Yunzui can’t figure out whether she is really crazy or not, but it doesn’t matter. She will make Dou Saiqi really crazy!

"Cloud foam …" Cloud drunk deliberately said two words and didn’t say it.
Dou Saiqi looked around after hearing the name for a moment and then stood up and shouted, "Moer, where are you?" Moer! "
How did Yunzui Lengran Dou Saiqi react like this?
What else does Yunzui want to say? Dou Saiqi has stood up to go outside. Yunzui also got up and put his hands around his chest. Is this Dou Saiqi really crazy?
If a normal person is drunk, normal people can judge logically, but if she is really crazy, she is not crazy, and I don’t know if she is really crazy or not.
393 Chapter 393 First encounter (11)
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"Yunmo, she is still alive. Do you want to know where she is?" Cloud drunk sound behind her.
Dou Saiqi’s back was stuck for a moment and then walked out.
Yun Zui couldn’t help raising his eyebrows, then turned around and picked up the Dou Saiqi and walked out without touching the food.
Dou Saiqi was just out of the hospital, but it was not long before he was robbed and stopped by the people in the Prime Minister’s Office.
When I saw someone drunk, I handed the square plate to someone and then said, "The Prime Minister’s wife won’t eat a glass of water. If you don’t eat, you may drink water."
With that, Yunzui walked away.
The food hasn’t moved, so Dou Saiqi is hungry for a long time. If someone brings her a glass of water, she will be hungry and she won’t eat rice. That is a very painful thing.
How long can she last before the water drops in? Why don’t you just eat? Then it is easy to eat something by mistake!
After leaving Yunzui, she went back to her yard. She knew that Chi Mie was waiting for her in the room, but she didn’t go in, but called out seven people in the yard.
They immediately showed up and went straight to the point and ordered, "Now give one to two of you. Keep an eye on Dou Saiqi, and let her give it to me whether she is really crazy or not."
Say Yunzui took out the medicine bag and threw it to 7.
7 immediately reached out and took it, then bowed his head and obeyed, saying, "Yes, it will be completed."
And Yun Zui said, "There are three people in General Mu Lian’s office who are pegged to Yun Mo’s courtyard. I want to know whether she is close to Mu Lian or not."
"Is brought life" 7 mouth way again
Yunzui nodded with satisfaction and immediately said to 7, "Then you choose five people to do these two things."
"Yes" 7 immediately brought life.
In staring at such a small thing as Dou Saiqi, Yunzui sent two people because they could be reduced to rest and supervise around the clock.
It takes three people to go to Mulian, not only to be reduced to rest for 24 hours, but also to be careful about Mulian. Moreover, if Yunmo takes action to give someone a message to Xiangge, one person can continue to monitor Yunmo, the other person can rest, and the other person can send someone with Wuxiang Niang, so more secrets can be found out.
Yunzui turned and entered the room, but she didn’t expect to sit in the room. There were a lot of pools in front of a case, and they were watching attentively.
And put a whole table of dining tables at the table position.
When Yunzui entered the room, he saw a man flying from the window with a wooden box in his hand, and then saluted Yunzui before turning to the table to beat the wooden box and decorate the dishes.
Do you feel three black lines dripping from your forehead?
What’s the big deal? Let’s get a few dishes. Do you need people to fly around to arrange meals?
And it’s so full of tables, and Chi Mi doesn’t take her seriously, does she?
How can you account for her case? And brought him all here
Yunzui looked at the room carefully again and found that Chi’s clothes had also moved here!
This is the concept of cohabitation?
Cloud drunk immediately fierce fierce stare to pool what immediately nu way "your ya is too independent, have you ever asked my opinion? You treat this place as your territory. What if someone sees you if you don’t handle it in this room? "
394 Chapter 394 First encounter (12)
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But Chi Miwen’s reaction was faint, and then he raised the piece of evil spirit Yan, who was charming all beings, and said with disdain
"It turns out that you are so insecure. Didn’t you speak? No one else is allowed to enter this hospital except the maid who brought you food. Since you have given orders in this way, you should believe how dignified you are. You shouldn’t show such insecurity for fear that others will find the king in the hospital."
Chi Mie deserves to be Chi Mie. Both of them are black-bellied masters. Even if things are wrong, they can say that they are reasonable and become others.
"You …" Yunzui molar immediately said, "Forget it. Whatever."
Then he sat down at the table and prepared to eat.
But Chi Mie said, "Wait a minute."
Cloud drunk was stuck. Why wait?
Because just before Yunzui came back, the front door of the house was lit with many candles in the room.
Otherwise, the light will be dim and you can’t see clearly.
Chi Mi blew out some candles and left two candles on both sides of the dining table before Yunzui said "Eat".
Yunzui was startled. What, are you cooking a candlelight dinner like her?
Suddenly Yunzui smiled and said, "Although you did everything right, you don’t understand the meaning of romance."
"Then tell me about it?" Chi Mie is very curious about all the strange behaviors and words of Yunzui.
He also wants to blend in with the drunken world and be as strange as her.
"It’s not the same if you can explain it to you. You have to taste it slowly. Let’s eat at the Evil King’s Hall." Yunzui chopsticks knocked on the rice bowl and gave a tinkling sound.
It’s really special for Chimie to get drunk with a smile.
Just now, he heard Yunzui tell 7 people in his room, and he had to say that Yunzui means is very accurate.
"Don’t call me evil king. Am I evil?" Chi Mi can’t help but leave her eyebrows slightly.
Besides, the temple is too much of a title.
Yun Zui couldn’t help but be stunned. She said casually. I remember that many names in the city are called the report evil king, and the temple is also very pleasant to hear.
"Not evil is evil! Charming! " Yunzui flatters a sentence because he doesn’t want to talk too much.

My heart is completely immersed in sadness.

Even after Wang Dalang fell into the hands of a bunch of white clouds, I was psychologically prepared that something would happen to Wang Dalang, but I can accept the fact at this time.
Chapter four hundred and ninety-four Dark
Biting my lip to keep myself from crying, I collapsed in my place.
When I was in tears, I remembered once again that my grandmother had told me that maybe one day all my close friends would leave me.
I can’t stop shaking my head and don’t want to believe that Wang Dalang is like this. From then on, I don’t want to think about whether Wang Dalang’s departure will make all the close people around me leave me for a start.
Grandma said at that time that the more people hope, the more we should cherish life. At that time, I felt heartbroken and deeply sad after hearing grandma’s words.
Now that I know Wang Dalang’s situation clearly, I know that the real experience of the death of my loved ones around me has hit me far more than my emotions at that time.
Indulge in your emotions and extricate yourself. I can’t hear what Dan Tai Li continues to say. My ears are full of Wang Dalang’s hearty laughter. Wang Dalang affectionately calls me a girl.
"Master me" I responded to Wang Dalang’s address to my girl. I couldn’t stand it any longer and always squatted and wailed.
I always know what it means to cry in a daze. I once again realized that when I saw Xie Yiming fall to the ground against Baiyingbi, I couldn’t feel the outside world anymore.
When I could feel the external situation again, I saw that Dan Tai Li was squatting in front of me with his eyes full of anxiety. I felt that he was shaking his hands on my shoulders and heard Dan Tai Li calling my name urgently.
I looked at Dan Tai without eyes, and my mood was still in marginal sadness.
"Xiao Ran, listen to me. I won’t let Wang Dalang die. I promise to give you a living Wang Dalang." Dan Tai has a loud voice.
Hearing Dan Tai Li’s assurance, I froze and tears continued to flow.
Dan Tai Li repeated his promise again, and then I suddenly woke up. Generally, I grabbed Dan Tai Li’s shirt collar and stared at his eyes. I couldn’t believe it. I asked him what he said.
The sense of distraction began to come back quickly, and I was surprised and flustered. I was surprised that Dan Tai Glass could give me such a guarantee, and I was flustered. Dan Tai Glass’s guarantee was purely to comfort me.
Dan Tai glass I grabbed his shirt collar and confirmed to him that what he said was really solemn, with a heavy expression and a nod. Repeat it for me slowly, he promised.
I was so excited that I didn’t know how to express my feelings at the moment when I got up from the ground and walked around the room.
Dan Tai glass also stood up from the ground and gave me a big hug and smiled and said that there should be a big hug here.
I ran to Dan Tai Li’s side and threw myself into his arms. I looked up at Dan Tai Li and said thank you for saying that I am very excited at this moment.
Dan Tai glass held my waist in one hand and put my messy cheeks behind her head in the other, staring at me with eyes full of pity and saying that he would do whatever he wanted me to be happy.
Dan Tai’s words made my excitement slow down a lot. I asked Dan Tai if someone whose head was cut off could be resurrected after death.
Dan Tai Li said that it is necessary to connect the fine blood vessels, flesh, bones and muscles at the junction of the head and the neck exactly, and then make the external force make the wound at the junction of the head and the neck recover after being connected, and the head can also be resurrected after death.
Dan Tai Li’s answer refreshed my complete understanding of the corpse in the method of resurrection after death. I said that it should be a big project
Dan Tai Li said with a low smile that no matter how big the project is, it is worthwhile to stop my tears.
Just then, the door was knocked from the outside, Dan Tai glass was loosened, and I held my hand to open the door. I saw the hotel receptionist coming over here.
Dan Tai Li, the front desk clerk of the hotel, opened the door and looked around the room, saying that many guests had just complained that our room was crying like a pig.
I glanced at me with a black line on my face. Dan Tai Li tried to smile and said to the clerk that we just watched the tragedy on our mobile phone, but the sound was a little loud.
After the clerk got Dan Tai’s answer, he told us not to disturb others’ rest, so he left Dan Tai Glass and laughed directly after closing the door.
Seeing Dan Tai’s smile, I sat back to the bed and called grandma and Jiubo respectively to tell them the good news. It’s all right if my master can come back to life again, isn’t it?
Grandma said happily over there that it was so hard to say that she had found the blind old man’s current specific address and would come to meet me when the nine-headed bird statue was solved.
Jiu Bolian said it was great, saying that I would like to thank Dan Tai Li for helping me.
Hang up, I hope that I have stopped laughing and sat cross-legged in another bed and started to heal myself. Dan Tai Li is full of gratitude.
Confirmed Wang Dalang’s situation, my heart was a little wider, and at the same time I began to worry about Wang Haowen’s situation, and my emotions began to track down Baiyun Zhonghe Bai Linger’s invisible paper man.
Wang Haowen feels indebted to Wang Haowen because I am suspected. I don’t want Wang Haowen to get into trouble because of this incident.
Lianke Stealth Paper Man: I know that just now, I received a call in Baiyun. The other party told me that Wang Dalang was forced to break into the prison in Baiyun, and all the people were killed and Wang Dalang was taken away.
After listening to what the other party said, Bai Yunzhong looked gloomy and asked the other party if Wang Dalang was dead or alive when he was taken away.
The other party told Bai Yunzhong that Wang Dalang had his head cut off by them before he was taken away, and then his face was slightly gloomy in Bai Yunzhong, and then he made the other party try to find out who had intervened in Wang Dalang’s affairs.
The other party should ask Baiyun whether to put the matter of tracing me on the agenda, and Baiyun said that it must be.
Baiyun confessed that the other party was disabled, but he had to be taken alive. I said that this was his only chance to get paper pie, and that if I died, I should send paper pie again.
The other party told me to take me alive again in the white clouds, and I hung up.
In the white clouds, his Dojo room is pacing behind his back for a while before calling Bai Linger. Ask Bai Linger if he wants to come to his place at the moment. If Bai Linger comes to his place tonight, he will bring those individuals suspected of leaking secrets with him.
Bai Linger said that he would take those suspects who had leaked secrets over now, hang up in the clouds and leave the living room on the first floor of the Dojo to sit and drink tea and wait for Bai Linger to arrive.
It wasn’t long before Bai Linger came to the first floor of the villa with Dojo in Baiyun with a dozen people.
In the white clouds, a gloomy face sat on the sofa and kept silent. A dozen people brought by Bai Linger stood in front of the white clouds and stared at the ground for silence.
Hao-wen wang is one of the dozens of people. I actually saw Lai Yuejing.
After Bai Linger brought people to this villa, she went straight to sit in the white clouds. Gherardini expression glanced at a dozen people standing in front of her eyes. Her eyes stayed the longest when Wang Hao was tattooed.
The silence lasted for a long time before opening your mouth slowly in the white clouds is to let the leaker automatically step out, saying that if the leaker automatically steps out, he can implicate his family.
A dozen people in front of the white clouds in the pestle didn’t move. Half a minute, the white clouds picked up the cups in front of them to drink tea, then narrowed their eyes and repeated the previous words.

Wang Qiang roared: "Brother! I found out the village of Yanyi that you asked me to check. Darling, long hole! There are a lot of grain and iron under the Sanfangzhai. "

JiFan dull face sitting in the hall listening to Wang Qiang said.
Xun Yu sighed and said, "Side effects! It will be all right in a few days! I’ll send some people to count the data! Wang Qiang, send a few people to Jingzhou to check the situation. "
Wang Qiang looked at JiFan with a complicated look and murmured, "I remember that at the beginning, I was like this for several days. . . Hey! It’s all forced by fucking life! " Smiled at Xun Yu and said, "Well, I’ll go first!"
Xun Yu looked thoughtfully at Wang Qiang.
This Wang Qiang is not simple.
Chapter 9. Yecheng Storm
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Collect tickets! ! ! With claws outstretched, the wolf howled! Ticket ticket!
JiFan rested for three days in a row, looking back with a lot of spirit! Eyes faintly projected a sharp! Corners of the mouth with a malicious and complete color light away. .
I walked into the hall and looked at Xun Yu, knowing that I couldn’t help him.
Sitting on the throne, he asked Xun Yu, "Wen Ruo. What do you think of the current plain raiders! "
Xun Yu smiled faintly and said, "Master, you’d better call all the actors and Marotta. The wisdom of three people is much higher than that of one."
Ji Fan flicked the dust on his clothes and shouted at the two unparalleled troops outside: "You, go and shout for the talents and Marotta!" I asked them for advice. "
Xun Yu looked at Ji Fan’s brush and asked, "Your master’s spirit is greatly increased today, and his spirit is much better. Obviously, your master has figured it out!"
Ji Fan looked at Xun Yu brightly and said, "Wen Ruo, I am very wronged, you know?"
Xun Yu caressed a few beards that had just risen, and said with gentleness and elegance, "I would like to hear the details!"
Ji Fan’s face suddenly became fierce: "In terms of strength, others are not as good as me! I am a fierce scholar, and he is not as good as me. But I am always in a passive state. The last time Plain City attacked me, it was infinite. It’s time to find him to calculate this account! "
Xun Yu smiled and said, "Master, in the final analysis, there is something wrong with the intelligence system. My Lord is blind. . Well! Nature is passive. "
Ji Fan smiled faintly and said, "Hehe, I have given it to Wang Qiang."
Only a blue suit with a white feather fan came to the hall smartly, and then Marotta was also dressed in a gray robe with his hands indented into the long sleeves, and his eyes were cold.
Ji Fan raised his eyebrows and said, "Wen You’s temperament is really chilling!"
Marotta smiled, lost her temperament and said, "Master, congratulations on the great spiritual change!"
Ji Fan looked at Xi Zhicai and said unexpectedly, "Chi Cai has also changed, and his temperament is different."
Xi Zhicai was obviously happy to say, "Master, I have been loyal twice, and my intelligence has now risen to 93. Or the master is valued. "
Ji Fan was a little surprised. He looked at Xun Yu and asked, "Has Wen Ruo’s politics improved?"
Xun Yu obviously didn’t care to say, "It’s just a small town, so how can we improve it?"! If it is a country, it can also be properly governed. "
Ji Fan nodded and said, "I believe that! Ok, let me get to the point. I’m not happy to see the plain now, so what! "
Marotta smiled and looked at each other.
Just then, the dramatist put out his fist and said, "Master, it’s just a plain. Master He Lao remembers. At present, the plain is being stormed by my 60 thousand yellow turban insurrectionary army! After March, both sides have almost consumed it. We are taking advantage of the fishermen. At that time, the master need only 10 thousand instead of 100 thousand to pacify. Please be patient for a while. "
JiFan suddenly thought of his own God-given depression, which might help them. Now he told them everything that happened in Nanpi City, plus his own guess.
Marotta said calmly, "I saw it at the beginning, too. Unexpectedly, in this case, why don’t you think about Jizhou Raiders?"
Ji Fan raised his eyebrows and said, "I’m not worried about Nanpi City. I’m worried about Yecheng. If you storm, the loss will be quite large. "
Xun Yu smiled and said, "Master, why not enter Yecheng? . 。”
Xi Zhicai frowned and said, "Let General Zhao Yun come back! Escort the master! "
Marotta frowned and suddenly flashed his mind and said, "Master, why not?". . . 。”
—————————————————————— dividing line
Under Yecheng, Ji Fan stood at the gate with twelve unparalleled troops.
Ji Fan praised: "It is worthy of being a giant city of the imperial city level! Tomorrow, I’ll come to visit this Xiongcheng! "
After entering Yecheng, he came to Yecheng for only one purpose, and of course this purpose also has a step!
First, the first step!
Spend money lavishly! Dally with good women!
This job is good! JiFan smiling into the city, just to the gate.
"People stop, and the entrance fee is 10 yuan!"
Ji Fan directly smashed a gold and roared: "It’s not easy for you guys! Take it to the kiln! "
Two soldiers immediately with flattering bow and respectful JiFan into the city.
I found the leisure restaurant and walked in triumphantly.

The green light is intermittent on the ground, Yunfeng disappears with two guns, and in the dark sky behind the patrol at dusk.

Green light spans the sky.
A moment later, there was a roar after another.
Like the sound of the earth, like the cascade of tsunamis.
Tianyang’s heart felt something and looked up to see that the intermittent green light was growing and tilting from a beam of light to a frank green road!
At dusk, the figure of the patrolman exudes dim light and is passed and separated by this blue avenue.
Suddenly there was a sharp ugly cry at half-ring.
The original magnificent yellow light quickly faded, so Tianyang could finally see the true posture of the evening parade in the deep glory.
It’s like a woman wearing a long skirt, and the six-winged patrolman’s light retreats, and its body is actually a humanoid skeleton. One of the ribs has a bright yellow heart.
The heart encourages blood vessels and nerves all around, and they wrap around the skeleton and spread around.
There are no arms on both sides of the skeleton, and many nerves stretching from the heart are woven into the shape of wings. Those nerve lines just float and emit yellow light.
Some of its nerves and blood vessels weave a long floating semi-skirt to the waist of the patrolman.
Qingyi Avenue passes through the right side of the patrolman’s body and weaves two nerve wires on the side of the small half skeleton, and its wings are smashed and torn!
At this time, the layers of cascading roar finally synthesized a thunderbolt, and the huge sound waves resounded through the whole city, making Tianyang and others feel dizzy.
"Let’s go"
Yun feng yin lai
Tianyang discovered that the second young master’s specific physique had lifted the faint breath and the star aggregates were dim.
Now he’s afraid a few ghosts can kill him.
The shocking shot was so powerful that the patrolman’s twisting ability was destroyed without making it work.
However, the cost is also very high, except that it takes a while to prepare for the accumulation of energy, so that the star cloud is almost exhausted and falls into a weak period of 2 minutes.
This secret skill will bring great danger to Yunfeng if there is no companion or comrade-in-arms around.
Chapter 562 Green Day Road
Cloud home team evacuated along the street.
Yun Fengli will fight again after a blow, but there is still some mobile strength.
Now he is closely protected, located in the center of the team, surrounded by cold rain, several elemental hearts and a group of hunters, while the outer circle is the fortress and the rank of God of War.
Tianyang and Feiyuan are in charge of the rear of the house, and their melee ability is the strongest, which ensures that the team can move forward quickly without worrying about the future.
The evening patrolman didn’t chase after the big loss, but ordered the nearby dusk clan to hunt down this team.
Just like the night star said that the king’s guard was proud of his personality and was shot by Yunfeng. Are you willing to let it go? After a slight adjustment, he gave off a dim light and chased him back.
It is this evening that the light emitted by the patrolman has grown stronger and brighter in the early days, and that evening brilliance has shrunk by a circle. In the light, the body has not recovered to the state of missing less than half a skeleton and two wings, and it is floating and floating.
Moving behind the team, Tianyang suddenly felt a pressure coming back and looked back at his eyes. A dusk clan was rushing over. The teenager immediately stopped and released the crescent moon without hesitation.
Star aggregates consume pieces of gray-blue crescent moon like running water, resisting the dark people who rushed to them, polluting them with gray-blue and making them empty
Clear this piece of pursuer, and the sun flashes back. His speed is amazing, even if he doesn’t start the alien superior mobility, Fei Yuan can’t match it.
The miscellaneous soldiers who cleaned up the institute of technology took it over in a backward way. If Feiyuan was allowed to clean it up, it would take no effort, but he could quickly chase the team after cleaning it up like him.
Feiyuangong is mainly to clean up those middle-class black people who suddenly appear.
For example, screaming female demons, such as shapeshifters, are often hidden in miscellaneous soldiers and will cross the juvenile pursuit team when the sun intercepts them.
This time it’s Fei Yuan’s turn to make moves.
The two men cooperated with the method of constantly reducing the number of troops to stop them.
In the fourth round of alternate cover, the day after tomorrow, when masculine returned to the vicinity of the team, he felt that there was a dusk in front of him, and when he looked up, there were several black spots expanding rapidly in the yellow light.
"Look out!"
The sun warned and avoided the black spots, and it was not until the crystal matrix was tied at their feet that they found the feathers entangled by the warp of God.
Feathers fall from the sky, and these flying feathers appear from the dusk. The hand hair feathers of the patrolman hit the ground without explosion, and there was no abnormality, which instantly reminded Tianyang of another ability of the patrolman.
These feathers should be a gift from the patrolman. If they are hit, they will be rewarded and something will be returned to the patrolman at random.
Feiyuan’s posture is not as flexible as Tianyang’s. He dances with a huge sword and carries stars to form a frenzy. The sword wind blows those feathers off.

White jade table flashes, nail head seven arrows book and Yuan Tu, A Nose double swords disappear, and then instantly appear, and this moment, nail head seven arrows book and Yuan Tu, A Nose on the residual soul residual spirit disappeared …

Yan Mo smiled indifferently, then took out a book of life and death, and wrote "Empress Chiling" and "Dark Goddess of Heaven" on the book of life and death.
In the wild, saints are above everything else, and no one can disobey the will of saints. The names of "Empress Chiling" and "Dark Buddha" are written on the Xuan Ming sage’s life and death book, which means that the two lives should be over. However, these two have great magical powers, which are enough to be dragged by the arrival life and death book, but they can’t resist the traction of saints. Besides, their residual souls are still in the hands of Xuan Ming saints, so they are only at the last moment of their lives.
The collapse of two behemoths means the end of the great era of the wild, and the semi-witch tribe has occupied the peak of the wild species, so it officially entered the leading role stage …
Chi Chang is the establishment of heaven, as the jade emperor, governing all immortal ways.
The semi-witch clan changed its name to "Man", and Chen Feng became Ren Huang, ruling all corners of the country and covering a territory of 100,000. After 3,000 years, it became the holy throne. After abdication, it was appointed as one of the four emperors in heaven, Gouchen the Great!
The lunar star has become the most mysterious place in the wild, with various legends circulating everywhere. However, the lunar star is empty, and people can only see pieces of tea trees on the lunar star …
Hundreds of millions of years have passed, and there is no other saint except Xuan Ming. Many quasi-saints are looking for the jade die, but the jade die is missing …
Many Xiandao elders speculated that Xu Qi was the fate, but Xu Qi had disappeared in the wild, and no one could find him …
A few years later …
Another world, the earth.
Xu Qi Yin God stood in front of "himself" and looked at "himself" lying in the hospital bed, while his sister Xu Min took care of it …
One day …
"Min Min, the total solar eclipse is coming. Push me out quickly, quickly, quickly."
"Come, come, it’s not time yet. Why are you in such a hurry?"
"Hurry up, hurry up, the total solar eclipse will come out later, and I want to watch it for the first time."
"Elder brother, are you hot? Do you want to take an umbrella? "
"No, the total solar eclipse will come out soon. Besides, it will only take a while. After reading it, I will go home. It will only take ten minutes before and after. I will be fine."
"Brother, look, the total solar eclipse is coming out."
Xu Qi stood by and watched the total solar eclipse with her sister. At that time, she was still very young …
Looking up at the sky, Xu Qi smiled indifferently at the strange total solar eclipse and said, "Six roads are connected with six roads, and nature meets nature, but it can’t be changed for a lifetime, just, just."
The new book "Cold Blood" and the rumor.
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volume one
Chapter 1-Missing persons
Time: In the 13th year of Xiaozong in the Southern Song Dynasty, location: In the discussion hall of Qiyun Club, the first and largest cuju organization in Lin ‘an, the founder and former master of Qiyun Club, Mr. Qi, was playing anxiously in the hall. In addition to Mr. Qi, there were a bunch of wives and servants of the Qi family in the hall. Dim candlelight swayed gently with the evening breeze, and one or two dazzling snuff bloomed from time to time, and the atmosphere around the servants dared not take a bite. The atmosphere was oppressive and suffocating.
Something terrible has happened! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Yes. Something really happened.
A few hours ago, a bolt from the blue made the whole family still unable to recover. The pride of the family, the grandson of Qi Yun’s former husband, Qi Na, fell off the cliff when he was hunting outside the city because his mount slipped.
It’s the Cliff of God. Father Qi knows it all too well. When he was young, he hunted with his close friends every month, and he was familiar with its dangers. Even God fell and it was hopeless, let alone a human being. It’s been almost five hours since he came back to report that he had gone hunting with Qinan and the search and rescue personnel rushed to the rescue. There is still no news back. If he was not worried about being too old, his health was not very good. Father Qi couldn’t wait to go out and search and rescue his baby grandson himself. That’s a heritage. ! ! ! ! ! !
Sit back in the spacious and soft tiger chair in the discussion hall, rubbing his thigh that is sore from walking for a long time, and his thoughts slowly drift into the endless night with the wind in the dark night. ……………
During the reign of Xiaozong in the Southern Song Dynasty, it was a contradictory and delicate time. After Xiaozong ascended the throne, he rebelled against the policy of compromise and concession to the Jin State in the Gaozong period. He restored Yue Fei’s reputation and actively fought against the Japanese. Although defeated, it also made the Jin State suffer a certain amount. In addition, with the rise of northern Mongolia, the Jin State was caught between Scylla and Charybdis, unable to invade the South on a large scale, so he had to accept the negotiation of the Southern Song Dynasty court and signed the so-called "Longxing Peace Negotiation". The imperial court in the Southern Song Dynasty gained temporary peace with some concessions. The economic and cultural prosperity of the Northern Song Dynasty was continued in the Southern Song Dynasty, and the capital city Lin ‘an (now Hangzhou) also replaced the position of Kaifeng in Bianjing in the Northern Song Dynasty and became the largest commercial center in China at that time.
At that time, Hangzhou had become a place where merchants concentrated, and people’s living standards reached an unprecedented height. Books such as "Old Wulin Stories" recorded that there were 440 lines in Hangzhou at that time, a royal street across the north and south, also known as "Tianjie". From north to south, Shili Street was painted with carved buildings. All the way to Fengshanmen, the pavement is paved with stone slabs, and there are many businesses on both sides. "There is no one who doesn’t buy or sell."
A minister in the Southern Song Dynasty complained about the extravagance of the world, saying: Now farmers’ pawns actually put on silk shoes. No wonder some western scholars say that the living standard of a European monarch at that time was not as good as that of a soldier guarding the city gate in Hangzhou.
"Outside the castle peak building outside the mountain, when will the West Lake dance stop? The warm wind makes tourists drunk and makes Hangzhou Bianzhou. It should be the best summary of the bustling scene of Hangzhou at that time.
Qiyun Society was born in such an environment. During the Southern Song Dynasty, although politics was extremely corrupt, the development of economy and culture was not greatly influenced by politics. Since the signing of the "Longxing Peace Conference" with the State of Jin, the Southern Song Dynasty entered a relatively peaceful stage.
Cuju, a popular entertainment activity in the Northern Song Dynasty, flourished with the development of economy and culture. Cuju activities have become a common practice, whether in the folk or in the court.
When he was young, Grandfather Qi was a keen fan of cuju, enjoying a high reputation in the field of cuju. His family was originally a business family, doing business for generations, with abundant funds. When Grandfather Qi was old, he set up a cuju team by himself, named it "Qiyun Club" after his own name. This was the first cuju organization in Lin ‘an. Later, various forces in Lin ‘an followed suit, and cuju organizations mushroomed and organized various competitions on a regular basis.
Father Jiyun had three sons, but none of them had great interest in Cuju. However, Qi Nan, the eldest grandson, showed great desire to learn Cuju since he was a child, and his talent was extremely outstanding. Therefore, among the younger generations of Qi’s family, Qi Nan was the most popular with the father.
For this reason, the old man did not hesitate to teach in person. In order to exercise his leg skills, Qi Nan became a teacher at the age of 8, and hired some of the best cuju masters in Lin ‘an to teach Qi Nan cuju skills. Qi Nan didn’t expect much. Cuju skills were better than blue in shine on you, and he led the "Qiyun Club" to win the cuju competition organized by the royal family in one fell swoop at the age of weak crown, and was given calligraphy by Emperor Xiaozong.
Since then, Mr. Qi has retired from the background with peace of mind, and let Qi Na officially take over the Jiyun Society and become the second generation master of Qiyun Society. Although Qi Nan people are only in their twilight years, they have a rare composure among young people, and they have kept a large Jiyun Society in good order. It is a great comfort for Mr. Qi to have such a grandson.
But who would have thought that such a situation has happened now? Is it that heaven is jealous of talents?
"Master came back, master came back! ! !” A rush of footsteps at the door caused a commotion in the hall. Father Qi recovered from his meditation, but his heart tightened with the approaching of footsteps.
Qi Qing, the elder’s eldest son, Qi Nan’s father, walked in quickly, and his face was anxious and tired, even the dim candlelight in the hall could not hide it. Father Qi sighed, but he didn’t find it without asking. The expression on Qi Qing’s face spoke for itself. There are endless inquiries in the hall, and it is like a vegetable market. Father Qi felt that his soul seemed to be far away from his body, floating above the noisy chamber. Naner! Where the hell are you? ? ? ?
Ten days pass quickly. Qijia has organized a lot of manpower and material resources to search and rescue, but there is still no news from Qinan. Not to mention the body, I didn’t find a hair under the cliff. The hope in his father’s heart also faded bit by bit. Ten days! ! ! The old man feels like ten years later, and people have become ten years older. People who live always have expectations. When God deprives a person of the right to expect, it is meaningless for that person to live. This is the general mood of the old man now.
A month passed, and there was still no news from Qina. Father Qi was so ill because of Qina’s disappearance that he died half a year later. Jiyun Society also gradually declined with the death of his father and the disappearance of the second husband, thus withdrawing from the stage of Lin ‘an Cuju. This is another story, not for the time being.

Too Yi Dao, too easy to teach the ancestors, the golden light flashed in their eyes and their faces were hesitant. "Wonderful show?"

The word "wonderful show" when seeing this person flooded into the mind of Tai Yi’s ancestor for the first time.
"It’s really a wonderful show, and only a wonderful show can master such a strange magical power. I was a wonderful show before, but I never thought that I was wrong. Did Miao Xiu get rid of the Buddhist calculation after nine reincarnation and return from the fate?" Taiping’s ancestor’s voice is empty. "Even reincarnation is a wonderful machine. Even if a person is reincarnated for thousands of times, it will not change."
Chapter 1571 Fox God refined treasure
"wonderful show"
A strange mood rose in the hearts of the ancestors with their heads down.
"Don’t worry about Tongtian Road. Finding Miaoxiu is important. Miaoxiu this fellow is not a law-abiding person. Maybe when you don’t pay attention, you will find a lot of trouble for you. You should also pay attention to this matter." Too easy to teach your ancestors to keep their eyes open.
"It’s such a wonderful thing that you can’t relax at all." The cold light flashed in the eyes of Tai Yuan’s ancestor.
In the wilderness, the fox god in the aura column of the centipede bodhi old ancestor continuously absorbs the aura of heaven and earth, but after the transformation and compression of the Jiugong hexagram array, it is found that the illusory array and the five elements are actually circularly derived, and the illusory world has a trend of changing towards reality.
"Miaoxiu said to me at the beginning that there is really no mistake. I really want to plan Miaoxiu’s head to see what is inside Miaoxiu’s head. The calculation is so far-reaching that even if we wait for the strong, it is far less than that." Fox God is sycophantic and has big eyes. "Miaoxiu has to go to Tongtian Road in person. It is not necessarily that simple. I need to go there personally. It is good to play with Miaoxiu. I can’t all be monopolized by this little person. We have to share a piece of it." Fox God grinds his teeth and the illusory world evolves towards the real world,
The centipede bodhi old zu around the fox god secretly complained that the aura of heaven and earth in the aura beam was absorbed by the fox god, but he became a bystander and could drink some soup.
"Fox God, you will leave me some aura of heaven and earth." The centipede bodhi old zu muttered and complained.
"You old thing, don’t worry, don’t worry. Now the Terran is too easy, and the four elephants are all detached from the strong. If no one breaks through, we will be completely suppressed by the Terran, and the Terran will fight." The fox god stared at the centipede bodhi old zu.
The centipede bodhi old zu heard that he scratched his head. "It’s not that you took my aura from heaven and earth, but you have to help me with one thing."
"What is it?" Fox Shinto
"In those days, I didn’t know how to find Amitabha’s provocation, but I never thought that my eyes were completely dug by Amitabha, and the golden body could not be completed. I also asked the fox to help me seize those eyes." The centipede bodhi old zu said.
Fox God hesitated a little when he heard this, and then it took a while to figure it out. "It’s hard to say that this matter is easy and easy."
"What’s the explanation?" The centipede bodhi old zu one leng.
"Your eyes were given by Amitabha Sun Chi as a night bead, Amitabha’s strength is profound and magical, but it is impossible for me to wait for idle people. Even if I make a breakthrough, Amitabha is flat at best, but it is impossible to defeat Amitabha." Fox Shinto "But your eyes are good things. Amitabha refined Jin Lan cassock and refined one of your eyes into Jin Lan. You and I need that Tongtian Road to set doom to contain the explosive apes, and then put that Jin Lan.
The centipede bodhi old zu’s face lit up when he heard this. "In that case, let’s go and get my eyes back first, and don’t worry about the rest."
Fox God shook his head when he heard this. "It’s a long way to go. If you want to steal Jin Lan’s cassock, you need to think about it. Otherwise, it’s really troublesome to have a big cause and effect in the future."
At the thought of Jade Duxiu Fox God, I suddenly felt a palpitation. This fellow is really weird. Ten times in just five hundred years, reincarnation is bad. This last time, I can transcend reincarnation and turn people into reincarnation.
Moreover, when the wonderful show acted, the fox god kept thinking about deduction and always felt a smell of intrigue and intrigue.
"This matter is in no hurry. Go to Tongtian Road to find out the truth in person after the breakthrough." Fox God pursed his lips and closed his eyes.
Three days later, the fox god stretched out his palm and saw a green gourd being held in his hand.
The centipede bodhi old zu looked at the gourd and suddenly burst into retailing.
Fox God chuckled, "This demon sacrifice is very slow, and the flashes in the front seat suddenly flashed. It suddenly occurred to me that the way to speed up the sacrifice and recruit the demon sacrifice is to recruit the demon sacrifice successfully. My savage demon clan is immortal, facing the Terran Heaven, it will once again take advantage, so we can recruit and conquer the Terran at once and drive the Terran out of the middle domain."
"Now there are too many variables in the heavens and the world, and Tai Su’s attitude is that they don’t want to defeat the Terran, but it is extremely difficult. The only thing that makes people feel at ease is that the Buddhist forces of the Terran’s nine major goalkeepers have been uprooted and evil, and there will be a big war in the future. If the Buddhist in the heart of the gv 10 is friendly, it will certainly not help the Terran. If the war between the two families is worse, the netherworld will dare to divide its forces to help the Buddhist?" At this time, the centipede bodhi old zu turned into a fairy-like male fox god, silently concise with his real body, and all aura was given priority to the fox god
Fox God casually threw the innate Lingbao gourd into the Jiugong hexagram array. "In those days, this trick of sacrifice and refining was a wrong step. We shouldn’t lead the wolf into the room. We should put the wonderful show and true spirit into this trick. The wonderful show and true spirit suddenly disappeared from the demon’s banner. Now it is an opportunity to solve the hidden dangers. Maybe we can secretly restrain the wonderful show and call it stealing chickens and not eating rice."
Tongtian Road Jade Duxiu Rides a White Horse and Enlightens the Foremost Guide Pig Bodhisattva This fellow is holding a white horse and there is an extra figure behind it, dressed as a monk, carrying the burden.
"The origin of a palpitation and doom is hard to trace." Jade Duxiu took a deep breath and looked at the endless gathering of doom in the virtual world, and there was a flash of sadness in her eyes.
The pig bodhi old zu took the white horse in front and swore, "Teacher Sha, it’s a blessing that you can join the Buddhist scriptures team. Didn’t you just break a glass lamp? What’s the big deal? This fellow is too stingy to make a big deal out of it. I thought that my old pig was a marshal of Tianhe 100,000 Water Army, and he was loyal to this fellow. Didn’t he flirt with a teacher in Yuefang in the Heavenly Palace? I didn’t know what to do now if it wasn’t for Buddhist tuas’ enlightenment. Now I’m out of heaven, but I’m also relaxed and I’m going to the Xitianbao merit pool to wash and practice my old pig’s blood vessels. I’m bound to break through the quasi-realm in one fell swoop and call that dry heaven knows my old pig’s fierce. "
At this point, the pig bodhi old zu snapped his mouth and muttered a "pity."
It’s a pity that the bodhi old zu pig swallowed the innate water in the Dragon Palace in the cold of the four seas, and it’s really sweet that this happened before he could digest and transform his strength into a fairy.
If the pig bodhi old zu had listened to Jade Duxiu’s words and worked hard to cultivate a truly stable quasi-fairy realm, he would not have cast a pig fetus.
For the way to learn the scriptures, only the pig bodhi old zu vaguely knows that all this is behind the black hand’s constant push, even if he knows it, how can he? I don’t want to pretend that I don’t know that you gave the bodhi old zu a hundred guts, but he didn’t dare to say it, and he could suffer silently.
In front of Wu Wenwen, he said cheerfully, "I don’t think that dry day is easy for Buddhists to learn from, even it’s not that simple."
"Brother Murphy knows what scene?" Pig bodhi old zu Songgang rope gather together in the past.
"Go, go, you are too narrow-minded to know anything, and you won’t say anything." Now, I feel a little condescending before I feel in a good mood. I’m sorry that I learned my identity, and I also feel quite interesting. It’s also pleasing to the eye for the two younger brothers.
"The first commandment of Buddhism is not to talk nonsense." Jade Duxiu withdrew her mind and reprimanded the two of them.
Chapter 1572 Fox God transcends the heavens and fights.
The five mentoring people wobbled all the way, and the sand monk gained a little more popularity in the Buddhist scriptures team.
On the fourth day, the heavens and the earth suddenly shook, and a gorgeous aurora rose into the sky and shook across the virtual world.
Jade Duxiu read but saw a wisp of true spirit escape from the illusory dry Kun of the fox god and was instantly absorbed by the black lotus and disappeared into the black lotus.
"Oh, no, this time it’s too bad to underestimate this fox." Jade Duxiu’s frown is really in trouble this time
It is said that the fox god directly put the innate Lingbao gourd into the virtual world with its nine tails, and let the innate Lingbao gourd accept the training of Jiugong Gua array, releasing some of the powers of the recruiting demon and blessing it in Jiugong Gua array. This time, it is a big basket. Seeing that the fox god Jiugong Gua array is just a few breaths that have been mixed, nine tails have been refined and refined into the virtual world, and the fetal membranes are derived. The innate Lingbao gourd helps the stars, and the aura of heaven and earth seems to be full of the milky way, and it falls into its Jiugong Gua array instantly.
The formation of a small world represents the construction of the law skeleton, and the five elements of the law have been perfectly circulated. At this time, the small world echoes each other and is fed back and blessed by the small world. The melting speed is faster than imagined. The jade show is really hidden in the dark, and the demon is going to take the last chance to give the demon family a cruel enslavement. All the demon families launched a world war, but it was unexpectedly forced by the forces of the small world. At this time, the five elements of the small world are turbulent. The jade show is a true spirit, but if it is not paid attention, it will be enslaved by the fox world.
At the moment when the fetal membrane of the will world of the fox god was formed, it was already immersed in the interwoven derivation of the immersion law in the operation and evolution of the world.
The fox god has the heart to stop the jade show from leaving, but there is no extra power. All the power of the fox god is to maintain the stability of the world, and some power is to understand the quality of the world and constantly understand the laws of the world. If you miss this opportunity, you can start all over again.
Looking at the nine days, Yu Duxiu’s face changed. "Too soon, this time it was a mistake. I didn’t expect this fox to be so clever and find another way. I don’t know if this fox will ruin my plan."
Seeing this scene, many demon gods roared and shook the Milky Way, but they saw that many demon gods stood up and maintained the light beam to prevent many godfathers, the strong in the netherworld and the dragon king of the four seas from secretly making mischief and delaying the opportunity for the fox to preach the truth.
"It’s not just that the fox god promoted to the fox clan to recruit demon banners, but it has changed again. It’s really fierce. Now the demon clan’s recruiting demon banners is no longer in my Terran deity list, and I’m going to be at a disadvantage in the face of the wilderness." Too easy to teach my ancestors to hang their eyebrows.
"Interrupting her enlightenment can’t be called such a smooth breakthrough. Then how can my Terran be at peace?" Taiping’s ancestor turned the Taotao River into a river, and instantly hit the Xinghe Waterfall to break through the waterfall and block the water flow.
"Stop it."
Tiger God roars, roars, shows himself as a white tiger covering the sun, and grabs it to meet the long river of the character.
The white tiger’s paw was carbonized in an instant by the fine iron symphony, but the blow of flesh and blood rebirth again in a short time was a bad intention of the Taiping ancestor.
"Terran is dying", the snake god’s mouth slammed into Bing and swallowed it away.
"imperial map seal"
But I saw a drawing slowly stretching across the country like a picture, blocking the snake god’s big mouth, which was like a black hole and could not swallow anything.

"I was there when I was in Zhuang Guogong!"

A moment in Yunlie Day has already contained many meanings in a short sentence.
"I will also participate!"
Andy Zhuang’s favorite is to arrange troops and immediately volunteer.
When Zhuang Shun saw that his second brother and fourth brother had gone, he also shouted, "I want to go!" "
Tang Luoling smiled at these cousins. It’s no small matter. They are all willing to help Yunlie train soldiers. That is naturally a good thing.
Now that I think about it, it’s better for the whole family to stay in the military camp. There’s nothing to worry about. When I think about it, she directly said, "I have an idea. Let’s form a corps in Xinling County and train here. After that, we will live here. Even if the new emperor wants to play tricks on us, it’s impossible."
Xia Houlian took a sniffle at the corner of his mouth. "The new emperor declared that he could not resist the decree when he entered the palace."
"Can’t resist purport and you? You can go. "
Tang Luoling immediately replied that she didn’t know about him.
If the rebirth of an evil spirit of Emperor Wudi can’t settle a new emperor, he deserves to die!
This girl was born to beat him!
Summer Hou Lian was so angry that she couldn’t wait to sew her mouth now. It’s hard for her to run like this!
"So I don’t need a wheelchair?"
Zhuangqi is very happy to stay here. No one knows that he is not in a wheelchair.
Tang Luoling immediately shook his head and said seriously, "Now it’s not enough to send those wives and concubines away from Zhuang Yongan."
"good! I’ll do it! "
Zhuangshun put away the paper fan in one hand and looked triumphant.
Things are almost arranged. Some of their young players are ready to meet the palace attack. They need to recruit, that is, they need to arrange accommodation for the soldiers.
It’s better to wait for the stars, Wen Qing and others to come in with those bandits or have a place to stay.
Fortunately, Xinling County is divided into two parts, half is wasteland and half is Sichuan waterfall jungle. If the wasteland is to be developed into a big city, I am afraid that no one will come. Chapter 499 New Corps 1
At three months, the blink of an eye.
From hot summer to autumn, the whole Sichuan waterfall jungle is covered with yellowing leaves.
And they also began to be busy. From time to time, they went to the wasteland. Tang Luoling painted on the map. She found that there was no so-called city in this southern Zhou Dynasty.
She designed a castle that can be attacked and defended, a big pool, and even the edge of the Sichuan waterfall jungle. She designed a wall, and some poisons crossed the border and hurt the city people, which is not good.
The city she designed definitely occupies more than half of Xinling County. If hundreds of soldiers don’t start work, they are afraid that they can’t finish it.
However, Yun Lietian, Xia Houlian and Zhuang Hao directly nodded and decided to build as she said after reading the drawings.
Even in the summer, Hou Lian went back to Kyoto specially and found 300 wall-building masters to help with the work.
There is a moat around the city because of Tang Luoling’s tossing.
As soon as the design is finished, she will continue to practice, because Yunlie’s day is already a statue of Wu, and she can’t be too weak.
So when several cousins were busy, she directly gave them the gold from the auction, and then from time to time, she refined some high-level Dan medicine for Zhu Yi to take back and start the auction with the help of the reputation of Huishengtang.
In this way, the name of Huishengtang is even louder in the mainland of martial arts.
But the silver from the hidden world kept flowing into Tang Luoling’s hand. Unfortunately, the silver was not warmed in her hand for a while and then transferred to Xia Houlian, who asked him to invite masons and carpenters.
Wen Qing returned with 30,000 troops when Xinling County was in hot work.
She traveled all the way back, and those rough people were as young as 30 and as young as 16.
Yun Lietian looked at those people admiringly and said, "Well done!"
"The handmaiden dare not take credit because she needs to avoid the eyes and ears of the palace. The handmaiden boldly arranged for them to enter Xinling County before and after a team of one thousand people. The handmaiden made a claim and asked the Lord to punish her."
Wen Qing stood by hand, thin and dressed in a strong face and calm waves.
"Where are the stars?"
! ! ! ! ! w! w! w! ! ! ! ! 8! ! ! !
"The stars came behind with hundreds of troops. Because of the large number of people, Yan Luo and Mo Yi also crossed the river with 60 thousand troops."
Wen Qing returns in an orderly way.

Everyone tends to be warm on the one hand. Who told us that the former Qin Keqing people were so bad that everyone hated them? Not to mention that at the moment, she played like an enemy, and the sharp move that she couldn’t wait to ruin her warm appearance was even more unpleasant. Let’s say this is a discussion and exchange, so it’s good for you to vent your personal anger. It’s really immoral and rude!

It’s pity that Miss Wen’s family is so gentle and elegant, but she has to deal with it when she is entangled by a poisonous woman. It’s really a jealous beauty, and sentimental people have big brains.
Warm doesn’t know that she has been cherished by the audience. It’s not that she doesn’t want to fight back. It’s not yet time to be magical. Teach her this boxing method. It focuses on defending Rouge’s opponent. No matter how hard the attack is, she can easily resolve it. Even in the face of a very powerful expert, she has the ability to protect herself. This is also magical. The original intention of teaching her this boxing method is not to fight into a peerless expert, but to protect herself for a week.
She is consuming Qin Keqing’s physical strength. She has been given 20 years of skill by God, and she has the essence of last night and magical double cultivation. Her physical strength is endless and she is not afraid, but Qin Keqing can’t
In particular, it is faster for her to play like this.
Sure enough, ten minutes later, Qin Keqing was panting and sweating. Although the offensive was not reduced, her strength was already weak. On the contrary, the warmth was still light and never forced, which made people feel that she was actually dancing instead of fighting. Long sleeves eased and fluttered with the wind to write a romantic story.
From the recent tournament, Qi Nianmei kept clenching his fists nervously, and his eyes were not wrong. He also said to himself from time to time, "Why don’t you fight back when you are warm?" That woman is so cruel, isn’t she afraid of being scolded? This is a fight, not a revenge. What’s the fight? Ah, be careful. When will the discussion be over tomorrow? "
Next to Fu Yunyi, it is more worrying than her. He has been holding his breath. In fact, his mind is in a state of panic. Those calm analysis and judgments are gone. Only at this moment are nervous measures.
It is said that the authorities are a mystery to outsiders, but he has no idea that his soul has already flown to the scene to be entangled with her, and he can’t wait to resist each other’s attacks for her.
He secretly decided that he would never let her take part in such a thing again. Even if it was a shoo-in, he couldn’t stand the suffering and torture. He boasted that he was the most calm, but not for her.
The mobile phone in his pocket suddenly shook. He suddenly took it out and saw that it was a sacred number to pick up the nervous voice. "Big cousin, Warm will definitely win?"
Fu Yunyi doesn’t know whether he is comforting him or comforting himself. He is very firm and says "Yes".
The sacred did not breathe a sigh of relief, but asked, "Are you right?"
Fu Yunyi realized that "we were not …"
Divine interrupt "before is before, now is now. I’m not nervous when I didn’t hit you before, but now I’m in a mess, big cousin. Please heal me. My heart is jumping to 200 …"
Fu Yunyi took a deep breath. "Do you want to ask a magic?"
Behold, the holy one cried directly when he heard this. "Whoops, I just asked my third brother to call you."
"What did he say?"
"He said he didn’t know. Whoops, he didn’t even know. Then who knows?"
Section 434
After hanging up the sacred words, Fu Yunyi’s hands trembled uncontrollably. His consciousness clenched his mobile phone and his body tightened. He watched the fight still in full swing and became more and more calm.
Wu is also nervous and worried, but he is not as exaggerated as Fu Yunyi. He inadvertently turned his head and found that Fu Yunyi was pale and seemed to faint and busy holding his arm. "Fu Shao, are you okay?"
Fu Yunyi stiff shook his head and whispered, "Arrange your hands near here. Once you find something wrong, don’t try to save lives."
"Okay, I’m ready."
"You told the knights Fu Feng to let them come over for close protection."
"ah? Good ….. "Wu wants to say that he is not qualified to command the Knights. Isn’t this the time for you to do things yourself, Fu Shao? But he doesn’t ask the rickety figure of others after seeing his eyes.
At the same time, I was disappointed in my heart. Compared with their confusion at the moment, what is the admiration I once had?
Magic picked up another message at the moment. It was Zhou Hanhan. He was in a panic. He answered it without looking at the number. He put it in his ear, but he didn’t hear what the other party said until he lost his temper and shouted "Magic!"
The magic seems to be startled. "The grass is not deaf. What are you yelling about?"
Weeks without cold shortness of breath "not deaf? Do you know how many times I just called you? "
Magic guilty grunted, "I’m watching the fight. Can’t I get into it?"
Weeks without cold endure gas grind teeth "ok, you are very devoted, right? Then let me ask you something. Didn’t you say before that she could hit that woman? What will still be defensive? "
Magic sophistry "not yet!"
Weeks not cold take a deep breath two "I ask you her martial arts is you teach? Why don’t you teach her some real fighting skills and capture skills? What, she’ll defend? How can I fight like this? "
"What’s the matter with defense? Isn’t she well guarded? Even if you fight her, you can’t take advantage of it, you know? "
"But it’s hard for her to win!"
"You don’t understand this before. She can kill that woman even if she consumes it!"
"Are you? Will you still be nervous? "
"Who is nervous?" I don’t even admit it when I kill myself.
Weeks don’t cold exposed with a smile, "if you are not nervous, you will just see me and you can’t hear me?" This is not nervous? "
"It’s not that you wronged the old!"
Zhou Hanhan doesn’t want to pester him about this again. "I ask you again, can she beat Qin Keqing?"
Magic for a moment hesitate before oral cold beat way "forget it, you still don’t say your flying is very good, right? Can you fly from the VIP table to the scene to save people? You’re not afraid of losing face, are you? In case she is in danger, you will rush, right? "
Magic choked along while didn’t good the spirit way "tube you what matter? Salty radish is a light worry! "
Weeks cold silent for a moment faint way "tube my business you don’t nervous, then I’ll nervous her"
Smell speech magic immediately annoyed "no! Old is not dead yet! "
After yelling and hanging up, I called Sacred. Opening my mouth is "Eldest brother, you can stare at that uber flower and watch him worry about it. People in the imperial city have been calling me for a long time …"
The sacred interrupt choked and asked, "Can Warm Son fight?"
Magic "…"

"Xiaolan Conan is still missing."

Xiaolan sitting beside her on the small Iraq introduced a garden and then happy way
"My father is still in Tokyo. We came in to play with the park. I didn’t expect to see Xiao Yi today. I thought I’d find you to play someday!"
Xiao Yi knows that she always rubs people in. She gives a little of her cupcake to three people.
"Are you interested in this gem jewelry? I heard that there will be an auction? "
Xiaolan shook her head.
"I’m not interested. I came with the garden if I wanted to come."
Garden took a bite of jelly.
"I’m actually not interested because my aunt asked me to help me buy that set of blue diamond jewelry."
Blue diamonds are rare. A whole set of blue diamond jewelry is even more precious. This is the finale. Many people are talking about this set of jewelry. Not long ago, Xiao Yi heard about the price of this set of jewelry. The string behind it scared her heart and soul. She broke her fingers for half a day. According to her current money progress, she needs to live for about 500 years and then borrow it from heaven for another 500 years.
And now the girls’ garden actually says it wants to buy it? So rich?
Of course, Yi also regrets that he has no other ideas.
After all, if she really wants money, it’s not difficult, not to mention taking out the golden mushroom and sneaking around the bank or jewelry store, and then she can have as much money as she wants
Although she is poor, she has backbone. After all, it is her choice!
Just … when will the monthly salary be paid? Her wallet has been decorated in recent days, qaq.
Suddenly Conan asked
"Is Sister Xiaoyi here to buy jewelry, too?"
Yi quickly shook his head when he heard this.
"Of course not. I have no money."
She said frankly
"I just rubbed someone else’s invitation to eat here."
Then she took a bite of cake and narrowed her eyes.
Xiaolan immediately smiled at this and blinked her naughty eyes.
"What a coincidence. That’s what I’m going to do."
After all, she doesn’t like jewelry, and she has no money to buy it. This is a garden with friends. What else can she do besides eating and drinking?
The garden is also deep, and this kind of banquet is the only highlight. Before the auction starts, they might as well eat and talk here.
Xiao Yi was even happier when she had two people to accompany her to eat. She was quite enthusiastic and went to the table to get a lot of desserts.
Xiaolan is worried.
"We can’t finish eating so many things?"
"Don’t worry, I have a big appetite."
Xiaoyi was very bold and spoke, and then in Xiaolan, the three people had a good time with their shocked eyes.
Seeing Xiao Yi eat a plate of Pufftower, five plates of cake, six plates of pudding, a big bowl of ice cream balls and a big bottle of juice, the appetite of three people is really great.
Garden shocked to stare at the slender black-haired beautiful girl, she is careless and surprised, and can’t help but touch her abdomen.
"God, where have you eaten so many things?"
"Of course it’s in my stomach."
Yi smiled.
Xiaolan didn’t expect her new friends to have such a thing. I can’t believe it. Look at Xiao Yi’s abdomen
"You haven’t changed your waist after eating so much."
It’s unscientific. So many things have to go around the waist, right? But now the food seems to be in another dimension.
Yi blinked. "That’s probably because I digest faster?"
Garden than than his waist and than than the small Iraq suddenly envy.
"How do you keep fit with such a big appetite? Are you still so thin after eating so much? "
Yi thought for a while.
"I have a lot of exercise at work and I am born with a special constitution?"
The garden was stimulated by the new friends, and suddenly she made a fist like chicken blood. She firmly stated that since the talent is worse than others, she can make up for it diligently. From the day on, she will also work hard to train a slim waist and attractive mermaid line!
Now … Boo-hoo is a big blow. She needs some ice cream to comfort herself.
On the other hand, Conan … I’m afraid it’s not as likely that there will be a mermaid in the world in the future.
Conan looked sideways at Yi.
"By the way, Sister Yi, since you came with someone else, what about the person who came with you?"
Xiao Yi looked down at Conan’s seemingly clear but hidden sharp eyes and couldn’t help feeling.
It’s strange how to look at a one-year-old child who is keen and likes to search the surrounding information. I can’t blame her for mistaking the child and Mr. Random Step, right?
She took a sip of juice way
"He went to wash his hands and hasn’t come back yet."
At this time, a waiter came to clean up the tea table. Xiaoyi couldn’t help but look at him.
That man is a medium-sized, ordinary-looking man. It looks nothing special in the past, but Yi somehow feels that there is something wrong with this man.
She can’t say what’s wrong, but she trusts her intuition.
After the waiter walked a distance, Xiao Yi got up and said that he needed to go and wash his hands.
She followed the waiter across the corridor, and there were people coming and going everywhere. The noise of guests and waiters was very noisy and lively, which was very helpful for tracking, but even so, Yi was still cautious. Her steps were almost inaudible and light as a cat.
Soon she saw the waiter go in to wash his hands. Yi didn’t go in, but waited for her in the shadow with an oil painting at the corner of the stairs. The black dress made her blend into the darkness smoothly, as if she had become a shadow in the darkness.
But strangely, the waiter never came out after he went in. Instead, three women came out one after another, one of whom had long brown hair, a handsome face and a tall figure. Of course, this height is medium for women and men.
Yi squinted at the woman, then withdrew her eyes and quietly sat at the corner of the stairs until the woman was about to turn and leave the corridor before she lifted her heels.
If at this moment, a figure appeared and grabbed Yi’s wrist.
Yi was held by him because it was none other than Osamu Dazai. She looked at this guy dressed as a waiter and frowned.
"What are you doing?"

The emperor’s light on his body became more and more intense, which led to various transformations and gave birth to a trace of detachment and gradually stepped out of the realm of the fairy king

In a moment, a large piece of fairy land debris fell into the fairy road, and the dramatic changes and derivatives made all souls feel that they had witnessed the arrival of the fairy land
"The ancestors are getting higher and higher, and we can’t even see what we see. Only humanity can burn."
"There is a strong feedback from the source of blood!"
On a whim, the Ren Huang ethnic groups in the imperial court had inexplicable changes and breeds, which made them unable to help but exclaim.
Chapter five hundred and ten The ancient emperor Ji breakthrough
Immortal long-cherished wish
This is the pursuit of immortality by several creatures since the mythical age. Today, the immortal family, which has been in the mythical ancient books, is really alive.
Ren Huang came back and broke through the boundary wall, salvaging the fairy fragments one by one and bringing them back to Chengxian Road, which has been filled for nine days and ten places. A lot of source power was fed back, which made the environment of heaven and earth more and more extraordinary.
It used to be said that the two homologous ancient worlds were the masters of fairy land, but after being fragmented, they became vassals of nine heavens and ten places, and their poles reversed.
"Oh, my God, that’s really a fairy land, but it’s already in pieces. Ren Huang has actually recovered so much, even an ordinary fairy king can’t do it!"
The creatures in the strange world are shocked and confused, saying that the fairy land is so salvaged that it is beyond imagination to be a vassal in return.
Once their ancestors were more eager to go home, but who would have thought that they had seen Ren Huang’s feat before they succeeded, and the impact was too great
"This is … when nine days and ten places? After the fairy land collapsed, even the fairy king could not find out how powerful this revered Ren Huang was and could shuttle and salvage at will! "
"Look at him, the emperor’s light on his body is more than rich, and he has surpassed the immortal king’s emperor’s spirit. I’m afraid he has gone through the road of seeing the king and approaching the level of the leaders!"
Fragments of Fairyland are even more exclamatory. Those true fairies who have lived for a long time can’t help but shake the chaos in ancient times, and then this life was born with detachment.
In those days, the turmoil was so terrible that it almost destroyed everything. Some words came out, and most of the records of the lucky old people were unknown to the new generation.
"It’s a pity that you can’t see that he really has the emperor’s light to cover up the emperor’s gas, even the fairy king can’t look straight."
The ancient extension, the strong man in the fairy fragments, sighs inexplicably and feels a little familiar. From that gesture, it seems that a great man in ancient history has traces, but it is already hard to find.
"Didn’t you go to the pale with the breath of the temple?"
Li Yu’s eyes glanced through the debris, but he didn’t capture his orthodox breath. A thought from the long river of time looked into that colorful time, but it was blocked.
There is a strange power to block it, such as arbitrarily controlling the sword light of the ages, and it is like all the generations of Yongchang to block a hazy mist and let the ancient history be white, so that the traces will be distorted when they emerge.
"I will go back to liquidate everything soon."
When his brow froze, he remembered that when the ancient hell finally fell into the world war I, it would appear that the creatures were dormant, and he was bound to go once after he achieved his ancestors.
At the same time, countless robbery clouds piled up in the immortal imperial court. It turned out that a large number of Ren Huang ethnic groups were going to break through all the buildings and go to other cosmic areas.
If you stay in the imperial court, the thunder robbery will not fall. All beings are willing to shelter the robbery, and no thunder robbery can shine like the king’s Dojo.
"PSST, I didn’t read it wrong, did the man directly become enlightened? ! How is it possible that there is still a chaotic emperor Wang Bo in the world? His chaos has become a Taoist and his two Taoist avenues have been suppressed! "
"Nonsense is going to break the blood of the king and see the emperor’s creatures and feed back just a humanitarian creature?"
People are stunned to see that an alternative enlightened person has broken all kinds of repression and directly ascended the throne, thus achieving a near-fairy fruit position.
The one who seems to be saying that the emperor of Gu Hua in the middle generation actually stepped into the throne today!
And not far away, the old emperor of Gu Hua also appeared to cross the catastrophe and stepped into the realm of alternative enlightenment, which was quite shocking. That’s the realm of the master of the Emperor’s Way, so it was better than bullying.
Don’t say it’s a strange world creature or a fairy fragment. How can you be promoted like this when you are stunned?
What is this, Lying on the Emperor Avenue?
It is really terrible to feed back from the source of blood. Worse, it is not too easy for Ren Huang to break through the road of quasi-immortal emperor and drive the sublimation of the humanitarian field
"This world is crazy. There are people who have become immortals here and there. This is his grandmother’s fate!"
"What? Immortal? ! Impossible is absolutely impossible! "
"That means that Jiang Yifei, the king of Zhongjiang, is recognized as a young man!"
A more shocking scene appeared when Jiang Yifei recovered Su Teng from the enlightenment, and his blood was fed back to cross the immortal robbery.
His qualification foundation is natural enough, and he can’t help sighing from his heart that it is also very important to practice the road.
"Old friends, I’m sorry I can’t accompany around. I’m also very upset that this breakthrough is too fast.
I wanted to wait for you to make progress in the field of fairy tales together, but who knows that this repair will go up on its own!
Alas, the world is always like this. The more you don’t want him, the more you have to give him. I can make a breakthrough and wait for you in front. The younger generation is too outstanding and too outstanding. This makes my old man so good. Alas, I haven’t experienced the practice of Xiandao yet.
Old friends, remember to practice diligently. "
The imperial court has already become immortal and Hengyu lightly sighed and patted the virtual shoulder, sighing and sighing in each other’s complicated eyes.
"I’m far behind you when it comes to revealing the truth before people."
It’s so harsh to be ashamed that the other party is flashing dazzling’ Sage Spirit’ all over.
"The sea turns into dust, and the dream of tens of thousands of autumn-turned yellow-haired and long-lived sorrows is that there are thousands of fairy roads in the battery area; I’ll go too! "
Hengyu whistled with a magic furnace and ushered in the quasi-king’s robbery. His strength was greatly improved, and the mid-term realm of the real fairy soared directly and gained great benefits.
"Ren Huang ethnic immortal imperial court, this is the man’s royal power. No wonder it’s so horrible, and so on. What’s that? Someone broke through the quasi-fairy king? ! It’ s too scary to go against the sky! "
"People don’t talk in secret, I also want to be an adult royal race. It’s so tempting. You find that without this race, everyone is pregnant with special physique and has a strong blood recovery!"
"Quasi-fairy king, this is a big shot in the chaotic ancient era. It’s true that people are more popular than people today!"
And this scene deeply shocked the creatures in the Three Realms. It was amazing enough to break through all the ways to intercept and become an emperor. I didn’t expect that there was another immortal on the spot who even achieved the quasi-fairy king!
God, they are not so bitter, sweet and bitter when they practice, but they are not as hard as others at present. He is really lost in his mind when he works hard.
Even Gu Tuo is very silent, and there is a doubt that the illusion of life is terrible, not the feedback breakthrough is terrible, but this breakthrough way, and their foundation is solid!
This shows that no one in Gu Hua, whether it is the quasi-immortal Wang Hengyu or the immortal Jiang Ren Wang Naicheng, has a strong foundation, and no one is not physically strong, even the Taoist heart is very tenacious
They don’t know this, but the Ren Huang ethnic group in the imperial court clearly understands that it is not only because of blood, but also because of "reincarnation" and "psychological robbery"
This gives every ethnic group in Ren Huang enough opportunities to experience, fight for life and death, and fight for spiritual practice in the secret environment of all times. There is no shortage of preaching resources, no shortage of environment and no shortage of Taoism. How can the spirit of birth be weak?
It can be said that anyone who walks out can sweep the sky and practice the magical powers. This kind of situation is far beyond imagination. Naturally, there will be no so-called’ narcissus’ fighting power. It takes some time to polish and adapt.
Li Yu quietly watched this scene. Ren Huang’s ethnic groups have all turned into people now. Wang Ti’s blood is stronger, but it has become a second turn. There are three levels. At present, Hengyu has reached four turns alone.
All beings are getting more and more vigorous, and they are fed back from the reincarnation of all generations. He found that blood is not one-way, but two-way mutual benefit.
Just as he Heng Yu, who is stronger, is the source. The closer he is to the source, the stronger he is. Blood branches can also feed back the source, but many times the gap is too large to be significant.
If he hadn’t paid attention to it this time, he wouldn’t have felt the slightest growth, which seems to confirm that some strong people will choose to expand their ethnic groups and cultivate them, which is a continuous expansion and marriage
This is also a way of spiritual practice, but Ren Huang’s blood is more remarkable, or it is also his miraculous effect far beyond his blood.
There is a saying that the monarch, the minister, the father and the father, Ren Huang Road, are also highlighted here.
Gradually, the splendor of the world has ushered in a peak, and the imperial court experts have injected vitality into this life. Although they rarely compete for hegemony, each generation of outstanding people is still widely known.
"You haven’t exhausted your potential yet, so don’t sigh and continue climbing."
He looked at the reincarnation and walked out of several people, such as Emperor Tian, Hun Zhan and Qing Shi Gu Huang, all of whom were his followers for a long time. In the past, they all practiced Ren Huang’s evolution road and entered the level of being immortal, but there was still a long way to go before they became immortal.
While the tyrant Wang Jian, the king of God, has already gone through the cycle of jumping into the fairy land and gone through the experience.
After Li Yu gave the king’s blood to baptize and strengthen their foundation, they successively broke through the achievement of Xiandao fruit position in the long years; The speed of reincarnation is different. In one year, the outside world has been ten years, and this life has passed 50 thousand years. Their speed is not bad.
Wang Bo, the chaotic emperor, was avenged and killed the Buddha in secret. After some consideration, he chose to join the immortal imperial court to weigh the pros and cons. This is the best choice
Because he still wants to progress, he can’t touch it here.