Xuanyang is talented and interested in all things that are practiced.

Zhengyi French, Huangdi Jiuding Shendan Jing Volume 1, Jinyi Shendan Jing Volume 1, Taiqing Jinyi Shendan Jing Volume 3, Thirty-six Changes of Tiangang, and Fu Renlei’s Scripture …
In the past two hundred years, Xuanyang has made great achievements in every field of practice by following the example and accepting hundreds of schools.
Zhong Li said that if Xuanyang was willing to specialize in one thing, I’m afraid he would have already broken through the realm of Yin God and taken the road of achieving immortality of Yang God.
Xuanyang himself is not at ease about this.
Xuanyang is simply interested in practicing.
Avatar magic, longevity and long-term vision are all "unexpected gains" in the process of self-cultivation.
If you really specialize in it at the beginning, you may be able to reach the realm of Zhong Li’s mouth, but it is more likely that you have developed an aversion to spiritual practice since then.
Isn’t another explanation for being free and easy is the sexual self?
"This is a bit ugly. Didn’t you come here like this?"
Don’t complain about Xuan, rest assured that Yueyang conveniently folds a branch from the big tree next to it.
"When you were in the mountains, it was just you, me and Master. At that time, you were much more difficult to serve than Pure Yang."
Yueyang didn’t lie about this.
Although Xuanyang looks like a reliable and serious second brother now, he was very noisy when he was in Chushan
On the other hand, Chunyang has always been a sensible and lovely child, which is a fresh contrast with Xuanyang.
"Tut tut pure Yang and I can’t generalize …"
"Who knew that the’ human trafficker’ who took a steamed bun and turned me into a mountain turned out to be a man with a successful practice."
Xuanyang today remembers that he planned to steal something and cheat some food as usual that day. As a result, the thief actually stole the clock from him.
Then the clock from smiling a steamed bread to turn himself to the mountain.
From that day on, the world lost a beggar who cheated and cheated, and a greedy Taoist boy was added.
"Cut the crap and give me a few moves first!"
Waving the trimmed straight branches casually, Yueyang pressed the bass to drink a way.
It’s not true that she specially called Xuanyang from the Wu Yuan to recall the past with each other.
"Elder martial sister, is this necessary for you?"
Seeing this situation, Xuanyang’s face suddenly converged a little and his look became solemn.
"If Chun Yang really wants to learn sword, I’ll just teach him directly."
"You are now in the period of breaking the bond of Yin, so there is no need to be distracted by this little thing."
Although Yueyang is a master elder sister of pure yang view, it doesn’t mean that she knows everything.
On the contrary, in addition to the ability to predict good fortune and bad fortune, Yueyang is best at the medicine of the living dead and the bones.
Yueyang, like fencing, can be said to have dabbled in it, but it is far from being a teacher.
Because of the previous commitment to Chunyang Yueyang, I temporarily found Xuanyang, a fencing master who was going to be distracted from learning.
Yueyang’s talent and experience are more than enough to guide Chunyang’s entry even if it is a simple study.
"Hum, if you could teach your disciples one by one, you wouldn’t still be like this today."
"Besides, this is what I promised Chunyang. How can it delay your practice?"
Looking at a face that insisted on Yueyang Xuanyang’s awkward words and opened his mouth, he finally didn’t open his mouth and continued to persuade.
Because he knows that this is Yueyang’s character and the root of his younger brother’s gradual increase.
In the hearts of all the younger brothers in Chunyangguan, Yueyang, a teacher, sister and mother, has more prestige than his own master who doesn’t take care of things.
Even if it is lazy, such as Xuanyang, there will be no objection when Yueyang decides things.
"all right! Since you insist on this, I have to be more serious, teacher younger brother. "
Suddenly take a deep breath and see Xuanyang’s hands pointing to the air around the sword, and then the wind spins quickly and the fingertips form a blade.
-congenital kendo, flurry sword!
Swordsmanship reaches the state of Xuanyang, and plants, bamboo and stones can be used as swords.
Moreover, compared with simple firm but gentle sword and Jian Gang, which rely on the rapid wind and flowing water to form a sword, it is not only convenient, but also more powerful.
It was in the blink of an eye that Xuanyang’s figure disappeared from Yueyang’s field of vision.
At the same time, a shrill scream came from her left side and forced her back a few steps.
"Sister, this move is called’ preemptive strike’!"
Didn’t take the opportunity to further Xuanyang figure stopped when the distance Yuezhi is not a few steps away, a deep and hoarse voice explained.
"Sword is a weapon, fencing is a killing technique."
"So if you really intend to teach Chunyang yourself, this is the first lesson."
The tone didn’t pause, but Xuanyang disappeared again.
"Although my dragon swordsmanship pays attention to’ attacking the enemy from behind and breaking all the laws’, it is to establish rich combat experience and practice for years."
"Beginners who practice swordsmanship should first be determined to keep an offensive state at all times."
"It is a skill to strike first, but it is a state of mind."
The figure on the right side of Yueyang reappeared. I just wanted to repeat my old trick and stab a sword, but I was surprised to find that the branches in the other hand had already swept towards me.
"Good teaching. Do you think my attack and defense is in line with the’ preemptive strike’ mentality?"
Chapter 22 Road flyover fire dragon XuanYang
"Yes, it is a’ preemptive strike’ mentality to attack quickly and force the enemy to defend!"
If it is a real battle, Xuanyang has 10,000 ways to crack Yueyang Sweep.
But Xuanyang is not fighting now, but teaching Yueyang the tricks and techniques of practicing sword. He resolutely chose to retreat and avoid this sweep.
"It is important to know that the sword practitioner holds a sword instead of a shield."
Therefore, regardless of the situation, the offensive intention is always greater than the defense.
Seeing Xuanyang preaching to Yueyang, he constantly adjusted his position and let himself be in an offensive position at any time.
"In addition to the most basic mentality, the second lesson that beginners need to learn is the pace."

Now Lenovo feels that it is difficult to do business, and tries every means to transform itself into a business, a young person and an online product, but there is still no improvement, and the al negotiations have not made much progress.

Yang Yuanqing is a veteran of Lenovo, and he has a good command of the hardware market, but he is a novice to the Internet industry.
F365 was born out of Lenovo’s software department and then came out to operate independently. The name is Lenovo FM 365.
Moreover, last year, the slogan was to enter the top three in front of the door in one year, which cost 100 million yuan to invest, but the penguin overtook the car.
The appearance of Chen Bo, who is in a whirlpool dilemma, attracted their attention, which is why today’s test is made.
Chapter 31 A deliberate attempt to kill a thief can save the day
After listening to Yang Yuanqing, Chen Bo suddenly felt that his head was getting bigger. How did he feel that Lenovo was going to dump his bag, or he was looking for a back-pocket man.
Let’s not talk about the original intention of Yang Yuanqing to come up with the domain name "f365" after sitting in the toilet.
That is to say, at present, the management ideas of the whole department’s operation mode are very unclear, and now I have to give suggestions and start.
This hot potato can never be picked up, and Lenovo will not let go easily at this time with Tencent, a super killer, and another door network.
"how about it? Some of your ideas on the Internet, even foreign schools such as Speed Fox and West Wave, can all be defeated by you. "
"Cough others don’t know you don’t know? That’s all in time. If it weren’t for the Nasdaq Internet bubble, I wouldn’t be worried about returning music today. "
Chen Bo timely change the subject, and can’t keep pestering f365. Let’s talk about it first.
"Lenovo, the music network, will definitely not stand by and watch. Since you are in trouble, I can’t force you to take over f365, but you always have to help, right?"
Lao Liu, this is a quid pro quo. He also knows that the situation can’t be solved by finding someone casually. If Chen Bo doesn’t agree, he can’t force it.
We can speed up the negotiations with the United States al League, but we must also let Chen Bo give us a suggestion and come out as a dead horse.
"Now that you have said so, give me some time to investigate-I can still help with this little thing."
Chen Bo can’t drive a duck rack, but he can do it. Lao Liu has a deep network. Although it is not a word that can solve the music problem, it should not be difficult to work hard. If there is a red-headed document, there will be a legal basis.
"Yuanqing, then temporarily ask the consultant of Xiao Chen f365 Company to be responsible for the investigation and all departments will cooperate!"
Old willow personally ordered Yang Yuanqing natural don’t complain.
At any rate, this crop is a revelation of the past. Finally, I can have a pleasant chat and share my management experience without hiding anything.
Strengthening group decision-making and corporate culture are two key points. Zhuge Liang’s ability is no matter how strong he is, he is not trained, and only talents are exhausted.
Lao Liu has really trained Yang Yuanqing, Guo Wei, Zhu Linan and Li Qin in this respect, and everyone can be independent.
The eastern enterprise management system is very dictatorial, so is Lao Liu, but he is dignified, and the main senior executives and employees are mainly restricted by corporate culture.
Of course, this is all an industrial management model. Chen Bo can’t complete the construction and relocation, otherwise he will learn from each other and learn from the essence.
Moreover, he also set out to let go of trust and cultivate more management talents, which is a successful example.
After coming out of Lenovo group, it still benefits a lot. Internet companies need more patience to precipitate corporate culture. It is too short, and everything is fast lane. In case of slow speed, it will expose the problem.
Chen Bo decided to make some adjustments after returning to Pengcheng, and how to do it has to be carefully pondered.
However, the immediate matter must be solved first. Chen Bo took Gao Yuanyuan to f365 the next day, saying that the company is a business group, and Lenovo has not independently registered a company.
What Chen Bo wants to do is simply to understand the current operating mechanism and sum up all unreasonable problems and give rectification opinions.
The consultant is not managed, but even worse, he is a temporary consultant.
If you have nothing to do, just stroll around the office area to see how they work, and then find the person in charge to have tea and chat, and get the information as soon as you have it.
Before Chen Bo came, he still had a glimmer of hope for f365. When he arrived at the company, he found that he was wrong.
Yang yuanqing’s original intention is to run the network by doing brain methods, because Lenovo thinks that the internet is hot and he has to keep up with the trend since he took the first place in his personal brain in 1996.
It’s ridiculous that the Lenovo swearing-in meeting in 2 years shouted the slogan of making 100 million yuan a year. What’s the difference between this and the Great Leap Forward?
10,000 Jin per mu to catch up with British and American satellites?
The internet is fast, but it’s not like this. Even if Tengxun’s normal trajectory reaches 100 million yuan, it will take about 21 years. How can you be so strong and confident in a door network?
You did it without Yahoo, Amazon and al? Their market value is high because there is hot money on Wall Street, and relying on their own funds to do the network will bring down Lenovo’s entire industrial chain sooner or later.
After a year, it burned nearly 100 million yuan, and it was not too late for Yang Yuanqing to realize his mistake.
Of course, the company department learned that Yang Yuanqing would not tell Chen Bo about his black history, otherwise Chen Bo would definitely spit it out on the spot.
This is still the tip of the iceberg. The more you know, the more disappointed Chen Bo will be.
The whole network architecture is in a mess. It’s not that the technicians are not good enough, but that the management brain changes its thinking too slowly and rhythmically.
One of them came to inquire about the letter account information, not directly reading the letter data and displaying it on the webpage, but directly linking an ll365 network, which is not good for f365, okay?
Not only reduced the experience, but also others made wedding clothes.
The whole network management mode is also a Lenovo-style technical department, which is even more miserable. It is quantified and requires that it must be done at one time, otherwise the kpi will be deducted without discussion.
If you do online production, you won’t have to form a concept once, but you will gradually improve it according to your needs. Even if you produce it ten years later and put it into modern society, you may not necessarily like it.
This requires a gradual adaptation process, instead of building a house, just follow the drawings
After ten days, Chen Bo compiled a five-page research report and finally handed it over to Yang Yuanqing. It doesn’t matter to me whether you change it or not.
F365′ s defeat is bound to be followed by inevitable hidden dangers. Even if Chen Bo, a rebirth person with his own golden finger, takes over personally, it is also intentional to save the thief, which is likely to accelerate its fall.
Chen Bo was glad that he didn’t have the brain to turn the tide and save it from the fire and water.
Things here have come to an end, and Chen Bo has to get busy with his own affairs. Several offices have been renovated and can now be settled in.
Pangu search here is not obsessed with geomantic omen, Yin and Yang theory, and moved in as soon as it was decorated.
On the other hand, the film and television company probably has to choose a good day from Hong Kong University and prepare suckling pigs, melons and fruits to burn incense and pray for a good color before the crew can pull it out.
Although Chen Bo is a theologian, his rebirth is not explained by science, so he let them go. At that time, he is not the protagonist, so he will appear as a neighbor. There is nothing wrong with saying that the two companies are next to each other
March 24th, the 30th day of the 2nd lunar month, Xin Mao Yue Bing Xu Day.
Suitable for the city, breaking ground, traveling without picking, offering sacrifices and building houses.
Early in the morning, there was an incense table at the door of the company, and the suckling pig was crispy with golden candles. On both sides of the table, there were firecrackers like long queues.
There are also a variety of celebration baskets on the outer wall, all of which were booked by the wrist in the circle the day before and sent to us.
Chinese people pay attention to appearances, and when everyone has a wedding or a wedding, courtesy is reciprocated. In this respect, we must do our best unless there is a deep hatred.
Chen Bo is a two-handed man. What’s the point of his company? Besides, most people know that he is the boss, and the news has not spread abroad.
Xinghe Shiba is naturally a member and a member, and all of them are sister companies. It’s close to this side, and many cast and opera artists have come to a stage to call out more than 20 unknown people.
"Chen always takes more photos after meeting for the first time." Although Chen Daoming is usually busy taking plays, there is no company, but the boss of the company still knows that it is Wang Jinghua, after all. When the male artist sees him, he naturally knows who it is.
"Teacher Chen is polite. We are still at home. The development of the company is inseparable from the hard work of Teacher Chen. How hard you work!"
Chen Bo politely responded that Uncle Dao Ming, who is now in his 40s, is gentle and gentle, and has a lot of patience to kill a lot of fresh meat.
Many artists crowded over to say hello to Chen Bo and lost their boss from Pangu, feeling that they had picked it up again.
Zhou Xun also came back from the crew. Her current company status is equivalent to a sister of Xinghe, but if she is not good in front of everyone, she will politely greet Chen Bo and secretly pinch him while no one is paying attention. What is this? I won’t return the house to uncover the tiles for a few days!
Chen Bo, like Hua Hudie, greeted his acquaintances and sat down with the management.
The entertainment circle is the most snobbish boss. The more you put on a high profile, the more they fear you. If you hang out with people all the time, they will look down on you.
Except for a few people who are familiar with each other, he has to put a frame in front of the artists, but he has to change to another kind face in front of the employees.
Chen Bo’s familiarity is still relatively measured.
Zhao Baogang is dressed in white clothes, white trousers and long hair. He is born with a standard artist style.
Ding Xin is wearing a black dress, and she is not afraid of the cold in early spring. She is beaming and chatting with Wang Jinghua.

Rui Rui is an understanding child who knows that work is very important to adults and there is no noise.

But Si never spoke to Chuningzhao again. Even though Rui Rui tried to make Si and Chuningzhaotong talk many times, Si found various reasons and excuses and refused.
She felt that she didn’t want to hear ChuNingZhao now, especially after the slap that day.
I don’t know why Chu Ningzhao can say marriage words to herself so easily. If she is a child, she really can’t stand it.
Think feel angry, and that kind of anger will not go away.
Last night, Chu Ningzhao called Rui Rui again. She didn’t know what her father said in the words. After Rui Rui hung up, she ran over and told Si that he was going to live with his father.
Alice’s reaction at that time was, "Are you going to live with him?"
Ruirui didn’t know when he learned to sell, and even said, "Mom and Dad told me to keep it a secret and not to tell you for the time being."
At this moment, even if Rui Rui doesn’t tell Si, she also knows what the two fathers conspired to discuss in their words.
Isn’t it necessary to live together? Chu Ningzhao sent someone to directly change everything in this room, and many things are estimated to be the style that Chu Ningzhao usually likes.
Of course, thinking about the decoration of the house is not too careless. Seeing that these things will naturally bring better enjoyment and comfort to life to some extent now, it is of course impossible to squander her money in these areas. She still has to live with Rui Rui, although there is no difference in money, but it is also necessary to prevent anything that needs money from happening.
But this is not important. The important thing is that Rui Rui went to the door when someone knocked at the door early. He lifted a stool to press the password.
This proves that Chuningzhao has agreed everything with Ruirui.
Si watched the moving company move the furniture in, with some things-something that belonged to Chu Ningzhao at first sight.
How can something that makes you want to cry come to this?
But Beth didn’t get angry in front of the moving company, because she knew that these people were just taking money to do things, and they didn’t do what they should do, and if they didn’t do it, they would have a tragic ending.
Silly is a soft-hearted person. She thinks that Chu Ningzhao must know this about her so recklessly that these people break in and change the whole family.
Qingchen watched the movers finish everything quickly and said with a smile, "Did you get robbed? It’s just that people send you something to rob. "
Si smiled bitterly. "Yes, I took the old things and sent me the new capital."
"What the hell happened?"
"This-you should ask Rui Rui" Si looked down at the child’s face and "Rui Rui told me what happened"
If Qingchen wasn’t here, Rui Rui would be afraid. Once Qingchen was here, Rui Rui felt that he had found a backer and ran to Qingchen’s side, holding Qingchen’s legs in his hands and saying softly, "Mom, I don’t know. This is what Dad said. He said he would move in with us."
Think "… he said he would come and you agreed?"
Rui Rui naively replied, "Yes, why should I refuse my father? And I want to live with dad, too. Mom, shouldn’t you live with dad, too? I see it says that mom and dad should sleep together. "
Think about your forehead. It’s hard enough for children to know too much now!
Ruirui added "and you should sleep in the same bed"
Think "…"
Qingchen laughed. She bent down and rubbed it on Ruirui’s cheek. "God, Ruirui baby, how can you be so cute!"
Looking at Qing Chen, "Are you still laughing? Are you gloating …"
Qingchen shrugged. "Otherwise, this is what your son promised. What can you do?"
Si leng snorted, "If he dares to come in, I will kick him out."
Qing Chen and Rui Rui took a look at each other and vomitted to stick out her tongue. Now she suddenly feels that ChuNingZhao is also a difficult person, and it is not so easy to deal with.
And she still remembers that when she called her that night, her tone was … I wanted to say yes, but I couldn’t get past myself.
After that, Qingchen can already tell that she must like Chuningzhao, even now, as always.
However, too many things have happened to them, and the snag in their hearts is too sad, and even Chu Ningzhao is not simple.
"But these new furniture are pretty good-looking." Qingchen looked around for a while and you can see that these furniture are valuable at a glance.
"Good-looking and what?" I thought my eyes were cold and I couldn’t wait to throw all these things out now.
But her original furniture has been taken away by the moving company department at this time, and she can also leave these things here for the time being.
And she’s glad that Chuningzhao isn’t here at the moment, otherwise she would have lost control of her emotions and had to rush to slap the man again.
This is her house. How did his things take up all of it?
But looking at this moment, Rui Rui has a face of thoughts and feelings that are really complicated.
She knows too well how much Rui Rui lacks fatherly love over the years to be so sticky. This is her fault except letting Rui.
There is no other way but to let Rui Rui do according to his own mood.
Qingchen comforted her for a few words and told her not to be impulsive. Calm down first and then go back to her room.
Of course, the first thing after going in is to call Chenchi to ask what the hell is going on.
Qingchen is sure Chenchi must know something.
But when Chen Chi Yin sounded at the other end of the sentence, Qingchen almost forgot what he was going to say.
She heard her heart thump, thump, thump, thump and thump.
The reason is that he just had a deep line in Chenchi, which was sexy and hoarse with special meaning. It was like just waking up from sleep, and those lazy sexy ones were directly inserted in Qingchen’s heart like a knife.
Oh, my god
Qingchen lamented in his heart that what is a sound of this man can be so attractive?
I finally calmed my heart and said, "You haven’t got up yet?"
Chenchi smiled, "What time is it now?"
"Oh … I think you are the kind of person who gets up early and struggles."
Chenchi Nai "can’t get up at half past six earlier, can you?" And it takes less than ten minutes to go to school from me. "
A doesn’t go to class until half past ten. Chenchi needs to get up before one o’clock, so she can get to school in time.
"Well," Qingchen was indefensible. "I got up early today."
"Why can’t I sleep because I miss what I have?" Chen Chi smiled hoarsely at the other end of the words.
The green morning exercise sword flashed a crimson sneer. "You want to be beautiful because other men can’t sleep."
Chenchi’s voice sank. "Who?"
This time, Qing Chen smiled, "Professor Yu Chen was so gullible?"
Chenchi hummed and smiled "you little thing"
Qingchen’s cheeks are redder. She can’t help regretting why she called Chenchi this early in the morning. This isn’t to find herself restless. What is it?
"I’m awake. Go ahead. Call me at this time. What should I say?"

Throughout Kyushu, all the top experts left their homeland a hundred years ago. In just a hundred years, the practitioners who grew up were only in the realm of semi-deification. Of course, there were also some talented people, but in this troubled times, they died countless times. Every once in a while, any new talent with a strange son of heaven will be assassinated by the hostile side, which is why the highest state of Kyushu is only half-deified for a hundred years.

Zhuge entered Tianchi before dawn, and his chickens and dogs were restless. Half an hour later, he came out of Tianchi and shot several elders in Tianchi. At the moment, there are six golden dragons flying out of his head, Chutianchu, and nine dragon spirit veins have gathered six, only the last three.
But for the next period of time, Zhuge didn’t go all over Kyushu, but he couldn’t find any clues about the remaining three dragon spirit veins.
"It won’t be taken into Shengxian Road." Zhuge had a bad feeling when he was not bright.
Two months have passed, and during these two months, I have searched everywhere, whether it is Kunlun wonderland, barren land, chaotic land, overseas, and Zhuge Buliang, but I have never found any clues.
Buddha prison.
Zhuge stood on a hill before dawn, with a bloody coffin and a burly figure standing on it.
"Is there no other way?" Zhuge not bright frown way.
The burly figure on the blood coffin shook his head: "I have never heard of any other place leading there except Shengxian Road."
"Thanks a lot." Zhuge flew away from the Buddhist prison without a bright arch.
Overseas turtle back island, Zhuge landed in front of a grave, and the stone tablet was clearly engraved with: the tomb of the teacher’s blue sky. Zhuge Liang bowed deeply to the grave of the elder of the sky. This is the site of the Yaohai School, but it is a pity that the Yaohai School no longer exists. At the turn of the new era, it has been destroyed by other sects.
Zhuge was lost in thought when he was not bright, and looked at the tombstone and fell into memory. When I first entered the world of cultivating immortals, everyone in Yaohai School looked at myself coldly. Only the elder from the sky looked at himself with special respect and taught himself the science of cultivating immortals, and today’s achievements were achieved.
If the Kirin girl stood not far away, the fire in her palm flashed, but it eventually faded.
"Who are you?" Suddenly there was a sound of jiao drink behind him, and a woman in red came up.
Li Kewei can be said to be one of the few surviving practitioners of Yaohai School. One hundred years have passed, but Li Kewei’s appearance has not changed much, and she is still graceful. Behind her, a young man in white, impressively, is Siqinyu.
Kirin girl seems to have an instinctive resistance to human practitioners if she quietly retreats to one side. Perhaps the hundred-year pursuit has left a shadow in her heart.
A hundred years can change many things. Li Kewei and Si Qinyu are now a couple, living in seclusion overseas and not participating in the struggle of cultivating immortals.
Zhuge turned around silently before dawn, and Li Kewei immediately exclaimed, "Ah! You … you are … little teacher younger brother! "
"Sister." Zhuge was surprised that he didn’t shine. I didn’t expect to meet my old acquaintances again.
Li Kewei can be said to be one of the few relatives in this world. When they meet, they are naturally deeply touched. A hundred years ago, the Ascension Road was opened, and Li Kewei and Si Qinyu, who had no power and influence, naturally had no chance to enter. In order to avoid the struggle of cultivating immortals, they retired overseas and became a couple of immortals. This is also a good choice.
Zhuge smiled bitterly. At the beginning, only himself, Li Kewei and Si Qinyu were still in the world among the disciples of Yaohai School. And God seems to care for them, and achieve a happy karma for them.
"Shengxian Road has already been closed, and it is probably impossible to enter." After learning that Zhuge was not bright in his heart, Siqinyu said.
"I want to gather nine dragon spirit veins, and maybe I can find some clues." Zhuge said before dawn, and six golden dragons flew out overhead.
Siqinyu shook his head and said, "I’m afraid I can’t. I heard that when I first entered Shengxian Road, the two dragon spirit veins of Xiuxian Alliance disappeared at the same time, which shows that they took the other two dragon spirit veins with them. The rest of the dragon spirit pulse … should be in the hands of falling heaven, but he has already entered Shengxian Road. "
"what!" Zhuge’s heart was suddenly cold before dawn, and the only trace of fantasy was shattered: "Then I will never get into the Ascending Immortal Road, and I will never see the Dream Glass, Lin Er and Xin Er … and my old friends again."
When it comes to Yin Meng glass, Siqinyu’s eyes flashed a trace of fluctuation, which immediately showed the color of bitter nai.
The three men talked for a long time. Finally, from Li Kewei’s mouth, Zhuge Buliang learned that the Zhuge family still existed, on an island three thousand nautical miles away.
Leaving Guibei Island, Zhuge flew to the island where Zhuge’s family was located before dawn. Kirin girl is still behind him if she leaves. She seems determined to stay with Zhuge Buliang, knowing that one day she can get revenge.
On an island 3,000 nautical miles away, Zhuge did not reach out and swept away, and he had already seen a huge manor in the depths of the island. He swooped down and came to the outside of the manor. He could feel that there was a ban around the manor. It was not particularly powerful, but it should be a means for the practitioners in Yuan infant period.
Zhuge raised his hand a little before dawn, forbidden to break a passage and walked in.
"There are intruders! What person! " Two descendants of Zhuge’s family rushed up, with two flying swords suspended above their heads. Zhuge Liang glanced at the two men, and their cultivation was about three layers in the foundation period. It seems that Zhuge’s family has quite a situation of cultivating immortals and officially entered the cultivation world.
"Who is the master now?" Zhuge looked at the two younger generations of Zhuge’s family.
"I’ll ask you who you are, you … yi? No, his appearance seems to be exactly the same as that of his second uncle. " A younger generation of Zhuge’s family wondered.
"You … you are …" Two younger generations of Zhuge’s family stared at Zhuge.
At this time, a graceful figure flew from the depths of the manor, where light, clothes fluttering, turned out to be Zhuge dusk.
"ah! It doesn’t light up … "When Zhuge Muyan saw that Zhuge didn’t light up, he was immediately surprised and made a noise. He fell out of the air and said," No light up, you … you’re back. "
Zhuge Muyan was shocked and didn’t know what to say. The two younger generations of Zhuge’s family are very clever. Seeing that Zhuge Muyan confirmed the identity of the former, they hurriedly bowed down and saluted. At the beginning, when Zhuge Liang died, Zhuge Ming returned to his family and gave Zhuge Liang a coffin. Who would have thought that Zhuge would come back before dawn today, and the Zhuge family made a sensation for a time.
From Zhuge Muyan’s mouth, Zhuge Buliang learned that Zhuge Ming had followed an overseas master of bulk repair into Shengxian Road and never looked back. Now Zhuge Muyan is the agent of the family.
"Did he leave any message before he left?" Zhuge asked without light.
Zhuge Muyan was silent, without words.

Too Yi Dao, too easy to teach the ancestors, the golden light flashed in their eyes and their faces were hesitant. "Wonderful show?"

The word "wonderful show" when seeing this person flooded into the mind of Tai Yi’s ancestor for the first time.
"It’s really a wonderful show, and only a wonderful show can master such a strange magical power. I was a wonderful show before, but I never thought that I was wrong. Did Miao Xiu get rid of the Buddhist calculation after nine reincarnation and return from the fate?" Taiping’s ancestor’s voice is empty. "Even reincarnation is a wonderful machine. Even if a person is reincarnated for thousands of times, it will not change."
Chapter 1571 Fox God refined treasure
"wonderful show"
A strange mood rose in the hearts of the ancestors with their heads down.
"Don’t worry about Tongtian Road. Finding Miaoxiu is important. Miaoxiu this fellow is not a law-abiding person. Maybe when you don’t pay attention, you will find a lot of trouble for you. You should also pay attention to this matter." Too easy to teach your ancestors to keep their eyes open.
"It’s such a wonderful thing that you can’t relax at all." The cold light flashed in the eyes of Tai Yuan’s ancestor.
In the wilderness, the fox god in the aura column of the centipede bodhi old ancestor continuously absorbs the aura of heaven and earth, but after the transformation and compression of the Jiugong hexagram array, it is found that the illusory array and the five elements are actually circularly derived, and the illusory world has a trend of changing towards reality.
"Miaoxiu said to me at the beginning that there is really no mistake. I really want to plan Miaoxiu’s head to see what is inside Miaoxiu’s head. The calculation is so far-reaching that even if we wait for the strong, it is far less than that." Fox God is sycophantic and has big eyes. "Miaoxiu has to go to Tongtian Road in person. It is not necessarily that simple. I need to go there personally. It is good to play with Miaoxiu. I can’t all be monopolized by this little person. We have to share a piece of it." Fox God grinds his teeth and the illusory world evolves towards the real world,
The centipede bodhi old zu around the fox god secretly complained that the aura of heaven and earth in the aura beam was absorbed by the fox god, but he became a bystander and could drink some soup.
"Fox God, you will leave me some aura of heaven and earth." The centipede bodhi old zu muttered and complained.
"You old thing, don’t worry, don’t worry. Now the Terran is too easy, and the four elephants are all detached from the strong. If no one breaks through, we will be completely suppressed by the Terran, and the Terran will fight." The fox god stared at the centipede bodhi old zu.
The centipede bodhi old zu heard that he scratched his head. "It’s not that you took my aura from heaven and earth, but you have to help me with one thing."
"What is it?" Fox Shinto
"In those days, I didn’t know how to find Amitabha’s provocation, but I never thought that my eyes were completely dug by Amitabha, and the golden body could not be completed. I also asked the fox to help me seize those eyes." The centipede bodhi old zu said.
Fox God hesitated a little when he heard this, and then it took a while to figure it out. "It’s hard to say that this matter is easy and easy."
"What’s the explanation?" The centipede bodhi old zu one leng.
"Your eyes were given by Amitabha Sun Chi as a night bead, Amitabha’s strength is profound and magical, but it is impossible for me to wait for idle people. Even if I make a breakthrough, Amitabha is flat at best, but it is impossible to defeat Amitabha." Fox Shinto "But your eyes are good things. Amitabha refined Jin Lan cassock and refined one of your eyes into Jin Lan. You and I need that Tongtian Road to set doom to contain the explosive apes, and then put that Jin Lan.
The centipede bodhi old zu’s face lit up when he heard this. "In that case, let’s go and get my eyes back first, and don’t worry about the rest."
Fox God shook his head when he heard this. "It’s a long way to go. If you want to steal Jin Lan’s cassock, you need to think about it. Otherwise, it’s really troublesome to have a big cause and effect in the future."
At the thought of Jade Duxiu Fox God, I suddenly felt a palpitation. This fellow is really weird. Ten times in just five hundred years, reincarnation is bad. This last time, I can transcend reincarnation and turn people into reincarnation.
Moreover, when the wonderful show acted, the fox god kept thinking about deduction and always felt a smell of intrigue and intrigue.
"This matter is in no hurry. Go to Tongtian Road to find out the truth in person after the breakthrough." Fox God pursed his lips and closed his eyes.
Three days later, the fox god stretched out his palm and saw a green gourd being held in his hand.
The centipede bodhi old zu looked at the gourd and suddenly burst into retailing.
Fox God chuckled, "This demon sacrifice is very slow, and the flashes in the front seat suddenly flashed. It suddenly occurred to me that the way to speed up the sacrifice and recruit the demon sacrifice is to recruit the demon sacrifice successfully. My savage demon clan is immortal, facing the Terran Heaven, it will once again take advantage, so we can recruit and conquer the Terran at once and drive the Terran out of the middle domain."
"Now there are too many variables in the heavens and the world, and Tai Su’s attitude is that they don’t want to defeat the Terran, but it is extremely difficult. The only thing that makes people feel at ease is that the Buddhist forces of the Terran’s nine major goalkeepers have been uprooted and evil, and there will be a big war in the future. If the Buddhist in the heart of the gv 10 is friendly, it will certainly not help the Terran. If the war between the two families is worse, the netherworld will dare to divide its forces to help the Buddhist?" At this time, the centipede bodhi old zu turned into a fairy-like male fox god, silently concise with his real body, and all aura was given priority to the fox god
Fox God casually threw the innate Lingbao gourd into the Jiugong hexagram array. "In those days, this trick of sacrifice and refining was a wrong step. We shouldn’t lead the wolf into the room. We should put the wonderful show and true spirit into this trick. The wonderful show and true spirit suddenly disappeared from the demon’s banner. Now it is an opportunity to solve the hidden dangers. Maybe we can secretly restrain the wonderful show and call it stealing chickens and not eating rice."
Tongtian Road Jade Duxiu Rides a White Horse and Enlightens the Foremost Guide Pig Bodhisattva This fellow is holding a white horse and there is an extra figure behind it, dressed as a monk, carrying the burden.
"The origin of a palpitation and doom is hard to trace." Jade Duxiu took a deep breath and looked at the endless gathering of doom in the virtual world, and there was a flash of sadness in her eyes.
The pig bodhi old zu took the white horse in front and swore, "Teacher Sha, it’s a blessing that you can join the Buddhist scriptures team. Didn’t you just break a glass lamp? What’s the big deal? This fellow is too stingy to make a big deal out of it. I thought that my old pig was a marshal of Tianhe 100,000 Water Army, and he was loyal to this fellow. Didn’t he flirt with a teacher in Yuefang in the Heavenly Palace? I didn’t know what to do now if it wasn’t for Buddhist tuas’ enlightenment. Now I’m out of heaven, but I’m also relaxed and I’m going to the Xitianbao merit pool to wash and practice my old pig’s blood vessels. I’m bound to break through the quasi-realm in one fell swoop and call that dry heaven knows my old pig’s fierce. "
At this point, the pig bodhi old zu snapped his mouth and muttered a "pity."
It’s a pity that the bodhi old zu pig swallowed the innate water in the Dragon Palace in the cold of the four seas, and it’s really sweet that this happened before he could digest and transform his strength into a fairy.
If the pig bodhi old zu had listened to Jade Duxiu’s words and worked hard to cultivate a truly stable quasi-fairy realm, he would not have cast a pig fetus.
For the way to learn the scriptures, only the pig bodhi old zu vaguely knows that all this is behind the black hand’s constant push, even if he knows it, how can he? I don’t want to pretend that I don’t know that you gave the bodhi old zu a hundred guts, but he didn’t dare to say it, and he could suffer silently.
In front of Wu Wenwen, he said cheerfully, "I don’t think that dry day is easy for Buddhists to learn from, even it’s not that simple."
"Brother Murphy knows what scene?" Pig bodhi old zu Songgang rope gather together in the past.
"Go, go, you are too narrow-minded to know anything, and you won’t say anything." Now, I feel a little condescending before I feel in a good mood. I’m sorry that I learned my identity, and I also feel quite interesting. It’s also pleasing to the eye for the two younger brothers.
"The first commandment of Buddhism is not to talk nonsense." Jade Duxiu withdrew her mind and reprimanded the two of them.
Chapter 1572 Fox God transcends the heavens and fights.
The five mentoring people wobbled all the way, and the sand monk gained a little more popularity in the Buddhist scriptures team.
On the fourth day, the heavens and the earth suddenly shook, and a gorgeous aurora rose into the sky and shook across the virtual world.
Jade Duxiu read but saw a wisp of true spirit escape from the illusory dry Kun of the fox god and was instantly absorbed by the black lotus and disappeared into the black lotus.
"Oh, no, this time it’s too bad to underestimate this fox." Jade Duxiu’s frown is really in trouble this time
It is said that the fox god directly put the innate Lingbao gourd into the virtual world with its nine tails, and let the innate Lingbao gourd accept the training of Jiugong Gua array, releasing some of the powers of the recruiting demon and blessing it in Jiugong Gua array. This time, it is a big basket. Seeing that the fox god Jiugong Gua array is just a few breaths that have been mixed, nine tails have been refined and refined into the virtual world, and the fetal membranes are derived. The innate Lingbao gourd helps the stars, and the aura of heaven and earth seems to be full of the milky way, and it falls into its Jiugong Gua array instantly.
The formation of a small world represents the construction of the law skeleton, and the five elements of the law have been perfectly circulated. At this time, the small world echoes each other and is fed back and blessed by the small world. The melting speed is faster than imagined. The jade show is really hidden in the dark, and the demon is going to take the last chance to give the demon family a cruel enslavement. All the demon families launched a world war, but it was unexpectedly forced by the forces of the small world. At this time, the five elements of the small world are turbulent. The jade show is a true spirit, but if it is not paid attention, it will be enslaved by the fox world.
At the moment when the fetal membrane of the will world of the fox god was formed, it was already immersed in the interwoven derivation of the immersion law in the operation and evolution of the world.
The fox god has the heart to stop the jade show from leaving, but there is no extra power. All the power of the fox god is to maintain the stability of the world, and some power is to understand the quality of the world and constantly understand the laws of the world. If you miss this opportunity, you can start all over again.
Looking at the nine days, Yu Duxiu’s face changed. "Too soon, this time it was a mistake. I didn’t expect this fox to be so clever and find another way. I don’t know if this fox will ruin my plan."
Seeing this scene, many demon gods roared and shook the Milky Way, but they saw that many demon gods stood up and maintained the light beam to prevent many godfathers, the strong in the netherworld and the dragon king of the four seas from secretly making mischief and delaying the opportunity for the fox to preach the truth.
"It’s not just that the fox god promoted to the fox clan to recruit demon banners, but it has changed again. It’s really fierce. Now the demon clan’s recruiting demon banners is no longer in my Terran deity list, and I’m going to be at a disadvantage in the face of the wilderness." Too easy to teach my ancestors to hang their eyebrows.
"Interrupting her enlightenment can’t be called such a smooth breakthrough. Then how can my Terran be at peace?" Taiping’s ancestor turned the Taotao River into a river, and instantly hit the Xinghe Waterfall to break through the waterfall and block the water flow.
"Stop it."
Tiger God roars, roars, shows himself as a white tiger covering the sun, and grabs it to meet the long river of the character.
The white tiger’s paw was carbonized in an instant by the fine iron symphony, but the blow of flesh and blood rebirth again in a short time was a bad intention of the Taiping ancestor.
"Terran is dying", the snake god’s mouth slammed into Bing and swallowed it away.
"imperial map seal"
But I saw a drawing slowly stretching across the country like a picture, blocking the snake god’s big mouth, which was like a black hole and could not swallow anything.

"Xiaolan Conan is still missing."

Xiaolan sitting beside her on the small Iraq introduced a garden and then happy way
"My father is still in Tokyo. We came in to play with the park. I didn’t expect to see Xiao Yi today. I thought I’d find you to play someday!"
Xiao Yi knows that she always rubs people in. She gives a little of her cupcake to three people.
"Are you interested in this gem jewelry? I heard that there will be an auction? "
Xiaolan shook her head.
"I’m not interested. I came with the garden if I wanted to come."
Garden took a bite of jelly.
"I’m actually not interested because my aunt asked me to help me buy that set of blue diamond jewelry."
Blue diamonds are rare. A whole set of blue diamond jewelry is even more precious. This is the finale. Many people are talking about this set of jewelry. Not long ago, Xiao Yi heard about the price of this set of jewelry. The string behind it scared her heart and soul. She broke her fingers for half a day. According to her current money progress, she needs to live for about 500 years and then borrow it from heaven for another 500 years.
And now the girls’ garden actually says it wants to buy it? So rich?
Of course, Yi also regrets that he has no other ideas.
After all, if she really wants money, it’s not difficult, not to mention taking out the golden mushroom and sneaking around the bank or jewelry store, and then she can have as much money as she wants
Although she is poor, she has backbone. After all, it is her choice!
Just … when will the monthly salary be paid? Her wallet has been decorated in recent days, qaq.
Suddenly Conan asked
"Is Sister Xiaoyi here to buy jewelry, too?"
Yi quickly shook his head when he heard this.
"Of course not. I have no money."
She said frankly
"I just rubbed someone else’s invitation to eat here."
Then she took a bite of cake and narrowed her eyes.
Xiaolan immediately smiled at this and blinked her naughty eyes.
"What a coincidence. That’s what I’m going to do."
After all, she doesn’t like jewelry, and she has no money to buy it. This is a garden with friends. What else can she do besides eating and drinking?
The garden is also deep, and this kind of banquet is the only highlight. Before the auction starts, they might as well eat and talk here.
Xiao Yi was even happier when she had two people to accompany her to eat. She was quite enthusiastic and went to the table to get a lot of desserts.
Xiaolan is worried.
"We can’t finish eating so many things?"
"Don’t worry, I have a big appetite."
Xiaoyi was very bold and spoke, and then in Xiaolan, the three people had a good time with their shocked eyes.
Seeing Xiao Yi eat a plate of Pufftower, five plates of cake, six plates of pudding, a big bowl of ice cream balls and a big bottle of juice, the appetite of three people is really great.
Garden shocked to stare at the slender black-haired beautiful girl, she is careless and surprised, and can’t help but touch her abdomen.
"God, where have you eaten so many things?"
"Of course it’s in my stomach."
Yi smiled.
Xiaolan didn’t expect her new friends to have such a thing. I can’t believe it. Look at Xiao Yi’s abdomen
"You haven’t changed your waist after eating so much."
It’s unscientific. So many things have to go around the waist, right? But now the food seems to be in another dimension.
Yi blinked. "That’s probably because I digest faster?"
Garden than than his waist and than than the small Iraq suddenly envy.
"How do you keep fit with such a big appetite? Are you still so thin after eating so much? "
Yi thought for a while.
"I have a lot of exercise at work and I am born with a special constitution?"
The garden was stimulated by the new friends, and suddenly she made a fist like chicken blood. She firmly stated that since the talent is worse than others, she can make up for it diligently. From the day on, she will also work hard to train a slim waist and attractive mermaid line!
Now … Boo-hoo is a big blow. She needs some ice cream to comfort herself.
On the other hand, Conan … I’m afraid it’s not as likely that there will be a mermaid in the world in the future.
Conan looked sideways at Yi.
"By the way, Sister Yi, since you came with someone else, what about the person who came with you?"
Xiao Yi looked down at Conan’s seemingly clear but hidden sharp eyes and couldn’t help feeling.
It’s strange how to look at a one-year-old child who is keen and likes to search the surrounding information. I can’t blame her for mistaking the child and Mr. Random Step, right?
She took a sip of juice way
"He went to wash his hands and hasn’t come back yet."
At this time, a waiter came to clean up the tea table. Xiaoyi couldn’t help but look at him.
That man is a medium-sized, ordinary-looking man. It looks nothing special in the past, but Yi somehow feels that there is something wrong with this man.
She can’t say what’s wrong, but she trusts her intuition.
After the waiter walked a distance, Xiao Yi got up and said that he needed to go and wash his hands.
She followed the waiter across the corridor, and there were people coming and going everywhere. The noise of guests and waiters was very noisy and lively, which was very helpful for tracking, but even so, Yi was still cautious. Her steps were almost inaudible and light as a cat.
Soon she saw the waiter go in to wash his hands. Yi didn’t go in, but waited for her in the shadow with an oil painting at the corner of the stairs. The black dress made her blend into the darkness smoothly, as if she had become a shadow in the darkness.
But strangely, the waiter never came out after he went in. Instead, three women came out one after another, one of whom had long brown hair, a handsome face and a tall figure. Of course, this height is medium for women and men.
Yi squinted at the woman, then withdrew her eyes and quietly sat at the corner of the stairs until the woman was about to turn and leave the corridor before she lifted her heels.
If at this moment, a figure appeared and grabbed Yi’s wrist.
Yi was held by him because it was none other than Osamu Dazai. She looked at this guy dressed as a waiter and frowned.
"What are you doing?"

"Well, we have been impatient for a long time. Since they are going to attack, we are ready to give them a graveyard to die on this ruthless battlefield." Di Jun rubbed his hands excitedly, looking at the dark crowd in front, and a cold smile appeared slightly.

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There is no emotion in war. When the armies of the two sides met, they just exchanged some words and began to fight with each other.
Anyway, they are old rivals. In fact, what they have to say on weekdays has already been said about the same, and there is no need to go on and on, just fighting.
It was not until the beginning of the battle that Di Jun and the East Emperor Taiyi were startled to find the weapons in the hands of the enemy. The body armor was no different from their own side, and the original advantages of their own side were gone.
Originally, with the magic weapon, they could barely gain the upper hand and win some victories in the battle with the brave warriors of the Jiu Li nationality. But now, even the advantages of weapons and armor are gone. What else can they do to gain the advantage?
"Your Majesty, the situation is not right. No wonder that guy Chiyou chose to hang up the war-free card. In my opinion, it was mostly that Eric Suen Yiu Wai who came, but we didn’t notice it. With Chiyou’s character, he would definitely not do such a cowardly thing." When the Emperor Tai of the East saw that the situation was not good, he quickly shouted, "Your Majesty, please leave first, and I will stay here to block the enemy!"
Emperor Taiyi wants to stay, not to die. Now he has basically controlled the treasure of Emperor Zhong. With this thing, both defense and attack are extremely powerful, so he believes that he can definitely stop the enemy and give Di Jun a chance to escape.
Seeing that Di Jun wanted to escape, Chiyou roared with a long knife in his hand: "Kill, the other side is dying. Whoever wants to kill Di Jun alive or alive, this fiend will be rewarded."
He said these words, is now, and Xingtian and others rushed out at the same time.
At this time, however, Emperor Taiyi has already sacrificed the Eastern Emperor Bell, and he himself has been promoted to the realm of saints by virtue of the magical effect of this Eastern Emperor Bell. Now, if we reuse this innate treasure, we can send out great power that could not be exerted in the past.
Only heard a strange muffled voice, including Human-God, a large number of soldiers rushed over and frowned, apparently suffering from light internal injuries.
Especially those with poor repair, many of them bled to death on the spot, and some of them were directly scattered by the earthquake, which was simply terrible.
"Tianxiang, teddy boy, you go and help them to deal with the East Emperor Chiyou. That boy can’t be integrated with the East Emperor Clock, and he can’t play the ultimate power of the East Emperor Clock. You should have a way to clean him up. " Eric Suen Yiu Wai ordered.
Mo Tianxiang and Teddy boy got their orders and went into the war, while Eric Suen Yiu Wai himself quietly disappeared and chased Di Jun away.
Things between him and Di Jun can only be solved alone.
From the worship of Di Jun in the past to the first meeting with Di Jun, the old man happened to save his life, and then he worked together in the wild city and did a lot of earth-shattering things.
It’s a pity that Di Jun was greedy, kick down the ladder, and when he became strong, he wanted to kick him away. Such a thing was absolutely intolerable to him, so he began to foster Chiyou against Di Jun, which led to the present situation.
"That’s all. Things between us should have an ending. Either you die or I live." Eric Suen Yiu Wai is very clear, people like Di Jun, once let him escape alive, don’t want to peace in the future, if that fellow joined the alliance of heaven, got the advice of road flyover HarmonyOS, strength will be greatly improved, and even Eric Suen Yiu Wai may not be his opponent.
So now, this best time is the best time for Eric Suen Yiu Wai to destroy Di Jun and avoid future troubles.
Shortly after Di Jun fled, even before returning to the Demon Emperor Palace, he went straight to Tiandao League. He had many exchanges with Tiandao League, so he knew very well how Tiandao League got there.
But he didn’t expect that Eric Suen Yiu Wai was faster than him. When he thought he was going to escape from the birth, he found that there was a man standing on the road ahead, which was undoubtedly Eric Suen Yiu Wai.
"Your Majesty, we haven’t seen each other for a long time." Eric Suen Yiu Wai light looked at the demon emperor, and there was no hatred in his heart.
"You! It really is you! " Di Jun gritted his teeth and stared at Eric Suen Yiu Wai with bold eyes. "What do you want? Although this seat has given up your chess piece, you have your own career. Why do you have to have a hard time with this seat?"
"Ha, ha, ha, if the younger generation still has some strength, I’m afraid you would have killed him?" Eric Suen Yiu Wai was still smiling indifferently. He didn’t feel angry or wronged. He just said faintly, "I’m afraid there are more than one wave of people you sent to the Northern Heaven to assassinate me these days, but unfortunately they were all killed by my subordinates."
"No wonder they never came back, but you killed them all. You are really cruel." Di Jun bitten to grind, cold way.
"Don’t say this, a thing of the past is really meaningless. Alas, in fact, your majesty really did a very stupid thing. I always wanted to cooperate with your majesty and give you the management of Jiuyou, but you abandoned me first. " Eric Suen Yiu Wai smiled bitterly at this time. "It’s true that the world is confusing people. Let’s have a good fight today. If you win me, your majesty can naturally escape, but if you can’t win me, your majesty can only accept the fate of being killed."
Di Jun also looked at Eric Suen Yiu Wai, only biting his teeth and said, "Well, since we have to fight, we won’t be afraid of you as a junior."
Say, "Di Jun has already flown out, and the huge sun under his feet is shining with dazzling golden light, which almost drove Eric Suen Yiu Wai to be unable to see clearly.
Fortunately, Eric Suen Yiu Wai has a pair of chaotic eyes, and it is said that it is the ordinary light. Even the light of any spell may not be able to hurt him.
Seeing Di Jun’s attack, Eric Suen Yiu Wai offered the Green Ping Sword and the Chaotic Sky Shield, which had been restored by Ou Yezi, one for attack and the other for defense.
He still holds the Jack nife in his hand, which does not affect the melee.
The battle between the two men was just crackle. When Di Jun and Eric Suen Yiu Wai staggered their bodies behind them, Di Jun’s body was cut in half by Kaitian Dao, while Eric Suen Yiu Wai vomited an one mouthful blood, and his shoulder was scorched by a golden flame.
"That was close. If this flame burns my head, I’m afraid I’ll die before him." Eric Suen Yiu Wai heart is dark with a sigh, will slowly put away the three magic weapons, listening to Di Jun’s body fell to the ground, reluctantly shook his head.
However, just as he was about to look back at Di Jun’s body, he suddenly felt a strong heat coming, which made him have to use Drakula’s doppelganger.
The whole body turned into hundreds of bats flying out, and he just flew out, and he found that the original place showed a golden flame, and a human form completely formed by flames appeared. The body of Di Jun who fell to the ground was still upside down, but it did not disappear.
"the essence of the sun!" Eric Suen Yiu Wai ate it and stared at the flame. Di Jun asked, "You didn’t refine your sons, did you?"
"This seat is so heartless. Nine of our ten sons died, but they left nine pieces of the essence of the sun. Once they are condensed into one, they will become the most destructive and truly good at killing. " Di Jun said lightly, "I didn’t want to do this, but your strength is beyond our expectation. If not, I’m afraid I will die in your hands."
"What about the essence of the sun? It’s just a mundane thing. Is it comparable to the four divine powers?" Eric Suen Yiu Wai glanced at Di Jun disdainfully and said, "It’s not easy for you to practice. If you are willing to join me and become my staff, I will let you live."
It is true that, as Eric Suen Yiu Wai said, the essence of the sun can’t compare with the four divine powers, but it is also very rare. If it disappears like this, it is really a pity. It is because of Eric Suen Yiu Wai’s desire to cherish talents that he wants to accept Di Jun as his subordinate.
But this time, his nature is to use some means, absolutely can’t let Di Jun’s greedy heart sprout again, or even to soothe now, because this fellow won’t betray himself again in the future.
Unexpectedly, he wanted to spare Di Jun, but Di Jun didn’t want to give in easily. With the blazing burning power of the essence of the sun, he growled and attacked Eric Suen Yiu Wai again.
This time, Eric Suen Yiu Wai just looked at the golden light, and didn’t have any magic weapon in the east, but silently moved the divine power of heaven in the body.
Before he came here, he had such an idea, and wanted to experiment with the divine power of the dark heaven in his body, and how powerful it was.
After all, among the four divine powers, Heaven represents power, that is, all spells and lighter skills. I believe its destructive power will never be inferior.
See Eric Suen Yiu Wai didn’t escape, but closed his eyes, Di Jun sneer at 1, the flame on the body burning more vigorously, the whole people really like the sun crashed into Eric Suen Yiu Wai.
Just as his body was about to hit Eric Suen Yiu Wai, suddenly a deep roar came from Eric Suen Yiu Wai’s body, and I saw a virtual shadow of a hand-held folding fan in mid-air. The virtual shadow was black all over, with no facial features, and you couldn’t see anything else, just the outline of the body.
However, it is such an outline, but it is only a pat on the folding fan. Originally, Di Jun, who was aggressive, was turned down. Although he was not defeated for the time being, he was clearly subjected to great resistance and could not rush to the front of Eric Suen Yiu Wai.
"destroy!" A deep voice came from Eric Suen Yiu Wai’s mouth again. The virtual shadow closed the folding fan, but the flame on Di Jun’s body was extinguished. He just knelt on the ground as if he couldn’t believe everything in sight.
"As I said, you are definitely no match for me." Eric Suen Yiu Wai gently shook his head. In today’s three realms, there are really few people who can kill him. There is still some confidence in him, even if there are no bodyguards around him.
"Kill me." Di Jun did not choose to beg for surrender, but looked at Eric Suen Yiu Wai coldly and said.
"Do you want to die so badly?" Eric Suen Yiu Wai sighed gently, he really didn’t want to kill Di Jun like this. After all, Di Jun had saved his life, and the appearance of the essence of the sun was not easy. It would be a pity to kill him.

Chapter 259 Five Elements of Zhou
"Since I lost to you, I never thought I could live. And you will definitely not let me keep my present memory and personality. Instead, I might as well die clean. " Di Jun said firmly.
Eric Suen Yiu Wai sighed gently, and wanted to say let Di Jun leave, but reason told him that it was a stupid thing, so he just shook his head helplessly, gently lifted the Jack nife, and prepared a knife to kill Di Jun.
But just as he approached Di Jun with some regrets, the corner of Di Jun’s eye slipped with a strange light, but Eric Suen Yiu Wai didn’t see it. He was completely immersed in helplessness and pity.
"I hope that after you die this time, there will be a chance to be resurrected." Eric Suen Yiu Wai came to the front of Di Jun, and waved away Jack nife with a sigh.
At this time, however, Di Jun suddenly had a strange laugh, and his body suddenly became latosolic red. Then he hugged Eric Suen Yiu Wai tightly, and his body completely weighed a latosolic red fireball in the rapid expansion, just like a star in the final stage, about to explode.
Eric Suen Yiu Wai also feel bad at this time, quickly want to save themselves, but the explosion has happened, a loud noise almost shook the whole nine deep and remote.
When Eric Suen Yiu Wai woke up again, he had found himself lying in a cart carried by four black dragons, his body was fragmented, and there was still a black flame burning on it, as if to swallow him all up.
Looking at Dong Bingyan beside him, his eyes were red with tears. Eric Suen Yiu Wai couldn’t help asking, "Bing Yan, where are we going?"
Dong Bingyan saw that Eric Suen Yiu Wai woke up and quickly wiped her tears and said, "This is going to the wild city to find Nu Wa Niangniang."
"Oh." Eric Suen Yiu Wai only said, Oh, and then he fainted again. He felt so tired that his whole body seemed to be in pain.
Wild city can already see clearly that the only Nu Wa Empress who can help Eric Suen Yiu Wai is there.
One day ago, within nine secluded places, Eric Suen Yiu Wai was nearly killed by Di Jun’s crazy self-explosion. Fortunately, however, the battle of Chiyou was won, the East Emperor Taiyi was captured alive, and he was also found to have a fragmented body twitching in the wilderness.
His body is really strong, such a terrible explosion, if it were someone else’s words, I’m afraid he would have died already, but he can still maintain a complete body, which is really a very rare thing.

"Back to … Village?"

Hearing Pei Wende’s light question has brought tears to his eyes. Da slowly bowed his head and his massive body showed great sadness at this moment.
"My parents … killed me … and sacrificed themselves early …"
"My wife … has disappeared now …"
"And myself … has become … now this picture …"
"I still have … what reason … to return to the village?"
No anger, no hatred, sadness, and a flat tone are like talking about other people’s family affairs.
At the beginning, Ada chose to swallow "Hong Zhu" in part because it was to repay the villagers who raised themselves from childhood.
After venting his anger, Ah Da found himself unable to hate those villagers.
"Of course I want to go back! I want to go back for revenge!"
O big attitude has been completely white Zhao Mu gnashing low said
"They forced my mother to death. I can’t forget this hatred!"
Facing my son’s position, I am sad and sad.
He knew that Zhao Mu’s attitude at the moment was not so much Pei Wende’s dialogue as showing it to himself.
Zhao Mu’s irresponsible father is also the chief culprit of his mother’s death.
Chapter 45 Statue of a dragon
Pei Wende didn’t say much about the completely different attitudes and reactions of the two fathers.
Zhao Mu detests evil and is resolute. Pei Wende felt it from the first time he contacted him.
Yu Ada is indecisive?
This can be seen from the fact that he dared not contact the villagers for more than ten years and did not make much noise after learning the truth.
At present, this pair of fathers with different personalities are contradictory, and they have not seen strangeness for more than ten years.
In particular, it is the best result that Zhu Nv, who plays the role of "adhesive", is disgusted with them and does not turn against each other.
"I just want to go to your village, so let’s go together!"
Go directly to Zhao Mu, Pei Wende looked at his eyes, and the boy pretending to be calm immediately sent out his invitation.
"Are you going to our village?"
This is not only Zhao Mu surprised to raise his head, but even Ah Da couldn’t help but throw a stunned look.
"It’s because I’m looking for someone in your village."
Misty village is not too big. In a thatched cottage.
"Alas, evil debts!"
Like sensing something, the old woman, who was called "fish woman" by the villagers, turned her head and looked at the direction of the house, and her eyes became more miserable.
"Evil debts will be paid in the end. This is karma!"
After the fish woman uttered this sentence, a silver needle was slowly inserted into the statue of a dragon in her hand.
Then the third root, the third root …
As a silver needle was inserted into the statue, the statue of a dragon, which was latosolic red and half-faced, crawled like a living thing.
As soon as a fish woman could hear the roar in her ear, she continued to insert the silver needle into the statue without moving.
When the last silver needle was inserted into the inverted scale of the statue’s jaw, it was crisp all over the sculpture.
A crack visible to the naked eye suddenly appeared in the statue body and there was a faint tendency to split it in two.
"Fish woman?"
At this time, a thin man, like a skeleton, pushed the door of the hut and looked at the fish woman who seemed to have exhausted most of her energy
"I have nothing to do here, but the old man is there."
Turbid eyes opened the fish woman at this moment a kind of can’t tell the sad tone low sigh a way
"That old man has to behave like a boy when he is old."
"As a result, this time I met a more horizontal role, and now I am afraid it has become part of the fog."
Smell speech: the surprised color in a man’s eyes flashed by, and then it became deeper and darker.
"You mean we didn’t fool him into inviting guests?"
Certainly nodded, and the fish woman said with absolute certainty
"Although I don’t know what went wrong, he is really coming towards the village now."
"Let those bastards in the village get ready!"
"if it’s unfortunate, this should be the last day of our life."
The tone is still calm. When the fish woman said this, it was like saying what to eat in the sky.
"I see."
Slowly pulling the pushed door, the bony man quietly closed the thatched cottage door again as he appeared.
"Alas, I still refuse to give up after all!"
Watched the male away from has been sad not to color fish woman finally raised his head corners of the mouth also appeared a gherardini radian.
"Old man, you lost and lost completely."
"I have long said that Zhu’s mother is strong-willed and will burn up sooner or later when she knows the truth."
"You don’t believe that I have to protect their mother in front of these idiots, which brings disaster today."
With the fish woman talking to herself, this silent thatched cottage seems to be corrupted by some force, and the naked eye can see that the speed is dry and declining.
"And you, these stubborn fools in the village are very willing to die."
"But when they heard about your death, they were concerned about whether they could live or not, and they didn’t care about your sacrifice at all."
"I’m afraid it’s a weakness of your generation to always be inhuman."
"Good, and your generation with me is not a complete loser."
Sighing again, the figure of the fish woman disappeared with the withering and decline of the thatched cottage, leaving her with the last sentence.
"It’s a pity that you and I don’t have an afterlife, otherwise I really want to see you again in reincarnation."
Boom …
Just not far from the thatched cottage, the bony man heard a crashing sound behind him.
"The fish woman is gone, too."

Looking at the smug and gloating smile of Haoyang real person, Bai Meng stood up angrily and said, "How dare you look down on me and show you the true skill of Ben Shajun!"

Bai Meng suddenly took out a black wooden tripod. As soon as the wooden tripod came out, a cold wind blew in the whole treasury.
He bit his middle finger and spouted a blood symbol on the wooden tripod, only to see wisps of black evil wind floating in the wooden tripod. As soon as the wind landed, it became an evil spirit, and nine evil spirits of different shapes changed continuously.
These evil spirits are all green, and a pair of cold and mysterious scorpions are chilling and frightening.
At the sight of these evil spirits, the real Haoyang grimaced slightly and said, "It seems that you are really a good material for cultivating immortals. Although this ghost control is not a subtle spell, and you have the help of top-level celestial objects such as the Nine Ghosts and the Magic Ding, there is no good way to cultivate the true spirit. It is really your talent."
Bai Meng’s hey hey smile has been praised many times, but it feels good to be praised by such a master … Bah, a money addict. He ordered the nine ghosts to count a few sentences and let them drive their own cars to put the BRICS class into the Gankun bag.
With the help of these nine hundred-year-old evil spirits, it’s much faster to move the golden bricks than before. It’s getting late for the real people in Haoyang, and it’s finally inconvenient for them to take away the golden bricks that have been circled by Bai Meng, just blowing several tornadoes to help Bai Meng clean up the mess as soon as possible.
This is really a real whirlwind!
I was not satisfied with scraping all the gold bricks, so I suggested to the real person Haoyang: "There are several countries to the west where the gold bricks are much bigger!"
The old Taoist frowned and said, "am I that greedy person?"
Bai Meng thought for a moment and smiled: "Then it’s easy to say that there’s a small country of Fanbang. It’s impossible if you don’t go. They robbed our Chinese territory. It’s still making trouble now. One is India. Oh, it’s Tianzhu. There’s another one … It’s just that the thieves of Fanbang used to be bad, so it’s hard for you to come out once. Please teach them a lesson and let them know that we have a lot of Chinese people!"
The old Taoist priest frowned slightly and said, "That place in Tianzhu is a Buddhist holy place. Forget it. Many things between Taoism and Buddhism are beyond our control. But his mother’s … sins are all learned from your little evil spirit. This small country should be taught a good lesson! "
"He’s still a bully!" Bai Meng laughed and high-fived, "What the elder said is so reasonable. You are always rare to come out. Why don’t we find a place to refine enough purple gold and then go to toe?"
The old Taoist laughed and said, "The gold in my bag of Taiyi Gankun is enough for me to refine 120 pieces of purple gold sand. No amount of money is useless to me. As for your gold, hehe, I don’t think I will help you refine it. You little devil, your life is too hard. If I help you get dozens of kilograms of purple gold sand for no reason, I’m afraid I’ll be damaged and lose some luck. I can’t do such a thing!"
"Damn you, you old Taoist priest are so insidious!" Bai Meng couldn’t help complaining in his heart, but it’s useless for him to ask for purple gold sand now, even if he doesn’t need red gold sand. It is estimated that at least four or five hundred tons of gold will be enough for him to use. Then he laughed and said, "That’s all right. I’ll lead the way and you burn the wall. We’ll take advantage of the interest to go around the small country!"
The old Taoist priest is quite cheeky and laughs. "In that case, why don’t you lead the way quickly?"
Who the fuck can have too much money?
Bai Meng took the old Taoist priest with him, biting his teeth without considering his physical exhaustion. This is a saying in Ming Dynasty. In order to take care of the old Taoist’s habits and reduce his guilt, he just said it was a big one.
In fact, Bai Meng really overestimated himself. As soon as the old Taoist burned through people’s treasuries with three flavors, he couldn’t wait to jump in, feel guilty, take out a purple-gold mixed-yuan dry-Kun bag, hold a magic tripod with nine ghosts, and call out nine ghosts to grab the gold bricks with him.
The bricks here depend on the fact that if the bricks in Naypyidaw can be described as the East China Sea, it is simply the fucking Pacific Ocean.
Wait, didn’t the old Taoist priest say that too much gold was useless to him? Did this … Nine tornadoes blow out by themselves?
Come on, grab it!
Fortunately, I took a nap on that flying sword for a while, and now I’m a skilled worker again. Look at the way these nine century-old evil spirits move things, even the old workers at the old Shanghai pier are not on it.
Fortunately, the treasury was buried deeper, and no one came in to disturb them for seven or eight consecutive hours. Bai Meng also took time to sleep. Anyway, the nine-headed evil spirits don’t have to sleep.
As soon as I woke up, Bai Mengcai now nine evil spirits were staying in their original Zijin mixed-yuan dry-Kun bag, which was about to overflow. He used this bag for so many years, and this is the first time to fill it.
I turned to look at the old Taoist priest, who is still pretending to be non-stop. What kind of bird is this old Taoist priest? I’ve seen greedy people, but I’ve never seen anyone so greedy.
"It seems that next time I’m going to put ten more eight dry Kun bags on my body. Oh, my God, I originally had two Zijin dry Kun bags. It’s really a loss!"
Bai Meng is really crying at the moment!

Chapter 10 Two billion only bought two things
After grabbing the state treasury, Bai Meng really felt that he should have nothing to ask for, and even wondered if Wang Ding’s life was problematic. It was clear that he was the richest and most expensive. If he poured out all the gold bricks in the bag of Gankun, he estimated … It’s really hard to estimate that this seems to be too much. Although most of the treasuries of the two small countries were scraped by the old Taoist priest, he could scrape at least 1,000 tons by himself.
1,000 tons. Even if it’s one or two gold and two hundred dollars, he’s robbed four billion. It’s too fucking cool. It’s a pity that these gold can’t be converted into money immediately. It’s better to find someone to smelt them into purple gold sand later. That’s where the big money comes from.
Refining purple gold sand is not something that anyone can do. You can’t really burn it without blowing three flavors. A thousand tons of gold is burned with three flavors of real fire. Although the gold is burnt into gold ash powder, it is worthless, but at least two thousand kilograms of purple gold sand can be obtained. How much the fuck is this?
My heart suddenly looked forward to a set of fix true cheats and treasures promised by the old Taoist priest. Now that I have money, this is the practice. I still have to work hard from scratch!
Bai Meng smiled and flew back to Jinling with the old Taoist priest in the boundless night.
Back in Sanlitun night market, he didn’t come these days, and everyone thought that he had made hundreds of millions at a time the other day, so it didn’t surprise him to rest at home these days.
Wang Ding and Lao Liang have already prepared the goods. As soon as they arrived at the market, Wang Ding packed the Zi Long phlogistic herbs in jade boxes for Bai Meng.
Bai Meng smiled and said, "I apologize to you for 90 million yuan, but the amount of business this time is too large for me to turn around. I’m afraid I can’t pay you for the time being!" "
Wang Ding smiled indifferently and didn’t say anything. If Bai Meng wants to default, he can’t do anything with the name of this little evil spirit gentleman. Anyway, who is Bai Meng? He is clearly in no hurry.
Bai Meng is in a hurry. Fat people’s total assets are just a few points. They can’t compare with their 90 million goods. Maybe most of them are on credit. He secretly thought that he had to find a way to find enough funds as soon as possible to make himself and Wang Ding’s business turn around.
It’s important to do business. It’s important to have goods on hand for three cents and seven cents, but it’s not a problem to keep buying goods without living money. Sooner or later, I think Lao Liang is still very rich. After 30 years of repairing the truth, there are 300 million accounts empty at the moment.
Bai Meng tore up a check for 40 million and gave it to Wang Ding, asking him to endure for a period of time. As long as he slowed down, he could definitely settle the remaining debts as soon as possible.
Go to the old beam again. This man can’t say that he is not a good man, but he is a businessman after all. He looked at his poor adventure and begged protective talisman to take himself into the business. Although he didn’t die, he got lung disease for no reason. He coughed badly every day.
Because of this kindness, I don’t want to bother the old man to tell the truth, but the deal with Haoyang reality is too big. Sanlitun belongs to its own territory, and there are more than 20 fix true businessmen who may help themselves collect those goods with a debt of 300 million, which is Lao Liang.
Seeing that Bai Meng was blowing with an evil wind, Lao Liang came quickly with a helpless smile, put down the teapot in his hand and pointed to the big red gourd around him: "You can take it with you." However, Shajun, let me make it clear first. Now your business is getting bigger and bigger. Be careful to capsize in the gutter. And this time, you are in a hurry. I can only get the goods with some friends who are not very serious. They want money. Where is the surplus of 300 million in my small business? You should try to get together 160 million as soon as possible to plug up the hole I left behind, and then we can slowly find ways to deal with those people. We can’t afford to offend them! "
Bai Meng Zheng also has his own jargon in the business field of repairing truth. This "not-so-serious person" is actually a person who practices magic tricks. This kind of person really wants money and is desperate. He really can’t afford to offend himself and blames himself for the large land preparation on his plate, so he is in such a hurry to get the goods. Otherwise, Lao Liang wouldn’t take the initiative to contact those people. His little evil spirit gentleman is the bully in Sanlitun. If he really goes out, it’s nothing.
He knows in his heart that these accounts are not cheap, and it is impossible without 500 million yuan, but seven or eight points are all on the goods. Where is the living money of 300 million yuan, he has to take a big gourd and say, "Don’t worry, I still have this measure. If you allow me three days, I will definitely collect 160 million yuan and never give you any trouble!"
Old beam nodded slightly and closed his eyes against the back of his recliner.
Bai Meng may feel a little heavy and depressed in his heart. This business is really a bit too much. It is not a problem to make a business of 100 million yuan with his current financial resources, popularity and reputation. This time, it is really a big play. Maybe something is got. The business of himself and the only two teachers and friends may have to be lost.
Driving a gust of evil wind, he went straight to the Lotus Slope of Wushan, where he made an appointment with Haoyang Road, and it was only two miles away from the White Garden where he lived.
When I first arrived at Lianhuapo, I saw Haoyang Laodao meditating there, and Bai Meng flew over in the evil wind and said, "Give me half of the goods first. After all, we are a trader. You are doing business with traders. Don’t break the rules. I don’t care who you are, real person or founder!"
"You’re such a bad temper. I’ve lived for so many years, so it doesn’t matter. Hum, if you deal with those young disciples of Shushan and Taixu, your temper will be bad sooner or later. You, a lone star in Dreadwind, will have a successful day, and then others will not be afraid of you. If you continue like this, you will really suffer! "
It’s rare for an old man to give a well-meaning sermon, but suddenly he thought of the expression when he and he robbed the BRICS. With a sneer, he put away all the gourds and jade boxes, only to see what the old man wanted to give to himself.
Haoyang Road has been silent for nearly half an hour before carefully taking out a golden dry Kun bag from the bosom and pouring out only two things for a long time. It is the same as the A4 paper on the front of a black jade treasure chest, but it is quite heavy and twenty centimeters thick. The other thing is very simple. It’s just a very ordinary hollowed-out carved jade basin with a lid on it. The lid is also hollowed out. It’s 30% to 40% carved and breathable. At the same time, you can’t see what’s in it. The shape of the jade basin is really exquisite and elegant, and it also emits wisps of strange blue smoke. It sounds like it’s filled with a living thing, but you don’t know what it is.
The old man had no scruples about pushing both things directly in front of Bai Meng, and smiled slightly: "I won’t let you down!" "
He naturally doesn’t have to worry about it. If Bai Meng plays fake with him, even if he is a once-in-a-thousand-year evil spirit, killing him is like strangling an ant.
Bai Meng thought it was obviously not a bad thing that the road was so proud. If I checked the goods myself, I wouldn’t hand over my own things. How can I be looked down upon if I don’t have tolerance?
He immediately pushed the red gourd and the jade box containing Zi Long’s phlogistic herbs to Laodao: "I haven’t inspected the goods in a hurry, but these goods are two of the three people I can only trust in this world. I believe they won’t lie to me!"
The old man said with a slight frown, "No need to check. I have already experienced it as soon as you sat down beside me. If I don’t have this ability, would I still be a real Haoyang? It’s you. Take a good look at what I handed over. It will surely benefit you for life! "
After saying this, the old Taoist priest suddenly added: "Don’t worry, there is no one within three hundred miles, and there is no one who has entered the realm of refining and gasification, let alone a nobody in Yuan’s infancy!"

Chapter 11 I got the beautiful cheats.
Being polite to others means being hard on yourself!
Bai Meng doesn’t care what face it is. Just open the Mo Yu treasure chest now. The old Taoist priest hasn’t died for hundreds of years. Maybe what he thinks will benefit him for life is all over the place now. Or maybe it’s a book called "Wu Zhen Jing", which is now a printed book of 22.60 yuan in Xinhua Bookstore!
As soon as the Mo Yu treasure chest was opened, a stream of black and white qi whizzed out, and it was almost time for the qi to drift away. Bai Mengcai poured out the contents, totaling thirteen cheats, and several of them were particularly thick in many printed books today, which could simply print hundreds of thousands of words.
Every secret book is a manuscript, but the strokes are neatly written, and the strokes are well-balanced and clever. Many calligraphy works are not comparable to the first book, The Record of the Pope of Yin and Yang. It is probably that a person who claims to be the patriarch of Yin and Yang, Qingyun Zi, is about to ascend to heaven. At the end of the historical article, he can also read the words "Twenty-one years of Hongwu". Presumably, this patriarch of Yin and Yang was promoted to immortality after the Hongwu period of the Ming Dynasty.
However, there is also a possibility that Hongwu was killed by lightning after that.
This is a casual book, not too thick, just forty pages.

This cosmopolitanism is such a family support not only for gold, silver and money, but also for force. A family with force can be more prosperous and prosperous, and a family with force can develop more rapidly. The family foundation is that those practitioners who can cultivate their family brothers are naturally more valued than themselves, although Grandpa is also good to himself.

Ye Guchen picked up this "Huang Ji Shen Gong" and studied it carefully. This thing is not abstruse. Ye Guchen can understand it. Although it is a little obscure, it is all in the early stage of high depth, but you can’t see anything. Ye Jia’s "The Sea Decision" cultivated by Ye Guchen is not much different, but it is more profound and subtle. For example, this "The Sea Decision" is practiced on this small Sunday, while this "Huang Ji Shen Gong Gong" is practiced on a large and small Sunday.
Of course, this Ye Guchen is understandable. Although it is not a lot, it is obscure. At first glance, it will be known that it is a congenital practice, and this "Sea Decision" is a cultivation of ten levels of strength, which belongs to the acquired achievement method. It is enough to see the gap between the two.
You know, there are a lot of experts in the martial arts family sects in this mainland, but the overall breakdown is divided into two parts: the acquired fighters are born with great achievements, and the martial arts are broken.
The acquired fighters are divided into one to ten levels, depending on the strength of the ten-level realm. The gap between each level is very obvious. The ten-level peak base says that the innate fighters are masters. If you want to be promoted, you need to have a sense of heaven and earth and a certain chance. The most important thing is that you should have the innate masters of promotion, that is, those who have the innate martial arts school and the Millennium family. Only when they have them will they have the innate martial arts school, ordinary people will have the highest level of promotion. Even if they reach the top of the ten levels, there will never be a shortage of top masters in the Jianghu. However, the number
The master of innate Dacheng is called the master master. These people have cultivated the martial arts to a certain level, which is beyond the average person’s level. Each of them is a master. There are several super sects and families with master masters. There are almost no other places in the whole continent. There are not one thousand but there are hundreds of innate masters. However, this master master is rare in the whole continent, that is, more than a dozen samples. It is because of their grandmaster grandmaster that the Jade Sword Villa has become the first place in this path today.
Here, fighters who have broken through the realm of the master and advanced to a new world are called great masters. If no one knows that they are beyond the general realm, they need intensive study. Sooner or later, they will become the broken and virtual strong. Of course, the broken and virtual master means that the martial arts enter the Tao, and the broken and virtual lead to the destruction of the sky. If success is good, it will be beheaded if it is a careless failure.
It’s not that there hasn’t been a great master’s realm in mainland China. The master tried to break away in the absence of strength, and the result was that the sky thunder was chopped to death alive. The emptiness was just a talk, and it was really only a few hundred years before one could be achieved.
And this great master’s realm master is also rare. Ye Guchen knows that there has not been such a figure in the mainland so far. The only one who is known to be broken is the virtual great master, that is, Xie Feng, the sword god three hundred years ago, and others.
It’s no ordinary difficulty for Ye Guchen to reach this level. There are more than billions of people in the five empires of the mainland. But among so many people, it took three hundred years to produce a sword god Xie Feng and want to be the second martial arts to break the virtual strong. The difficulty is even more difficult. Ye Guchen is still a person who has not even cultivated a layer of strength.
I’m ashamed to say that I asked for tickets. Brothers, who has recommended tickets for me? Help me announce the gods by the way.
Chapter VI Connecting to Level 3
Ye Guchen sat cross-legged and studied it by himself. This "Emperor’s Extremely Magical Skill" confirmed its central meditation and recorded it in his mind. Ye Guchen closed his eyes and practiced silently.
To say that Ye Guchen’s size is a genius, although the meridians are blocked badly, it is still rare to accumulate strength to the second level in this continent. If it is not because of its own limitations, it is even less likely to enter the third floor or even the fourth floor now. Although it is always more and more difficult to practice this way, it is not impossible for Ye Guchen to reach the fourth floor at the age of thirteen.
It’s a pity that Ye Guchen is unlucky, and the meridians are not very smooth and blocked, so he can’t impact the acupoints and slowly accumulate strength. Now this level has reached its peak. If he can’t break through the acupoints and clear the meridians, so will his generation. He has two levels of superior strength but can’t transport it. In fact, he is no different from ordinary people
Sitting cross-legged silently, I feel a little warm current in the abdomen, and the leaves alone lead me to walk slowly in my meridians. According to the past experience, I guide the warm current to pass through various acupoints of the body and constantly impact and expand. These acupoints absorb the energy of heaven and earth and enter the body to strengthen their own strength during the operation. When they reach a certain level, they will be advanced when they are fixed.
In fact, this is not difficult for experienced Ye Guchen. The operation ability of things is very difficult for an entry-level person. Most things take a month to get their first true qi successfully, but Ye Guchen has a bottom after all, which can not beat him.
In fact, there is almost no skill in saving energy, and it is not difficult to save energy if you can exercise your skills. The speed of saving energy varies according to different talents. Some people can absorb energy from others after one hour of meditation, while others can absorb energy after one day of meditation, which depends on personal talents.
Of course, there is another factor involved, that is, if the aura of heaven and earth is strong enough, then an ordinary person can become a genius in such an environment. However, the aura of heaven and earth is scarce and richer than that of ordinary places, but the richness is limited. The phenomenon that the concentration of external aura around Ye Guchen is several times and dozens times is almost impossible and has never been heard.
However, these are not very difficult. The most difficult thing is that every promotion will be stuck there, and it will require a certain understanding of energy and impact on acupuncture points. Generally speaking, it can be divided into Baihui, Jade Pillow, Shanzhong, Shoujing, Lingtai, Qihai and Mingmendu. Although the force will pass through these nine acupuncture points on Sunday, almost all of them will pass through one tenth and the remaining nine will be automatically filtered out.
The energy absorbed by layers of screening from the outside world is isolated by these nine acupoints, and 99% of it is only a little bit left, but this little energy keeps increasing. When it reaches a certain level, you can use your strength to hit acupoints. Every time you hit an acupoint, not only will the energy absorbed increase, but the abdomen will also increase several times with the expansion of strength, and the absorbed energy will also increase. This is the so-called practice constructio n.
In fact, each level of promotion is the impact on acupuncture points, and each acupuncture point can be promoted to a higher level. Dantian can also be expanded by one point until the nine acupuncture points hit Dantian to the limit. That is, the first level of cultivation is not to impact any acupuncture points, to see what personal talent can feel the true qi, and to operate the true qi, so that people in the whole world can be called a master, but most of them can break through even one level.
However, no matter if you practice hard, your body is much better than the average person. The mainland is martial and cautious. Even if you can’t practice successfully, you can keep fit. If you have an achievement, it will be worth a hundred times more.
Ye Guchen silently released the aura in his heart. Suddenly, the aura around Ye Guchen became thicker and gathered together. If someone else saw this scene at this time, he would even be jealous. Such a strong aura is slightly different from the world.
I feel that my power has increased a lot after a week’s operation, and I don’t know how much faster than I used to. Suddenly, I was curious and hurried to speed up the operation. After nine weeks’ operation, he was surprised to find that his abdomen was saturated.
What does dantian saturation mean? No one knows this better than Ye Guchen. This watch has absorbed enough force by itself, and it is already a peak, which can impact the first acupuncture point Baihui. This is what Ye Guchen never thought.
He is experienced in hitting the first floor. At the age of five, he practiced under the guidance of his parents for two years. At the age of seven, he was saturated and hit Baihui point to advance to the second floor. However, after only nine weeks of operation, he was saturated.
This Yuzryha solitary Chen some can’t imagine that he doesn’t know what’s going on and thinks for a long time, but then Ye solitary Chen becomes white. This is not because of how talented he is, but because he has a second-floor peak repair. Although Yu Heng broke the meridians, this force has not dissipated, but it continues to lie in the abdomen and the meridians. Now that his meridians have been repaired, it is natural to easily break through the realm before the breakthrough.
Thought of here, Ye Guchen is also unambiguous in operating force, which impacts Baihui point. When Ye Guchen is mobilized, it is slowly transported, and then it is tied up and desperately impacted Baihui point. Ye Guchen feels that there is almost no big feeling after a pain at Baihui point, unlike the original general pain, he just rushed over and advanced to the second floor.
Such a scene, Yuzryha Gu Chen can’t imagine that he is running the second layer of art and working again. This time, he has been running for ten sundays, and Ye Gu Chen has once again hit the second acupuncture point, Jade Pillow. It is still like the first time, and there is almost no wave. When he is too long, he will break through the second layer card.
In this way, Ye Guchen runs the third layer with confidence. He wants to absorb this medicine department with a bang, and there must be no slightest wave running the third layer. As Ye Guchen thought, after running for 36 weeks, the third layer of Shanzhong point has not been broken, but it is vaguely loose.
However, Ye Guchen continued to practice meditation. Unfortunately, after thirty-six weeks of operation, Ye Guchen felt some slight pain in his meridians. He knew that this was a sign that he had reached the limit, and he dared not exercise at will. Because of this, his meridians could be shattered by that crazy violence at any time, and the consequences would be unimaginable, so he quickly stopped exercising, although he was disappointed.
But that’s enough to be a man. You can’t be too greedy. You have been promoted to the third level in a row for one night. You hit two acupoints and got promoted to the third level. This is something that many people don’t even think about. You know Ye Guchen practiced from the age of five, but at the age of ten, he hasn’t broken through the second level and entered the third level. You can imagine how difficult it is to get promoted.
I don’t know how many people are going to vomit blood and die, if that’s not enough.
However, although there are not many thirteen-year-old three-story masters, there are also many, but this shows that a person is talented. In some aristocratic families, people who can cultivate to the third floor at the age of thirteen will be focused on training.
I opened my eyes and found that it was dawn. Ye Guchen quickly got up and went out and came to this courtyard. It is true that boxing and physical exercise are revolutionary money. For martial arts experts, physical exercise is important, but it can’t be pulled away. Although people with advanced skills don’t pay much attention to physical exercise, the better their health, the more vigorous their blood is. It is no secret that many family sects have fixed physical exercise steps. Although everyone doesn’t value it very much, they really need to exercise when they are young, which is good for the future and practice.
Of course, Ye Guchen didn’t say what happened to his body suddenly changed, and he didn’t intend to tell anyone that he was still the master Ye Gujiu, who was still the lonely and unique routine. He was quietly hiding in his own corner and practicing hiding in his own courtyard. As he always did, he lay quietly like a wild animal in his classmates licking his wounds and waiting for his body to recover, and then he would go out of the cave to find his enemies when his wings were fuller and his claws were sharper.
Obviously, now is not a suitable opportunity. Shaoye Guchen thinks so.
(Ask for tickets, ask for tickets, ask for tickets, ask for tickets, hey hey)
Chapter VII Ghost Claw
Ye Guchen, the most basic arhat boxing, practiced it for three times, and then he stopped sweating. After that, Ye Guchen turned his eyes to the direction. There were two stone piers next to it and two ten-foot-high stakes hanging sandbags. That was Ye Guchen’s daily practice.
Ye Gucheng, who can’t practice hard, turned his attention to physical training. Although he didn’t achieve any proud results, Ye Guchen’s body was much better than his peers. He was thirteen years old and physically a child. However, Ye Guchen’s height has grown to about one meter and he is full of muscles. These are the results of his perennial exercise.
Squatting 130 Jin on the stone pier, lifting weights, practicing boxing, 1000. This is Ye Guchen’s daily basic work. After all this, he wiped the sweat. Ye Guchen suddenly thought that he could cultivate his strength, and that Monty Skill also had a set of achievement methods. He suddenly became interested in attacking moves and ran over. He took out the "Emperor’s Extremely Magical Skill" from a hidden box under the bed and watched it carefully.
There is an attack technique called Ghost Claw in The Emperor’s Extremely Magical Skill. It makes people shudder to hear the name, and it is indeed true. This Ghost Claw is very powerful, and it introduces force into the palm of your hand, covering your fingertips and palms. This hurts people, and his attack moves are the most vulnerable places for people. Once it is hit, the consequences are unimaginable. It can be said that it is cruel and vicious.
After practicing, I have learned that this "Ghost Claw" can break through the body to form a ghost claw, which means that it is terrible to hurt people and kill people in the form.
"Huang Ji Shen Gong" is just such an attack technique, but it is enough. You know, mainland people’s cultivation ability is the root of martial arts skills, and people will choose attack techniques only when there is a breakthrough in force methods, or they will choose attack techniques only after their strength reaches a certain height, because this attack technique seems simple, but it is not so easy to learn, and it is difficult to achieve much without years of hard work. Most people don’t want to be in this wave.
However, Ye Guchen will feel the pain of meridians after practicing for 36 sundays at most, and he will not dare to practice strength, leisure and work. After finishing the matrix exercise, he will naturally look at this "Ghost Claw".
Ye Guchen recorded the ghost claw exercise route and all skills in his mind according to what he said for a few hours before practicing.
I came to the courtyard and looked at the four old servants, Fobo. No longer did Ye Guchen dare to practice according to this book "Ghost Claw", but it’s a pity that this thing is not so easy to learn. Just mastering the exercise route, Yuzryha Guchen groped for a whole day to be mastered.
Ye Guchen did not continue to practice "Ghost Claw" until he finished his physical exercise in the early morning of the next day after he released his aura exercise power that night. It was still half a month before Ye Guchen groped for the ghost claw exercise route.
Then I practiced formally, but Ye Guchen realized that it was not easy to learn the route of "Ghost Claw". Although I remembered it well and groped enough, I was really out of breath when I put it to use, and I always felt that I couldn’t move freely. Although I worked hard for a few days, I still couldn’t move freely.
It took a month for Ye Guchen to feel the way to transport this ghost claw, although it was not very pure, but it was barely able to be put to good use.
This Yuzryha lonely heart a little happy, but then some nai dark sighed, "I really am not a genius, even with a lot of reiki in Yu Pei and this secret skill has this ghost claw, but I only practiced this ghost claw for a month, and it’s not just that I can barely display this talent. Why should I go to Yuheng for revenge? He’s the second man of Yujian Mountain Villa. Hugh reached the top of the tenth floor three years ago. Even Grandpa is no match for him. If I have this ability, why should I take revenge on him? "
"No, I can. I will definitely do better than Yuheng. I must be better than everyone else. Although my talent is not good, you others practice five hours a day. I practice ten hours a day and meditate for two hours. I can’t believe this. I can’t compete with you." Ye Guchen said with a firm hand.
In fact, this is Ye Guchen’s own self-belittling. Although Ye Guchen’s talent is not extremely good, it is absolutely not bad. You know, the cultivation of this skill, style and technique is definitely not successful overnight. Some people have only achieved a little success in drilling for several years, and the more advanced the technique is, it is quite amazing that Ye Guchen can barely master the ghost claws in a month, but he is not in contact with the outside world but he just doesn’t know it.
Then I threw myself into the practice again, and a few days passed in the blink of an eye. However, Ye Guchen recently felt that there was something wrong with practicing "Ghost Claw" at home. Although it was not discovered, the power of this ghost claw was put there. Now I can completely tear the bark of an old tree in the past and leave a paw print on it without being discovered. But once I find that it is not beautiful,
Ye Guchen doesn’t want others to know that he can cultivate things for the time being. Whether it is "Ghost Claw" or "Emperor’s Extremely Magic" is the original sin for Ye Guchen. These things must not be known, otherwise it is difficult to give birth to any curse.
You know, Ye Guchen’s father has five brothers, but they are not very good with each other. Ye Gujia’s great cause has many branches, and hundreds of people are not without struggle with each other. It is a miracle that Ye Guchen can suddenly repair the damaged meridians. If there are advanced practices and good moves and techniques, it will be hard for people to stare at, so Ye Guchen has to think more about it.
Ye guchen, though withdrawn, is not stupid. On the contrary, because his mother died early and his father looked like this, he knows how to protect himself better than his peers. Sometimes, he knows what to say and what not to say, and he knows what to do.