People with money can have a bottle every day, but those without money can order less once a week or once a month, which can afford it. After all, the average monthly income in this world is about 5 except slums.

This world is very similar to the earth, but it is quite different. This is the world of sword magic. More than half of the people are martial and strong. For those earth warriors, ten women a day is a piece of cake.
The effective period of this contraceptive must be hours before and after one day, and the probability of achieving perfect contraceptive efficiency is one in a million.
Now that the medicine has been studied and the bottle is ready-made, Ye Tian now needs to organize people to fill it. According to Ye Tian’s plan, he will buy a slave girl to do this work.
Maybe people will doubt what they must buy a slave. In fact, Ye Tian thinks it is very simple. It is easy for men and women to mix, and it is not convenient to manage. Besides, Aileen is also a woman who is not suitable for managing some big men and is afraid of not being able to manage them.
Ye Tian buys all the land from young slave girls aged one year. Ye Tian promises to restore their status once they have worked until they are five years old. Ye Tian will marry and give them a dowry. However, whoever dares to cheat and play tricks and does not obey the distribution will be resold and killed directly.
I heard that Eleanor was going to buy a slave and asked her to go to the slave trade to choose a slave. After all, this is her Ye Tiangu mistress’s job to choose a slave.
In the face of Aileen’s request, Ye Tianke can be said to be looking out. He has too many things to go to, and he is still waiting for him to go to the refinery and the factory building, and he is still waiting for him to buy so many things. It is really great that Aileen can help there. The most important thing is that Aileen can do it.
Before Aileen left, Ye Tian repeatedly told me that buying slaves must be over 15 years old and under 15 years old. Ye Tian didn’t want to work as a child. This was his principle.
In more than 100 days in three months, Ye Tian Pizza Hut, China Lamian Noodles chain Ye Tian earned more than 30 billion yuan to buy female slaves, and Ye Tian specially allocated 1 billion yuan to Aileen, even if it was enough to buy top slaves.
However, although the money is sufficient, Ye Tian is not limited to what quality slave Aileen wants to buy, but she needs to fill the medicine. There is not much demand for Aileen to buy whatever she likes. There is no need to buy a master chef or gardener to do such a simple job.
Elaine wouldn’t have received so much money before. Elaine knows very well that Ye Tiantong refuses to come back again once the money is given. There is no other reason than fear of chaos.
However, this time, Aileen, who had planned to make a billion copies, came with the card, accompanied by two ninth-order assassin female slaves, and rushed to the slave Dugrede to select new factory workers.
Aileen didn’t leave for the next day and rushed to the Vatican real estate management office to buy a huge knights training factory next to it to make a contraceptive filling car.
Dropping contraceptives belong to biological drugs, and a large amount of liquid medicine can be cultivated quickly without any formula. What needs to be done tomorrow is to build several huge culture warehouses.
In fact, the requirement of culture warehouse is not high, which is a large tank. At a certain temperature, the plant cells of the medicament can rapidly divide and multiply, and one warehouse of medicament can be produced in one day.
I successfully spent 10 billion silver coins, and Ye Tian rented a secret training ground next to Ailianbao, and then hired craftsmen to build a huge cultivation warehouse. According to the calculation, one warehouse can fill 10,000 bottles, and Ye Tian can bring in 100 million yuan every day if it is properly managed.
Ye Tian, of course, didn’t think about making the culture warehouse bigger and making more bottles every day, but after all, it’s just production, and no matter how much it can’t be sold, it’s also white-made. After the sales volume matches, you can always build a culture warehouse to increase the output quickly.
According to Ye Tian’s calculation, if one thousand workers can fill at least one bottle per hour, the total output per day is one million bottles, which is enough no matter how good the sales volume is.
Imagine that if the sales volume reaches one million bottles every day, the daily benefit of Yetian will reach 100 million. How exaggerated!
The world is almost populous, and it is not a fantasy to sell 10 thousand bottles a day, but how long it will take to realize the sales sooner or later, which depends on the marketing means
For the time being, Ye Tian hasn’t thought about the marketing yet, and he doesn’t know where to put it. He can’t put birth control pills in Pizza Hut. It’s so funny.
Ye Tian hired a large number of craftsmen to get through the training ground next to Ailianbao, making the two become the same courtyard and redecorating the residential area of the training ground. After all, the workers are girls and Ye Tian doesn’t want them to live in a bad environment.
Fortunately, this is the training ground of the Knights Order directly under the Holy See, and all the conditions belong to the top-class beautiful environment, wide area and magnificent and rich buildings. Even if it is a leaf day, it is not a problem to pick the slave girls who bought it.
Of course, it is impossible to live alone, but it is also necessary to build a factory building and filling equipment. Although it is impossible to build the factory building at once, at least the filling equipment can be manually operated for the time being.
Ye Tian built the culture warehouse on the top floor of the library, which belongs to the top secret area. Except Ye Tian Ailien, the designated person, outsiders are not allowed to enter and die against orders.
After arranging the construction matters, Ye Tian returned to the workshop to refine the elixir, which can not be delayed. In case these medicinal materials rot and deteriorate, the loss would be too great. It took Ye Tian more than three months to find all these medicinal materials. Once they rotted, the three-month efforts were all in vain.
On the other side of Ye Tianlian Dahuandan, the once-a-month slave auction kicked off. Aileen successfully entered the auction house with Ye Tianlian VIP card and made a bid in the box.
It’s been a week since I left the holy city. In fact, as early as one day ago, Aileen had already selected 1,000 female slaves. Although she was pregnant with a billion dollars, Aileen didn’t buy the top female slaves. She didn’t buy the very advanced ones. Ye Tian said that filling the root of the medicine would not require the quality of disabled people, so she needed ordinary female slaves to win.
One thousand ordinary slave girls spent a total of thirty million dollars, and the total amount of money was spent. At the moment, Elaine had a billion dollars in her hands.
Ye Tian’s words will certainly be confused. Even if she bought an ordinary slave, what is she doing here now that she has bought it all?
Soon the auction was held. First, the male slave VIP Aileen wore a cloak and a black veil to cover the auction facing Taiwan. Aileen seemed to be completely indifferent and waited patiently in her chair.
As time went by, one male slave after another was sold, but in the face of all this, Aileen was indifferent and sat there quietly as if she were in a trance, neither asking for a price nor caring.
Finally, the auction of male slaves was over, followed by the auction of female slaves. First, the auction of female martial arts was held. Seeing this, Aileen finally got a little bit of spirit and looked at the stage carefully to show the slaves, but she still didn’t bid.
Soon the auction of women’s martial arts ended, and then the auction was held by some female slaves with special abilities, who were still cold-eyed and didn’t say a word when faced with these Aileen, a master gardener.
Finally, the auction of slave girls with special skills was over, and the auction sites were all stunning beauties famous for their appearance and figure. Until this time, Elaine finally pulled herself together and waited eagerly in front of the observation window.
It’s not the fact that Aileen is refreshed. Everyone loves beautiful women, especially men. When they see beautiful women, their eyes stare like light bulbs. Even if they haven’t slept for a few days, they can be refreshed immediately.
In people’s excited eyes, one beauty after another with different styles looked at the stunning beauty Aileen one after another and couldn’t help sighing. Although these beautiful women seem to be in her, they are still far from her requirements.
Aileen’s idea is very simple. Since Ye Tiandi’s body and mind are tied by her own words, why not find a few sisters? Ye Tian said that she is the queen in this castle, so why not form a harem?
According to Aileen’s plan, she will buy several stunning beauties, and then everyone will make Ye Tianshi happier than one person’s charm is not enough. Then find more so that Ye Tian will often go home.
I have to say that Elaine’s idea is naive and pitiful, but it also means that it must be concrete. Who can guarantee it? We can wait until it actually happens.
As time goes by, the slave girl is getting more and more beautiful and hot, but she still can’t satisfy Aileen. She knows very well that ordinary beauty is absolutely impossible to achieve her goal.
Finally, an auction was held, and a woman with a pink princess skirt, a mask and a white gauze figure was gracefully on the stage.
Although I haven’t seen her face yet, the perfect figure and temperament alone have made people feel that this is definitely a stunning beauty that has ruined the country and the people.
Finally, the auctioneer’s voice rang loudly. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the last auction of the auction, and it’s also a great show of the auction.
Speaking, the auctioneer shook his head in admiration and said, I believe everyone is familiar with Dongsheng Empire, right? Three years ago, Dongsheng Empire was annexed by Tianfeng Empire. This is something that everyone knows, but you may not know that Princess Dongsheng Empire still lives in this world.
At the same time, people gasped when they heard the auctioneer’s words. At the same time, everyone realized that this slim girl in a pink princess dress was probably the former princess of Dongsheng Empire, as the auctioneer said.
Satisfied to see everyone amazed, the auctioneer proudly held his head high and continued, yes, now in Taiwan, after three years of training, the only princess in Dongsheng Empire is known as the first beauty princess in Dongsheng Empire.

It’s hard for Sophia to imagine that she hasn’t lived or seen anything without hygiene.

It’s normal, luxurious and ordinary. You can never be on the same floor, just as a good end can never be next to first class.
Sophia lives in a luxurious presidential suite, and the enemy sea view room can be seen through the tempered glass roof when she looks up. The twinkling stars are the highest and best floor in the whole princess asterisk.
"Go to my room to take a shower" Sophia was born in the west, and the boundary between men and women is not so heavy. Even if you are invited to take a shower in her room, it is really a bath. Want to go further? That depends on what other girls mean to you.
Lin Cheng wanted to think, "Forget it, I’ll just blow the sea breeze at the bow to cool off." Lin Cheng’s idea is not very complicated. Bathing is bathing, but he didn’t think about how complicated it is because Lin Cheng is not a playboy and his mind is not very lively in women.
In fact, the most important thing is that Lin Cheng is not too hot to work, and he is not particularly sensitive to cold and heat. What he said to Sophia just now was to divert Sophia from asking about his yoga.
"Wash up and treat you to a steak dinner later." Sophia still remembers that she and Lin Cheng agreed at noon that you would treat me to Chinese food and I would treat you to western food.
"But I don’t seem to have changed my laundry." Lin Cheng was in a hurry, and his mind at that time could not consider whether he was clean or not was the most important thing.
"Hehe, it’s easy to ship. Everything is sold. If you don’t have to choose some Paris names, then I think you can buy what you need." Sophia knows a lot about this ship.
Sophia has been on a ship from Europe for half a month. Of course, she knows the facilities and shops.
"All right!" Lin became the money in his pocket and wanted to buy a pair of clothes with the lowest price, but even the lowest cost cost half of the money in Lin Cheng’s pocket.
Sophia wore a bath towel after taking a shower, and her hair was wet and stuck to her white hair and greasy shoulders, curled with water droplets, and her blonde hair and glittering and translucent skin were extremely tempting.
Except for Lin Cheng, it’s not that he doesn’t feel the seductive Sophia at this time. It’s that his control over his will is beyond the scope of animals. He can control his desire with all his energy. Besides, Lin Cheng is a conservative. He grew up in an environment that can be said by people and things he contacts.
Lin Cheng is definitely not a person who can engage in * * *. His love is subtle and refined. Besides, the person Lin Cheng likes has classical beauty, and the oriental female image is not particularly concerned about Mata.
"Okay, I’m ready. It’s your turn." Sophia raised her white arm and asked Lin Cheng to take a bath.
Lin Cheng finished washing and finishing Sophia Lin Cheng after dividing by three, five and two. She wanted to do something else and save money deliberately. She is very satisfied with Lin Cheng now. Although this yellow oriental man is not tall or strong, his amazing strength fascinates Sophia.
A man is either a man in figure or a man. In Sophia’s heart, a man’s nature is strong, and Lin’s achievements quite echo Sophia’s image of a man.
Just now, after Sophia took a bath, she deliberately came out in a bathrobe, and then held her hair in a bun to bring her feminine beauty to the extreme. Sophia felt that no man would be tempted to see her half-naked because of her beauty?
However, Sophia was a little disappointed when she observed Lin Cheng’s reaction in the front crotch of the bathroom. However, when Lin Cheng washed out quickly, Sophia realized that her temptation seemed to be successful.
A man usually takes a bath quickly because he is in a hurry to do something, which Sophia knows very well.
Sophia wants to stay for a while. If you want to make out with me, I need to reconsider. She thinks that she doesn’t want to say yes, but she is afraid that her heart will be hard to refuse.
Sophia thinks it’s beautiful. It’s in her mind that Lin Cheng has been dressed up in front of her.
"Let’s go. I just had an activity. I hope I can eat more." Lin Cheng patted his belly as a joke.
Sophia thinks Lin Cheng is a joke, of course. Sophia has been waiting for Lin Cheng’s action just now. She just sat on the sofa waiting without changing her bathrobe, but Lin Cheng’s remarks made Sophia feel a little in distress situation.
It’s irritating to seduce you by yourself and pretend to be such a gentleman! Sophia squeaked his little silver teeth.
But soon Sophia seems to react. Is he not good there? Recalling Lin Cheng’s appearance before and after bathing, there is nothing unusual, if not bad, there is something wrong with it.
11 temperament spirit
? However, Lin Cheng is not completely inexperienced in getting along with women. He can understand which woman can dress up quickly when he sees Sophia still looking like that after taking a shower. This is a common feature of women.
Sophia secretly made up her mind to verify whether Yilincheng is a performance or not.
Sophia dressed up quickly, so she chose a short-tailed low-cut evening gift for western food today.
Wearing the evening gift, Sophia is even more elegant and gorgeous, which is a little shabby compared with Lin Cheng’s dress, but the atmosphere of women depends on clothes and the atmosphere of men depends on temperament. Even if Lin Cheng wears it, he will not feel inferior.
He is worth more than a billion dollars and has earned various masters. He has also seen Lin Cheng’s heartfelt self-confidence. This kind of self-confidence is not rooted in disguise and does not need to be deliberate, but is naturally vigorous and full of energy, which is distributed from the outside.
Holding Lin Cheng’s arm, Sophia can also feel Lin Cheng’s temperament. It should be said that contact with Lin Cheng Sophia can obviously feel his temperament, which is not as obvious as just two people walking side by side.
In Sophia’s mind, this is how to explain Lin Cheng’s temperament change. There is such an outstanding beauty who takes the initiative to roll up his arm. If he is a man, he will not hold his head high.
In fact, Sophia was wrong. Lin Cheng felt this temperament because she came into contact with Lin Cheng. Previously, Lin Cheng’s breath was a little far away, so Sophia could not feel it through physical contact.
Family boxing pays attention to the strength of the four tips, just like a whip. It can be passed from the wrist to the tip of the whip. Just like the spirit and temperament, Sophia came into contact with Lin Cheng, and she unconsciously became Lin Cheng. The whip tip was infected by temperament.
"What would you like to eat?" Sophia handed Lin Cheng the menu.
"Beef bar" Lin Cheng didn’t pick up the menu because he accidentally glanced at the English when he handed the menu just now. He knew that he knew the letters horizontally. Although he also knew the letters, God knew what they meant together.
"ok sausage, Lafite, half a catty of beef, two steaks, fish sauce and foie gras with vegetable salad, and two more ice creams, please."
"Oh, just an ice cream."

Tang Yu looked puzzled and got up. "What happened to Xiaohai?"

"Shh …"
Muhai made a ban and gave the room light.
Then Muhai looked around like an agent with a mobile phone camera.
It wasn’t long before he saw two bright spots from his mobile phone.
Muhai went to the bright spot and pulled out two needles from the wall. The camera about the size of a needle was surprised that Tang Yu could not speak for a long time.
"Rain is falling all you can practice" MuHai said.
Muhai door and went out.
Then turn off all the lights on the second floor and look for hidden cameras on your mobile phone.
It took Muhai half an hour to check all the cameras in the villa.
Put them together for more than fifty.
This dragon net is really deadly to monitor. Even the toilet Muhaidu has found several.
Force a pinch of more than 50 cameras to turn black slag. This thing is valuable, but it is worthless in Mu Hai’s eyes.
The monitoring is gone, and now you can practice with peace of mind.
Muhai went back to the room and locked the door to sink his thoughts into Jiuding magic furnace.
Magic energy in Jiuding Magic Furnace reached 12 points.
I have gained a lot today.
It takes 7 magic powers to exchange three five-yuan spiritual fruits for a single thought.
The exchange of five yuan Lingguo Muhai is to refine a Jin Yuan Dan.
Jin Yuandan is naturally treating Zhong Jing.
Muhai took out an aura bead from the jade bottle, and 17 integers were broken into 169.
Muhai mobilized the magic element to refine Jin Yuan Dan.
Half an hour later, a golden elixir appeared in Muhai’s hand.
He carefully packed the jade bottle and received it in his backpack.
Then Muhai spent 11 points of magic energy to exchange for 11 refined body Dan and cultivated it.
Tonight, you can cultivate 7 kilos of extraordinary strength, and then you can hit an immortal body.
Chapter 53 A heavy magic body
Somewhere under the Wu regiment.
There is a middle-aged man sitting in a chair in a luxurious office.
In front of him stood a juryman who looked more than thirty years old.
The juryman has two horrible scars on his forehead, like two centipedes fighting for food.
It is precisely because of these two scars that others call him centipede.
"Chairman, aren’t we going to send someone?" Asked the centipede
"No, I think the Xie family has sent someone," said the middle-aged man lightly.
"Chairman, that’s a pill that can enhance strength. If we don’t get it, it will be a great disadvantage," said the centipede
"Don’t worry, Muhai, since the young man showed this Dan medicine, there should be personnel. He is so bold that he must be planning to sell our financial resources to buy some pills." The middle-aged man said.
"Yes". The centipede no longer talks nonsense.
The middle-aged man looked up at the centipede and asked faintly, "By the way, how is things going in Lide Company?"
The centipede said, "the chairman has handled it properly, and the new CEO has benefited the company. Everything is in an orderly way."
Hearing this, the middle-aged man nodded his head
"By the way, what should the chairman do about Yutai’s building?" Asked the centipede
"Do you want me to say it? Can people who betray the company let their families live safely? " Middle-aged man said
"What do you mean, Chairman?" Say that finish centipede to make a decapitation.
"Well, it’s best to be clean. Do you have to arrange an accident yourself and then take back the house?" The middle-aged man said, "Now I can rest assured that Dragon Net keeps an eye on you."
"It’s the chairman!" Centipede nodded
"By the way, this matter will be suspicious in a few days. You go first," said the middle-aged man.
Say that finish centipede back out.
Among the 152 villas in Qingcheng, Shui Mu
Muhai was practicing when a slight sound sounded outside the house.
"Is the Dragon Nets coming again?"
Muhai opened his eyes and looked puzzled.
He’s only been practicing for an hour, and his strength has reached 6 Jin. He still needs 200 Jin to reach 7 Jin Juli.
I didn’t expect someone to find the door at the critical moment.
"Is it a Japanese agent?" Muhai andao
But soon he shook his head.
Japanese agents are well trained and will never make such a big noise.
"Go and see"
Muhai slapped the door and went to the second floor.

Windson nodded and asked, "Are you always the secret of Korea?"

"My name is Li. You can call me Xiao Li. Manager Han told me to take you to her office." Xiao Li said naturally and gracefully.
Xiao Li? Windson looked at this little mature seven years older than himself, and said vaguely, "Well, let’s go."
"Good" Li Mi took the lead and took two steps, then suddenly remembered what turned to the receptionist and ordered "Little Lin Han always told Dong Lin to come over and not report"
"I know," the little girl at the front desk replied quickly, but she was even more puzzled. Is Mr. Lin and Dong Lin? Isn’t his name lobular?
After taking windson into the ladder, Li Mi carefully looked at him. She remembers the change six months ago. The list of shareholders of a city company with good performance is a public heart. It is a secret that people have long found out that the biggest beneficiary of windson’s change is his identity and background.
When Li Mi learned the name of Lin Feng, it became clear that this handsome young man in casual clothes is the third largest shareholder of the group now, and Li Mi, a confidant of Han Yu, inevitably wants to know more about Lin Feng’s personality and habits and get along well in the future, so she suddenly suggested, "It may take a long time for Mr. Lin to finish the meeting. Why don’t I show you around first and go to General Manager Han’s office again and again to wait for her?"
"hmm?" Windson point after a little thinking nods "or that would trouble you"
Although Lin Feng has no interest in the group company, he knows that if he loves a person, he must know everything about her. Han Yu, a man, has the responsibility and the righteousness to know his working environment.
In the secret of Li, Lin Feng toured around the various departments of the group. Because the senior executives were present at the meeting, they were all deputies. Although these people were wondering who this young man in casual clothes was, Li Secret did not dare to reveal his identity without Lin Feng’s consent. These people were not too much to ask, but since there was always a close secret with Han, the position would not be small.
Windson kept a faint smile all the way, which was kind but dignified, and made the beauty secretly admire him. He felt that his roots were not like those arrogant brothers, but like an old fox who had been struggling in the mall for decades. But how could she know that this was just a windson mask? In fact, in his heart, he didn’t care who was disguised to greet him.
"Here is Mr. Lin from our project department? Mr. Lin? " When I walked to the door of a conference room in a certain department, Li Mi was surprised that Lin Feng was actually absent-minded just now.
Looking down the windson eyes toward the conference room, Li Mi saw a beautiful and elegant figure.
Chapter sixty-four Meet the wind again
I’m sorry I didn’t expect to meet an acquaintance here. "Lin came over and said that no matter what Li’s secret reaction was, he pushed the door and walked into the conference room.
Windson’s sudden arrival surprisingly did not cause dissatisfaction among the three people in the meeting room because they seemed to have a little dispute.
"Can you stop saying sorry these four words? We want to know when the follow-up funds for Tianchaoshan Project will be available. Can you give a definite answer? " A man with his back to windson was a little excited and complained to a middle-aged man in front of him who was in charge of a regiment.
"I’m sorry. I’m sorry that our manager is in a meeting and can’t answer you yet. Why don’t you come back this afternoon?" Although the middle-aged supervisor has a sincere attitude and a mild tone, the eagle-eyed windson still sees a trace of impatience in his eyes.
"Please, we have been here several times. Although this project is very inconspicuous for your Fire Phoenix Group, it is a top priority for our group. Every day we delay it, we will lose a huge sum of money. Do you think you can help us do something again?" The man who spoke was excited. If there was not a conference table across it, Lin Feng estimated that he would jump on the other side.
"Li secret? What brings you here? Who is this? " Opposite the supervisor finally noticed just walked into the meeting room windson two people hurried up and asked.
But windson ignored him with surprise, and he stretched out his right hand and patted the charming figure who had been sitting beside the man.
"What do you want?" Excited man turned to see Lin Fengshen reach out to the beauty talons and slapped him immediately.
Surprise windson for practitioners can stretch out his right hand slightly let a twist backhand buckle the man flapping hand want to also don’t want to with a jilt man immediately flew out like a broken kite "bang" a bump on the wall of the conference room.
The sudden change stunned everyone in the meeting room, including the charming figure who just turned around.
"Hey hey ….. sorry" Wake up windson immediately realized that he was rude without other quickly walked to the wall to pull the man up.
"Lin Feng?" A crisp but slightly hesitant sound suddenly rang.
Lin Fengfang let the man walk over and smiled at this familiar and beautiful face in front of him. "It’s me, hehe, long time no see, Chu Yu!"
Is this surprise windson some gaffes beauty is spending his 20th birthday with windson ChuYu.
Although I have been a lover for a day, every little bit of that day still emerges from time to time in Lin Feng’s heart, eating together, watching movies together, choosing gifts together is a farewell moment, kissing, and all these beautiful things make him unforgettable.
Lin Feng’s eyes consciously looked at Chu Yu’s slender jade neck like a swan at the thought of buying gifts, and she saw the corners of her mouth with a familiar purple Lin Feng. It seems that she has not forgotten me …
"Yes, I haven’t seen you for a long time … How are you?" There are sighs in Chu Yu’s words, but more surprises are on the horizon. But when she saw Lin Feng’s strange smile, she unconsciously reached out and touched it on her chest. Then her face was flushed and she thought it was white. Her hands rested on her hips and Jiaochen said, "What are you looking at?"
"Who made you look so good?" Windson mouth flower teasing immediately.
"Ahem … Mr. Lin, do you think we should sit down and talk first?" A beautiful female voice woke up in a wonderful atmosphere, and the men and women turned to see that they were looking at the other three strangely, and they felt a little embarrassed because Lin Feng was thick-skinned and Chu Yu was so ashamed that he couldn’t wait to dig a hole in the ground.
"Uh-huh" windson quickly nodded yes and conveniently pulled a chair to sit down.
Several other people also found their own seats.
However, after sitting, everyone was silent, and they didn’t know what to say at the moment.
However, it was not long before Li Mi took the lead in breaking the deadlock and asked, "Are Mr. Lin and this Miss Chu friends?"
"Well" windson nodded secretly took a look at ChuYu just friends?
"That miss chu to our group …"
"Miss Chu Yu and Mr. Xiang Tian, on behalf of the Chushi Group, came here to discuss the Tianchaoshan project." The middle-aged supervisor seized the opportunity and quickly introduced.
"It’s not a negotiation. I want to ask when the follow-up funds of a fire phoenix group will be in place. We have been here for several times and we have not been able to get a definite answer. You know, our group has invested billions in this project now.
We are a small group, and we can’t afford to delay it. Now these two men and women have just come in, so they don’t care about being thrown out by Lin Feng, so they complain quickly.
Can you invest billions in a project and call yourself a small group? Windson secretly wry smile unceasingly where he know ChuShi total assets even less than one over ten of the fire phoenix, so in the fire phoenix group lair can also consider themselves junior.
"What is this?" Appear this kind of thing in front of windson let li secret some dissatisfaction worse each other and Lin Fengfei shallow so li secret can’t help but face with the back to the middle-aged supervisor coldly asked.
"This ….." The middle-aged supervisor hesitated for a moment before hesitating and said, "Tianchaoshan project was started six months ago, so …"
"I am white!" Li Mi raised her hand to stop the middle-aged supervisor from turning to Chu Yu and sincerely said, "Now the project manager is really meeting, but please rest assured that this matter will definitely give you a satisfactory explanation today."
Half a year ago, it was the time when the Fire Phoenix Group was maliciously acquired. At that time, all kinds of projects were affected, and then the group had a series of reorganization, which would make some omissions and mistakes.
"Who are you, please?" A day although guess windson and li secret are fire phoenix group big shots, but I still want to determine the identity of one or two people for fear that these two guys talk root no matter when the time comes and a joy.
Li Mibai smiled and said, "My surname is Li, the first secretary of manager Han, and this Mr. Lin is also a good friend of manager Han, so you can rest assured."
"Really? That’s good!" A day finally rest assured.
Lin Feng is not interested in them. His mind is focused on sitting beside him. Chu Yu met Li Mi and Xiang Tian and reached a consensus. He quickly said, "Well, Mr. Xiang, you can stay in the group and wait. Since Li Mi said that he would give you an answer today, there will be no problem. Miss Chu and I haven’t seen each other for a long time. Let’s go out for dinner and catch up."

Muhaigen tried to protect her in the event of unexpected disasters.

And the most heartbreaking thing for Muhai is that Yang Wen blocked a fatal blow to save him.
Desperate, I left the earth and sadly went to the realm of cultivating immortals.
This life will never let this happen again.
Sitting in the car and looking out the window, my thoughts fly far away.
Ma is going to meet Yang Wen again. Mu Hai is a little excited and uneasy.
In this life, Yang Wen still doesn’t know herself. How should she behave in front of her?
However, Wen Er, I know that your thoughts have failed, and you can rely on others.
Muhai secretly shook his fist and nodded firmly.
Soon the traffic arrived at the airport.
After the five-person car, they walked to the arrival hall. It will take half an hour to meet Yang Wen in Muhai.
It’s like a girl’s first date. It’s a little exciting to bathe in the sea
"Let’s wait there for half an hour."
Zhou Qinglong looked at it and said
"Well …"
Several people went to the lounge next to each other and waited for half an hour to arrive.
After taking a seat, Zhou Qinglong talked about the matters needing attention when going to Aaron’s house in the future.
Mu Hai didn’t care about his mind when Yang Wenshen looked at the airport exit position from time to time.
Tang Yu saw all this in his eyes and there was a sour taste in his eyes.
Clouds of magic thoughts flew out from Tang Yu’s head and rushed into Muhai Dantian.
Magic read flying can’t help but let MuHai one leng twist a head to see Tang Yu.
"Rain is falling all, what’s wrong with you? Is there something wrong? Your face is so ugly? " Muhai touched Tang Yu forehead and asked
"I’m fine, but why do you always look over there? Who are you waiting for?" Tang Yu said
"I think it’s Xiao Yujie, too. He’s just a color blank. There are three beautiful women here. He must see those beautiful women if he doesn’t look at them." Zhou Qianwei is afraid of chaos
"Xiaoxi should respect Uncle Mu, so it’s no big deal or small scandal" Zhou Qinglong nu way.
"Dad mu uncle? He is only one year older than me! And you said you called you and I called us "Zhou Qian pouting.
Muhai smiled and shook his head and didn’t speak.
Looking at Muhai, Zhou Qian turned black and contributed a magic thought to Muhai from time to time.
It’s not difficult to get 10,000 magic powers by sensing that magic can increase Muhai’s mouth.
When time flies, it will be half an hour. At this time, the screen shows that Yang Wen has arrived by plane.
Five people go to the exit together and wait for the arrival of Yang Wen.
As the minutes passed, Muhai became more and more excited.
I don’t know who shouted Muhai and found Yang Wen at the first time.
She is wearing a women’s suit, and her feminine curves stand out and are extremely attractive.
She looks very capable with her hair in her head.
There is no decoration on her whole body, but the law hides her unique feminine charm.
Angel face, devil figure!
As she gets closer and closer, her three-dimensional facial features become clearer and clearer, and she has unique western characteristics, so exquisite that it is suffocating, especially when she looks at Gao Tingyu’s nose, it makes people feel blasphemous.
The whole person looks like the goddess of perfect combination of East and West.
Even Tang Yu, Zhou Qian and Xuan Zhou are eclipsed in front of her.

In fact, in the offensive line, Ronaldinho and Ruud van Nistelrooy played badly in Robinho, but the actual performance was not good

Higuain is immature. saviola and Baptista are just playing soy sauce
These players are far less powerful or famous than when florentino built the Galaxy Fleet.
But they won the league title of the season and broke the monopoly of Dream Team II on the league title.
In fact, it is still not underestimated.
When they attack hard, every point in Lazio’s defence is under great pressure.
Sai Passareira is still in recovery and is not qualified to play.
As a result, the defensive weight of Lazio’s defense line fell to Paven.
In recent games, Lazio conceded a few goals, and Pa Wen was under great pressure.
But no one can see that he lives under pressure.
This may be the biggest difference between Pa Wen three years ago and Pa Wen now.
He is under pressure all the time in his life, but you will never see him overwhelmed by pressure again.
He has learned how to cope with pressure, just like the boss said.
"What kind of professional player do you do without pressure?"
Now he has learned.
Not only the stadium, but also the stadium
For example now
Schustr may know that Changsheng did what he did to Pa Wen, and he is doing the same to him now.
That is to attack Real Madrid and try to break through Pa Wen here in Pa Wen and completely defeat him.
In fact, Pa Wen has performed very well in recent years, but he is too low-key, and there is a new Starr next to him, which makes him look the same.
Schustr therefore made a wrong judgment.
He felt that if he put enough pressure on Pa Wen, Pa Wen would collapse.
So wave after wave of Real Madrid offensive hit Pa Wen.
When Pa Wen wore the captain’s armband at the back line-Sese Passareira fell on the arm of Pa Wen, the oldest player in the team, without the armband-he thought of playing his first La Liga game for Real Madrid.
In that league match, he wore a white Real Madrid jersey and faced orange Valencia players. Wave after wave of offensives shot him to death on the shore like a huge wave.
Now it is the same wave after wave of offensive, but he is not as frightened as he was six years ago.
His experience tells him that there are many ways to deal with it.
But he thought of what Chang Sheng said when he first joined Lazio.
"You have to show them your tough side even if it’s a foul! Don’t let it go! "
Pa Wen won when Luo suddenly cut from the side and rushed at him.
Luo left the football to the right to flash Pa Wen.
Pa Wen crossed everything.
He can’t move naturally, but he didn’t intend to break the ball like this.
He’s aiming at a foul!
When he translated, he was very strong. When Luo tried to brush past him, Pa Wen shrugged his shoulders and then clung to his elbow and firmly pressed against Luo’s crotch.
It hurts to be held back in that place …
Luo lost his balance and fell to the ground.
The ball is naturally lost.
The referee’s whistle sounded with him.
"foul! Pa Wen fouls! This is a very obvious foul! "
Pa Wen broke the rules but didn’t reach out to Luo who fell to the ground but retreated.
Luo lay on the ground clutching his sore hip for a long time before he got up. When the team doctor came, he got up from the ground.
Real Madrid team doctor gave him a check-up and found that it was not serious.
Of course, there won’t be any problem, Pa Wen. It looks cruel, but it’s actually a serious injury, and there won’t be any sequelae except that it was very painful at that time.
This shows that Pa Wen is really a kind person …
But even so, Pa Wen’s move surprised those reporters in Madrid, Spain.
They looked up and saw a close-up of Pa Wen in the big screen of the stadium stand.
Pa Wen’s facial expression in the camera.

Hee hee, at last, you remember marshal Carlo, the red-eyed beast is said to be looking for a place to practice. We don’t know the details until General Carlo comes back. Miss Bai Yuyun has come to Tianlong City some time ago, but at present, Marshal Carlo still hasn’t met in other places. Right, the Prime Minister is going to find a suitable opportunity to marry them after your enthronement ceremony. Snow and ice smiled and said to the dragonfly.

Hey, hey, get married. I really want to say that the southern land is muddy for the Dragon Alliance soldiers. It’s also about April next year. It’s time to seize the opportunity to get Carol that guy married. Haha, it’s really interesting to say that all of us are the most like a piece of wood. Who knows that it turned out to be his earliest water moon to form a company? If it weren’t for our heart preparation, it would surely lead to a heavy heart load and a kick of the legs when they get married. Haha, dragonfly laughs.
How can you say that about Marshal Lei? Oh, hee hee, but you’re right. Ice and snow want to blame Dragonfly, but in the end they are also amused.
The two women burst into laughter and looked into the distance again and said, Yes, the past is too fast. We are not children anymore. I don’t know what it is, but after you talk, I feel particularly at ease. I don’t care what he will be like in the future. I still do what I should do. That is the greatest achievement.
Listening to the dragonfly’s words seems to be a lot of fuss, saying that I am willing to unload my foot book and refute my bag.
The inferno is the coldest in the north, in the dark cave in the deep mountains and forests, because the dark Lord Kaima of Carlos is sitting against the cave wall. Although he doesn’t need food because of Carlos’ strength, he can still be seen from his pale face at the moment.
You told me to wait. I’ve been waiting for so long, but what did I get? I lost everything. You promised me that my body would not be returned to me, and my country and people were all flying into the small industry. You still asked me to wait for you. When did you let me wait? Carlos roared at Kaima with anger.
What’s the hurry? Now that we’ve reached this point, we’re in a hurry to die. Do you know what I told you to escape first? I felt a powerful force approaching that day, and I didn’t realize it was the Devil Destroyer until we really met.
Bastard, he came to be the closest person to Hades. I didn’t expect the second one to be him. My strength is not his opponent. Now he is on the side of mankind. We must act carefully if we want to make a comeback. Kaima said to Incaros with a flash of cold light in his eyes.
Since even you are no match for the Demon Destroyer, what else can we do? You said that the apocalypse will not really come until about three years later. Do you mean that we will all stay here until the apocalypse comes? Because Carlos is still dissatisfied even though he knows there is no other way at present.
I’m not asking me to successfully refine this magic stone and put all my magic power into it. Brother Si’s strength is indeed stronger than mine, but when we met, it was inferred that his strength had already consumed a lot. If we can seize the opportunity, we can certainly destroy him together with the hateful human beings.
Speaking of this, Kaima sighed and immediately said, it’s a pity that I haven’t been able to find a suitable candidate. The southern part of mankind is the place with the heaviest yin. You can do something to take it there, even if the fourth brother comes. I can’t stand what I say now. Let’s settle down here for the time being until I successfully refine the magic stone.
You still blame me for your plan. I ruined my most trusted hand. Would I lose my country if I didn’t lose you on a cold hakodate? Like you said, now is not the time to pass the buck. I want to ask you when you can give me my body back, because Carlos growled.
It’s hard for you to recover physically. It’s not that you have taken half of the magic core and I don’t know where to go. I don’t need to help you recover a part of your body, and I won’t be forced to retreat before the war. I can tell you that if you want your body, it’s useless to say anything unless I refine the magic stone.
Kaima finally put up with Carlos’ arrogant tone and immediately replied coldly.
In fact, Kaima is also very upset at the moment. The Demon Destroyer has completely disrupted his plan to deal with the Demon Destroyer. It is the biggest headache for him now, because Carlos will only stay with him because he thinks it is profitable.
Listen to Kaima’s indifferent tone, because Carlos finally stopped bowing his head as if he were familiar with the cutting foundation, and he was afraid that she would be worse than the bad girl, and she would go straight to the sea to find faults at night.
In a hurry, the past three months have entered November, and the north of the inferno has already been covered with snow and ice.
For three months, Carlos Kaima has been staying in a cave in the mountains. For these three months, Kaima has been refining the magic stone in his hand. Perhaps it is his efforts to pay back. Perhaps it is because the sun is shining after the heavy snow falls. The magic stone in Kaima’s hand has gradually formed and emits a faint black light, while Kaima’s body looks even more faded like a black dance.
On this day, at night, the new moon rises, and Kaima finally said to Incaros, You go and watch for me. Today is the most critical moment. If we succeed tonight, we can get out of this hellhole. Hey, hey, don’t let a bug fly in, or your body will never want it.
Nodded slightly because Carlos took up his worn-out sword and walked slowly into the cave. Seeing that Carlos was quietly laying a defensive barrier in the cave from Kaima, he sat in the deepest part of the cave.
When the new moon rises to the sky, the dark forces in the cave are getting stronger and stronger. Even Incaros can clearly feel the dark elements flying into the cave in droves near his body. He knows that this is the last omen for Kaima to enter and the key moment for whether the magic stone can be condensed successfully.
Take a deep breath because Carlos quietly pulled up his robe and looked at his clean body, and finally made up his mind.
The sword in his hand turned and walked step by step towards the dark cave because of the flash of cold light in Carlos’ eyes.
Chapter two hundred and forty-two He ascended the throne ceremony
I can’t see my fingers in the dark cave, but Carlos can really feel the growing sense of oppression around me. He knows that it is the dark elves who are suspicious of him. With the Kaima magic Yue Shi becoming more and more pure, the dark elves are jumping like a strike and chewing hard.
Carlos tried his best to relax himself and minimize the stimulation to the dark elves. However, as his pace deepened, his desire for strength and urgent hope for success still made his body tremble.
Finally turned the corner because Carlos stopped, his eyes stared at the front, and greed broke out in his eyes.
It’s supposed to be darker here than around the cave, but Carlos can clearly find that the dark center is darker than black, which attracts his attention like a black pearl.
Looking back, because Carlos noticed the red spots on the surrounding cave walls, he knew that these seemingly inconspicuous spots hidden the dangers. This is Kaima’s magic design defense barrier. If you are not careful, these red spots will tear Incaros apart at any time.
Observe carefully for a long time. When other defensive enchantments are determined around, Carlos’ mouth finally reveals a proud and ferocious smile, and reverses his sword in his hand. He gently cuts his left palm and slightly closes his mouth to start an unknown mantra. Because Carlos suddenly waved his left hand and spilled his blood on those red spots.
After a slight noise, the red light spot gradually disappeared. When the last red light spot disappeared in his sight, Carlos no longer hesitated and rushed forward to grasp the bloody palm to the black pearl suspended in the middle.
What are you doing? Get out of here.
When Carlos’ palm is about to touch the black magic stone, a palm is hard to stop Carlos from advancing, and his body is hard to form a weak sound. From that palm, Carlos knows that this is Kaima, who has exhausted all his magic and is in the weakest state.
Hey, hey, you should know what I want. No, you can always control me. I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time.
Blame yourself. You think too much of yourself and too little of me, because Carlos shook his arm coldly and reached out to grab the black magic stone.
Give it back to me. If you take it, you won’t give it back to me. Only the demons can control its power. Kaimali fell to one side, and the tone changed from threat to pleading.
However, how can Carlos easily return things to him? Because Carlos is not an idiot, he knows that when he returns the magic stone to Kaima at the moment, Kaima will never let him go when he regains his strength, and to hold this magic stone is tantamount to holding the power of the demon. How can he let this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity go?

"Yan old ghost is sure to challenge me?"

God knowledge leaned along the sound direction, only to see two monstrous magic meanings confronting a person in a dark Se magic cloud. The root method of God knowledge was used to find out its surface. However, Liang Yi still recognized this person’s identity at the first time, and refined the soul of the demon patriarch. He was a thin old man with a thick purple Se magic flame, but this person was the first big force in the fate alliance except refined the soul of the demon patriarch of Yan.
"Is this Yan Johnson taking the wrong medicine?" Crack wind is full of sneers.
"The ghost patriarch will learn from each other and the patriarch will be angry." Yan’s old monster laughed. "I heard that the ghost Taoist has never lost his debut. I just want to see it."
"Well, I’ll let you see." The ghost old demon suddenly sneered at one, one, two, and the long black Se pike suddenly appeared in his hand, and when he flickered, he came to the front of the old demon in Yan, where the black Se pike came crashing out and was broken, pointing to the head of the old demon in Yan.
Yan old devil is also ready, and a sword bathed in purple Se flame goes straight to the black Se pike.
Yi-a light ring, there was a long crack in front of them, and then I saw that Yan’s old demon body drifted back more than a hundred feet involuntarily, and his face changed dramatically. Finally, he couldn’t help but spit out a deep red blood.
On the other hand, the old demon of the remnant soul seems to be in the same circumstances, and even his figure has not wavered.
At the moment, it was still noisy, and the desert was silent. All the people in the world were surprised to see this scene.
With an understatement, the Yan Old Devil, who has been famous for hundreds of years, will be turned into this appearance. You know, the Yan Old Devil is also the overlord with the peak strength in the late period of distraction, and the Chiefreet Sect has the top three powerful sects in the fairy domain.
"How is that possible?" After the silence, the desert rang with wonder.
"impossible!" Yan old devil is full of incredible staring at the baizhang outside can’t see the face residual soul old devil "can’t be so strong, don’t you have been promoted to the refined body period? But how can you still stay in this world during the exercise period? "
A patriarch in Yan naturally knows that monks can stay in the human world when certain conditions are met, but it is almost more difficult to meet this condition than to achieve a fairyland, but he also treats this possibility as a kind of speaking.
It will cost tens of millions of monks to stay in the human world during the physical training period, so what forces will have nothing to do to talk about things like this? How many forces can pay this price?
"A friar in the training period?" There are nearly 200 distracted monks in the desert. These distracted monks have always been the best in the world, but now there is a more horrible person. At that time, many monks are aware of their arrogance and convergence.
"What’s impossible?" At Yan coldly, the old ghost cast his eyes to the distance and quietly watched the people of Xingyue Sect. "This exercise period is not just the old lady, is it Yunfan Laoer?"
"You’ve broken through, old devil. Isn’t it disappointing if I don’t break through?" Yun Fan, dressed in a white Se embroidered robe, also has a slight artistic conception, but there is a subtle murder in her eyes.
"Hum!" The old ghost with a cold hum suddenly turned his head and looked in the direction of Liang Yi. "Liang Yi, the child is coming. Let me solve him first and then you can practice."
"Good" YunFan old son smiled and looked at Hongtiancheng with great interest.
"The ghost child has a big breath, and he is not afraid of the wind flashing his tongue. Will you be able to beat the sky if you advance to the exercise period?" Liang Yi’s insipid sound has gone all over the sand sea in Wan Li with a hint of disdain.
Residual soul old magic cloud all smell speech face se is a slight sink.
The fifth volume Five Babies Chapter 37 Liang Yi Strength
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"The ghost child has a big breath, and he is not afraid of the wind flashing his tongue. Will you be able to beat the sky if you advance to the exercise period?" Liang Yi went through Wan Li Shahai Baidu search dream novels with a hint of disdain.
Residual soul old magic cloud every smell speech face se suddenly dignified.
"Is the leader of Bilingmen also a monk during physical training?" The desert fell into a dead silence, and the probability of Liang Yi’s success in World War I decades ago and his becoming a monk was also extremely high.
Many monks who were eager to show their glory and distraction were completely quiet after repeated changes.
As soon as Liang Yi’s words stopped, a head with a wingspan of nearly 100 feet appeared in the distance, with a straight one-horned monster with a wide back and more than a dozen monks in Bilingmen.
"It’s the Bilingmen hentai beast!" A monk could not help but exclaim.
Remnant soul and YunFan are also the first time to see Liang Yi, a powerful god who quickly leaned toward each other, expecting that each other would just smile and play with their minds.
"It really is the exercise period!" No one knows better what it means for monks to appear in the human world during the exercise period, and the forces behind them are reluctant to spend so much money to let them stay in the human world if something big is about to happen in the world of cultivating immortals.
The split wind slowly landed on a white Se sand dune and then reduced its size to two feet.
There are more than ten people from Bilingmen. Besides Liang Yi, the head of the company, there are six masters in the distracted period, namely, Xiao Bai’s split wind in the late distracted period, Long Er, Yang Mengyu, Tuoba Jiayi and Ziyi in the early distracted period. Even if their head is not a monk in the refined body period, it is one of the biggest forces in the fairy domain.
"You don’t have a small tone," the old ghost looked at Liang Yi in a hoarse voice. "But let’s see the truth at the end of the story!" Say that finish body slowly float, fly toward.
"The old devil is returning to play, but he wants to see your face first before playing." Liang Yi smiled and followed him to fly to China. At the same time, the surrounding monks also rose in succession and the upcoming war was not missed.
"It’s very simple for you to see the face of the seat. If you beat the seat, you will meet your wish." Half-finished, wrapped in a strange magic cloud, the old devil doesn’t care about the sly smile.
"Old devil, you won’t have any defects in your face, will you?" Liang Yi deliberately sneered, "Otherwise, how can you be afraid that others will see your true face?"
"Looking for death!" Remnant soul old demon angry hum 1, 2 long black Se pike a pretty figure for two consecutive teleportation, with a thick magic power across hundreds of zhangs appeared in front of Liang Yi pike milli fancy when chest stab.
"Hum" Liang Yi gently hums a mixed yuan Tulingjian, which seems to be a very casual one, piercing many virtual cuts and hitting the spear head.
Luo-after a harsh tear, the whole time seemed to be frozen, and then I saw a lot of invisible waves around me like a boulder falling into a lake. The waves extended, and the monks involuntarily retreated nearly half a mile in the later period of Yuanying.
After the blow, Liang Yi’s residual soul body involuntarily regressed by more than a hundred feet.
Liang Yi felt that his chest had been hammered heavily, and he was generally oppressed. On the other side, the ghost ghost seemed to be not very good, but this demon was bathed in a magic cloud, and no one could see his expression.
"It was the exercise period." Yunfan Laoer’s face was dignified and Se was even worse.
Body-building period is an important time for introducing mana to nourish and exercise the body. The most important difference between the body-building period and the distraction period is the huge gap between the body and the body except that the mana is thicker and thicker.
Generally speaking, monks who practice air flow don’t pay attention to exercising at the beginning of their cultivation. Only after the physical training period will they gradually nourish the physical body with great magic. The coming fitting period will lay the foundation. It is necessary to know that the promotion fitting period requires the physical body to blend with the Yuan God in real meaning. If the physical body can’t bear it, it will lead to the collapse of the physical body and the scattered immortals of the Yuan God.
"Fortunately, there was a breakthrough not long ago, otherwise this first move will suffer." Liang Yi’s face showed a smile, and both of them wanted to try each other’s reality, and they were all fancy. It turned out that Liang Yi’s magic was less in attack power and half a catty.
In these thirty-five years, Liang Yi not only cultivated Monty’s body-refining tactic to the initial stage of distraction, but also advanced to the middle stage of distraction years ago with the help of the wonderful "The Five Elements of the Day After Tomorrow" and a large number of precious Dan medicines. As a result, Liang Yi was inferior to Se Yu in both physical aspects and Yuan Shen’s mana, and soon after he was promoted to the body-refining stage, he was a ghost.
"Very well, I finally met a man who can compete with me in World War I." The old ghost suddenly smiled strangely. First, his body was suddenly covered with a layer of dark Se armor. Behind the armor was a pair of black Se wings with a wingspan of three feet and a half. The armor wrapped the old ghost tightly and left a pair of eyes, mouth and nose.
"It turned out to be a life armor?" Liang Yi’s face changed slightly and then he was relieved. It seems that it is not a strange thing that this demon has a deep background and a life armor.
"Come on!" The black Se pike took up a faint magic fog and killed Liang Yi in the chest. Liang Yi looked at it and did not hesitate to show the front wing armor and mixed Yuan Tulingjian, which blocked the killing of the pike.
Guns and swords intersect again, but this time, both of them preliminarily explored each other’s details. They don’t hesitate, and all kinds of J and NG wonderful Wushu have been repeatedly used to cooperate with J and NG wonderful melee evasion and wing armor, and they can’t be killed at the moment.
Two people to extremely fast, fast to those who watch YuanYing later monks can faintly see two fuzzy figure in constantly flashing from time to time, there are a few strands of escape firm but gentle and gun mans wear out virtual she to those who watch the monks, straight scared to fix a little lower monks can’t back off.
Playing against Remnant Johnson, Liang Yi has a strange feeling. It seems that the root of this person is not Remnant Johnson, but Cracking Wind, but repairing the old melee skills that have already been refined. It seems that the pike in his hand is like his body, and his body seems to be like that two pike, which can easily move the sky and terrain.
Seeing this old man dragging a faint magic cloud, he sometimes paddled a strange arc to block Liang Yi from attacking like a storm.
In case of strength, Liang Yi’s state of mind has already entered the ancient well without waves, and the mixed Yuan Tu Lingjian is constantly changing its trajectory like flowing water, which drives the five elements of heaven and earth to kill the residual soul. The wind and vitality and the front wing armor complement each other.
Liang Yi’s martial arts skills are inferior to Se’s ghost, and there seems to be a big gap between them. However, in melee evasion, Liang Yi is stabilizing the magic head.
At the beginning, this demon was able to keep Liang Yi evenly matched. However, after less than half an hour of kung fu, the old demon of residual soul fell into the wind, and the whole person was like a boat cruising in a storm, and the sea could capsize at any time.
Although the wind can be so high-intensity confrontation, Liang Yi’s forehead has glistening sweat for a long time.
"Kill God!" Suddenly, the ghost old demon caught Liang Yi’s move, and Zhang Er’s pike suddenly became a thorn. He saw that the pike was held in the palm of his hand and suddenly split. The thick gun rod was swung into an arc by this demon, and that split potential diagram was the same as splitting heaven and earth in half.

Looking at Ye Tianhao half-day Baggio deeply, he said, Are you really a fourth-order earth warrior?

Nodded leaf day also not much to say what directly from the ring to pay the king cloak slowly in the shoulder night wind cloak hunting do ring.
Wow, it’s not the first time I’ve seen Ye Tiandai wearing this cloak, but it’s the first time that Lucia has carefully looked at the cloak pattern. I can’t believe it. I looked at Ye Tianxia with horror and said, Oh, my God, is he the king of death?
Admire Patty proudly in front of Sia. That’s for sure. Otherwise, you and I will chase him and worship his teacher.
As soon as Chebadi’s words fell, he remained silent. Essien said coldly, I still think you didn’t worship the master until you were defeated by him.
Uh, in the face of Essien’s cold words, Buddy scratched his head and couldn’t say a word.
Looking at Bharti’s embarrassment, Sia was surprised and felt that everything was very common, not to mention Bharti’s order. Even the ten ninth-order pursuers died in Ye Tian’s hands. It’s not rare.
Just when a few people were talking about it, Baggio slowly drew the big sword behind him, and the blue light flashed all over the body, and the spiral halo was successively opened opposite him, and none of the four auras in Yetian lit up.
Be careful with Baggio’s low drinking, Baggio’s figure is short and fast, and he rushes towards Ye Tianshen’s side, and the crystal blue quarrelling rushes away.
Chapter 134 God Skill
In the face of Baggio’s attack, Ye Tiancong explored his right hand, and Zhan Ji suddenly jumped in his hand. Zhan Ji turned into a fine mountain and roared toward Baggio.
Dangdang when Zhan Ji roaring a series of sonorous violent rang accompanied by Ye Tian waving the Zhan Ji as if it were like a poisonous snake, flashing and spitting cold Mang Baggio could clearly feel that if he was not careful, the poisonous snake letter would pierce his throat.
Baggio’s combat experience is richer than that of others. He has experienced almost all kinds of samurai in his life of fighting for more than ten years, but his energy is not sudden like Ye Tian’s, but his technology makes people feel desperate. Never mind seeing his opponent before.
As the battle continues, Baggio feels more and more difficult, but his activities are getting smaller and smaller. Baggio knows that this is still the other party’s inability to attack, not because he is afraid of his own skills, and the other party’s attack will be even crazier.
I’m stunned by Baggio. Ye Tian has three halberds and three sharp flashes. Baggio feels that his sword has been shaken for three times. What happened before he could react? A sharp one passed.
I feel the cold light of Nasen passing over Baggio’s neck. It is very clear that this is a fight to the death. He is now a corpse. Ye Tian just stabbed him in the throat but didn’t do it.
Nailian took ten steps back, Baggio raised his hand and stopped Ye Tian’s pursuit. I didn’t have a chance to call like this with a wry smile.
Well, when he heard Baggio’s words, Buddy cried in surprise, old chap, what are you doing? Why don’t you come?
Give Baggionai a wry smile. I don’t want to think about it. I think about it as soon as I do, but Ye’s attack is too meticulous and violent. Once I finish smoking, I release the flying blade from time to time. Once I try to do that, I’m afraid I’ll be killed by Ye before the flying blade shoots.
Hearing Baggio’s words, Bharti immediately attacked him in Ye Tian, but he was very clear about it. He couldn’t think clearly about it. After he became an apprentice in Ye Tian, he attacked him like a storm. He didn’t know how many times he had experienced it. Baggio said that he couldn’t cope with the attack power in Ye Tian, so he might even do something else.
Hearing Baggio Bharti’s dialogue, Essien looked reverent. Essien has always felt very subtle and complicated about Ye Tian. It is a feeling of integration of various feelings of idol benefactor, master, brother and father, among which the most is an idol.
Who is Baggio? He has been fighting for ten years in a row in the World King-in-King Challenge. Wang Qi’s fame is very high, but it is such a person who has no chance to launch a flying blade in front of his master. How powerful is his fighting skill?
Of course, the most surprising thing is to belong to West Asia or that sentence. The more Ye Tian contacts her, the more she can feel Ye Tian’s magic. This magic is the direction. Up to now, West Asia has vaguely shown signs of blind worship to Ye Tian.
One day, Ye Tian suddenly said that eggs are actually tree-borne eggs, and I can’t guarantee whether I will believe it or not. It’s really an exaggeration to bear eggs on trees, but Ye Tian does it almost every day.
With a wry smile, Yixia looked at Ye Tian with her white face in her hands. She knew very well that if she went on like this, she would become Ye Tian’s most blind worship and probably lose me. However, in the face of Ye Tian’s general performance, she had already pulled out what she had done. She now doubted whether Ye Tian was a god or not.
Hearing Baggio Bhatti’s dialogue, Ye Tian said with a wry smile, OK, let’s continue. I won’t push so hard this time. Let’s put your flying blade stunt to good use.
Bitter nodded Baggio never thought that he actually needed others to release the flying blade stunt, and the water man was two orders lower than him. Is Wang Zhongwang all child’s play these years?
Shaking his head, Baggio took a deep breath and became serious again. He has been on the verge of life and death for many years, and he has tempered his mind for a long time. Neither Bhatti nor Baggio will be shaken by things.
I’ll fight again soon. In the middle of the day, I waved Zhan Ji and kept on attacking. I faced Baggio’s sword like a sword and attacked Ye Tian. I couldn’t help but frown.
I have to admit that Baggio’s fighting skill is definitely not weak even if he doesn’t call it flying blade stunt. Once he attacks, he is really violent. I don’t know what it means to call flying blade stunt.
Thinking about Baggio’s sword in the leaf day, he chopped it fiercely. When Baggio was forced to retreat in the leaf day, a subtle wave of his left hand shot at the moment with a cold and biting chill.
Although the eyes can’t see things and feel the chill is also regional, Ye Tian’s understanding of hidden weapons is still too shallow
Mind move Ye Tian right hand loose Zhan Ji casually grabbed a blue light in the palm of your hand, and everyone was shocked at the moment.
Look carefully at Ye Tianshi and put your fingers together in your fingers. A nail-sized ice blade is embedded there, and Baggio’s flying blade was caught by him playing.
Baggio stared at Ye Tian in disbelief. Although he didn’t shoot the flying blade for the first time, it was the first time that he was easily caught by people.
Looking at Buddy stupefied, Ye Tian shook his head and said, Is this what you call flying blade stunt? It’s hard to swallow the water. Baggio nodded bitterly and said, yes, this is the matter. It’s really brewing. Just now, I have played the flying blade stunt to the limit. If I have to perform it again, I may not be able to perform it so well
Ah, I shook my head with a wry smile. Ye Tian casually threw the ice blade on the ground and looked at Baggio. If this is the case, your flying blade stunt is still too disappointing. As far as I’m concerned, you don’t deserve to be called a unique skill. It’s just an introduction to flying blade
What did you hear when Ye Tiansi didn’t practice face? Baggio turned pale in an instant. It’s too hurtful to talk like this, even a friend can’t be so.
Just when Baggio was about to get angry, Ye Tian continued, I know that you are very angry and recognize my words, which is too leave no room and hurt, but you must know that you must not be careless in martial arts. I can give you a few false compliments, but you are likely to die because of these compliments in a few years.
Hearing Ye Tian’s words, Baggio looked at Ye Tiandao deeply. Well, according to Buddy, you can also fly knives and stunts. Since you say that I don’t deserve to be extinct, will you show us what stunts are?
Facing Baggio begging Ye Tian, he nodded with a smile and raised his hand. Zhan Ji Ye Tian flatly said, This is why I called you here today, and I will show you what a real stunt is.
Speaking of which, Ye Tian turned around and retreated a meter away. Then he turned to Baggio outside the meter. Then you can attack or evade, and I will show you my flying knife skill, which can be called a stunt flying knife skill.
Looking at Baggio Ye Tian’s right hand, I found a flying knife in my hand. At the same time, Ye Tianshen said, I don’t want to hurt you, so I took the flying knife to target your chest.
Er, Baggio couldn’t help but nod his head when he heard Ye Tiandi’s words, and his hands were in the big sword at the same time, ready to fly the knife at any time.
Ye Tianfei blade is very short, although it is very sharp, but it is the target of armor chest, so the blade is still too short to hurt the armor to protect the skin.
Looking intently at Baggio Ye Tian dignified way, I cast my first stunt to form a flying knife stunt named Yunlong Sanxian.
Speak Ye Tian right hand natural and unrestrained a jilt moment three fly knife shot and instantaneous across the meter distance toward baggio shot in the past.

"My mother said she saw a ghost." At this time, Su Lan didn’t bicker at night. Dad wasn’t at home and there were three of them.

"It’s really a ghost." Sue pulled the corners of her mouth.
Tang Sumei was slammed by the North Korea and shouted, "You are a jinx. Everything has been fine at home since you came."
Sue looked at her coldly at night. She heard clearly what she said just now. Her mother couldn’t get away from her death. "I’m not afraid of ghosts knocking at the door in the middle of the night. Why are you looking for you?"
Sue’s late sweet nothings made Tang Sumei look guilty and bowed her head with a pale face.
When Su Lan saw Sue’s late love, her mother immediately blew her hair and got out of bed. "Isn’t Sue’s late love mother right? You are Liu Yichen’s fiancee now. Don’t forget what he said."
Sue’s heart stung at night. If Sue hadn’t calculated her, she would have been engaged to that ice man.
If Tang Sumei hadn’t done something wrong with Su Kang, she would have made a deal with Liu Yichen.
Sue’s late love suddenly changed face and looked at Su Lan coldly. The difference between Su Lan and Su Kang’s daughter is so great that she will definitely make him spit it out.
"All right, stop talking. Lan Lan, you sleep with your mother tonight."
"Ah?" She’s scared, too, okay?
Sue turned around and walked towards the building, and she didn’t want to stay here for another minute.
Sue came to the lobby on the first floor, where the servants were trembling and frightened, and their legs were shaking.
"Let’s all go to rest. If you are timid, find a partner to sleep with." Sue said that and walked towards the building.
The servants looked at each other. The wife didn’t come. A big lady said this and left. There was nothing about the scream just now. In fact, they all knew where the sound came from.
Does this really prove that the house is haunted?
"Miss Big, did you hear everything? Everyone went to bed." The housekeeper waved and rushed everyone back to the room.
Finally, Su Lan stayed to accompany Tang Sumei, the mother and daughter, who dared not sleep until dawn with the lights on.
When Sue came early, she saw Tang Sumei and Su Lan sitting at the dinner table listlessly with a pair of dark circles under their eyes.
Sue had a reasonable haircut. She sat in a shirt chair and didn’t look at the two people opposite. She ate breakfast quickly and went to class with her bag.
I took a half-day off yesterday, and Liu Jingli complained that she had to work hard today to change her attitude towards herself early.
Yan Mumu, who just entered the marketing department, saw her scorn and laughed. "Don’t be backed by someone, you will be little, even if the president is your backstage."
"Miss Yan, you think too much. How can a small clerk like us know the president?" Sue went to her seat when she finished, picked up work and went into changing clothes.
Looking at the closed door, Yan Mumu mercilessly stared at it. It’s best not to give you Liu Yichen’s backing. Just now, she was also testing. She also believed that Liu Yichen wouldn’t give others the back door. But she came to class every two days when she met Sue in the office that day, and she couldn’t help but think more.
Listen to Sue late mood tone with Liu Yichen really didn’t.
Maybe she thinks too much. If she really said that just now, why didn’t she talk back?
Sue changed her clothes in the evening and was depressed in front of the fitting mirror, clutching an A-line skirt. Who designed the dress and skirt and didn’t dare to walk so short?
Be careful to sit in your seat and have a look at official website in the company department.
Liu Anfeng knocked at the office door and shouted at the door, "Sue, come to my office."
Sue looked up at night and Liu Anfeng had entered the office.
Yan Mumu gloated. Liu Anfeng is a famous workaholic. Whoever works in her hand suffers and doesn’t die. Half-life also takes off a layer of skin. Fortunately, she is a secret for Zhang Xinyi. She usually has to organize documents and answer the phone.
Helen took one look at Sue’s appeasement and motioned not to be afraid of nothing.
Sue gave her a sweet smile in the evening. She was not afraid that the company would arrange a difficult job. She was afraid that she would not arrange a job for her.
Sue night feeling knocked on the door and went in.
Liu Anfeng let go of the pen and raised his hand to "sit"
"Thank you, Manager." Sue took a chair at her desk and looked up at Liu Anfeng calmly.
"How are the data these two days?"
"I’ve finished reading it."
Liu Anfeng nodded with satisfaction. "Not only after reading it, but also make it clear that you should organize all the projects you have seen and give me a piece of information. It is best to have a review."
Sue late feeling nodded and walked out of Liu Jingli’s office.
"What did the evening manager ask you to do?" Helen is busy with divination.
"Let me give her a piece of information about the projects I have seen."
"Ah?" Helen opened her mouth sympathetically and said, "When are you going to sort out so much information?"
Sue patted Helen on the shoulder and said with a smile, "I’ll do it slowly when the manager doesn’t say anything."
"That’s ok," Helen breathed a sigh of relief.
Sue smiled at her with gratitude, sat down in her seat and picked up the information.
It may seem to Yan Mumu and Helen that this is a thankless job, but it seems to her that it is a learning opportunity.
Only when all the projects are thoroughly understood can she make progress after work.
Sue didn’t go to dinner at noon and asked Helen to bring her food from the staff dining chair.
When Sue felt thirsty and took a sip of water, she found that it was already dark. When she looked at her eyes, she had already ordered it. I didn’t expect it to be so late.
Sue left the company after she cleaned up.
When I got back to Su Jiagang and walked to the door, I heard Su Kang say, "Don’t be afraid, Su Mei. I’m with you. I don’t think that ghost dares to appear."
Sue’s face changed at night. Isn’t he on a business trip for a week? Why is he back now?
Whose sister is Yan Mumu?
The top ten people who answer correctly get 2 coins, which are valid before 12 o’clock in the evening!
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"What does it taste like to be ruined?"
Song Yan, the bride-to-be attending her ex-boyfriend’s wedding, whispered in her ear.
Sue shallow warm hand gave her a slap.
"Why don’t you tell me what this slap tastes like!"
In the face of everyone’s consternation, Su’s eyes are warm and his lips are bent and he smiles.
Field silence