesn’t seem that there is much difference: "I’ll remember that Xi Fangping, the boss of the firm, has something important and needs to meet the elders of your sect. Please ask Taoist friends to convey it on his behalf."
That guy slightly lowered his head and looked at Xi Fangping with the eyes of looking at ants. Ha ha smiled: Boy, you are a little monk in the early days of Jiedan, and you want to see our elder. Who do you think you are? Stop talking about the elder. The general elders in the door are not what you can see if you want to see them. "
Xi Fangping was stunned. Haosang himself was quite famous in Feixian City. Why didn’t this guy know it? He smiled and asked, "I don’t know where your friend came from. Didn’t you come from Feixian City before?"
That guy said grumpily, "It’s none of your business whether I’m from Feixian City or not. Yes, Lao Tzu was just transferred from other places. Today, the gatekeepers are all elite teachers from other places, and I’m not the only one. Go away quickly, otherwise, don’t blame Lao Tzu’s heartlessness. "
Xi Fangping’s fire suddenly came up. No one ever dared to be so arrogant in front of him, even the Yin Wuji at the end of Yuan Ying. He is also respectful and courteous, and you, a little monk in the middle of Dan, dare to cross up in front of me. He shouted: "Daoyou, are you going in or not?" If you don’t go in and report, you will be at your own risk. "
that The guy held his head high, and haha laughed: "You have a small knot in Dan’s early practice." The tone is not small. I just don’t report it. What can you do to Lao Tzu? " Xi Fangping laughed angrily: "Very good, very good. Then I won’t go in and tell you that Wan Changlao, if he doesn’t explain this matter within three days, then all the consequences will be at his own risk. "
Say that finish, brushed away. He didn’t think of it. The quality of Feixianmen’s disciples is so poor. This guy is obviously begging for a notification fee. However, Xi Fangping used to go to any sect. The elders of that sect are all rushing out in person. When have you ever been so angry? Give Feixianmen a warning and let them know. Don’t take yourself too seriously. In Xi Fangping’s eyes, Feixianmen is not really a big sect, and it is urgent. He brushed his hand away, and you Feixianmen are waiting to be wiped out by the golden light.
When I returned to my shop, it was just dawn. XiFangPing surprised now, at the gate of his shop, full of monks, guess calculated, at least one hundred and eighty. Xi Fangping was surprised that there were only twenty or thirty monks selling medicine for him. How could so many people come?
At the sight of Xi Fangping’s arrival, Zhang Gensheng quickly pushed the crowd away, rushed to Xi Fangping’s face and shouted loudly: Oh, say, throw her ten-day book and dry her umbrella.
, Daoyou. What took you so long? Do you know. Everyone is looking for you, and they are looking for four crazy people.
Xi Fangping smiled and said, "A-dao Zhang, what’s the matter? I didn’t give you enough stock to sell for three or four months, which should be more than enough. There is no need to be so nervous.
Zhang Gensheng smiled bitterly: "Xi Daoyou. You have no idea how tense the situation is now. The war between Jinguangding and Feixianmen will probably start in a few months. Feixianmen has issued a general mobilization order, but if it is repaired in Feixianmen. Everyone has the obligation to participate in the war. If they are neutral in the war, they can be allowed to join Feixianmen. What a good opportunity this is. Joining Feixianmen means that you can get guidance from your predecessors, which means that you can get the practice skills of Feixianmen, which means that the possibility of advancement should be increased by several times, or even more than doubled. In the past few months, there have been nearly 100 yuan-infant monks in Feixianmen, and the news came out, which almost caused a sensation. Therefore, in the past few months, our business has been very good. During the Dan period, the monks spent everything to buy our Lingcao and Dan medicine. The stock given by your old man was sold out in one month. "
Xi Fangping asked strangely, "What happened to those scattered practitioners? Don’t you know that they are fighting so hard? Will the chance of being killed be very high? "
Zhang Gensheng ha ha laugh: "Yes, the probability of being killed is really very high. However, everyone knows that the more dangerous the place, the greater the opportunity. In order to join feixianmen, in order to advance. This little danger is worth taking. Besides, the people who bought Lingcao this time are basically monks in the Jiedan period in the San Xiu. They have basically experienced the experience of being refused entry. It is strange that they don’t seize such a good opportunity. "
After thinking about it, Xi Fangping asked, "Did Fei Xianmenbu force you to participate in the war after the call-up order? .
Zhang Gensheng smiled: "Theoretically, we all have the obligation to take part in the war, but if we don’t take part in the war, they can’t do anything to us. They can’t catch us one by one. Therefore, it is estimated that only about 30% of those who really want to take part in the war to seize opportunities. This ratio is basically the same for the scattered repairs in previous wars, so it is easy to work out. As for the Yuan infant monks in Sanxiu, they simply don’t care about the identity of the so-called Feixianmen disciples. If they take part in the war, Feixianmen will have to come up with a lot of things as a thank-you gift. Of course, monks like us in the Dan period, if they don’t take part in the war, don’t think about joining Feixianmen in the future. Also, if Jin Guangding wins, they will not accept the scattered repairs on the original Feixianmen site, and they can’t even accept the scattered repairs on their own site. Therefore, for the scattered repairs in the Jiedan period, There are really not many opportunities. It’s a monk in the gas-condensing period. If the talent is excellent, the chance is even greater than ours. There are people in each sect who are responsible for investigating the talent of monks in the gas-condensing period. They will find you on their own.
Xi Fangping nodded slightly, so that’s it. That is to say, the status of the scattered repairs in the Dan period is quite bad. If you can’t get on or off, it’s not worth introducing to Feixianmen because they don’t have much potential. It is no wonder that these Buddhist monks in the Dan period are so enthusiastic about participating in the war. Xi Fang moved calmly. There are so many scattered repairs here, and there are more than 200,000 in Dan period alone. If you can call some people to your own hands and practice them, then. Even if you don’t use the celestial beasts, you will have a certain influence on the Pleiades. As for the animals left in the celestial world, it is not an emergency. It is best not to use it. After all, if people all over the planet know that he has such a powerful force, it will inevitably arouse others’ suspicion and even jealousy, and some factions will gang up to attack Xi Fangping.
After careful consideration for a while, Xi Fangping said to Zhang Gensheng, "Wait a moment, A-dao Zhang. I just came back from picking herbs. Many herbs have not been sorted out yet. Don’t worry, the herbs in my storage bag are enough for everyone to sell."
Xi Fangping walked into his shop and closed the door. Only then did he take out a lot of herbs from his belt and put them in a storage bag. At the same time, he specially took out a storage bag and put in five thousand magic weapons from Yin Wuji. Inside his belt, there are many magic weapons. Apart from these 5,000 pieces, there are also several thousand pieces taken from the enemy in previous wars and from the side of more than 700 bodies in the secret room. Finally, there must be some. However, the power of those magic weapons is quite good, and the materials used are also good, and Xi Fangping is reluctant to take them out. And the five thousand magic weapons given by Yin Wuji are basically the most common magic weapons, which are on the magic star. It’s just a dirty magic weapon, and even the scattered practitioners on the annihilation star can’t see it. This is what Xi Fangping specifically asked Yin Wuji to refine. No wonder Yin Wuji cut corners. With Xi Fangping’s idea, even such a magic weapon is very powerful on the Pleiades. It’s at least twice as strong as the magic weapon used by the Godsworn in Feixianmen. A good magic weapon will attract others’ attention and may cause unnecessary trouble. I can’t help it. Arcturus is such a place. Good goods are easy to make others jealous. ,

Chapter one hundred and thirty-two Bodyguards
Chuan used this time. After sorting out my thoughts. Xi Fangping pushed away a few times, not collecting the previous payment, and then said to nearly 100 monks outside the door, "Thank you for joining us. There are plenty of herbs to sell this time. Just … I have something to say to you, and please think it over carefully.
This small shop under the sun has no name. Unexpectedly, you gave me the name of the firm, and I like it very much. Since it is a business. It’s not a good thing to always be supported by the next person. Over the past year or so, the business of the firm is getting bigger and bigger, and the pockets of the firm are bulging. It is estimated that your pockets will not be bad. With the understanding of the firm, it is estimated that there is one friend who sells well. There are at least tens of thousands of lingshi income in a month, and there are thousands of lingshi income if they are not sold well. If you have money, everyone will earn. This is the secret of doing business next time. It can make friends get some benefits, and I am already quite happy.
However, it is not good for the exhibition of the firm to sell it like this. I’m ready to open a large business in Feixian City, which is much bigger than Wanbaotang. With the quantity and quality of Lingcao in hand, it is more than enough to open this business. Of course, I didn’t want to compete with Wanbaotang when I opened this firm. I just wanted to change my herbs and other things into Lingshi. In this way, it is also good for all Taoist friends. However, I have only one person, and it’s really a bit too busy to open this business. Therefore, I want to call some Taoist friends to help me. According to a preliminary estimate, I need 1,000 to 5,000 Jiedan monks. I can’t help it. It’s a big business in the next home, and the goods sold are quite precious. The number of bodyguards in the firm alone is estimated to be several thousand.
Anyone who wants to join the firm will be given a magic weapon and 500 pieces of lingshi every month. Five hundred pieces of lingshi, and at the same time, some lingcao will be given as a reward. It should be quite good for all of you, right? The disciples of Feixianmen in the Dan-knot period only have a hundred Lingshi at most a month. Such treatment. It is estimated that there will be no more if you search the whole Pleiades. Of course, after the firm is officially opened, it will no longer adopt the way of selling streets and lanes for friends, and all goods will be sold in the firm. Therefore, if you don’t join the firm. Two months later. The supply of goods will be cut off in the future. Please forgive me for the inconvenience caused. "The monks were all stirred up and cut off the supply of goods after two months, which was for them. It’s just that they’re broke. For more than a year, those monks have been doing quite well by Xi Fangping’s Lingcao, such as Zhang Gensheng, and they already have ten or two hundred thousand Lingshi on hand. Such a large amount of lingshi is rich in oil in scattered repairs, but. Herbs, pills and magic weapons on the star Arcturus are so expensive. That stone doesn’t cost much. If Xi Fang cuts off the supply of goods, it means that they have to go back to the old situation of fighting for a few pieces of stone.
However, if you join the firm, the situation may be very different. Five hundred pieces of lingshi a month is quite good, and there are magic weapons and lingcao, which is simply a good job that falls from the sky. A position like this may not be attractive to people who have already made a fortune, such as Zhang Gensheng, but for those who have just joined the net and want to join this business, the temptation is hard to see. Therefore, many monks shouted on the spot that they were willing to join the firm. Among them, basically Xi Fangping has never met before.
Xi Fangping smiled and stopped talking. Instead, he took out a sword from the storage bag and said loudly, "Look, everyone, this is the magic weapon I am going to configure for the bodyguards of the firm. I don’t want to boast about the power of this magic weapon. Please invite a Taoist friend to try it. "
A monk who looked quite capable at the end of Jiedan stood up and took the sword in Xi Fangping’s hand. After looking at it carefully for a long time, his face showed a different color: "Boss Xi. This is the first-class magic weapon, the magic weapon used by friars in the Dan period of Feixianmen, whether it is material or power. It’s a long way from this sword, not to mention our bitter practice. In the workshop. The magic weapon of life’s core monuments used by many yuan infants is not as good as this sword. In my opinion, if this sword is sold in Wanbaotang, at least 100,000 pieces of Lingshi can be sold.
The monks present were all red-eyed, which was a magic weapon worth 100,000 pieces of Lingshi. These people worked hard, and most of them could not earn so many Lingshi all their lives, not to mention having a magic weapon that even the monks in Yuan’s infancy could be jealous. At present, 70% to 80% of the monks rolled up their sleeves and shouted loudly to join Xiji Firm and become bodyguards of Xiji Firm.
Xi Fangping calmly retrieved the sword from the monk at the end of the Dan knot and stuffed it into his storage bag. Then he said loudly, "Of course, the magic weapon will not be given to you in vain. Surely some people have made up their minds. When you get the magic weapon, run away at once. It’s all thrown behind the head. Therefore, if you want a magic weapon, you must impose a ban on me. If you want to escape with the treasure halfway, there are naturally ways to make it worse than death.
When the magic star was destroyed, after Xi Fangping ordered a lot of things from Shuangshengyuan and Baiyunguan, he wanted to think, if he didn’t order something from Feijianmen and "Jixiao". It really doesn’t make sense. Therefore, he purposely sent Peng II by individuals and sects. Flying Sword Gate is good at manufacturing all kinds of large-scale offensive machinery. However, those things can’t be put in the storage bag at all, and Xi Fangping doesn’t have the ability to put these things into his belt, and there aren’t so many flying boats to use them. Therefore, Xi Fangping only ordered some single crossbows from Feijianmen. Xi Fangping didn’t bother to calculate how many sets of crossbows Lingcao could exchange, and directly dropped ten Lingcao in seven thousand. Ask all the flying sword doors to be replaced with crossbows.
After arriving at Baihu Mountain, Xi Fangping watched it for a long time. Except for the forbidden character, nothing was to his liking. After all, what Baihu Mountain made. It’s a bit sinister indeed, and Xi Fangping doesn’t like it very much. Forbidden character is a specialty of Baihu Mountain, which is used to impose a ban on monks. Once the forbidden character is implanted in the monk, it can be easily done when he wants to die. With Xi Fangping’s strength, he can even ban monks in the middle of Yuan Ying. However, the forbidden symbol has a shortcoming. The forbidden person must be willing to let go of his body and mind. Otherwise, he will be a monk in the period of gas condensation, and Xi Fangping will not think about implanting the forbidden symbol into his body. Therefore, although White Tiger Mountain will create forbidden symbols. However, there are not many opportunities to come in handy. XiFangPing also don’t know if this thing can come in handy, he is just really bad to throw the White Tiger Mountain aside, so he just threw ten Lingcao trees. Just order the forbidden symbol from them. It is also quite easy to remove the forbidden symbol, as long as the person who is under the symbol breaks the forbidden symbol with aura. It’s just, if you want someone else to hit the symbol. The only end is that the operator is broken.

The green brilliance brewing in the sky constantly plunders the vitality of all beings rather than the vitality of jade alone.

"Hung-chun dies" Tai Huang’s ancestor sold a khaki pearl and called Yu Duxiu.
Jade Duxiu’s left foot turned yellow, and the khaki pearl was caught in an instant, and then the seal was thrown into the world by the fine rune circulation.
In a blink of an eye, another combat power was damaged.
"Hung-chun fate! This combat power is against the sky! " Twelve fiends feel their hearts tremble.
At this moment, SIRS demon gods withdraw their magical powers and assist the sky to kill Jade Duxiu Town.
"It’s no wonder that you wait for yourself to die." Jade Duxiu’s knife light flow is chopping away at the oncoming explosion ape.
The explosion of the ape shattered Yu Duxiu with one blow. Yu Duxiu wondered, "Is the law of force really that strong?"
"Hung-chun, stop it." The ape looked ugly and looked at Yu Duxiu. "I don’t want to be your enemy, but I can’t watch you do this sin."
Jade Duxiu looked at the explosion ape and looked weird, then his left hand instantly melted the sky and greeted the oncoming elephant god.
Looking at the head-on sky like a god, I suddenly changed my face. I am definitely no match for heaven.
At this time, the practice of the sky has been completed, and the vitality of the world has gathered in the sky from all sides, turning a vague seal into a jade show to suppress it.
"Good malicious! You say that I am vicious, but I don’t know how many times you are vicious than me. Today I am bound to kill you. "Looking at hundreds of millions of beings in the world, Tonghua’s bones are stunned and the jade show is furious."
"Want to kill me after this recruit to say again" sneer at the sky.
The vitality of hundreds of millions of beings, even at this time, is better than jade, and they have to retreat. After all, their blood has not been melted for five days.
The reorganization of God Jade constantly deduces and perfects all kinds of flaws of Jade Unique at this time to eliminate hidden dangers.
In the face of a blow to the sky, Jade Duxiu is not stupid enough to be hard-wired.
Jade Duxiu avoided a blow to the sky and cut it down towards Tiger God.
"Roar" Tiger God roars, but somehow it is also detached from the strong. Non-strong people are more entangled than incredibly jade solo killer. At this time, the air attack has arrived.
Yu Duxiu’s eyes are full of pitfalls. He glanced at the Terran ancestor and instantly abandoned the brocade. He reappeared and came to the grandfather’s side. "The treacherous generation should be cut to pieces."
"Godfather!" Everyone exclaimed.
The original king raised his pike and greeted Yu Duxiu with a cold light flashing in his eyes. "Die!"
Jade Duxiu’s long knife in his hand and his right hand instantly melted the five sides for five days and five fingers. Weili brewed, "It’s impossible to slay you only by God’s will."
Words fell on Taizu’s shocked eyes. Five directions and five days struck Taizu’s pike, and then Jade Duxiu’s hand was like a knife. In a flash, Taizu’s body was cut off. I don’t know how many times it was cut back and forth, but Lingbao broke into pieces and fell into the world.
"Godfather!" Taidao’s brother Qi Qi mourns the world and sheds blood and rain.
"I’ll fight with you." In the sky, the face was crazy, and the eyes were murderous.
At this time, it seems that all beings dominate the heavens and the earth and want to exclude themselves.
Looking at this time, Chaotian Jade Duxiu suddenly has some inexplicable thoughts, "Chaotian is really not simple."
"whoosh!" Jade Duxiu single-handedly cut out the cause and effect, and all the methods were instantly torn to the sky, taking a step toward the blockade, waving a long knife and turning towards the opposite twelve fiends.
Twelve fiends are the goal of jade show!
Twelve fiends’ fighting power is really beyond the expectation of Jade Duxiu.
"I’ve been waiting for you here for a long time." Like a god, there is a jade show in front of me, and hundreds of millions of elephants are flashing, breaking the virtual place and changing the virtual place.
Without the law, the strength of the five parties and five days is greatly weakened, and the fate of the jade show is greatly weakened.
However, a good jade show does not depend on God’s will for five days.
"Doom transfer" Jade Duxiu looked dull and looked at the elephant god’s attack. He didn’t hide or flash. With the elephant god’s attack, he fell to his heart. Then Jade Duxiu pinched the doom in his hand and instantly fell to the elephant god.
What’s it like to punch yourself?
Flying like a god will not kill you, but this blow is absolutely uncomfortable.
Jade Duxiu took the opportunity to pursue the knife in his hand and flashed into the elephant-like body, constantly slaying the elephant-like insect.
At this time, the pursuit of the sky came to one side, and the strong men also pursued it. They did not consider slaying the elephant god Jade Duxiu, but they could stop attacking everyone.
"Hey!" For a moment, jade alone took a step of providence, such as a knife, put away the palm of your hand, and instantly came to the sky for five days, and fell behind the altar.
A hole in the white jade altar that spurted blood into the sky was punched out by Yu Duxiu.
"Very fierce" sky eyes flashed with a horror.
"Go to hell!" Too many stars smashed in the hands of Godfather Tai Dou.
"You want to die, you will become you." Jade Duxiu abandoned the sky and looked at Taidou’s ancestor. He stretched out his palm and turned his long knife into a knife again. He was pinched and evaded Taidou’s ancestor’s blow and came to the front of Taidou’s ancestor.
"Not good!" Tai Dou’s ancestor knew with horror that it was not good, and he immediately tried to escape.
Jade Duxiu’s long knife shot into the poor universe of Taidou’s ancestor, and saw Taidou’s ancestor scream and fall into the clouds without a trace.
Chapter 23 trinity blow out the world
Jade Duxiu punched through the altar in the sky and called the sky to spit out a mouthful of golden blood with a jerk.
Looking at the pledge, the cold light flashes in the eyes of the axe jade show, and the fate is like a knife. Looking at the flaw of the fiend, it hits the flaw of the fiend array.
Like a sudden cassette disk, the twelve fiends’ large array was broken down by Jade Duxiu, and saw a mighty force. The large array saved twelve fiends’ method to run the large array, and immediately scared twelve fiends to escape from the large array.
A loud noise rocked the star, and half of the star was broken out by the twelve fiends, and the power was broken down and instantly fell. I don’t know how many beings were buried in the wild earth.
"Good terrorist strength" Jade Duxiu was rocked thousands of miles away, and the strong ones felt bad. They were shattered, fell into the wild land, and were thrown out of the world into chaos.
This suddenly called star burst accelerated dozens of times.
Listening to the cries of all sentient beings in the world, Jade Duxiu sighed gently, "Life and death are disillusioned. Everything is a phase, and death is a phase. Your life and death are just classified as chaos. In the future, heaven and earth will only reappear in a different form."
Looking at the people being thrown away, the jade show, the palm of your hand, an elongated knife, suddenly emerged in your hand and went after Tai Huang’s ancestor.

"The strategy in the chest can reach a million soldiers!"

I looked at the other three civil servants, looked at their calm faces and shouted in my heart, "Great talent. . . They are all great talents. . 。”
Jia Wen and looked JiWu, I knew what he was thinking, quietly left the pie mouth, and immediately resumed his calm touch and bowed to JiWu.
"Childe, some of my senior talents are not at home or refuse to be an official. Ah, there’s nothing I can do! It seems that they have already arrived. "
Ji Wu keenly grasped the word "it’s done", and his heart was shocked. There are such great talents in the world, but it’s a pity that they can’t be used by me.
Jia Wen said with a faint smile, "However, please rest assured, as long as the name of the son is true, I will have a reason to convince them." In addition, these two are also first-class talents, especially General Fang Jin, who is superior in force and brave in the three armies. "
"This Wang Qiang, even more scheming, is an exhaustive strategy!"
"The other three are even more talented people in handling government affairs!"
"With these people as the team of the childe, why worry about the great cause!"
Ji Wu was warm and indifferent by Jia Wen, as if he had set foot on the ninth five-year plan, and now he was full of lofty sentiments.
"If I am the master of Yangzhou, you will be the hero!"
Jia Wen bowed with a smile: "I wish you a son!"
Ji Wu thought to herself, "Hurry up and present it to win them over. Well, get a banquet first."
Then JiWu forward two steps, one hand holding a person’s hand, will party into, Wang Qiang’s hand firmly grasp! A face of affectionate said to the two.
"There are two, I feel at ease!"
Party into is nothing, a face of detachment, talk as little as possible.
Wang Qiang, with a trembling face and a bitter face, howled in his heart: "Is he the legendary gay man? Look at the affectionate eyes and listen to the coquettish tone. What do you mean,’ I feel at ease when I have two’? It is clearly empty for a long time. Look at this hand. "
Wang Qiang suddenly burst into tears and looked at Jia Wen with bitterness, cursing in his heart: "You didn’t say anything before, didn’t you?". . . You’re already with him? Look at you like this, it won’t be a small pain. "
Jia Wen looked at Wang Qiang and his eyes shone brightly. He gave him a look that you know. While Ji Wu was not paying attention, he said to Wang Qiang, "Your good friend is here."
Wang Qiang was angry and shouted at Jia Wen: "I am not gay friends!"
Ji Wuna asked Wang Qiang dully: "Mr. Wang, dare to ask, what is’ gay friends’?"
Wang Qiang said awkwardly, "Oh, this gay friends means. . . Yes. . . Good friend, haha. "
Ji Wu’s eyes lit up and said, "So, Mr. Wang, we should be gay friends."
Wang Qiang suddenly burst into tears. . .
What is this? My pure reputation has been ruined by this Jia Wen.
Jia Wen leaned in and said, "Of course, you are naturally good friends, but I am not. I am your subordinate."
Wang Qiang pointed to Jia Wen and kept shaking his hands, pointing to Jia Wen with a weak smile and yelling, "You are immoral!" Then he said to Ji Wu Shuo, "We are also your subordinates."
Ji Wu is very happy in his heart.
A line of people entered the banquet, and Ji Wu was very diligent in pouring wine for several people.
Wang Qiang muttered to himself, "There won’t be cuen medicine here, will there?"
. . . . . .
JiFan watching Xun Yu constantly send up intelligence laugh.
All the soldiers of the local garrison were trained, and Lu Xun also retrained 8,000 unique troops.
And the original six thousand five hundred unique army was trained by Dian Wei and Xu Chu to be a tiger guard, full-time protecting JiFan.
A new round of conscription has been started in various places. Before that, Ji Fan’s good deeds played a role, and there were countless people recruiting.
Ji Fan ordered the transfer of troops on the spot.
After a series of orders, more than 80,000 veterans arrived in the plain.
All these 80 thousand foot soldiers were transferred to Beihai.
On March 15th, JiFan officially ordered. . . The soldiers are going down!
Chapter 11. Your own way! The fourth more! 1w2ok!
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March 24th, when spring is blooming.
"Xuzhou secretariat of Yim Ho,
Ji Fan’s 6,500 tiger guards, Zhao Yun’s 10,000 fine riders and 100,000 old soldiers add up to 116,500.
Thirty thousand old soldiers stayed behind to guard Beihai City, and Dong Zhao guarded it.
Seventy-six thousand five hundred foot soldiers went out of Beihai and pointed at Xiapi.
But the first stop is Sheyang Town!

"Swallow some B-wood dust and then transform. Look at this appearance. Wait a day or two and the gourd will be transformed."

"Not the kui is a fairy tale good baby …" Baiyun Tower is not out of praise.
This seems to say that Xiaohua Ling’s heart was delighted at once, and his eyebrows were smiling and little wings flapped more briskly.
Zhao-yang Xia satisfactorily replied, "Yes, this wishful bead is really getting worse and worse. It also collected all the sticks of the big black fox demon and remembered that the big demon wanted to laugh at that time …"
Think of the thunder gourd and immediately turn it into a dark staff.
"I haven’t tried this stave after I’ve collected it. The black fox demon is so mean …"
Speak Zhao-yang Xia raised my hand to the dark staves caught in the past.
In the middle of a grasping stave, a strong wind suddenly bursts out from the grip of hands.
Chapter six hundred and fifty White jade staves
Qi Qi explodes the little flower spirit and is instantly blown away, but the reaction is that when passing by the little master, he slightly adjusts his body shape and grabs the little master’s hair and swings directly behind him to hide.
The relatively close hill was suddenly blown away by nearly half.
Xia Chaoyang has fairy clothes to protect his body, and the fairy light naturally reveals the influence of strong wind on his hair.
Oriental Ziyan is even more hindered by the wind, and it is eliminated by slight fluctuations as soon as it is close to the wind.
A little gust of wind and white cloud tower will not be seen by the wind, except for a little hair that blows with the wind, and even the sword in the sword field has not been released
After all, Bai Dazhao is also a yogi now.
I recalled the half-tea set that was blown away, and the tea liquid fell back on its own. Everything in the teapot was restored to its original state. Only then did I look at the staff in my sister’s hand.
The black gas of the black wood stave dispersed from the middle of the stave and finally turned into a glittering and translucent white jade stave.
Just now, it should be the difference of Tao that causes repulsion. The immortal light of Yi Mu forcibly dispels the residual evil spirit and restores the stave phase.
"This should be the heart of the sacred tree. No wonder that the sacred tree desperately condenses crystals and doesn’t want to be refined by the big demon. It’s cheaper. Sister Chaoyang is good …"
The little flower spirit dances around the white jade staff, and the more you look at it, the more satisfied you are.
At this time, the fat rabbit with long ears bounced out from behind the gauze screen, and the tips of its claws were covered with blood, but a frosty fairy fruit was in its mouth.
Seeing that everyone wants to see himself, it seems that the long-eared fat rabbit’s ears have a vertical demon force to urge the blood to dissipate immediately.
It was a thick and strong green light that hit the long-eared fat rabbit halfway through the line, and it fell to the ground on the spot and twitched all over.
"Er … Xiao Xun is injured … pool, I want to treat her …" Looking at Lopunny’s sad appearance, Xia Chaoyang said with a white jade stave.
"The increase is nearly times … this staff is really extraordinary." Xiaohua Ling couldn’t help but exclaim.
Zhao-yang Xia smell speech is not from one leng immediately also white to come over and didn’t tube the convulsion Lopunny delighted to look to the hands of white jade staves.
"With this staff hand XianShi not dragon can also be very severe …"
Speak with a wave of his hand, lift the staff and swing a green vine, and suddenly lean out from the head of the staff and plunge into the ground beside Lopunny.
The smooth bluestone ground was instantly broken, and the strong wind gravel turned the Lopunny belt over twice.
Zhao-yang xia hands staves can not help a stiff "power is too much to confiscate …"
Then the green vine slowly leaned out of the rattan net and gently took Lopunny to the front of the three.
There was a flash of white mountain in Lopunny, and a tingle turned up.
Is this Baiyun Tower convulsing endlessly or sending a small shower to relieve one or two?
However, it can be seen that Xia pool is too strong to cast evergreen this time. Even after getting up, Lopunny is still a little confused.
Zhao-yang Xia stretched out his hand and picked up the small conveniently quickly put away the white jade staves.
"What happened to Xiao Xun? Didn’t the ice in the backyard disperse?" Looking at Lopunny convulsions didn’t let go fairy fruit Baiyun tower asked doubtfully.
This Zhu Guo is still wrapped in a thin layer. Xuan Bing has just been tossed by Lopunny for a long time and there is no Explosicum.
Always smiling at the tea, Ziyan replied, "It should be caused by the cold when the martial sister Yaochi in Qingchi realized the true meaning of Xuan Bing. When Chaoyang came over, the Lingcao fairy fruit around Yaochi had been frozen again."
"This morning, the elder martial sister woke up with an epiphany and said that this layer of Xuan Bing has sealed the medicine of these fairy grasses but will not affect their growth."
"This extremely thin layer of Xuan Bing is not the original seal. Ordinary monks then can disperse it at will …"
"Elder martial sister should have told Xiaoxun when she saw Xiaoxun’s thoughts and came up with Yaochi Wonderland that if she wanted to eat, she had to work hard on her own. In this case, it would be difficult for us to intervene too much."
Xia Chaoyang couldn’t help but pick up the words and said, "Xiao Xun seems to have increased his confidence after being baptized by the big teacher elder sister again, and he struggled with this Zhu Guo early in the morning and was finally tossed."
"Very good, my younger brother Qingyun has to have this kind of will to fight." The Baiyun Tower is very praised, and he also raised his hand and scratched Lopunny Feiba to take away Zhu Guoxuan’s ice.
Praised by the big brother, touched by the big brother, Lopunny Xiaoxun immediately got carried away, which made Xiaoxun even more carried away with Zhu Guo in his mouth.
The cold breath in the mouth suddenly disappears, and the taste of fairy fruit is better than that of sweet juice.
"Ah, it seems that Xiao Xun is dizzy …" Zhao-yang Xia felt that Lopunny was paralyzed in his arms and his rabbit’s eyes turned a little startled.
"It should be that Zhu Guo’s delicious food will be found … sweet and dizzy, so it’s good to sleep." Baiyun Tower said with a smile as soon as it was telepathic.
"Don’t worry about the little flower spirit. You go ahead …"