Is this an opportunity for him to sneak in?

"Of course, it’s appropriate to know that I was enemies of Wang Ye and Yun Zui and asked me," said the kite slyly.
Su Yantong was immediately attracted and asked anxiously, "What are they like?"
She really wants to know that even knowing the answer would be deceiving herself.
13 Chapter 13 Trace
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"This also ask you are not already aware of the unusual? Of course, they are not generally two of a kind, and they already have each other’s hearts and bodies … "He said that it is not an exaggeration to guess these things, but it is just a lack of evidence.
Hear the kite said Sue dye pupil face a slight white.
It was self-deception.
"You’re in a coma these days. Although Chi Nie Yi is still single-minded about you, he has changed since he met Yun Zui. Do you know that Chi Zui Yun Zui has done a lot of things? On his birthday not long before Chi Zui, Tianchi Zui danced with Yun Zui and their clothes were a pair?" This made Kite’s words still not grandiose but honest.
Sue dyed the pupil is not silent again eyes red again.
After seeing this, the kite was immediately distressed. Su Dye wiped away her tears and said, "Don’t cry, I will feel distressed."
Su dyed her eyes with tears, but she couldn’t stop looking red and asked, "Do you love me?"
I made the kite take her away, said affectionate words, and now I say that I am distressed. What is it that I don’t love her?
I didn’t expect Su Dye’s pupil to ask such a question for a moment, and kite replied, "Love is better than myself."
His words are still not exaggerated, very serious and sincere.
Su Dye Pupil seemed to be slightly balanced in his heart for a moment, and then he said to the kite, "Then you love me in your way."
Say that finish and take the initiative to send your lip to seize the kite.
Make the kite feel soft but limp and sweet when it touches the mouth.
I cann’t believe she’s so active and still loves her in his way!
His way is to pity, cherish, cherish and spoil.
Just as he tried to maintain himself and care about his skin appearance and temperament, it was not himself, but to turn himself into the best side and dedicate it to Su Ran.
Now she’s in his arms and so active.
Make kite put all his troubles behind him for a while, and then love Su Dye Pupil in any other way.
He is not as fanatical as Chi Mi, but as gentle as water.
A drop of tears from Su Dye’s eyes made the kite swallow a drop of bitter taste, but he felt slightly sweet.
The carriage is still driving. Passers-by can’t see that the carriage is strange. The market is still lively. Chi Yi finds that he seems to have gone too far, so he makes people look for Su Dye.
Finally, I found that Su Dye’s pupil was not in the palace, but someone went out to look for it.
Chi Mi sighed and looked at the blue sky. He hoped that Yun would come back drunk or let God turn his heart into the one that used to love Su.
It’s getting dark as if it were a sudden rainstorm.
What Wangfu people looking for speed immediately accelerated.
Street people found that the sky would change and immediately cleared up their stalls and prepared to go home.
The carriage didn’t stop until the kite was ordered. It was more like a killer than a groom now. He didn’t stop until the kite was ordered.
Make the kite look at Su Dye’s bright and white skin, and find that there are traces of blue and purple on the face. When the pupil shrinks, the heart hurts.
It’s a pool trace, right?
He closed his eyes to let himself not care, but also to cover the traces of the pool.
139 Chapter 139 Returning to China
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It’s getting dark outside, and there’s a muffled thunder, and raindrops are falling.
At the same time, some people found that there seemed to be snow in the rain.
It’s really rare that it thunders when it snows, but they met on the first day of snow!
Is there anything different this year? !
Is this a good omen or an ominous sign?
All the people can’t help whispering.

Li Xiangkun didn’t speak and walked straight towards him.

"Help me!"
The girl screamed when she saw someone coming.
Covering her mouth, the dog leg found that she actually broke free, gave her a hard mouth and blocked it again.
"Love dearly? Want a hero to save the United States? Don’t take a piss and see what kind of masked man you are? " Sunglasses man stared at Li Xiang’s mouth with disdain and chugged like a machine gun.
Li Xiangkun looked at him quietly and said, "Let her go, I’ll say it again or I’ll take the consequences."
"hey! Are you a fool when you are a young master? " Sunglasses man pulls out a knife from his waist and plays with it in his hand.
Lee sang-woon directly knocked over the sunglasses man with a hard punch, and the quality was very good. The sunglasses were smashed by a dozen.
A few dog legs let go of the girls, and they all took out their knives and aimed them at Li Xiangjuan, maintaining a five-meter distance confrontation.
"Mom dares to beat the youngest. You have guts!" Sunglasses man vociferously brandished a knife and stabbed at Li Xiangrui.
However, in an instant, a long blue knife resisted his attack and put his backhand on his neck.
"Eldest brother! Eldest brother I was wrong. "
Seeing that the situation was wrong, the sunglasses man immediately knelt down and cried and rubbed his arms around Li Xiangkang’s thigh.
Several doglegs saw each other being controlled by the boss and hurriedly stabbed Li Xiangkang with a knife.
"whoosh ~"
Who would have thought that Lee Sang-soo had directly picked up the sunglasses man and pointed his ass in the direction of those dog legs?
Those dogs tried to control their strength, but they were still a little late. Several knives were gently inserted into the sunglasses male buttocks at the same time.
A scream rang through this alley like a tenor.
The sunglasses man fainted from the pain and lay down directly with a row of knives in his ass.
"Mo Ge!"
Dog legs hurriedly went to check the injury of sunglasses man in fear and found that his ass blood had merged into a stream and directly carried him up.
"Xiao you are finished! If you offend us, Mo Ge, you can’t get along in Destiny City! "
Leave this sentence and a group of people will disappear from sight.
Li Xiangkun scratched his head and said strangely, "What are you blaming me for?"
"Snow …"
Laughing, the rescued girl wiped her eyes with tears and said, "Thank you. I really don’t know what would have happened if it weren’t for you."
"It’s okay to raise your hand and work hard. It’s too dangerous for a person to have this kind of alley." Li Xiangrui told him and turned and left
"What a mysterious person!" The girl looked at him thoughtfully until he disappeared.
"ding ~"
[Congratulations to the player for successfully completing "Being a Hero for Once" and getting honor value +5 joint currency +12 female NPC goodwill +1] Gee, what’s the surprise of such a little reward!
However, it’s interesting that the female NPC’s goodwill has increased.
He tentatively went to a tea shop in the downtown area. The owner is a sexy and charming mature woman. She is wearing slightly exposed clothes to enjoy the cool and full of temptation.
A man walked up to her carefully and asked, "The proprietress doesn’t know how much your Hualing Wuyang tea is?"
"hey! You want to buy Wuyang tea? Don’t ask when you can’t afford it! " Wife of shop-owner impatiently fan fan said
"Hum! What quality is old and not bought! " The man angrily left directly.
This scene makes the men around you even more scared.

Ji Wu Shuo: "I forgive you for helping me escape."

Jia Wen and shook his head, lowered the good, no sound.
Then Wang Qiang hesitated, trying to say something, but finally didn’t say it.
JiFan hand an iron tire bow, a green arrow feather, aimed at the heart of Wang Qiang, as long as Wang Qiang talk, then this arrow will shoot, an arrow through the heart! ! !
Wang Qiang held back, JiFan kind to him! He can’t forget! But when you die, you owe kindness, and you don’t owe each other.
JiFan breath a sigh of relief, the feeling of betrayal, will be in the heart of guilt.
Necessary sacrifice, if he is still indecisive, then he is not suitable as a monarch.
After so many years of feelings, how can Ji Fan forget that the establishment of six royal guards in the three armed forces is the opportunity brought by his bandit troops?
Among them, Wang Qiang was the last thing JiFan wanted, followed by Jia Wen, Xun You and Fang Jin. . .
Hard to give up!
JiWu eyes empty lying on the ground, lying next to Jia Wen.
But I didn’t find that Fang Tianhua’s breakthrough took away most of the arrow feathers, and only a few were still harvesting the chaotic cavalry in Jiwu.
In this case, Xun You was taken away by Fang Tianhua.
Those soldiers of Ji Wu, who took the long knife rest with cold light shining between the necks of three people, were leaderless and in chaos. They had long lost their long knives and were ready to escape.
Fang Jin jumped suddenly, with his left foot as the axis and his right foot splitting a sweep.
Touch! !
There were two dull clashing sounds in a row, and the two foot soldiers closest to Fang Jin flew out.
Fang Jin snatched a long knife from one of the foot soldiers, and even chopped four foot soldiers with the gesture of the earth. Warm blood was sprayed on him, and ShaQi was threatening! !
Suddenly, a wave of arrow feathers hit his head. . .
Caught off guard, Fang Jin succumbed to death on the spot and fell down. . .
JiFan heavy sigh, above the battlefield, the sword has no eyes! !
That wave of arrow feathers did not stop there, but shot at Jia Wen with residual potential.
Jia Wen looked up, sighed and closed his eyes. . .
Bow and arrow!
A fat shadow is bold jump on Jia Wen’s body, trying to cover Jia Wen’s body with his own body.
Poop, poop, poop! ! !
Blood flowed to Xun You’s face, weighing nearly two hundred Jin. For various reasons, Jia Wen opened his eyes.
Wang Qiang! !
Wang Qiang pale face, but also with a shock. . .
Even he didn’t think he would do such a move, which completely violated his wishes.
People may be so complicated that they obviously don’t want to do something, but in a critical moment, they still do it.
Completely a conditioned reflex, subconscious.
Ji Fan looked at this scene, closed his eyes and shed a tear in the corner of his eye. He said to himself, "Go all the way."
Jia Wen looked at Wang Qiang silently and said, "You are the king of hell, and you won’t die. . . Right? . . Get up! ! ! ! !” Said in the end, Jia Wen and they practiced yelling at Wang Qiang lying on the ground, with thick red neck.
That an arrow feather straight into Wang Qiang’s vest, after a finger, Wang Qiang exhaled blood gushed out of the mouth, revealing a pale smile.
Wang Qiang, die!
All the military commanders around JiFan were transferred to the front, while Dian Wei and Xu Chu took the infantry, and it took some time to get here.
For Wang Qiang’s death and Jia Wen, who was in a dangerous state, Ji Fan was helpless and could only pray in secret.
At this moment, Fang Tianhua has begun to attack the encirclement, and that direction is a small slope.
Archers commanding, occupy the geographical position, JiFan some doubt Fang Tianhua plot, otherwise, why did he choose the difficult hillside.
Ji Fan gave the order: "Shrink the encirclement and win Ji Wu. The primary target is Fang Tianhua’s team."
Ji Wu looked like he was waiting to die, which made Ji Fan disdain.
Such a man has fought with him for so many years, lost his dependence on Jia Wen, and completely collapsed.
On the other hand, under the command of JiFan, the encirclement was shrinking, Fang Tianhua’s team was also shrinking rapidly, and blood flowed down the hillside. . . Red this piece of heaven and earth. . .
After dozens of minutes of entanglement, Ji Fan helped Jia Wen up, returned to the team and walked in the direction of Fang Tianhua.
. . . . . .
"What? Fang Tianhua’s body was not found? ? ?”
JiFan hair blown to a foot soldier asked.
Now JiFan has rescued Xun You, then JiFan ordered foot soldiers to find Fang Tianhua’s body.
Now JiFan get such an answer, how to don’t let him lose heart?
If Fang Tianhua escapes, he will surely return to Jingzhou overnight and even annex Yangzhou to resist him.

It’s a bit embarrassing to discuss that we will separate this road when we wait until the day of the spirit city.

Although I want to let Jiu Xuan go, Xiao Leng’s heart is still very uncomfortable. For so long, Jiu Xuan has been taking care of himself. It is true that I feel close to Jiu Xuan in my heart, but I don’t have the heart to let Jiu Xuan ruin my life. Although my strength is much stronger, Xiao Leng didn’t think that I could protect two people completely. Even Yue Linger’s own Xiao Leng didn’t fully grasp the protection, but Yue Linger was his wife. Xiao Leng realized that it was normal for husband and wife to be together, even if they died together. It’s normal, but he doesn’t need to let one of his predecessors die with him. Although it’s impossible to die, you should take precautions anyway. Xiao Leng’s preventive measures are very simple, that is, you should be careful to part ways. The word "parting ways" is good to say, it means disagreement and separation, but it means that they are all passers-by. However, their departure is different from this, and they can be safe after separation, which is not caused by any disagreement.
Walking all the way, I gradually feel that there are more people. Now there are still no robbers in the official road. The robbers in this place are absolutely afraid to move. If they are caught, it will be miserable. Besides, there are many patrol teams near this place. These people are not strong, except that the captain is Jin Xianyu, who is a fairy, but it depends on how many people there are. Even if you are strong, you can’t stand the siege of hundreds of thousands of Jin Xian and immortals unless you are extremely strong.
"Look at the elder here, it’s still Ann Day Spirit City, and it must be safe." Xiao said with a smile that he wanted to leave the nine Xuanan. Now it’s still very safe here, and Xiao Leng is naturally relieved.
"Grace" Nine Xuan nodded lightly. He also knew that Xiao Leng had let himself leave. Of course, he wouldn’t have any other ideas. He was really nothing too big. Yue Linger was very curious about celestial things. Looking around all the way made two people walk around. Although the atmosphere was not very good, it didn’t feel like where will you go.
The celestial region is very natural, and it is impossible to go through all the official roads in one day. Naturally, there will be celestial inns left in the distance, so it is naturally impossible to dig a hole here. If you dig a hole, you will be trampled to death.
After watching around for a day, the walking speed was not very fast. When they arrived at an inn, it was already dark.
The celestial inn naturally wants celestial currency. It can’t be celestial money. Even if people fix the world, there can’t be celestial people. The circulation of the celestial world is Lingshi, and the circulation of the celestial world is fairy stone. Although they haven’t got the fairy stone, there are many fairy stones that are cold and cool, but there are many even mountains and shapes in the fairy house. However, all the people are naturally worried without celestial currency.
As soon as I entered the inn, I saw a lot of people in the hall. Most of them were ordinary immortals. There were a few immortals. Yu Jinxian was one without their strength. Naturally, people attached great importance to her, especially Yue Linger. She was wearing that artifact armor, which gave people the feeling that she couldn’t see through her strength. Naturally, people in the store didn’t dare to provoke them. An immortal soon came to them. "Objectively, are you three staying at the hotel?"
Xiao Leng nodded but took out a few pieces of fairy stone in the fairy stone celestial world, which is also very difficult to get him to do. Naturally, it is to let this small two eyes shine and be so generous to take out these fairy stone people, which will definitely not be weak or powerful. He is so convinced that he can’t neglect nature.
"Give me two rooms," Xiao Leng said. "I’m going to put the fairy stone in a small second hand. How do you say this is also a fairy level? Xiao Er can still easily get it when Xiao Leng finished speaking. Xiao Er seems to look at Xiao Leng like a rural person." Don’t you know objectively? Are all the inns in Jieya Xiandi site a group of people living in one room? And we don’t have a room here, but it’s an ordinary room, but I can’t help it. "The celestial second is not the kui is a fairy level. Who are you? I speak according to the facts. If the human world sees such a rich man, it’s almost the same for you to give up your place to live."
Xiao Leng suddenly became a little embarrassed. He really didn’t know these things. A team and a room must be big.
"Let’s have one, then." Xiao Leng said that he didn’t have the strength to dare to destroy the immortal emperor’s order. Xiao Er took the four pieces of immortal stone handed over by Xiao Leng. Of course, this is a fairy stone in the middle or a fairy stone can be seen at a glance.
"Well, objectively, you can spend money to stay in a small shop for a month. When it’s a month, I will naturally ask you to go." Xiao Er said that Xiao Leng couldn’t help but feel that Nai himself was still too young and didn’t understand this celestial world. When he took out so many fairy stones, others would be rich. Maybe he would be robbed. Xiao Leng was worried, but he didn’t calculate that it was a big deal to live here for a month.
Xiao Leng said to the Xiao Er, "We’ll give it to you if we stay for one night." Xiao Leng’s generosity immediately made the Xiao Er overjoyed, and it was not that no one gave it to Xiao Er, but it was often given to several fairy stones. It was the first time for nature to treat Xiao Leng well, and they were not ungrateful. Later, he sent the money to Xiao Leng and they sent some food. Xiao Leng was grateful for a smile and then a fairy stone passed.
Xiao Leng left the inn early the next morning, and their destination, Riling City, was still a few days away. What they had to do was to hurry. Xiao Leng also got a little understanding of the monetary ability of the celestial world. Xiao Leng left nature to live in the celestial world. Xiao Leng gave him five hundred fairy stones, but there was no Xiao Leng’s golden meaning. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have taken out the fairy stone at first.
A few days will be enough for them to get to Riling City. They all stayed in inns, which is relatively safe. A few days later, a group of three people came to a tall city. People came and went outside the gate, and the city head said Riling City.
A few people entered the Riling City along the gate. When Xiao Leng Jiu Xuan was just entering, he took his wife Yue Linger and stopped at Jiu Xuan. He felt that Xiao Leng stopped but looked back.
"Senior, let’s separate here."
PS joke: I am a rabbit to test the strength of the United States, Hong Kong and Chinese mainland. The United Nations will put three rabbits in three forests to see the three places. Who will find the rabbit first?
Before the first forest, it was the United States * * They spent a whole half-day meeting to make a battle plan and strictly divide the work, and then sent special forces to quickly enter the forest for carpet search. As a result, when the meeting was delayed, the rabbit failed!
Then it was Hong Kong’s turn * * They sent more than 100 people and dozens of police cars lined up outside the forest, and the leader shouted "Tutu, you have been surrounded, come out and surrender " Half a day passed, and nothing happened. The Flying Tigers went into the forest to search again and failed!
Finally, China * * There were four people who played mahjong for a day first. At dusk, one person took a baton and went into the forest. In five minutes, he heard a burst of animal screams coming from the forest. China * * One person was smoking a cigarette and laughing, dragging his black face behind him and dying, saying, "Don’t hit me again. I am a rabbit."
Chapter 115 Riling City
After looking back at Xiao Leng and Yue Linger, Jiu Xuan nodded silently and walked away all the time. It is better to leave now than to leave by himself. They are also a little less worried about their own strength. They seem to be really weak. It is better not to be that burden. Jiu Xuan is also a proud person. He has always been a top strong person. Even if he was not strong at the beginning, his own master took care of him and his position was very high. For so many years, he was not used to being a burden to others and a protected person.
In that case, let’s separate.
Xiao Leng and Yue Linger left, and Jiu Xuan left by himself. Xiao Leng and Jiu Xuan had no purpose, but they were going to Jieya Xiandi. It was normal for Jiu Xuan to go there. After all, Jieya Xiandi once took care of Jiu Xuan, although Jiu Xuan had never seen Jieya Xiandi, but Jiu Xuan respected Jieya Xiandi very much. Now it is considered that Jiu Xuan’s heart has been bought.
After leaving Jiu Xuan Xiao Leng’s heart, he is not very happy. Such a senior takes care of himself. Once he leaves himself, especially in a strange place, no one will be in a good mood. Well, take the bustling Riling City Street and look at the bustling city Xiao Leng. Finally, he can be distracted from other things. This place wants to concentrate, but he can’t come here because there are many people. Plus, it is normal to trade what he wants here. The prosperity of the celestial world is really beyond the prosperity of Yueling. Son, this inexperienced person is curious when he sees things. Yue Linger has to go and see what she looks like. It’s a good thing that Xiao Leng’s temper is still very good for Yue Linger. Xiao Leng has always walked over and looked at the hands, but there are some neutralization fairy stones that Yue Linger will buy once she really sees what she likes, but after shopping for a long time, she can’t see what Yue Linger sees. She is curious about celestial things, especially celestial market things. She is curious and may not be able to buy them.
"Linger, what did you see? My husband bought it for you." Xiao sneered and said that he picked up Yue Linger and just put a decoration in the celestial world. It’s really hard to encounter such a decoration. Xiao Leng took out a Zhongxian stone and put it in the boss’s hand. The boss was very excited that a small decoration could be changed to such a Zhongxian stone, but it was quite difficult, especially when the man put it in his hand, he said, "Don’t find a department to give it to you." The currency price of the celestial world is 1 piece of Xianxian stone =1 piece of Zhongxian stone =1 piece
Fairy fairy stone can be cultivated and circulated, and most people do this transaction almost all for cultivation. This boss is no exception. Xiao Leng is such a piece of fairy stone, but if he practices enough, he will absorb a lot. Xiao Leng doesn’t know that the fairy aura of the celestial world is abundant, but it is impossible for ordinary immortals or fairy roots to absorb the fairy aura of the celestial world. It takes a series of transformations before the immortals can absorb the cultivation, but the fairy stone is not. Otherwise, if there is a fairy stone, Xiao Leng can absorb the fairy aura from it. Absorbing the fairy aura in this fairy stone is actually because his body can directly absorb the fairy aura in the celestial world. Naturally, there is no need to absorb the situation in the fairy stone. It is a fairy stone that can circulate money. He doesn’t know that this thing is really natural, so he is very confused.
Yue Linger looked at Xiao Leng and picked up the little ornament, and her face turned red. Yue Linger liked this little hair accessory very much. She had never met any good hair accessories. Naturally, she was very interested in it. Although it was well done, it was not worth much. What can Xiao Leng take this is actually the longest when Yue Linger took this by himself? It is easy to see that Xiao Leng is not short of anything. Naturally, he can see that he is very happy and took out a Zhongxian stone and handed it to the boss. After a slight pause, he picked it up. Then he took out dozens of fairy stones from the place where he put them, and gave them back to Xiao Leng, which made Xiao Leng feel funny. But he didn’t expect that this person would give himself so many fairy stones, although it was just like watching.
"This is all yours. Don’t give it to me." Xiao smiled at the fairy boss but was angry.
"Hurry up or I’ll call the law enforcement team." He said so. Xiao Liang was angry and gave him money himself. What did he not want? Is it too much money? Xiao Leng was very angry. He took the man and handed him the fairy stone. He felt carefully that Xiao Leng found that this man had given himself ninety-five fairy stones. Such a hair accessory actually required five fairy stones or Xiao Leng was suspicious. Is it true that some people don’t like money? I don’t want it for him myself.
Looking at Xiao Leng, I also look at myself. This immortal is also a Naide who explained it to Xiao Leng. "I said, is this your first visit to Lingcheng in Japan? Even if I don’t understand this rule, I can charge the fairy stone according to the price, and I can’t ask the guests for a small fairy stone. Once it is known, I will be fined a hundred times. This is not that I can afford it. Even if I can afford it, I don’t want to pay my monthly income. I can’t catch such a fine. "
Xiao Leng is aware of this day’s spiritual city. It is really ironic that such a regulation should be made. Since it is the case, Xiao Leng is also happy to save money. No one in the circulation partners doesn’t like it. The truth is that it has become a regulation and no one dares to disobey it.
Personally bring this little hair accessory to his wife. Hehe, Yue Linger is blushing. Although they are married, they haven’t taken the last step. Yue Linger is still very embarrassed. It seems that this situation is about to change.
Leaving this small stall, two people continue to walk along the bustling street. I’m afraid Rilingcheng Street is the busiest place in the whole celestial world, and all kinds of things can appear. Of course, it’s the busiest place, not in this respect, but because this place is the most powerful place, so it should be. You know that the territory of Jieyaxiandi is the largest population and it is quite normal for such a big city to appear at most, but the rest of the cities are also very big, which is smaller than this day’s Lingcheng. Two people continue to wander around. There are many people in this street in Riling City, but suddenly I saw a group of people around in front of me. Immortals are generally not strong in desire, and the onlookers must be less. Although there are many people in this street, it is surprising that there are more people around. It is a group of people wearing bright armor, but there are also these people, but none of them are going to let Xiao Leng look at each other.
"Go and have a look."
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Chapter 116 What happened?
Two people don’t have to watch the scene of bustle, but they are those who dress the same. They are the city guards. They can naturally arouse others’ interest in big things, regardless of whether they are big or not. For big things, Xiao Leng never gives up the habit of watching. It is not long before he pulls his little wife to the periphery of the crowd, but it is not very high. Xiao Leng and Yue Linger can’t see the situation inside. Xiao Leng has nothing about Yue Linger, but he is not very happy. His mouth pursed with a face of unhappiness.
"What’s wrong with my wife? This is to see who made our beautiful shine angry." Xiao Leng sneered, but he walked over. He smiled and let Yue Linger’s face turn red. He couldn’t help but hang his head down. Xiao Leng pulled Yue Linger, but he shouted "offended". He and Yue Linger finished the package with Xiao Leng’s body and began to walk forward. Yue Linger was pulled forward by him, accompanied by Xiao Leng, and the crowd gathered in front was squeezed open by him. He was just able to go in. The force is not the strongest, but he was able to go in, perhaps because he was behind the scenes, but among these people, it was not without resistance, but it was still pushed away. It was very strange that Xiao Leng finally entered the surrounding area for a long time.
The circle is very large, and the scope inside is also very large, but there is such a large team of city guards and a person standing next to the ground.
The man who stood on the ground was so proud that he looked at that man, but he was afraid to return his hand. So were the city guards. No matter what the rules in Riling City were, they were quite strict, and the city guards strictly enforced the law. It was also famous that this man could bully people like this. If he had been caught by the city guards in accordance with normal conditions, now none of these city guards here was in charge of it, but they would be severely punished for not enforcing the law. This is what they all know, but they still do it. Presumably, the maker of this matter is either extremely strong or extremely powerful. People who don’t create rules are like this. There seems to be so few people. Presumably, it won’t be this person in front of him. His breath is not so strong, but the expression of the person lying down is extremely afraid.
"Yo interesting others so want to see others abused? You are really curious. Ya, this woman is really beautiful. "The man saw Xiao Leng and Yue Linger coming in, but said that when he carefully observed Yue Linger’s appearance, he suddenly said that he could see that Yue Linger was still a virgin and this woman was absolutely young. Although she could not see through herself, she didn’t look like a master.
When I heard this man say that Xiao Leng’s face sank, Yue Linger’s face was covered with a faint mist, but this man could still see her real appearance. This man must have some magic weapon. Xiao Leng guessed the fact that he was right, but this man would not easily show it.
Xiao Leng’s performance is very obvious. Of course, as soon as he can see, he ignores his feet, but he picks them up.
"The elder brother this beauty is your friend? Gee, it’s really beautiful. You won’t be unhappy when I say this, will you? "He laughed but wanted to touch Yue Linger and Xiao Leng became angry.
Pa! He knocked off this man’s hand and said, "Keep your hand clean." Xiao Leng’s expression Yue Linger was very influenced by this man, but he quit. "Why do you dare to touch me when I come to see your friend?" As soon as he got to Xiao Leng, a sword appeared in his hand.
"unbridled emperor temple to see your friend is to give you a face, you still dare to resist." Seeing Xiao Leng seems to be about to start work. A group of city guards quit. They all came to Xiao Leng’s side and surrounded Xiao Leng and this Jie Huang Linren.
Jie Huang Lin seems to be very fierce. A man named Liancheng Guard has to help him. Xiao Lengyi realized that he seemed to be impulsive.
But what can I say now? What can I say now?
"Hum, this is my wife. Of course, I’m not satisfied with what I want to say." Xiao Leng is not timid, but he protected Yue Linger. His ice soul sword also appeared in his hands behind him. It seems that it is rare for Xiao Leng to pretend to be such an adult in this day spirit city. He didn’t realize that he was now provoked by a day spirit city.
See Xiao Leng also dare to flaunt their weapons so flailing. Those city guards all took out their weapons. "Little us, Riling City is not such a small rookie who dares to be wild casually. I just came to Riling City and dare to be so crazy. I think you don’t want to live." As soon as they said this, Xiao Leng was very suspicious that he was really such a dish. Is it a shame that you don’t know this Jie Huang Lin Ren? Is this man famous in Riling City?
Xiao Leng’s calm face is to tightly protect Yue Linger. Once a fight is about to start, Xiao Leng will put Yue Linger into the Golden Fairy House for the first time, but they will run to see if they can chase Xiao Leng. They are still very confident about this.
Is Xiao Leng going to drop this man named Jie Huang Linren Xi Xi laughed and the weapon in his hand was gone, but the man who just lay down disappeared.
"Ha ha, small enough, bold enough. I like the person I like in Jiehuang. Do you dare to be so polite to them? Even if you are my Sineitai, if I tell my dad, you can’t tell them to spread out. It seems that I should take my new friend to my house. "Jie Huanglin said that there was no tension at all, which made Xiao Leng very confused when he became a friend of this person. It’s best not to fight. At least he can stay in this spiritual city for a while, so he won’t run away so soon.
"See what see all scattered temple let you all scattered, do you dare to come loose? Looking for a fight, isn’t it? "These guards dare not be angry with their own masters, but they are much stronger than those onlookers."
The crowd gradually dispersed, but it came to Xiao Leng’s side and patted Xiao Leng’s shoulder.
"Ha-ha, good friends are good enough for me. I haven’t seen such a madman who dares to come with me for a long time. It’s in line with my temper. I like to go and dare to visit my house." Jie Huang Lin laughed and said that Xiao Leng was suspicious. Can you ask what this Jie Huang Lin did? It’s not necessary for strangers to meet for the first time to be so close?
"Friend, who are you?" Xiao cold asked.
"Didn’t I say I’m Jie Huang? Let’s go." Said the representative, pulling Xiao Leng to go, no matter where the man went.
(PS, it’s a little late today to compensate for a joke. The most powerful pinyin typist in history talks about GG and you howl.
MM, you whine. Where did you get killed or injured?
GG Wang Li Wang. How about you?
MM also wangli
GG, where are you from?

Wang Qiang roared: "Brother! I found out the village of Yanyi that you asked me to check. Darling, long hole! There are a lot of grain and iron under the Sanfangzhai. "

JiFan dull face sitting in the hall listening to Wang Qiang said.
Xun Yu sighed and said, "Side effects! It will be all right in a few days! I’ll send some people to count the data! Wang Qiang, send a few people to Jingzhou to check the situation. "
Wang Qiang looked at JiFan with a complicated look and murmured, "I remember that at the beginning, I was like this for several days. . . Hey! It’s all forced by fucking life! " Smiled at Xun Yu and said, "Well, I’ll go first!"
Xun Yu looked thoughtfully at Wang Qiang.
This Wang Qiang is not simple.
Chapter 9. Yecheng Storm
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Collect tickets! ! ! With claws outstretched, the wolf howled! Ticket ticket!
JiFan rested for three days in a row, looking back with a lot of spirit! Eyes faintly projected a sharp! Corners of the mouth with a malicious and complete color light away. .
I walked into the hall and looked at Xun Yu, knowing that I couldn’t help him.
Sitting on the throne, he asked Xun Yu, "Wen Ruo. What do you think of the current plain raiders! "
Xun Yu smiled faintly and said, "Master, you’d better call all the actors and Marotta. The wisdom of three people is much higher than that of one."
Ji Fan flicked the dust on his clothes and shouted at the two unparalleled troops outside: "You, go and shout for the talents and Marotta!" I asked them for advice. "
Xun Yu looked at Ji Fan’s brush and asked, "Your master’s spirit is greatly increased today, and his spirit is much better. Obviously, your master has figured it out!"
Ji Fan looked at Xun Yu brightly and said, "Wen Ruo, I am very wronged, you know?"
Xun Yu caressed a few beards that had just risen, and said with gentleness and elegance, "I would like to hear the details!"
Ji Fan’s face suddenly became fierce: "In terms of strength, others are not as good as me! I am a fierce scholar, and he is not as good as me. But I am always in a passive state. The last time Plain City attacked me, it was infinite. It’s time to find him to calculate this account! "
Xun Yu smiled and said, "Master, in the final analysis, there is something wrong with the intelligence system. My Lord is blind. . Well! Nature is passive. "
Ji Fan smiled faintly and said, "Hehe, I have given it to Wang Qiang."
Only a blue suit with a white feather fan came to the hall smartly, and then Marotta was also dressed in a gray robe with his hands indented into the long sleeves, and his eyes were cold.
Ji Fan raised his eyebrows and said, "Wen You’s temperament is really chilling!"
Marotta smiled, lost her temperament and said, "Master, congratulations on the great spiritual change!"
Ji Fan looked at Xi Zhicai and said unexpectedly, "Chi Cai has also changed, and his temperament is different."
Xi Zhicai was obviously happy to say, "Master, I have been loyal twice, and my intelligence has now risen to 93. Or the master is valued. "
Ji Fan was a little surprised. He looked at Xun Yu and asked, "Has Wen Ruo’s politics improved?"
Xun Yu obviously didn’t care to say, "It’s just a small town, so how can we improve it?"! If it is a country, it can also be properly governed. "
Ji Fan nodded and said, "I believe that! Ok, let me get to the point. I’m not happy to see the plain now, so what! "
Marotta smiled and looked at each other.
Just then, the dramatist put out his fist and said, "Master, it’s just a plain. Master He Lao remembers. At present, the plain is being stormed by my 60 thousand yellow turban insurrectionary army! After March, both sides have almost consumed it. We are taking advantage of the fishermen. At that time, the master need only 10 thousand instead of 100 thousand to pacify. Please be patient for a while. "
JiFan suddenly thought of his own God-given depression, which might help them. Now he told them everything that happened in Nanpi City, plus his own guess.
Marotta said calmly, "I saw it at the beginning, too. Unexpectedly, in this case, why don’t you think about Jizhou Raiders?"
Ji Fan raised his eyebrows and said, "I’m not worried about Nanpi City. I’m worried about Yecheng. If you storm, the loss will be quite large. "
Xun Yu smiled and said, "Master, why not enter Yecheng? . 。”
Xi Zhicai frowned and said, "Let General Zhao Yun come back! Escort the master! "
Marotta frowned and suddenly flashed his mind and said, "Master, why not?". . . 。”
—————————————————————— dividing line
Under Yecheng, Ji Fan stood at the gate with twelve unparalleled troops.
Ji Fan praised: "It is worthy of being a giant city of the imperial city level! Tomorrow, I’ll come to visit this Xiongcheng! "
After entering Yecheng, he came to Yecheng for only one purpose, and of course this purpose also has a step!
First, the first step!
Spend money lavishly! Dally with good women!
This job is good! JiFan smiling into the city, just to the gate.
"People stop, and the entrance fee is 10 yuan!"
Ji Fan directly smashed a gold and roared: "It’s not easy for you guys! Take it to the kiln! "
Two soldiers immediately with flattering bow and respectful JiFan into the city.
I found the leisure restaurant and walked in triumphantly.

Everyone tends to be warm on the one hand. Who told us that the former Qin Keqing people were so bad that everyone hated them? Not to mention that at the moment, she played like an enemy, and the sharp move that she couldn’t wait to ruin her warm appearance was even more unpleasant. Let’s say this is a discussion and exchange, so it’s good for you to vent your personal anger. It’s really immoral and rude!

It’s pity that Miss Wen’s family is so gentle and elegant, but she has to deal with it when she is entangled by a poisonous woman. It’s really a jealous beauty, and sentimental people have big brains.
Warm doesn’t know that she has been cherished by the audience. It’s not that she doesn’t want to fight back. It’s not yet time to be magical. Teach her this boxing method. It focuses on defending Rouge’s opponent. No matter how hard the attack is, she can easily resolve it. Even in the face of a very powerful expert, she has the ability to protect herself. This is also magical. The original intention of teaching her this boxing method is not to fight into a peerless expert, but to protect herself for a week.
She is consuming Qin Keqing’s physical strength. She has been given 20 years of skill by God, and she has the essence of last night and magical double cultivation. Her physical strength is endless and she is not afraid, but Qin Keqing can’t
In particular, it is faster for her to play like this.
Sure enough, ten minutes later, Qin Keqing was panting and sweating. Although the offensive was not reduced, her strength was already weak. On the contrary, the warmth was still light and never forced, which made people feel that she was actually dancing instead of fighting. Long sleeves eased and fluttered with the wind to write a romantic story.
From the recent tournament, Qi Nianmei kept clenching his fists nervously, and his eyes were not wrong. He also said to himself from time to time, "Why don’t you fight back when you are warm?" That woman is so cruel, isn’t she afraid of being scolded? This is a fight, not a revenge. What’s the fight? Ah, be careful. When will the discussion be over tomorrow? "
Next to Fu Yunyi, it is more worrying than her. He has been holding his breath. In fact, his mind is in a state of panic. Those calm analysis and judgments are gone. Only at this moment are nervous measures.
It is said that the authorities are a mystery to outsiders, but he has no idea that his soul has already flown to the scene to be entangled with her, and he can’t wait to resist each other’s attacks for her.
He secretly decided that he would never let her take part in such a thing again. Even if it was a shoo-in, he couldn’t stand the suffering and torture. He boasted that he was the most calm, but not for her.
The mobile phone in his pocket suddenly shook. He suddenly took it out and saw that it was a sacred number to pick up the nervous voice. "Big cousin, Warm will definitely win?"
Fu Yunyi doesn’t know whether he is comforting him or comforting himself. He is very firm and says "Yes".
The sacred did not breathe a sigh of relief, but asked, "Are you right?"
Fu Yunyi realized that "we were not …"
Divine interrupt "before is before, now is now. I’m not nervous when I didn’t hit you before, but now I’m in a mess, big cousin. Please heal me. My heart is jumping to 200 …"
Fu Yunyi took a deep breath. "Do you want to ask a magic?"
Behold, the holy one cried directly when he heard this. "Whoops, I just asked my third brother to call you."
"What did he say?"
"He said he didn’t know. Whoops, he didn’t even know. Then who knows?"
Section 434
After hanging up the sacred words, Fu Yunyi’s hands trembled uncontrollably. His consciousness clenched his mobile phone and his body tightened. He watched the fight still in full swing and became more and more calm.
Wu is also nervous and worried, but he is not as exaggerated as Fu Yunyi. He inadvertently turned his head and found that Fu Yunyi was pale and seemed to faint and busy holding his arm. "Fu Shao, are you okay?"
Fu Yunyi stiff shook his head and whispered, "Arrange your hands near here. Once you find something wrong, don’t try to save lives."
"Okay, I’m ready."
"You told the knights Fu Feng to let them come over for close protection."
"ah? Good ….. "Wu wants to say that he is not qualified to command the Knights. Isn’t this the time for you to do things yourself, Fu Shao? But he doesn’t ask the rickety figure of others after seeing his eyes.
At the same time, I was disappointed in my heart. Compared with their confusion at the moment, what is the admiration I once had?
Magic picked up another message at the moment. It was Zhou Hanhan. He was in a panic. He answered it without looking at the number. He put it in his ear, but he didn’t hear what the other party said until he lost his temper and shouted "Magic!"
The magic seems to be startled. "The grass is not deaf. What are you yelling about?"
Weeks without cold shortness of breath "not deaf? Do you know how many times I just called you? "
Magic guilty grunted, "I’m watching the fight. Can’t I get into it?"
Weeks without cold endure gas grind teeth "ok, you are very devoted, right? Then let me ask you something. Didn’t you say before that she could hit that woman? What will still be defensive? "
Magic sophistry "not yet!"
Weeks not cold take a deep breath two "I ask you her martial arts is you teach? Why don’t you teach her some real fighting skills and capture skills? What, she’ll defend? How can I fight like this? "
"What’s the matter with defense? Isn’t she well guarded? Even if you fight her, you can’t take advantage of it, you know? "
"But it’s hard for her to win!"
"You don’t understand this before. She can kill that woman even if she consumes it!"
"Are you? Will you still be nervous? "
"Who is nervous?" I don’t even admit it when I kill myself.
Weeks don’t cold exposed with a smile, "if you are not nervous, you will just see me and you can’t hear me?" This is not nervous? "
"It’s not that you wronged the old!"
Zhou Hanhan doesn’t want to pester him about this again. "I ask you again, can she beat Qin Keqing?"
Magic for a moment hesitate before oral cold beat way "forget it, you still don’t say your flying is very good, right? Can you fly from the VIP table to the scene to save people? You’re not afraid of losing face, are you? In case she is in danger, you will rush, right? "
Magic choked along while didn’t good the spirit way "tube you what matter? Salty radish is a light worry! "
Weeks cold silent for a moment faint way "tube my business you don’t nervous, then I’ll nervous her"
Smell speech magic immediately annoyed "no! Old is not dead yet! "
After yelling and hanging up, I called Sacred. Opening my mouth is "Eldest brother, you can stare at that uber flower and watch him worry about it. People in the imperial city have been calling me for a long time …"
The sacred interrupt choked and asked, "Can Warm Son fight?"
Magic "…"

It’s good to be a general. Even when practicing, someone smiled at the two beautiful women while waiting. Zhao Li was very gentle and reached the order. "I want to practice here for a few days to help me see that there is no big event. Don’t call me!" The soft tone made the two workers immediately feel that the young general was approachable and had some unrealistic ideas in his mind.

"Then help me protect the law!" Zhao Li ordered the completion staff to find a small training room and plunged into Corqin. Then the door was as motionless as a keeper.
Zhao Li no longer cares about his safe sitting in the training room.
Chapter three hundred and thirty-six The willing hook
This is Zhao Li’s first deep concentration after the genius school. He was extremely tired and broke through the situation. It took Zhao Li 24 hours to recover. This time, Zhao Li was different. It should not be so long to recharge his batteries.
When he entered that state again, Zhao Li found that this practice was completely different from the previous one. Although Zhao Li could still feel that deep concentration, it seemed that there was an extra Zhao Li in the body, and this extra Zhao Lizheng carefully examined the body practice from the perspective of a bystander.
This is not to say that Zhao Li suddenly has a personality or something, but that the current state of practice has enabled Zhao Li to be awake, to do something in a sober state, just as the original deep concentration has become dominated by Zhao Li’s parasympathetic nerves.
And this state of body part changes Zhao Li is well aware of it, as if his eyes can clearly see his body part.
That is to say, Zhongshi is right, and that is because the theory has been verified, and no papers have appeared in practice. Where such records can appear, there are some speculative documents in some novels.
It’s not really what you can see, but it’s not much different from seeing all the blood flowing, muscle trembling, organ peristalsis so fine that every cell activity, tissue fluid permeates oxygen gas exchange and so on. Everything is happening as before Zhao Li’s eyes
This strange state, of course, also aroused Zhao Li’s interest, and soon he checked himself, but Zhao Li was absolutely surprised by the results.
Originally, my physical strength was so strong that my practice level was already very strong, but Zhao Li still found many tiny wounds in my body. Some bones, joints and muscles have countless tiny wounds where my heart and lungs have been pierced.
Many of these injuries are places where Zhao Li was injured or hit in the battle. At that time, the recovery of basic physical fitness seemed to have healed, but there were still some scars that were indistinguishable to the naked eye. If these scars were accumulated, Zhao Li could not imagine what kind of damage these injuries would bring to his body once they broke out at the same time.
Good discovery when Zhao Lixian controls the fineness of the true qi, Zhao Like can directly repair the scars in the true qi by stimulating the blood flow around and stimulating the resurrection of body cells.
Fortunately, the recovery effect of basic body-building surgery is still so remarkable. When Zhao Lizhong was really angry in these places, the subtle wounds quickly healed at a speed that Zhao Li could perceive. However, there were too many such subtle wounds, and Zhao Li had to be patient to repair them one place at a time, first from the important heart and lungs and then spread to other places.
Immersed in this special state, Zhao Li really looked at his true qi state until all the parts of his body that could feel the trauma were repaired.
The middle part of the meridians in the body is filled with fluid, and the training state of qi is abnormal and steady. It seems that it is not urgent or slow, but it flows through the whole body very quickly.
At that time, Zhao Li couldn’t see what two bodies had been inspected in this way, so that part of Zhao Li was awake and immediately turned his attention to the outside world.
Although Zhao Li didn’t open his eyes, the simple furnishings in the training room showed Zhao Li’s eyes closed. The color and light may be slightly different, but there is not much difference from Zhao Li’s memory. Zhao Li can clearly feel the movement in the room and adjust the fine air outlet. Zhao Li can measure the approximate air volume and wind speed.
This is a strange feeling and feeling different from the five senses. Zhao Like feels that when he wants to know the external situation, some of the true qi in the meridians is so abrupt that he rushes out of the body and directly diffuses the qi, telling Zhao Li all the things he touches, shapes, movements and so on.
I didn’t expect the true qi to be able to respond in this way. It was unimaginable that Zhao Li didn’t expect that the original practice could improve his physique and be able to fight before today. Now he really discovered that many things were unknown before he discovered them.
No wonder the headmaster said that entering the ninth grade was just the original meaning. Maybe everyone’s true spirit practice is different from others, and some effects are different. It is very unwise to force others to achieve their effects.
Now that the true qi has been discovered, Zhao Li also wants to know how big the scope of this discovery is. It seems that the concept of the wall has been directly broken through and appears in a larger training room outside.
Corqin’s standing horse entered Zhao Li’s mind. Zhao Li was very naughty and manipulated the true qi to turn around Corqin’s, but it seemed that Corqin suddenly noticed something and frowned and looked around. Obviously, she did not find that people quickly returned to normal.
Just now, the original reaction of these dynamic expressions in Corqin’s mind is like a slight sigh in front of Zhao Li’s heart. It seems that even genetic modification can combine human physical strength with speed and true qi to reach the limit, and it still hasn’t finished playing its role. In the words of the principal, Corqin’s level is at most even a pseudo-nine-level master rather than a real nine-level master
Zhao Li’s true spirit continued to lean out around, and soon the huge training room was completely shrouded. Zhao Li felt that Zhao Li should pay attention to a place where he was moving, and his eyes were hiding
It seems that one of the original two beauty workers is left, and the other one doesn’t know where to see this scene. Zhao Liyi stayed in the army and Zhao Li personally ordered that there would be a person leaving. This is simply impossible. Is the responsibility of the person who left the work insufficient or Zhao Li’s prestige insufficient?
The true qi continues to be released. Zhao Li feels that he is less than 100 meters away from the center, and he has a little affection. Whether it is in the soundproof room or there is a magnetic shield, even if two people talk slightly, it is like talking in his ear.
Suddenly, Zhao Li found something abnormal, as if coming from a certain direction towards this side. Twenty patrol members lined up in neat ranks and walked in neat steps, carrying guns and patrolling in unison. Everything seemed normal, but Zhao Li just didn’t know where it was puzzling.
Suddenly Zhao Li knew what was different. The last two of the 20 patrol members were dressed the same as the people in front, but their figure and footsteps revealed their true gender. The two patrol members were men.
Zhao Li clearly remembers that the reporting department here is full of beautiful women, and there is no male except himself. How did these two men come? More let Zhao Li in distress situation is his perception that these two male patrol members are actually wearing women’s uniforms and have long hair. The chest doesn’t know what to fill. It really looks like two women soldiers.
Then Zhao Li was surprised that the staff who had left work suddenly appeared and quickly arrived at the front of the patrol soldiers to beat the training room door from the outside.
Aware of this scene, Zhao Li also smiled in her heart. It’s time to come after all. I didn’t bring a large number of experts with Corqin. That one came to this training room is to lead to some guys who may be unfavorable to me. Now these guys finally appeared.
The Bai Niao Military Region is a newly-built military region, and all the personnel are transferred from various military regions. It is conceivable that there is chaos here. Even this temporary headquarters is formed by seconding professionals from various military regions, and it is normal to mix some people with his mind.
From Zhao Li’s acceptance of life and being attacked by the media, Zhao Li found that there should be a hidden group in the army that attacked himself. Although this group is very secret, no clue has been found yet, but these people will definitely deal with themselves.
Everything is a hodgepodge, and no one is familiar with anyone’s situation. At this time, it is the best time to start work. Zhao Li also realized this and specially created such an opportunity for them. Otherwise, these people could not help but show up.


Chapter one hundred and sixty-three Amazing move
Yun Xuan Valley Master, who hasn’t opened his mouth since he entered the stadium, was a little puzzled. He turned to the crowd behind him and said, "It’s not necessary for this child to say that he is swollen and fat. W WW. T XT 8 0. C OM The fastest novel network to update the text section: If this child has a false appearance, it’s not entirely true. Before the competition, not everyone can enter the final of the Four Immortals, and luck alone is not enough. I think his purpose at the moment is just to make Yunxi suspicious and lose his mind, which will greatly increase the winning rate. I wonder if you are satisfied with my opinion? "
"Yun Xuan Valley Master’s words are just what we want. They are reasonable and have been taught!" At the back of the people began to Yang in y and n violations of pinch mei said.
In the ring, Yunxi made Tianjun make moves, but he was still as motionless as dead mouse feels no cold, just staring at her firmly.
Suddenly, Tianju spoke golden words and said softly, "This dance of Yan is also practiced in perfection, which is gratifying."
For the dance of Yan, Tianjun has some different feelings. His inner thought has always been that there must be a set of footwork that can be attacked, retreated and defended as the backing and dependence. At the beginning, if this dance of Yan hadn’t been specially designed for girls, it would be hard to get involved in it myself, and it wouldn’t have taken a lot of trouble to learn the art of flying Sect with the old, which would be a little far away.
Yunxi’s county has begun to tremble slightly at this moment, and every word of your husband can really kill her this day, and every word pokes in her heart.
The trembling voice came slowly, and the jade hand was a little shaky, pointing to Tianjun and saying hesitantly, "You, you …"
"Sister, sister, what’s the matter with you?" Yunyue was on Yuntai, shouting from a distance. Yunxi’s gaffe had never happened since her memory, and she couldn’t help but worry about being scared, thinking that she had been countered by something.
Fu Bo is still cheerful. This expression is not noticed by Yunyue, but Zuo Hao, who had seen one side before in the dead of night, has a big doubt in his heart, but there is no worry about Se inside. Somehow, he always feels that this old man is an aboveboard person and will never do anything to hurt Tianjun. Besides, if such despicable means are investigated, it will be swept out of the house by Van Gogh, even if he is a dignitary.
"I what?" Tianjun said jokingly.
"You, who are you?" Yunxi asked with some disbelief. Although she had some slight doubts at the moment, everything was still undecided.
"Me? I am Tianjun of Tiangu. " Tianjun ha ha smiled, and his face turned straight. He said solemnly, "Yunxi, look at the move."
Panlong Jian flew out with the tone of Tianjun, and it was soft and weak during the flight. Everyone saw that this sword did not bless any spiritual force.
At first Yunxi was still in the middle of Mi Li, and Hun was so suspicious that he didn’t expect Tianjun to suddenly shoot himself.
I suddenly woke up and hurried to run the psychic force, but at first glance, the sword flew to me lightly, and I didn’t even feel any sense of danger, and the Excalibur Van Gogh also sensed something. I didn’t move, but just flew tightly against the Panlong sword, which also meant nursing.
Panlong Jian gradually flew to Yunxi’s eyes. Looking at this half of Excalibur, Yunxi felt a little distressed about who was so reckless, but after the sword, a sword ear immediately attracted all her attention, even her body and mind.
"Kowloon bound silk sword spike?" Yunxi recognized it at a glance, because there is a cloud word in the middle of it, and there is nothing in the world except the one he gave to Tianjun.
"You, you …" Yunxi finally confirmed who the person in front of him is at the moment, and there will never be a second one except that person in the world.
"Brother Tianjun!" Yunxi has been crying, and finally shouted out the sentence that has suppressed her heart for many years. This sentence will only be silently recited when no one is around. Today, I can finally say the name that has been bothering me for many years in public.
Tianjun was touched by the scene and remembered Yunxi’s feelings for himself all the time. Even as a man, he could not help but burst into tears at the moment.
"Brother Tianjun, when it is really you?" Yunxi still can’t believe everything in sight, because this dream is too long and too long, which makes her a little hard to accept at the moment.
"Well, well, it’s me, it’s me." Tianjun choked to answer, and the unforgettable scene came and went in my mind.
"My name is Tianjun!"
"My name is Bingxi!"
"Uncle," Yunxi knew that it would be difficult to control himself if he went on like this, which would make people gossip, so he made up his mind and said to the law enforcement elders, "Please declare Tiangu Tianjun a winner. I know I am no match for him, and I hope Uncle will forgive me."
No one, no matter how imaginative, would have thought that Yunxi, the number one popular Van Gogh, would give up to Tianjun in Tiangu before it started, and it seems that they are already familiar with each other. Was the previous play for everyone?
Too wide of the mark, this amazing king began to talk in succession, not to mention them, even the famous man on Yuntai was at a loss for a while, and such a game that was originally expected ended in such a farce.
Yuntai, Yun Xuan Valley Master only moved a ripple at that moment, and then returned to his usual style, which made people unable to see whether it was happy or sad for a father to see this situation.
Yunyue nature is even more jaw-dropping. Brother Tianjun, who has been chanting in my sister’s mouth for a long time, can’t have you near him, while Fubo has already made an official visit to this place, ha ha, smiling, but he didn’t realize that he couldn’t help but leave tears.
Others, ZuoHao nature is also a confused face, this way is unheard of, rare in the world, so, I’m afraid that Tianjun will kill two birds with one stone, although I don’t understand, but I’m really happy for my lover.
For example, Wu Qiang of Tianyu and Yuan Jin of Wu Zong are totally unnatural. This time, they can’t kill Tiangu, which makes them feel bitter. Moreover, this new champion seems to have some ambiguous feelings with the size of Van Gogh’s alum elder sister. If this continues, the two factions will share the same spirit, and it is not as convenient as before to want to move some hands and feet in the future.
This competition really lost both the wife and the soldiers, which is the same idea for both of them.
Jin Xun and Feng Ling looked up at the challenge, but they couldn’t help but look at Xuanji around them. I just wanted to ask if Xuanji didn’t mean to be angry.
Although Xuanji understood that this day would come sooner or later, it seems that the beloved is in love with another woman in full view, even a saint, and it is hard to accept for a while. ! .

Chapter one hundred and sixty-four Strange feeling
"YunXi wench, do you really want to decide to quit and his game? Don’t think about it? " This law enforcement elder is also very surprised. From the appearance, there is nothing surprising about this day. In his view, Yunxi is fully capable of World War I, and even has a chance of winning more than fifty percent, so he asked puzzled. { fastest text chapter reading}
"I still hope that my uncle will be fulfilled." From beginning to end, Yunxi’s eyes never left Tianjun’s figure, as if in her eyes, Tianjun was the only one left in the world, and all her eyes contained was the deep tenderness and endless love for Tianjun, which was a feeling that others could not read.
"Well, in that case, I declare Tiangu Tianjun the winner!" Helpless sigh, a puzzled face said, endless depression and depression in my heart.
After all, there are too many unknown things between Tianjun and Yunxi, and these people can’t understand them. Yunxi understands what these people think and see, and although he can’t control their thoughts, he doesn’t mind people’s opinions.

The lake was choppy for a while, and then a column of water rushed up from the bottom of the lake. Accompanied by numerous waves, Kongming turned into a blue-and-white brilliance and rushed into the temple, and possessed it on the two-meter-high statue. As Kongming possessed it, countless messages came down from the top of his head instantly and flew into his mind, knowing that this was an acceptance of inheritance, and there was information about the water god’s position. Without any hesitation, Kongming hurriedly pulled these messages, which was bound to happen.

After three breaths, the yellow incense of many mortal hands who prostrated themselves on the ground outside had burned out. Hu Lao stood up and inserted the residual incense of his hand into the cauldron, and then took the lead in entering the temple, followed by thousands of people. When these thousands of people inserted the residual yellow incense of their hands into the cauldron and entered the temple, the sky began to dim, and the angry moon gradually shed moonlight.
As soon as they entered the temple, all the people saw the two-meter-high statue standing on the altar at a glance, and the appearance of a human body scattered endless majesty. Immediately, all the people who had just stood up saw the statue, and then they bowed down to the ground again, afraid to look at the statue. So, in the water temple, except for Hu Lao, who was still standing in front, all the others were short, kneeling on the ground and afraid to look up at the statue with their heads down.
Hearing the noise, Hu Lao looked back at all the mortals who knelt down, barely suppressed the idea of prostrating himself, and suddenly had an endless majestic idol with a slight sweep of the corner of his eye. Then Hu Lao went to the front of the altar in the temple and looked at three bowls of blood and five bowls of fruit on the altar. Hu Lao instructed two men to come in like a tripod furnace outside and put it in front of the altar. So, everything was ready without any mistakes.
After all this, Hu Lao immediately took out three incense sticks again, burned them, inserted them into the cauldron, and looked at the smoke rising from the newly burned incense sticks. Hu Lao immediately prostrated himself on the ground, chanting aloud the chapter of sacrifice, constantly talking about good weather, blessing one side, marriage and having children, life and death, etc. The whole temple echoed with Hu Lao’s voice, and there was no other sound.
After half a ring, Hu Lao finally finished reading the long chapter and threw his paper into the tripod furnace. Hu Lao bowed for the second time, then stood up, hung his head, and led many mortals to slowly push out the temple and hit the island. So, the sacrifice was finally over, and most of its things were empty and bright.
"Shout …" As soon as I walked out of the temple gate, there was no such heavy momentum on the capital. At this moment, everyone gave a sigh of relief and relaxed. At this time, there were countless torches on the island, and everyone could not see clearly. After a half-ring, Hu Lao called everyone to go home and rest, and continue to work as before tomorrow. Of course, in any case, there have been changes, and every morning and evening are needed.
Soon, the island was still buzzing, but at this time, there was no one. All the people had gone home to rest, and after cleaning it, Hu Lao also went home to sleep, ready to tell his wishes when he got up early to worship the gods tomorrow.
In the middle of the night, on a quiet island, a figure two meters high suddenly appeared, with numerous long slender snake heads, slender eyes with different colors, one flashing silver light and the other flashing golden light. There were two fleshy whiskers under the straight nose, and the long fleshy whiskers dragged down to the shoulder, and the thin lips became bright red, and they opened slightly from time to time, swallowing long bright red letters.
Hold tight, loosen, hold tight, loosen, look at your hands, and constantly be flexible with common sense. It is clear that your new body has very great power. When you hold your fist at will, there will be whistling sounds, and the long snake with your head can also be controlled at will. Every long snake can change into its own shape that has not yet become this body. The power on each long snake is very great, controlling the long snake with your head flying for a while.
As soon as he entered the temple, Kongming flew to the idol, and suddenly, it seemed to dissolve. After Kongming flew to the idol, he merged into it and disappeared into the temple. For a moment, when Kongming opened his eyes, he saw himself in the cave at the bottom of Dongting Lake. Now he should be said to be a abode of fairies and immortals.
Looking at this humble abode of fairies and immortals, I can’t help wondering. Generally speaking, every existence that becomes a god has a small world of its own, but I don’t feel any signs of it. The only one connected with the gods is this abode of fairies and immortals, which is supposed to be wrong.
With doubts, Kongming shook his long tail and sat down on a white stone. His mind sank into the purple house in an instant and he began to query information, trying to find out why he didn’t have a small world.
For a long time, after rummaging through all the information, Empty Ming immediately found his own little world according to the imprint of his soul. However, after a little induction, Empty Ming felt a very familiar smell in his own little world, which was the smell of his own ontology. Suddenly, Empty Ming’s two places at once understood why he didn’t have a little world, but he could only come to this abode of fairies and immortals.
The so-called Xiaotian is derived from the space debris, and most of them are controlled by the gods. Almost all the gods will have such a small world when they become gods. It is reasonable to say that there should be a small world when they become gods, but in fact, seriously speaking, the spirit of the empty and bright members is exactly the same as that of the empty and bright body. That is to say, no matter how many members are divided, there is only one body and only one soul.
I realized why I didn’t have a small world, but I could only return to this abode of fairies and immortals. After that, I could only give a wry smile, and then I dispersed my thoughts about the small world. After the heart has no other doubts, the empty and bright members will no longer consider other things, and begin to get familiar with their own bodies. This body is newly generated, and it still needs to be familiar with control.
Just as Kongming’s busy body was familiar with the body in this constant sand world, the line of sight flew up. In the small world, Taishan Mountain God and Kongming’s ontology opened their eyes in the small world, and looked at the surrounding environment of the small world with a slight loss. My mind was shocked, and then I returned to my absolute being. My hands shrouded in my sleeves touched slightly. In an instant, I knew that I had been sleeping for more than three years.
"Oh, in three years, I finally repaired the loopholes after the split, so I was completely flawless." Looking at my own soul without any flaw, I didn’t show any expression, as if I were saying something. Not far in front of me was a lotus pond, white lotus swaying in the breeze, and some purple bamboo leaves were scattered in the lotus pond, adding a touch of luxury to the whole lotus pond.
Body shaking, empty Ming stood up, and instantly, countless purple bamboo leaves fell from me. No, there were also bamboo leaves falling from empty Ming into the lotus pond. They didn’t care about the bamboo leaves on their bodies. They left the dust and swung their sleeves, walked out of the small world and came to the temple of Mount Tai.
"pa-pa." Tiptoe point on the altar of the mountain temple, looking at the tattered altar covered with dust, raised his eyebrows, brushed his hands, and instantly, the whirring wind sounded in the mountain temple, but after three breaths, the mountain temple was clean and there was no dust. After strolling down the altar and out of the mountain temple, he looked at the branches and plants on the ground that seemed to be nests. These things were just empty and swaying.
I didn’t care about the branches and plants that make up the nest. Kongming strolled on Mount Tai and browsed the scenery on Mount Tai. After three years, the scenery on Mount Tai seemed to be more beautiful. Walking on the mountain road, Kongming suddenly frowned. Not far away, there were some mortals playing Mount Tai. This was originally a good thing, and Kongming was not prepared to disperse these mortals, but when Kongming saw the ubiquitous garbage on the ground, The empty heart seems to have been pricked. Suddenly, I feel a little disgust from Mount Tai, which is the disgust of many mortals who visit Mount Tai and also the disgust of these rubbish scattered on the ground.
"Your will is my will, your mood is my mood, and your thoughts are my thoughts." Mouth can’t help mumbling, empty eyes narrowed instantly, filar silk brilliance in the eye circulation, looking at the few laughs, casually dropped oiled paper, or saliva of mortals, empty without hiding their disgust, the whole body without wind automatically, waves of shock came from me, in an instant, suddenly a strong wind blew on Mount Tai, the wind blew so dark that all mortals on Mount Tai couldn’t see anything and didn’t know anything.
Half a ring, the wind blowing in the darkness of Mount Tai finally stopped. When many mortals opened their eyes, they saw that there were all Woods around them, but it was not the Woods on Mount Tai. Looking around, they were very strange at this time. For a while, many mortals who didn’t know where they were began to use their own means to find their way, or instructed the page, or greeted their friends, or shouted loudly. At this moment, in the Woods, there was no place, and many mortals could not help but show their ugliness.
Casually left a glance at the many mortals in the forest, disgusted with the ugliness of many mortals. Empty Ming immediately withdrew his sight and looked at the garbage blown together by the strong wind. Empty Ming squinted and saw a villa closest to Mount Tai. Then, between dusting and shaking, the garbage gathered together like a hill was sent to that villa by Empty Ming. Out of thin air, it rained garbage in the sky of the villa.
Randomly leaving many mortals in a forest, and throwing garbage into a villa, these are all casual actions, which are nothing, but this is only temporary, and it can’t be regarded as unobstructed temperament, nor can it be regarded as a wish. These are just trivial, and it can’t be exactly.
"Laws and regulations should be set to restrict mortals from going up the mountain." Standing on the top of Mount Tai, looking at the distance in a dull way, Kong Ming said, with a faint tone, it has already decided that there will be no trace of Mount Tai in the next ten million years. As if echoing empty words, Mount Tai rose another hundred meters in an instant, and the clouds on the top of the mountain became thicker.
Standing on the top of Mount Tai for three days, I looked at the distribution of Godsworn Almighty around Mount Tai through my eyes. I knew that there would be no Godsworn Almighty to disturb the stability of Mount Tai during this period of time, and Kongming withdrew his sight, strolled down the top of Mount Tai and returned to the temple on the mountainside of Mount Tai. As soon as I entered the temple, Kongming shook his sleeves and sent a message to let the deer head gods and scholar gods come to the temple.
Soon, after receiving the information of emptiness, the deer head gods and the scholar gods quickly came to the mountain temple. As soon as they entered the mountain temple, the two subordinate gods saw standing on the altar, looking at the emptiness in the distance, and their dark and deep eyes seemed to be able to see through the future and everything, with a frightening chill.
"The subordinates meet the mountain gods." The two subordinate gods paused when they came in, and then they bowed to the ground in order, and bowed to the empty Ming who had not seen each other for three years. All their words were pious.
Slightly looked at the two subordinate gods, although these two subordinate gods have their own followers from time to time, but they also have a belief thread connected to themselves, and they are still very firm in that kind of strong belief, without any vacillation. These two subordinate gods were all made by the empty hand. The deer head god was originally just an ordinary elk on Mount Tai, while the scholar god was originally a mortal. These two can become gods now, relying on the empty hand. Therefore, these two are sincere, and they can open their minds and give the team that is not suitable for empty and clear inspection.
Wave to the two subordinate gods to get up, and then empty Ming turned his hand, and there was a flash of golden light. The empty Ming’s hand appeared in the merit book that had not been checked for three years. Open the merit book, take a half ring of paper at the two subordinate gods, and then flip the merit book. After the next page, the merit book shows what the two subordinate gods have done in three years …
Tidy up the grassland, manage the elk herd, protect the land, erect the atmosphere and clean up the river, so that tens of thousands of elk not only believe in the deer head god but also believe in the emptiness of Mount Tai, protect the ecological environment and maintain the biological chain.
This is the achievement of the deer head deity. Counting it carefully, it has a total of fifteen thousand in the past three years. After all, it is the first time to do these things from time to time. If this kind of thing is done for the first time, the merits of heaven and earth will be very rich, but now these things have been done many times, so although they are also for the sake of Mount Tai, the merits are only fifteen thousand, which is not very rich, but it is enough to comfort, after all.
Manage morale, collect people from Mo Bao, manage people visiting Mount Tai, check the moral knowledge of Mount Tai people, and make Mount Tai prosperous.
This is the achievement of the scholar-gods. Although it seems to be less than what the deer-head gods do, many of them are very troublesome. You know, managers, that is, mortals, must be involved in it, instead of simply animal gods. After entering the ranks of human gods, they need a lot of things, not just minds and ideas, but also people who will not be harassed by human humanitarian fate.
After careful calculation, the merits and demerits of scholar-gods are only 20,000. In the past three years, there are altogether 20,000 merits and demerits. The career that scholar-gods are in charge of is also a long-running thing. After a long time, they can not only hone their minds, but also taste the true meaning of books. Maybe after a hundred years, Cheng Miao, a scholar-god, will understand the meaning of books and open up his own Confucian road.
Once again, I opened the book of merits and demerits, and on the next page, I wrote my own merits and demerits that the Taishan Mountain God can get from these two subordinate gods. After three years, the total number of merits and demerits I got was seventeen thousand five hundred. I picked my eyebrows, but I didn’t say anything. This was already expected. At this time, if I want to improve my rank, I need hundreds of merits and demerits, and tens of thousands of merits and demerits are not enough to improve my rank. Now, there are only 17,500 merits in three years, so it will take at least nearly 20 years for you to improve your rank.

Chapter one hundred and twenty-two Scriptures
Chapter one hundred and twenty-two Classics
Twenty years is a long time for Kongming. If so, we must find other ways to gain merit, flip our left hand, take out a green bamboo pen, and then write a comment on the merit book to show that we have consulted it, and there are no mistakes and omissions.
As the bamboo strokes of Kongming moved, soon, the sky fell with two faint yellow smells and looked at the deer head gods and scholar gods who were absorbing merits. Kongming turned the merit book to the first page again and looked at his own merits.
Name: Kongming.
Priesthood: Taishan Mountain God.
Rank: 8.
Merit: 65ooo.
If you want to upgrade your rank, you need to accumulate merits and deeds to 250,000, put away your merits and deeds book conveniently, and let the two subordinate gods step down and continue to perform their duties, while Kongming walked out of Mount Tai behind the two subordinate gods, strolled on Mount Tai and walked towards the other side of Mount Tai, where there was a different space called Taishan Space.
Sitting down and riding a perfect white deer, strolling on Mount Tai, surrounded by faint clouds, shaking the snow-white dust, the emptiness of a white green gauze walked into the Taishan space on the mountainside of Mount Tai. Looking around, three years later, there are still no monsters in this Taishan space, except for the colorful clouds that are almost turned into liquid in this Taishan space, and the rest are just those that have become aura in this rich aura.
Although it has been soaked in rich reiki for three years in this Taishan space, after all, it was originally just a mundane thing. Besides being contaminated with many reiki, because it didn’t generate spiritual wisdom, it could only gather reiki unconsciously, and then the gathered reiki dispersed independently, and there was no change. Those rare plants and natural resources were taken away long ago when the monster beasts walked away. Even if they left, they were just junk, even empty.
Drive the White Deer to the heart of this Taishan space, squint his eyes, look at the top of this Taishan space, and then at the ground of Taishan space. Two subtle filaments fly out of the two cinnabar spots between the eyebrows of Kongming, and instantly stab the place where Kongming just looked. Then, with the establishment of the connection, countless information materials in this Taishan space are introduced into Kongming’s mind with the established silk thread.
Three days later, after combing the information in Taishan space, Kongming rode a white deer out of Taishan space again, walked up the mountain road and looked up. While looking at the scene on Taishan, he sprinkled his own breath on the way. Soon, a month passed. When Kongming was sitting in a small world, all the changes in Taishan in the past three years were reflected in detail, which also filled Taishan with emptiness.
Sitting next to the lotus pond, Pan looked at the crystal clear water. After three breaths, Kong Ming suddenly stretched out his right hand, slowly pulled the long sleeve of his right hand away, revealing the pale right hand with bloodshot inside, straightened his index finger, and then Kong Ming pointed the pale and slender index finger on the crystal clear water of the lotus pond.
For a moment, like a phantom, with the right index finger pointing on the water surface of the lotus pond, the ripples spread out, just like the veil receded. After the ripples subsided, the water surface of the lotus pond, which was originally crystal clear, was changed. What was reflected on the water surface was the scene in the unknown Hengsha world at the bottom of the Hengsha world ocean, which was the most heart-felt scene. It was a vast lake.
Looking at the lotus pond surface, there was a scene of the empty and bright doppelganger. The flashing light of the empty and bright eyes immediately turned into a brilliance, which flew into the lotus pond surface. In an instant, it was integrated into it, worn out in a hurry, and came to the top of the empty and bright doppelganger in the constant sand world. Then that brilliance turned into countless words and was absorbed and digested by the empty and bright doppelganger.
Open your eyes, lean against the white rock and blink, and look up at the stone wall above your head. There is not much. After getting up, Empty Ming busy just worships the above, to show that he has understood the meaning of ontology transmission and is full of gratitude to ontology.
After a few times of worship, the empty Ming member randomly withdrew his action, sat on a white rock again, turned his mind, fell silent in the purple mansion, and began to look at the information transmitted by the empty Ming ontology.
"If the water is good, all things in water conservancy will not be disputed …"
An article "Tao Te Ching" appeared in the Purple Mansion of Empty Ming, and it was all about water. It began to reverberate in the Purple Mansion of Empty Ming, as if an old man was reading in the Purple Mansion, and there were countless waters flowing in the Purple Mansion. When the empty Ming mind saw this dish, it could not help but indulge in it and didn’t know anything outside.

But could Parma beat Lazio at half-time?

Many reporters think it is impossible.
But when they heard such reckless cheers, they suddenly wanted Lazio to lose the game.
Think of it as the best lesson for such a team that doesn’t respect its opponents.
At half-time, if Lazio are really underestimating their opponents, then they will definitely not be in good form.
The question now is how will Parma react?
Does Parma know that their opponents are celebrating at halftime?
This is a shame to them!
If Parma knew, they would be enraged by arrogant Lazio players.
Then they will fight back at half-time …
Lazio, on the other hand, were not prepared for the difficulty of the half-court game because of their pride and underestimation. Only after they played did they find that their opponents were fierce.
They really want the horse to regain the advantage, but they relax too much, and the result is that they can’t hold on tight. Once Parma can recover a goal, Lazio will be in a panic.
At the same time, in this game, they have to win, and they will be out of shape.
This will form a vicious circle.
The more you want to win, the less you can win.
Parma, on the other hand, will be more confident when they see Lazio’s performance like this.
When the time comes, it will change …
With this analysis, everyone suddenly felt that what they wanted to see was not impossible.
But first, Parma needs to know that their opponents have already celebrated the championship and have not paid attention to them.
Do they know?
This reporter is not clear now
But I’m sure they’ll know after the game-look at Parma’s performance. If they still stick to their words like half-time, it’s definitely over.
Journalists want to see Palma alive and kicking all the time at half-time.
So will Palma give them what they want?
Chapter three hundred and seventy Six consecutive championships!
Those journalist who want to see Lazio jokes are eagerly wait to see Parma’s performance at half-time.
They hope to see a high-spirited Palma.
But … although the dream is beautiful and full, the reality is always very cruel and skinny.
Just three minutes after half-time, before the reporters came to see what Parma really did, Lazio launched a sharp attack.
After a series of dazzling runs, they sent the football into the restricted area.
David silva catches the ball in the penalty area and dribbles horizontally.
In the process, he pretended to shoot many times and deceived the Parma defender. Finally, he deceived the Parma goalkeeper Pavarini to the ground before he started shooting!
Football flies into Parma’s goal in suspense!
“3! ! Lazio scored another goal! Their goal at half-time declared their determination-no one should expect Lazio to be turned over by Parma at half-time! "
Caressa’s remarks seem to be specially addressed to those journalists …
But the reporters couldn’t hear him.
Even so, these reporters still feel the "malice" from Changsheng …