But could Parma beat Lazio at half-time?

Many reporters think it is impossible.
But when they heard such reckless cheers, they suddenly wanted Lazio to lose the game.
Think of it as the best lesson for such a team that doesn’t respect its opponents.
At half-time, if Lazio are really underestimating their opponents, then they will definitely not be in good form.
The question now is how will Parma react?
Does Parma know that their opponents are celebrating at halftime?
This is a shame to them!
If Parma knew, they would be enraged by arrogant Lazio players.
Then they will fight back at half-time …
Lazio, on the other hand, were not prepared for the difficulty of the half-court game because of their pride and underestimation. Only after they played did they find that their opponents were fierce.
They really want the horse to regain the advantage, but they relax too much, and the result is that they can’t hold on tight. Once Parma can recover a goal, Lazio will be in a panic.
At the same time, in this game, they have to win, and they will be out of shape.
This will form a vicious circle.
The more you want to win, the less you can win.
Parma, on the other hand, will be more confident when they see Lazio’s performance like this.
When the time comes, it will change …
With this analysis, everyone suddenly felt that what they wanted to see was not impossible.
But first, Parma needs to know that their opponents have already celebrated the championship and have not paid attention to them.
Do they know?
This reporter is not clear now
But I’m sure they’ll know after the game-look at Parma’s performance. If they still stick to their words like half-time, it’s definitely over.
Journalists want to see Palma alive and kicking all the time at half-time.
So will Palma give them what they want?
Chapter three hundred and seventy Six consecutive championships!
Those journalist who want to see Lazio jokes are eagerly wait to see Parma’s performance at half-time.
They hope to see a high-spirited Palma.
But … although the dream is beautiful and full, the reality is always very cruel and skinny.
Just three minutes after half-time, before the reporters came to see what Parma really did, Lazio launched a sharp attack.
After a series of dazzling runs, they sent the football into the restricted area.
David silva catches the ball in the penalty area and dribbles horizontally.
In the process, he pretended to shoot many times and deceived the Parma defender. Finally, he deceived the Parma goalkeeper Pavarini to the ground before he started shooting!
Football flies into Parma’s goal in suspense!
“3! ! Lazio scored another goal! Their goal at half-time declared their determination-no one should expect Lazio to be turned over by Parma at half-time! "
Caressa’s remarks seem to be specially addressed to those journalists …
But the reporters couldn’t hear him.
Even so, these reporters still feel the "malice" from Changsheng …


The cornucopia shone brightly, and something flew out. It was a pair of silver rings, which seemed to have the sound of wind chimes, jingling and crunching.
A hot in the eyes of all, many people jumped up and rushed up desperately.
Dragon Family Master, Dugu Helan made moves in succession, and each of them did their best to catch the pair of silver rings.
"mine!" Beargguy roars, his body suddenly soars, his body is covered with a layer of black hair, and his big palm presses down and covers the silver rings.
"Hum." Dragon house owner with a snort of cold, a punch on the palm of Beargguy. Even if Beargguy one like flesh, also can’t help but feel a shock, back out two steps. After all, people are masters of the deification period, and the further the gap between the realms, the more insurmountable it becomes.
At this moment, the blind old man shot again, swept away the broken bamboo pole and whipped it on the Dragon Family Master. An open master of deification, with a snort of stuffy, staggered and flew out, looking at the blind old man in horror.
With a crunchy sound, the broken bamboo pole was drawn on Dugu Helan’s face, leaving a clear blood stain on it.
At the same time, the blind old * * * waved his hand and the pair of silver rings fell into his palm.
"You …" Dugu Helan nearly vomited blood, thinking that he was a master at the peak of the deification period, and he was actually pulled back with a stick in front of so many people, losing face. This shame immediately made him angry.
The Dragon Family Master had a hard time, too. He put his hand over his chest and felt a burning pain. He looked at the blind old man in surprise.
"This ….. this is really Hong Ying old thief? When did it become so powerful? " They shook their heads in disbelief.
Several experts in the deification period all showed surprise, and never dared to look down upon the blind old man again.
"Don’t get angry, I’m just looking …" The blind old man laughed.
The cornucopia was full of splendor, and another treasure flew out, but this time, no matter whether it was a master of the deification period, a blind old man or Zhuge Liang, he didn’t start work. Obviously I don’t like this gadget.
But even so, it still attracted many people to compete. Finally, it was taken by a female practitioner in Tianchi.
A surprising sword awn, a stunning Excalibur flew out of it, the sword rainbow shattered the sky, and the front of God was exposed.
This time, several experts in the deification period attacked the blind old man at the same time, and the monstrous truth rolled like a torrent, flooding the void.
The broken bamboo pole in the hands of the blind old man is raised again, and the tattered bamboo pole is infinite in power, which has repeatedly cracked the attacks of your deified masters. The broken bamboo pole was ugly and was held in the arms of the blind old man. But anyone can see that this broken bamboo pole is a world-famous treasure.
Excalibur crossed the air, as if trying to hide.
Several figures flew up. Kirin, Demon Prince, Dugu Bingyu, Dugu Crane and the young man in white all wanted to keep the Excalibur for themselves.
And at that moment, Zhuge didn’t light up, relying on the speed brought by the purple boots, and rushed up in an instant. When his arm was lifted, the golden chain wrapped around his arm flew out and suddenly entangled Excalibur.
Several young masters’ faces changed color, and they looked at Zhuge with resentment, wishing to tear them off.
Zhuge didn’t light up the golden chain of cutting, and the Excalibur wrapped in the golden chain flew towards the young man in white.
The young man in white was one leng, and then quickly caught the flying Excalibur and held it. He looked at Zhuge Liang in consternation, just in time to see Zhuge Liang winking at him quietly.
White youth heart induction, nodded and said nothing.
Facing the hatred of people around him, Zhuge Buliang shrugged his shoulders, learned the tone of a blind old man and said, "I’m just looking …"
Everyone has an impulse to beat Zhuge up, but they can’t do it at the moment. There are different treasures flying out of the cornucopia at any time. If you are careful, you will miss it.
This time, more than a dozen treasures flew out of the cornucopia, which was colorful and flooded more than half of the void. Everyone is in the air, chasing the magic weapon that flies out.
This time, the number was huge, and the blind old man and Zhuge Liang didn’t have time to stop others, and each grabbed one. Dugu sword, Xia Dongliu, and the dragon scattered people have also seized a magic weapon.
At this time, Zhuge Liang did not see a green flying sword, which was a wooden flying sword. He raised his arm and the golden chain flew out, wrapping the green flying sword.
"It’s him again, stop!" Some people can’t help swearing. Zhuge doesn’t light the extra speed on his boots, and the invincible golden chain in his hand is really a headache.
Several practitioners rose to the sky, trying to stop Zhuge Liang. With a wave of Zhuge Liang’s arm, the golden chain threw the green flying sword at Xiang Yi Fei.
Xiang Yifei was a little startled, but she quickly came to her senses and caught the flying sword. Without saying anything, she branded the gods on it, lest someone snatch it away or fly away by herself.
Looking at Zhuge’s dim eyes, Xiang Yi Fei nodded gratefully.

This cosmopolitanism is such a family support not only for gold, silver and money, but also for force. A family with force can be more prosperous and prosperous, and a family with force can develop more rapidly. The family foundation is that those practitioners who can cultivate their family brothers are naturally more valued than themselves, although Grandpa is also good to himself.

Ye Guchen picked up this "Huang Ji Shen Gong" and studied it carefully. This thing is not abstruse. Ye Guchen can understand it. Although it is a little obscure, it is all in the early stage of high depth, but you can’t see anything. Ye Jia’s "The Sea Decision" cultivated by Ye Guchen is not much different, but it is more profound and subtle. For example, this "The Sea Decision" is practiced on this small Sunday, while this "Huang Ji Shen Gong Gong" is practiced on a large and small Sunday.
Of course, this Ye Guchen is understandable. Although it is not a lot, it is obscure. At first glance, it will be known that it is a congenital practice, and this "Sea Decision" is a cultivation of ten levels of strength, which belongs to the acquired achievement method. It is enough to see the gap between the two.
You know, there are a lot of experts in the martial arts family sects in this mainland, but the overall breakdown is divided into two parts: the acquired fighters are born with great achievements, and the martial arts are broken.
The acquired fighters are divided into one to ten levels, depending on the strength of the ten-level realm. The gap between each level is very obvious. The ten-level peak base says that the innate fighters are masters. If you want to be promoted, you need to have a sense of heaven and earth and a certain chance. The most important thing is that you should have the innate masters of promotion, that is, those who have the innate martial arts school and the Millennium family. Only when they have them will they have the innate martial arts school, ordinary people will have the highest level of promotion. Even if they reach the top of the ten levels, there will never be a shortage of top masters in the Jianghu. However, the number
The master of innate Dacheng is called the master master. These people have cultivated the martial arts to a certain level, which is beyond the average person’s level. Each of them is a master. There are several super sects and families with master masters. There are almost no other places in the whole continent. There are not one thousand but there are hundreds of innate masters. However, this master master is rare in the whole continent, that is, more than a dozen samples. It is because of their grandmaster grandmaster that the Jade Sword Villa has become the first place in this path today.
Here, fighters who have broken through the realm of the master and advanced to a new world are called great masters. If no one knows that they are beyond the general realm, they need intensive study. Sooner or later, they will become the broken and virtual strong. Of course, the broken and virtual master means that the martial arts enter the Tao, and the broken and virtual lead to the destruction of the sky. If success is good, it will be beheaded if it is a careless failure.
It’s not that there hasn’t been a great master’s realm in mainland China. The master tried to break away in the absence of strength, and the result was that the sky thunder was chopped to death alive. The emptiness was just a talk, and it was really only a few hundred years before one could be achieved.
And this great master’s realm master is also rare. Ye Guchen knows that there has not been such a figure in the mainland so far. The only one who is known to be broken is the virtual great master, that is, Xie Feng, the sword god three hundred years ago, and others.
It’s no ordinary difficulty for Ye Guchen to reach this level. There are more than billions of people in the five empires of the mainland. But among so many people, it took three hundred years to produce a sword god Xie Feng and want to be the second martial arts to break the virtual strong. The difficulty is even more difficult. Ye Guchen is still a person who has not even cultivated a layer of strength.
I’m ashamed to say that I asked for tickets. Brothers, who has recommended tickets for me? Help me announce the gods by the way.
Chapter VI Connecting to Level 3
Ye Guchen sat cross-legged and studied it by himself. This "Emperor’s Extremely Magical Skill" confirmed its central meditation and recorded it in his mind. Ye Guchen closed his eyes and practiced silently.
To say that Ye Guchen’s size is a genius, although the meridians are blocked badly, it is still rare to accumulate strength to the second level in this continent. If it is not because of its own limitations, it is even less likely to enter the third floor or even the fourth floor now. Although it is always more and more difficult to practice this way, it is not impossible for Ye Guchen to reach the fourth floor at the age of thirteen.
It’s a pity that Ye Guchen is unlucky, and the meridians are not very smooth and blocked, so he can’t impact the acupoints and slowly accumulate strength. Now this level has reached its peak. If he can’t break through the acupoints and clear the meridians, so will his generation. He has two levels of superior strength but can’t transport it. In fact, he is no different from ordinary people
Sitting cross-legged silently, I feel a little warm current in the abdomen, and the leaves alone lead me to walk slowly in my meridians. According to the past experience, I guide the warm current to pass through various acupoints of the body and constantly impact and expand. These acupoints absorb the energy of heaven and earth and enter the body to strengthen their own strength during the operation. When they reach a certain level, they will be advanced when they are fixed.
In fact, this is not difficult for experienced Ye Guchen. The operation ability of things is very difficult for an entry-level person. Most things take a month to get their first true qi successfully, but Ye Guchen has a bottom after all, which can not beat him.
In fact, there is almost no skill in saving energy, and it is not difficult to save energy if you can exercise your skills. The speed of saving energy varies according to different talents. Some people can absorb energy from others after one hour of meditation, while others can absorb energy after one day of meditation, which depends on personal talents.
Of course, there is another factor involved, that is, if the aura of heaven and earth is strong enough, then an ordinary person can become a genius in such an environment. However, the aura of heaven and earth is scarce and richer than that of ordinary places, but the richness is limited. The phenomenon that the concentration of external aura around Ye Guchen is several times and dozens times is almost impossible and has never been heard.
However, these are not very difficult. The most difficult thing is that every promotion will be stuck there, and it will require a certain understanding of energy and impact on acupuncture points. Generally speaking, it can be divided into Baihui, Jade Pillow, Shanzhong, Shoujing, Lingtai, Qihai and Mingmendu. Although the force will pass through these nine acupuncture points on Sunday, almost all of them will pass through one tenth and the remaining nine will be automatically filtered out.
The energy absorbed by layers of screening from the outside world is isolated by these nine acupoints, and 99% of it is only a little bit left, but this little energy keeps increasing. When it reaches a certain level, you can use your strength to hit acupoints. Every time you hit an acupoint, not only will the energy absorbed increase, but the abdomen will also increase several times with the expansion of strength, and the absorbed energy will also increase. This is the so-called practice constructio n.
In fact, each level of promotion is the impact on acupuncture points, and each acupuncture point can be promoted to a higher level. Dantian can also be expanded by one point until the nine acupuncture points hit Dantian to the limit. That is, the first level of cultivation is not to impact any acupuncture points, to see what personal talent can feel the true qi, and to operate the true qi, so that people in the whole world can be called a master, but most of them can break through even one level.
However, no matter if you practice hard, your body is much better than the average person. The mainland is martial and cautious. Even if you can’t practice successfully, you can keep fit. If you have an achievement, it will be worth a hundred times more.
Ye Guchen silently released the aura in his heart. Suddenly, the aura around Ye Guchen became thicker and gathered together. If someone else saw this scene at this time, he would even be jealous. Such a strong aura is slightly different from the world.
I feel that my power has increased a lot after a week’s operation, and I don’t know how much faster than I used to. Suddenly, I was curious and hurried to speed up the operation. After nine weeks’ operation, he was surprised to find that his abdomen was saturated.
What does dantian saturation mean? No one knows this better than Ye Guchen. This watch has absorbed enough force by itself, and it is already a peak, which can impact the first acupuncture point Baihui. This is what Ye Guchen never thought.
He is experienced in hitting the first floor. At the age of five, he practiced under the guidance of his parents for two years. At the age of seven, he was saturated and hit Baihui point to advance to the second floor. However, after only nine weeks of operation, he was saturated.
This Yuzryha solitary Chen some can’t imagine that he doesn’t know what’s going on and thinks for a long time, but then Ye solitary Chen becomes white. This is not because of how talented he is, but because he has a second-floor peak repair. Although Yu Heng broke the meridians, this force has not dissipated, but it continues to lie in the abdomen and the meridians. Now that his meridians have been repaired, it is natural to easily break through the realm before the breakthrough.
Thought of here, Ye Guchen is also unambiguous in operating force, which impacts Baihui point. When Ye Guchen is mobilized, it is slowly transported, and then it is tied up and desperately impacted Baihui point. Ye Guchen feels that there is almost no big feeling after a pain at Baihui point, unlike the original general pain, he just rushed over and advanced to the second floor.
Such a scene, Yuzryha Gu Chen can’t imagine that he is running the second layer of art and working again. This time, he has been running for ten sundays, and Ye Gu Chen has once again hit the second acupuncture point, Jade Pillow. It is still like the first time, and there is almost no wave. When he is too long, he will break through the second layer card.
In this way, Ye Guchen runs the third layer with confidence. He wants to absorb this medicine department with a bang, and there must be no slightest wave running the third layer. As Ye Guchen thought, after running for 36 weeks, the third layer of Shanzhong point has not been broken, but it is vaguely loose.
However, Ye Guchen continued to practice meditation. Unfortunately, after thirty-six weeks of operation, Ye Guchen felt some slight pain in his meridians. He knew that this was a sign that he had reached the limit, and he dared not exercise at will. Because of this, his meridians could be shattered by that crazy violence at any time, and the consequences would be unimaginable, so he quickly stopped exercising, although he was disappointed.
But that’s enough to be a man. You can’t be too greedy. You have been promoted to the third level in a row for one night. You hit two acupoints and got promoted to the third level. This is something that many people don’t even think about. You know Ye Guchen practiced from the age of five, but at the age of ten, he hasn’t broken through the second level and entered the third level. You can imagine how difficult it is to get promoted.
I don’t know how many people are going to vomit blood and die, if that’s not enough.
However, although there are not many thirteen-year-old three-story masters, there are also many, but this shows that a person is talented. In some aristocratic families, people who can cultivate to the third floor at the age of thirteen will be focused on training.
I opened my eyes and found that it was dawn. Ye Guchen quickly got up and went out and came to this courtyard. It is true that boxing and physical exercise are revolutionary money. For martial arts experts, physical exercise is important, but it can’t be pulled away. Although people with advanced skills don’t pay much attention to physical exercise, the better their health, the more vigorous their blood is. It is no secret that many family sects have fixed physical exercise steps. Although everyone doesn’t value it very much, they really need to exercise when they are young, which is good for the future and practice.
Of course, Ye Guchen didn’t say what happened to his body suddenly changed, and he didn’t intend to tell anyone that he was still the master Ye Gujiu, who was still the lonely and unique routine. He was quietly hiding in his own corner and practicing hiding in his own courtyard. As he always did, he lay quietly like a wild animal in his classmates licking his wounds and waiting for his body to recover, and then he would go out of the cave to find his enemies when his wings were fuller and his claws were sharper.
Obviously, now is not a suitable opportunity. Shaoye Guchen thinks so.
(Ask for tickets, ask for tickets, ask for tickets, ask for tickets, hey hey)
Chapter VII Ghost Claw
Ye Guchen, the most basic arhat boxing, practiced it for three times, and then he stopped sweating. After that, Ye Guchen turned his eyes to the direction. There were two stone piers next to it and two ten-foot-high stakes hanging sandbags. That was Ye Guchen’s daily practice.
Ye Gucheng, who can’t practice hard, turned his attention to physical training. Although he didn’t achieve any proud results, Ye Guchen’s body was much better than his peers. He was thirteen years old and physically a child. However, Ye Guchen’s height has grown to about one meter and he is full of muscles. These are the results of his perennial exercise.
Squatting 130 Jin on the stone pier, lifting weights, practicing boxing, 1000. This is Ye Guchen’s daily basic work. After all this, he wiped the sweat. Ye Guchen suddenly thought that he could cultivate his strength, and that Monty Skill also had a set of achievement methods. He suddenly became interested in attacking moves and ran over. He took out the "Emperor’s Extremely Magical Skill" from a hidden box under the bed and watched it carefully.
There is an attack technique called Ghost Claw in The Emperor’s Extremely Magical Skill. It makes people shudder to hear the name, and it is indeed true. This Ghost Claw is very powerful, and it introduces force into the palm of your hand, covering your fingertips and palms. This hurts people, and his attack moves are the most vulnerable places for people. Once it is hit, the consequences are unimaginable. It can be said that it is cruel and vicious.
After practicing, I have learned that this "Ghost Claw" can break through the body to form a ghost claw, which means that it is terrible to hurt people and kill people in the form.
"Huang Ji Shen Gong" is just such an attack technique, but it is enough. You know, mainland people’s cultivation ability is the root of martial arts skills, and people will choose attack techniques only when there is a breakthrough in force methods, or they will choose attack techniques only after their strength reaches a certain height, because this attack technique seems simple, but it is not so easy to learn, and it is difficult to achieve much without years of hard work. Most people don’t want to be in this wave.
However, Ye Guchen will feel the pain of meridians after practicing for 36 sundays at most, and he will not dare to practice strength, leisure and work. After finishing the matrix exercise, he will naturally look at this "Ghost Claw".
Ye Guchen recorded the ghost claw exercise route and all skills in his mind according to what he said for a few hours before practicing.
I came to the courtyard and looked at the four old servants, Fobo. No longer did Ye Guchen dare to practice according to this book "Ghost Claw", but it’s a pity that this thing is not so easy to learn. Just mastering the exercise route, Yuzryha Guchen groped for a whole day to be mastered.
Ye Guchen did not continue to practice "Ghost Claw" until he finished his physical exercise in the early morning of the next day after he released his aura exercise power that night. It was still half a month before Ye Guchen groped for the ghost claw exercise route.
Then I practiced formally, but Ye Guchen realized that it was not easy to learn the route of "Ghost Claw". Although I remembered it well and groped enough, I was really out of breath when I put it to use, and I always felt that I couldn’t move freely. Although I worked hard for a few days, I still couldn’t move freely.
It took a month for Ye Guchen to feel the way to transport this ghost claw, although it was not very pure, but it was barely able to be put to good use.
This Yuzryha lonely heart a little happy, but then some nai dark sighed, "I really am not a genius, even with a lot of reiki in Yu Pei and this secret skill has this ghost claw, but I only practiced this ghost claw for a month, and it’s not just that I can barely display this talent. Why should I go to Yuheng for revenge? He’s the second man of Yujian Mountain Villa. Hugh reached the top of the tenth floor three years ago. Even Grandpa is no match for him. If I have this ability, why should I take revenge on him? "
"No, I can. I will definitely do better than Yuheng. I must be better than everyone else. Although my talent is not good, you others practice five hours a day. I practice ten hours a day and meditate for two hours. I can’t believe this. I can’t compete with you." Ye Guchen said with a firm hand.
In fact, this is Ye Guchen’s own self-belittling. Although Ye Guchen’s talent is not extremely good, it is absolutely not bad. You know, the cultivation of this skill, style and technique is definitely not successful overnight. Some people have only achieved a little success in drilling for several years, and the more advanced the technique is, it is quite amazing that Ye Guchen can barely master the ghost claws in a month, but he is not in contact with the outside world but he just doesn’t know it.
Then I threw myself into the practice again, and a few days passed in the blink of an eye. However, Ye Guchen recently felt that there was something wrong with practicing "Ghost Claw" at home. Although it was not discovered, the power of this ghost claw was put there. Now I can completely tear the bark of an old tree in the past and leave a paw print on it without being discovered. But once I find that it is not beautiful,
Ye Guchen doesn’t want others to know that he can cultivate things for the time being. Whether it is "Ghost Claw" or "Emperor’s Extremely Magic" is the original sin for Ye Guchen. These things must not be known, otherwise it is difficult to give birth to any curse.
You know, Ye Guchen’s father has five brothers, but they are not very good with each other. Ye Gujia’s great cause has many branches, and hundreds of people are not without struggle with each other. It is a miracle that Ye Guchen can suddenly repair the damaged meridians. If there are advanced practices and good moves and techniques, it will be hard for people to stare at, so Ye Guchen has to think more about it.
Ye guchen, though withdrawn, is not stupid. On the contrary, because his mother died early and his father looked like this, he knows how to protect himself better than his peers. Sometimes, he knows what to say and what not to say, and he knows what to do.

Jin Jian shattered into countless pieces, and Zhuge Liang grabbed Jin Ren’s arm without lighting it, making it move abruptly, which was so overbearing.

Jin people are golden, but they can’t get rid of the shackles of Zhuge Liang.
Zhuge Liang’s theory of moving to the gold man, flying towards the dragon, smashed the past. In Zhuge Liang’s hands, the gold man completely became a weapon with a domineering sword.
Long Xiangfei’s face changed, and his arms were held high to the sky. Several mountains seemed to have crossed the barren ancient times and headed for Zhuge Buliang Town.
Zhuge Liang’s theory that the golden man in his hands smashed in the past, and the mountain collapsed and the rocks flew, turning into scattered real elements and dissolving in the rain curtain.
The Golden Man was flying in the hands of Zhuge Liang, and he was invincible. The Golden Man smashed the air and flew to Long Xiangfei.
The dragon flies like an enemy, his hand is moving, and meteorites everywhere in the sky fall, gathering into a huge giant, as high as a mountain, and his huge arms are like mountains.
Jin Renlun smashed up and abruptly broke one of the giant’s arms.
Past mountains boom, spectacular scene, Fiona Fang thousands of meters within the void all collapsed, even the rain was separated.
Zhuge Liang didn’t talk about the golden man in his hands, smashed all the mountains and giants and came to Long Xiangfei’s front.
Without any words, Jin people directly smashed the past.
Dragon flying was smashed and spit out one mouthful blood, and his body flew back like a shell.
Zhuge walked in vain before dawn, and his figure was like a dream bubble. He caught up with the dragon and flew, and the Golden Man smashed it again.
Long Xiangfei had no resistance and flew out again.
Zhuge didn’t light his body and moved, so he chased him up again.
Whenever the dragon flies out, Zhuge can always stop him in the middle of the road when he is not bright. Without any nonsense, he directly talks about the gold man and hits it.
"bang! !”
The golden man fell violently, just like a big mountain, and the dragon flew into a mountain peak, and the whole mountain completely collapsed and scattered stones.
Zhuge didn’t light up one step at a time, his vanity trembled, his black eyes danced, and his eyes were dead and heavy.
"ah! ! !”
With a long whistle, Long Xiangfei flew out of the ruins, his face covered with blood and dancing wildly. Full of piercing roar and shaking the fields.
As a first-class genius of the Dragon Family, when did you receive such an insult?
At this moment, Long Xiangfei’s body lit up with a purple brilliance, wearing a purple shining armor on him, and even his head was covered with a helmet. The shadow of a purple dragon lingered around him.
This purple armor is a defensive magic weapon of the Dragon Flying Sacrifice for many years. It has been advanced to the advanced level of metaphysics, which can defend against ten attacks of the magic weapon of the ground grade.
"hey!" A halberd painted by Fang Tian appeared in his hand, peerless and sharp-edged, and chopped at Zhuge.
Vaguely, there was a dragon song in Fang Tian’s painting halberd, and it was clear that a dragon eagle was wrapped around Fang Tian’s painting halberd.
"Not enough to see! !” Zhuge roared before dawn and punched Long Xiangfei. There was a brilliant light on the fist.
Peng!’ A flips, the dragon flying fan fly out. "Boom!"
The edge of Fang Tian’s painting halberd was cut to Zhuge again, and the void was divided into two halves. Zhuge shook his body before it was bright, and reached out and grabbed Fang Tian’s halberd, which made it difficult to hurt him.

This time, everyone has a maid to wait on them. They are responsible for picking the water and sending it to everyone’s mouth one by one. It is absolutely imperial treatment.

To be honest, it is not suitable for Ye Tian or other girls to be served like this, but there is no denying that everyone feels very served.
After eating for a long time, Ye Tiankou said, well, let’s continue the topic just now. Heidi, there are six people left in the dance company, so don’t you need to add it?
Stubborn shook his head, Heidi flatly said, no, we don’t need to add. We have all been trained together since childhood, and we are familiar with each other. Even if there is one sister left, we don’t need to add one person.
Frowned, Ye Tian flatly said, Well, if you don’t add, you won’t add.
Speaking of which, Ye Tian turned to look at Lenny. Lenny, what about you?
I looked puzzled at Ye Tianlai Lenny. I don’t seem to need a partner to sing here. If you can get me a band with enough grades, I will come myself.
Smiling and shaking his head, Ye Tiankou said that the lead singer is enough, but don’t you need a backup singer?
Lenny couldn’t help frowning when he heard Ye Tian’s words. I don’t know what you said was a backup singer. I haven’t heard of it. Can you explain it?
This frowned hesitantly. Ye Tian simply explained what a backup singer is. Listening to Ye Tian, Lenny lit up his eyes with excitement and gasped. Do you mean to find some songs for me to be a backup singer?
Yeah, I nodded. Ye Tiandao, that’s right. That’s what it means. What do you need?
Looking at Ye Tianlai Lenny excitedly, he said, of course I need it, but I’m just a little song. I’m not qualified to be a backup singer for others
Before Lenny could finish, Ye Tian shook his head and interrupted her proudly. What qualifications are not qualified? If I say you are qualified, you are qualified. Now you need to tell me if you need it.
Yes, of course, I need it. I can sing the auxiliary words. The appeal of the song will rise several steps, but can I really sing it? Lenny was excited and worried
Smiling and nodded, Ye Tiankou said, of course, but what about you? You don’t have any good candidates. I can look for them in the slave trade.
The candidate frowned, Lenny said with a wry smile. The candidate is not without facts. The other four girls are collectively called the five days later, and the five of us together are definitely the world’s double singing group.
Speaking of which, Lenny smiled derisively, but we are all on the same page. How can they come to be my backup singer? It’s impossible.
Suddenly raised his head and Lenny said excitedly, if it’s true, I’d like to be their backup singer. If we get together, it will definitely set off a huge wave of singing.
Oh, when I heard Lenny’s words, Ye Tian’s eyes flashed at Lenny’s five days later. Is that interesting? Are you familiar with them? Will they come if you invite them? I hesitate to look at Ye Tian’s words. Lenny is not sure that we are familiar with them. If I invite them, they may come, but.
But what leaf day asked
Hesitantly looking at Ye Tianlai Lenny with a wry smile, but they are all affiliated with the choir of the Vatican, so that they will not be oppressed. If they want to join, they must first get permission from the Vatican, and secondly, they must be paid a fee.
Ye Tian immediately breathed a sigh of relief when he heard Lenny’s words, and said with a smile, this is no problem. You are responsible for arranging and planning the salary, and then give it to me, and I’ll get it from the Vatican.
Ah, Lenny jumped up with excitement when he heard Ye Tian’s words. Are you serious? Are you really going to put our five divas together?
Uh, gawking at Lenny Yetian, his eyes were straight and he forgot to answer.
Looking at Ye Tian’s expression, Lenny was all stiff and slowly bowed his head and looked down at Ye Tian’s eyes. He saw his clothes and legs crossed, and Ye Tian was sitting and she was so close to the ground. Therefore,
Yes, Ye Tian saw everything, not just everything. Because of the close distance, Ye Tian even smelled Lenny’s purples.
Ah, suddenly folded his legs and covered himself with his hands. Lenny sat down in fear, and his heart thumped as if he could jump out of his throat at any time.
Lenny is a good girl, let alone a boy. Even a girl has never seen her there, but now Ye Tian has seen everything.
For Lenny, that’s the deepest part of her heart. Once it’s seen, it’s as if it’s the deepest part of her heart. She’s scared and confused.
I grabbed a water leaf in a panic and stuffed it into my mouth, but I kept replaying the picture just now.
There was silence at the table, and all the girls knew what had just happened and what Ye Tian had seen. At that time, the girls were shy and bowed their heads. Although they were not seen as them, they felt the same embarrassment.
Finally, Lenny, after all, is the first one to recover. If he is seen, he will be seen. Isn’t it a matter of time? In fact, he will be played by him sooner or later. This is fatalism to resist fate.
Think about Lenny’s efforts to restore calm and be serious about Ye Tiandao. Let’s talk about things. I’ll send a letter to invite them to the Vatican tomorrow, and it’s up to you.
Swallow your mouth, Ye Tian flatly said, No problem. I will get along well with the Vatican. Just ask them to come directly and return the band, and I will set it up as soon as possible.
Yeah, a shy smile. Lenny bit his lip and said shyly, it’s getting late. What are you going to do?
When I heard Lenny’s words, Ye Tian nodded and got up. It was late, and there were still many things to do. Let’s go home together.
Took a startled look at Ye Tian. In Lenny’s view, Ye Tian must have called everyone here to take the opportunity to occupy their department, and she was ready to be occupied, but now it seems that he didn’t mean it.
Doubt looked at Ye Tianlai Lenny’s heart shaking. In her cognition, men are all strange animals, always taking up one woman’s body after another.
However, Ye Tian is not like this. Although he can see it from his eyes, he is more restrained and doesn’t care that Lenny is ready to be occupied. However, Ye Tian just gave up Lenny’s strange feelings, that is, he was relieved and lost.
They didn’t think all this was valuable when they were in front of each other. In their view, Kayo is a day, Kayo is everything to sisters’ feelings, and that root is a burden. It’s no big deal.
However, when they were about to lose all this, they suddenly realized that what they thought was important was just rubbish, and they always thought that cumbersome feelings were valuable.
The three girls turned around and walked slowly toward the door. Kayo was dead and they lost hope in the future. Maybe one day they will die. Who will make them sad?

Qinan ran dozens of meters to the restricted area of the industrial management department in a few seconds, and two opposing defenders surrounded him left and right, trying to clamp him. The goalkeeper at the back was even more absorbed in preparing for the angle that the two defenders might have missed.

In the rapid running, Qina tried to keep quiet inside, her heart was empty, and her steps matched the rhythm of breathing. Facing the two guards who are getting closer and closer, at the moment of contact, Qinan suddenly stopped, and the two defensive guards also stopped with him. Just as they were preparing to camp out, Qinan moved again. He knocked the ball into the gap between the two people, and people also passed between them like a sword. That moment from extreme motion to extreme silence to extreme motion seems to have stopped time. It feels as if Qina has never stopped. With a touch of lightness and agility, the figure of Qinan flies between two people like a Hua Hudie, elegant as a poem. Smart as a painting.
By the time the two defenders turned around, Qinan had wiped into the penalty area and started shooting. The football crossed a beautiful and sad arc and spun into the upper right corner of the goal. Beauty is for the audience, while sadness is from the goalkeeper’s point of view. Wang Delun, the goalkeeper of the industrial management department, fell to the ground by instinct and jumped in the right direction, but he could only watch the ball fly into the net from the top of his head.
The audience applauded. The ball was so ornamental that it gave people a sense of beauty with infinite imagination, like a poem of a romantic poet population and a painting by an abstract painter. Qinan combines speed, technique and body perfectly, and composes a gorgeous waltz with endless aftertaste.
When Zhang Xingjian saw the goal, he looked at Qin, who was a little excited in the stands, and almost shed blood in his heart, giving birth to incomparable frustration for the first time. This beautiful goal is not just a goal, it shortens the score gap and greatly improves the morale of the Chinese department. The lead has changed from three goals to two goals, and the gap between the goals is simply a world of difference. If you want to win the bet, you have to score four goals. Zhang Xingjian himself feels that it is impossible to complete the task.
Sure enough, after the game resumed, the morale of the Chinese department was raised at once, and the people in the industrial management department were like eggplant beaten by frost, and they were not as active as before. Qinan calmly dispatched in the midfield, and the attack of the Chinese Department improved greatly.
Seventy-five minutes into the game, Jina’s scalpel-like straight plug broke through the defense line of the industrial management department. After Martin caught the ball, he scored a goal, three to four, and the Chinese department was only one goal behind. Taking advantage of the dead ball, the Chinese Department put on three substitutes, including Sun Dasheng, in one breath. The game lasted for almost 80 minutes, and several people in the Chinese Department were already overwhelmed.
Sun Dasheng is full of energy because he just played, and he is busy jumping up and down in front of his sister at school, which is quite his ancestor’s demeanor. It’s a pity that the level is really limited and I haven’t caught any decent opportunities.
The game will be over in a few minutes, and the Department of Industry and Management has completely given up its last hope, moving around the court like a walking corpse, and only Zhang Xingjian is persistent in running on the court. Jina looked at Zhang Xingjian and thought he was a little pathetic and pathetic. Blind arrogance sometimes blinds the eyes of reason, man! It’s better to keep a low profile
Qinan saw that Sun Dasheng was still in front of the opponent’s goal and spared no effort to play his role as a "stirring stick". He also wanted to give him a hand, aiming at the distance between him and the goal with his eyes, blinking at Sun Dasheng, and lifting his foot to make a long pass. Sun Dasheng looked up at the ball with his back to the goal, huh? This ball doesn’t look like it was passed to me.
The football hit the crossbar with a bang, but it bounced back to the court and hit Sun Dasheng right on the ass. Rebound and then entered the goal.
The audience was speechless, and then a burst of laughter broke out. Sun Dasheng, who scored with his ass, laughed embarrassedly.
The referee blew the whistle at the end of the game. To everyone’s surprise, relying on Qi Nan’s amazing play, the Chinese Department finally tied with the Industrial Management Department four to four.
volume one
Chapter 38-Going to Italy as an Exchange Student
The game is over, and the biggest attraction of this game comes with it. Will Zhang Xingjian kowtow to Qina and give up? Three or four thousand people looked at Zhang Xingjian in the stadium.
At this time, Zhang Xingjian’s face was pale, his teeth clenched, his fists clenched, and his body trembled slightly. It can be seen that his heart must be fighting fiercely.
Knock or not? If you knock, you will lose face and your image will be destroyed. If you don’t knock, since the gambling contract was put forward by yourself. If you don’t abide by it, you will lose face. Where is the credit? Hey! ! ! Lifting a rock only to drop it on your own feet. He has lost the qualification to pursue Qin Yishui, no matter whether he knocks or not.
Just, willing to "agree"! ! Just let go! ! Zhang Xingjian is also a hero. After much consideration, he finally decided to kowtow and give up.
Jina saw that Zhang Xingjian was really ready to kowtow and throw in the towel, and thought that Zhang Xingjian was a man of his word. His nature was not too bad, but he was just a little aloof. Hurriedly come forward to stop him; "The challenge I promised you was not meant to make you kowtow. I just want you to know that being a man can’t be too cruel. We are all people with self-esteem, and we can kill them but not humiliate them. I believe you also understand this truth. Let’s just forget it. Finally, I would like to state that Qin Sishui and I really have nothing. "
Zhang Xingjian looked at Qina in disbelief. Did he just let me go? Maybe it’s really that I’m a gentleman’s belly with the heart of a villain
Zhang Xingjian hobbled away with a group of dejected members of the Department of Industry and Management, and when he left, he took a deep look at Qina, with a hint of gratitude for letting bygones be bygones.
A huge farce ended in a peaceful way, and the audience still felt a little unsatisfied, but it was fortunate to see Qi Nan’s stunning performance and the dramatic equalizer.
After this war, Qina’s reputation reached its peak, and he pulled down two popular boys in Hunan, Luyan and Zhang Xingjian, and Qina became the most popular boy in Hunan. The scandal between him and Qin Sishui has been hyped by everyone, but now no one says that he wants to eat swan meat. Overnight, he has been upgraded from a toad to a cob. He and Qin Yishui are really love in the city, and they are a good match.
Party JiNa is bitter can’t say, every day no matter where, there are girls pointing at him, fortunately, now dare to chat up is less, after all, they don’t think they can compete with Qin Yishui, the first beauty in Hunan. Since Qin Sishui, who never watched the game that day, came to the sidelines to cheer for the Chinese Department, everyone thought that there must be countless ties between her and Qi Na.
Qin Sishui also found that the number of love letters and flowers sent to classrooms and dormitories has been greatly reduced recently. Of course she knows why. It must be that many suitors think that the famous flowers have been taken by others, and Qinan, who has recently made a splash, must be the one who picked the flowers.
Hehe, it’s actually good to have him as a shield, at least I can avoid the entanglement of many boring boys. Qin like water in the mind secretly thought. I have never made any excuses for the scandal, and this time, of course, it is the same. Let them misunderstand. Just why do you seem to secretly expect them to misunderstand? This is a feeling I have never felt before. Strange.
Peng Beiwang, Qin’s close friend like water, looked at Qin like water in a daze again, feeling funny. Recently, Sishui often falls into such a daze. What is the specific reason? She knows it. It must be because of the handsome guy in Qinan University in her boyfriend’s dormitory. When Qin Sishui is reading a book in the dormitory, it doesn’t affect her at all. Recently, whenever she chatted with another roommate, Tang Shiqi, and occasionally talked about Qinan, she would find that Sishui put down her book intentionally or unintentionally and listened attentively. This is like a girl in her prime. Before, even she felt that Qin was like water, just like the lotus fairy who could be seen from a distance but not played near. It’s out of touch. However, it seems that Qin Fairy, whose ice is as clear as lotus, is also moved.
The Taekwondo Department and the football match between the two departments are still being talked about by all the students in Huxiang, and Jina has already started a normal life. On this day, the chairman stood on the stage and suddenly announced an unexpected news.
"Classmates, tell you a good news. Our Huxiang University and Oriental University in Naples, Italy have formed a joint partnership. In order to strengthen the cooperation between the two schools, the school decided to send ten people from all ages of the Chinese Department as exchange students to the Oriental University in Naples, Italy for three months. I elected Qin Yishui as my classmate in our class. I believe everyone should have no different opinions. Qin Yishui’s literary attainments should be the highest in our class. There is no doubt about this. Oh, Qin Sishui, please come to my office with me and we will discuss the specific issues that should be paid attention to. "
In the envious eyes of the whole class, Qin Sishui stood up and followed the class tutor to his office. Her face was also a little stunned. Obviously, she didn’t expect the class tutor to announce that she would go to Italy as an exchange student.
After the class tutor announced the news, let everyone finish the meeting. When he and Qin Yishui disappeared, he quickly took out his phone and went to a remote place in the corridor to call Xiao Canghai. The news was so sudden that he was caught off guard. Let Xiao Canghai study what he should do. You can’t just chase after Italy to protect yourself.
The phone was connected soon, and Xiao Canghai told him not to care. He would personally deal with this matter and report it to Qin Ye. Let him decide what to do next.
The next morning, Qinan’s name appeared on the list of exchange students visiting Oriental University in Naples, Italy. Qinan had to sigh Qin Ye Xiao Canghai and their miraculous powers again. It’s harder to be in front of outsiders than to be in heaven. They completely solved it in one night.
Next Monday, ten of them will leave. Today is Wednesday, and there are still five days from that day. JiNa was very sad at the thought of being separated from Xiu Xiu for three months. In the afternoon, she made a phone call to Xiao Canghai and asked him to call a hand to look at Qin Yishui. She hurried back and wanted to tell Xiu Xiu the news first.
Hey! ! Three months, it’s been half a month since I had sex with Xiu Xiu. In addition to calling her every day, I haven’t gone back to see her for half a month, and Xiu Xiu never asked Qina to go back to see him. She knew that her brother was working, and the thought of Xiu Xiu’s thoughtfulness made Qina feel guilty for no reason. What a nice girl? I have no reason not to cherish her! !
volume one
Chapter 39-The appearance of rival in love
The bus glided for some distance and stopped at the platform. Qinan jumped out of the car and couldn’t wait to get home. The platform was about 200 meters away from where he lived, and there was a stone street in the middle. Cai Yi’s building is surrounded by roads, and the traffic is very convenient.
When Jina was walking to the street opposite the building, a silvery white car crossed a beautiful arc and just stopped at Cai Yi’s downstairs. It turned out to be the latest BMW Z4 sports car. Of course, Qinan only knows that it is a BMW, but he doesn’t know what series it is. When he was reading in the library, he specially read a book describing the famous cars in this society.
Hmm? Aunt Cai’s friends have such rich people? Qinan knows that this BMW is valuable. But then a man got off the bus and let his brain crash on the spot.
It was Xiu Xiu who got off the bus! ! !
After Xiu Xiu got off the bus, a tall and handsome man in his mid-20s got off the bus, and Xiu Xiu stood downstairs, talking and laughing with him.
Jina suddenly felt the pain like a tear in his heart. Suddenly he found that he was so concerned about Xiu Xiu. There was an inexplicable panic in my heart. Will Xiu Xiu leave himself? There are too many temptations in this world. At school, he often listens to Martin and Sun Dasheng. They say that any girl in the school dumped her boyfriend who had no money and took a fancy to him. Can his Xiu Xiu resist the temptation of such materialism?
He struggled to move his legs, as if it would take a century to walk from the street corner to the downstairs. But the moment Xiu Xiu saw himself, JiNa finally reassured my heart. That smiling face, which suddenly became as bright as azaleas all over the mountain, let him know that Xiu Xiu was still that Xiu Xiu, or that stupid Xiu Xiu who said he would spend his whole life with him.
The man next to BMW is Li Wenjun, who is 27 years old. He is already the boss of a real estate company at a young age, and his father is the boss of a listed company. However, he started this real estate company by his own strength, and his father just lent him some start-up funds. His company has always done business with the real estate company under Qin Ye. The morning ten days ago is still vivid in his mind, because he thinks that he met a woman he may never forget in his life-Xiu Xiu in front of him.
That day, as usual, he walked into Shuntian Real Estate Company, that is, the real estate company under Qin Ye. He almost comes once or twice a month, and Shuntian is the biggest partner of his company. When I walked into the glass door that I didn’t know how many times I had been in, I saw a girl who was clean as a clear spring in the mountains and bowed her head and said hello to him and a group of people accompanying me. In a trance, he only felt that time seemed to be stagnant, and he could no longer hear any noise in his ears. It turned out that the world really had the so-called love at first sight. This was the only thought in his mind at that time.
Once upon a time, he never believed in the so-called love at first sight, thinking that it was a beautiful lie imagined by boring people to comfort those ignorant men and women. Unexpectedly, his concept of love changed dramatically in one morning, and he actually became one of the ignorant men and women. That day, he was absent-minded in everything he did, and only the smiling woman at the door was in his mind. I tried my best to find out that she was just a new receptionist of Shunfa Company.
At the age of 27, he is young and rich, tall and handsome, and God has given him almost everything he can give. A man like him certainly won’t lack women. Over the past few years, there have been dozens of women around him, either young and beautiful, sexy and charming, or smart and capable, and all kinds of women pass by his bed like a horse changing lights. But no one can make his heart settle down.
The moment he saw Xiu Xiu, he really felt his desire to settle down. In the next few days, when he had something to do, he ran to Shuntian and tried every reason to get close to Xiu Xiu. After a few days of contact, he was even more sure that Xiu Xiu was the right girl in his life. It is hard for him to imagine that such a clean and almost spotless girl still exists in this materialistic and cheating society. Even the innocent is almost childish.
Xiu Xiu is very kind to everyone, even the aunt who sweeps the floor in property management. He just saw Xiu Xiu and the aunt who sweeps the floor in her forties talking and laughing for an hour or two. Nowadays, girls, especially beautiful girls, who are still chatting with an aunt who sweeps the floor without covering their noses, is already a very noble performance.
With this, he invited Xiu Xiu to have coffee in a coffee shop next to the company and asked her why she liked chatting with the aunt who swept the floor. She actually said that because the aunt who swept the floor looked like her mother, she even hid her face and burst into tears in front of him. Crying and saying that she misses her mother. I didn’t treat him as an outsider at all, and I didn’t care about the strange eyes of everyone in the coffee shop.
Xiu Xiu completely conquered him with such a simple, simple and unthinking side. She is so clear and dry, like a mountain stream winding for the exit of plain life; She is so simple and lovely, like an antelope running unguarded in the forest in the snow and fog in the morning. When she saw him suddenly breaking in, she stopped, but did not escape. She just tilted her head and opened her kind and clever eyes and said, "Hello, good morning …"
In the past, in order to please him, his women always tried every means to dress up beautifully and intrigue with other women he knew. Even when they cried, they carried him behind their backs, so as not to let him see the ugly side of crying makeup. Sometimes it makes him feel really tired with them. Only in front of Xiu Xiu did he really feel at ease, which he had never felt since he was sensible.
Although Xiu Xiu once told him that she already had a boyfriend, he never took this sentence seriously, because he secretly observed these days and never saw the appearance of the man. At first, Xiu Xiu wouldn’t let him drive her back, but despite his repeated insistence, Xiu Xiu agreed to his move, which further convinced him that Xiu Xiu’s saying that he had a boyfriend was just her girl’s reserve. He firmly believes that in less than a month, Xiu Xiu will be in his arms, after all, he is really good enough.
Today, he bought a diamond necklace with a value of more than 30,000 pieces, ready to confess to his goddess, and imagined that he personally put the necklace on Xiu Xiu’s neck as slender as a swan, and he trembled with excitement.
volume one
Chapter 40-Beautiful Spring Night
Just as he was about to take out his necklace, he suddenly found that Xiu Xiu’s smiling face, generate, shone like the sun, making people’s eyes almost ache. At the moment, Xiu Xiu actually blooms with even more amazing beauty. Li Wenjun was discouraged to realize that the light on Xiu Xiu’s face was not blooming for him, but for the man coming from the street. At this moment, he knew that Xiu Xiu really didn’t lie to him, but she simply didn’t know how to refuse herself. He secretly put the necklace back in his pocket before he could take it out. Li Wenjun looked at the young man in front of him. It looked like he had just reached the age of 20, but the elegant and natural temperament had a maturity that was not commensurate with his age. There was a faint smile hanging from his mouth, and his eyes were deep and deep, which seemed to hide many kinds of flavors. Indifferent, cheerful, nostalgic, and a few inexplicable sadness, he felt that although the young man in front of him had a young face of 20 years old, he had the mature taste of a man of 30 years old. It turns out that it is more mature and stable than yourself, which is a very contradictory feeling. But he can’t help but admit that this man really deserves Xiu Xiu.
Holding the diamond necklace in his pocket, Li Wenjun suddenly felt more sad than dead in his heart. He knew that maybe he could never send it out again. Just give up this girl who makes him feel moved at first sight? No! ! Never! ! He Li Wenjun never flinched because of difficulties, whether in career or love. Although the man opposite is excellent, he is by no means worse than him. He thinks that he is at least more spoony than this man. I can’t believe that he actually stood a beautiful girl like Xiu Xiu who didn’t come to see her for half a month. If it was him, he could hardly wait to be bored with her every day. A man who doesn’t know how to cherish him doesn’t deserve Xiu Xiu, a pure and lovely girl.
This, of course, is Li Wenjun’s wishful thinking, and Xiu Xiu won’t know, of course. Her eyes are only her brother. Half-moon lovesickness is bitter, who to tell. Although in the eyes of Li Wenjun and her colleagues, she has always been happy, but who knows her panic and doubts about this strange society. She only believes in his brother, and believes unreservedly that only by his side will she feel safe and full of confidence in life.
Xiu Xiu just stood there, with a happy smile on his face, and the deep feeling in his eyes was like a flood that was rampant. Jina came over and held her tightly in her arms, as if to rub her into his body. Xiu Xiu’s heart is quiet and peaceful, just like this dusk afternoon. Half a month’s lovesickness, anguish vanished in this tight embrace, and I will never feel half a minute again.
Li Wenjun looked at the affectionate couple in front of him, and his high morale could no longer be lifted. He knew that he might never win this one-sided battle. Silently turned and got into the car and gently started the engine. At this moment, even he didn’t want to disturb the two people immersed in infinite warmth. So silently bless Xiu Xiu, there is a kind of love called letting go, which turned out to be true. Li Wenjun silently read aloud a way. BMW threw a sad arc and disappeared at the corner of the street. The corner is not to meet love, but to lose an unforgettable love.

That’s stupid. It’s so stupid. The woman wanted to know that the bitch liked this palace best. She didn’t want it to fall into other people’s hands, so she blew herself up and tore it up. She sent it to the mortal world and held it strong. After arranging the forbidden circle and sealing the circle outside the palace, it was completely gone.

You have to thank him for being so considerate of that woman, knowing that she is nothing but an alchemist. The protection array and prohibition in the palace are very simple, otherwise those people who come with you can’t easily get rid of an immortal’s arrangement array and prohibition.
If he is alive in the temple, he is going to ruin his bones. If he doesn’t do much to make those laws banned by mistake, he will temporarily trap my law circle into a seal law circle, and the seal on the outside will keep the palace breath from leaking. By the way, let people know how to get out of the temple from the inside, which will be reduced to being your pet. "
Nine you’s comments are very reasonable to explain why the stone road of the palace will be messy with many spiritual plants. However, if the palace falls from the boundary, the level of those spiritual plants is not too low. Of course, it cannot be ruled out that Lan Yadan is very stingy and allows disciples to contact those low-level spiritual plants.
After listening to his remarks, a different person may then sigh a few words that silly remarks are not worth sympathizing with. Hu Yingxue is not unwilling to comment on a dead person without these feelings. After listening to them, he said, "Jiuyou feels that you talk a lot because no one has talked for a long time?"
I choked in my throat for a long time before I recovered my strength. I snorted "narrow-minded woman"
Hu Yingxue laughed. "I really don’t have a big mind’s eye. If I have the right opportunity, I will definitely retaliate. Before you went back, you wanted to accept me as a servant. As a result, I was even. Before you said that I was a bastard, I was very uncomfortable. I also succeeded in adding obstacles to you, which is even."
Nine you raise your head. "Hu Ying Xue Dian likes your personality."
Hu Yingxue wrapped up the three Dan Ding "just don’t be infatuated with me."
Jiuyou vomited a snake and showed disdain. "How can you be infatuated with you if you have never seen anything stunning in the temple?"
Put the Sandan tripod in the Gankun ring and Hu Yingxue walked to the medicine rack by the wall. "I experience that you will have a great chance of infatuation with me after saying this."
Jiuyou choked in her throat for a long time before she recovered. "Hey, aren’t we even?"
Hu Yingxue picked up several boxes of the medicine rack and found that Lingzhi had lost the medicine spirituality because of improper insurance. Unfortunately, she put the box back and said, "I found your fried wool sample very cute."
Nine deep and remote "…"
Seeing Hu Yingxue wandering around Dan’s room, I just couldn’t find a point to plan not to talk to her for a short time. Jiu You couldn’t watch it. "The treasure house twisted a short couch on that short couch and the cow head could hit the entrance."
Hu Yingxue heard the words and walked back to the low couch. Finally, he couldn’t help saying that he wanted to make an evaluation before. "It’s strange that Lan Yadan’s respect is carved with peony low couch and the cow’s head is decorated with handrails."
Nine you smiled a few times. "She told people that she would design a low couch like this because her surname is Niu, and their Niu family finally gave birth to a rich peony flower."
Hu Yingxue rubbed his arm in disgust. "Don’t let me meet her. I’m afraid she will make me sick to death." He paused. "You didn’t mean to say that to disgust me, did you?"
Nine deep and remote cut a "temple is not as narrow-minded as you. That woman is so disgusting."
"How did you get trapped by such a disgusting woman in the first place?" Hu Yingxue asked and said to nine deep and remote that twist a hand.
After a minute and two in the low couch, you replied faintly, "If you are still interested in knowing when the temple wants to talk, the temple will tell you."
In the dark, Hu Yingxue took out the lantern with the night beads again and hit it on a low couch, revealing the steps. "I just want to ask you casually, and don’t always come to the temple. I feel so uncomfortable."
Nine deep and remote once again cut a "woman is trouble in front of you, so I call myself good. You are not too careful. This Dan room is full of orchids, and Yadan Zun can come into the treasure house. There is no law prohibition and I don’t expect much. That bitch will not have any good things in the treasure house."
Hu Yingxue doesn’t care about whether there will be good things in the face, but she doesn’t expect too much. She smiled. "Anyway, it’s nothing to get something to take, but it’s nine secluded places. I have a question to listen to what you said before. How come this palace is in the world? Everything in the palace, including those spiritual plants, is only available in the mortal world?"
Jiuyou replied, "Lan Yadan said that this is a return to nature, and the immortal himself can’t forget the time when he just set foot on the fairy road."
Hu Yingxue paused. "Er, can you go back to nature?"
"She thinks it’s okay."
"… how did she become a fairy?"
"A lot of people are thinking about this problem."
One person, one snake, chatting and walking, the other side has been addicted to breaking the array, and Qingyang suddenly turned to look behind him. "Stop first and Yingxue is gone."
Du He and Du Xiang’s master and pupil stared round their eyes at the same time. "How could they have disappeared?"
Qingyang tightened her brow. "I just found out that she’s gone. I don’t know how."
Chapter 33 Crossing the Elder?
You can’t send news to the outside of the seal circle. The inside of the palace is not affected. When you find that Hu Yingxue is missing, Qingyang calls her "Yingxue, why did you disappear from the garden?"
Hu Yingxue replied, "When I chased you, I passed the Moon Gate and fell into an underground palace. Now I have left the underground palace and am in this treasure house."
Hearing the word treasure house, Qingyang’s eyes suddenly lit up. "Are there many things in it?"
"A lot, to be exact, is a lot." Hu Yingxue’s eyes are full of words. "Master, there are two piles of gold bricks and silver bricks in a treasure house of immortals. What do you think is this?"
Although Hu Yingxue, a treasure of heaven and earth, didn’t expect much from what was in the treasure house because of the nine hidden words and the medicine rack, I never expected to see two big bricks and silver bricks piled up into pyramids in the treasure house. It was roughly estimated that there were tens of millions of bricks and silver bricks together.
"There are two piles of gold bricks and silver bricks in a fairy treasure house, and there is nothing else. What is this situation?" Qingyang turned to look at Du He and Du Xiang, and the teacher and pupil repeated Hu Yingxue’s words. At the same time, he inquired that the jade slips were similar to the mobile phone function ban.
Du He looked at Du Xiang Du Xiang, so he thought about it, and then said in a very polite tone, "Yi Di must have had a very bitter and painful memory before he saw the immortal. Those painful memories left him with indelible scars, which led him to like to accumulate gold and silver after he became an immortal."
Du He slapped him in the past and said, "Speak normally."
Du Xiang smile happily hide du and slap "simply put, the fairy must be poor and crazy, so there is something wrong with her head. Evidence 1. Sister Hu found evidence 2. Except those dragons and people with normal dragon blood flavor, they would never build a palace with pure gold and sterling silver."
In the treasure house, I blocked my eyes with one hand and held Xun Yujian with the other. Hu Yingxue’s mouth was sobbed. "What should I do with those two piles of gold bricks and silver bricks?"
Qingyang ha ha smiled. "If you have a place to put it, put it away. Later, you will contact all the law bans. Sometimes you can talk a lot. You can put away those silver walls and gold tiles. Even if you encounter different head diseases, there will always be people who want gold refining and silver refining to sell them."
Saying that the tone is definitely a red fruit poking fun at Hu Yingxue is a bit angry and pouting. "I don’t tell you that I actually have other gains."
This time, Du and Hehe smiled. "You don’t need to tell us if you come."
Du He didn’t fool Hu Ying Xue Du and Qingyang to explore and find out that everything has always been the one who gets it first. Of course, their friendship is that the other party will never get what they need first and will also give it to the other party. As the saying goes, good brothers settle accounts. Both of them have a good heart, which makes their friendship very strong.
Although it is not limited in the Gankun Ring, it is still very spacious after installing the two piles of bricks. Although Qingyang’s words are mostly ridiculous, it is also a good suggestion. After cutting off the couplet, Hu Yingxue will pour those bricks into the Gankun Ring.
Lan Yadan Zun seems to really care about the entrance to the treasure house of gold bricks and silver bricks, but it is really hard to compliment those gold bricks and silver bricks with a ban and a ban level every hundred pieces. Not to mention that there are very few beginners who can make mistakes, Hu Yingxue can easily solve those bans, but it is still quite troublesome to crack them one by one.
I found that those bricks were banned by Hu Yingxue. I thought about giving up and turning around. Dan Fang was completely shrouded by a ban. Whether her law level was enough or not, I couldn’t get close to the gate, except for the two piles of Jinshan Yinshan Dan in the treasure house. I don’t want to sit around and wait for Qingyang. She can go back and move the bricks.
The ban on Jinshan Yinshan is annoying. There is one in a hundred, and then there is one in a dozen. Later, everyone has patience. It is estimated that they have given up long ago. But Hu Yingxue didn’t lack patience to find that the ban density is getting higher and higher, but she decided not to finish moving Jinshan Yinshan.
The latter ban is more complicated than the former ban, and it is not as full of mistakes as the former. If the layout of the former bans is at the nursery level, then every piece is banned at the preschool level, whether it is at the nursery level or the preschool level, Hu Yingxue, who is a little elementary school, can handle it.
After a day and a night, the two Jinshan Yinshan buildings were left with a gold brick and a silver brick, which were forbidden and somewhat different from the previous ones. Because Qingyang often had a magic array to sharpen Hu Yingxue’s mood, she was sure that they were magic bursts of eyes after seeing them, but the disposal technique was still at the preschool level.

War spear shook his hand, shout at top of voice, impermanence, and the scar on his arm is recovering at an alarming rate. Then he held war spear high and stabbed him in the air.

An abyss was torn open and appeared in the void, splitting the whole sky in two. The abyss of terror swallowed up the black sword curtain and disappeared cleanly. And this abyss has turned into a chaotic zone.
ZhuGeMing finally some unbearable, the whole people collapse down, almost fell from mid-air, fortunately, Zhuge didn’t light up to hold, will he stand behind.
A burst of regret, although Zhuge Ming learned the supreme magical power of Demonbane, but after all, it was too low to wield the great power of this sword, and he could only cut out three swords. But even so, it still makes impermanence a little awkward.
Impermanence came up with war spear and said, "It’s a pity that this kind of swordsmanship is horrible, but it varies from person to person!" As he spoke, the spear in his hand pointed at Zhuge’s two brothers and shouted coldly, "Now send you two on your way!"
Exalting, endless dead shrouded in vanity, impermanence rushed up, and his body was like a ghost. war spear directly stabbed Zhuge’s dull chest.
Zhuge touched the black gourd before it was bright, and smashed it at war spear. The black gourd collided with war spear’s pointed head, and a series of sparks shot out, and a spiritual force wave visible to the naked eye and a gray dead body rippled out. Two people deadlocked in the air, Zhuge not bright blood churning in the body, if it weren’t for his * * of the earth, the force of shock alone is enough to let him destroy.
"click ~ ~"
At this time, a small sound, on the surface of the black gourd, there was a crack of fine lines.
"impossible!" Zhuge couldn’t believe his eyes when he wasn’t bright, and the black gourd showed signs of breaking. This is the magic weapon left by the demon monk in those days. It didn’t even melt the infinite fire of Yin and Yang. Now it’s just blocked the impermanence and it will be broken.
"impossible!" Zhuge not bright surprised way.
"Quack quack!" Impermanence is now, and he knows that Zhuge Liang can only compete with himself by relying on this different treasure. Seeing that the gourd baby is about to break, impermanence is even crazier. war spear even cuts and hits, and the fierce chopping at Zhuge is not bright.
Zhuge Liang held the black gourd against it, and every time he hit it, the cracks on the black gourd would be denser.
"How come, the magic weapon left by the demon monk is so useless?" Zhuge thought in disbelief.
In fact, he didn’t know that although this black gourd was horrible, it was originally equipped with infinite fire of Yin and Yang, and the interior had already been corroded by this horrible flame of infinite fire of Yin and Yang. The reason why it was not destroyed was entirely because of the essence left by the demon monk in it.
Previously, in order to understand the residual arm of the demon monk, the essence of the demon monk in the black gourd was also exhausted, coupled with impermanent and fierce attacks. This magic weapon has reached its limit.
Finally, under the fierce chopping of impermanence, the black gourd was broken and fell into pieces, only the black golden gourd plug was still intact.
The black gourd was broken, and the Yin and Yang contained in it suddenly raged, and the whole sky was covered with fire of Yin and Yang. The whole world is covered with fire of Yin and Yang. Those practitioners who gathered around to watch the battle suddenly boiled up and fled. However, many people were eroded by yin and yang fire and instantly turned to ashes.
Now the fire of Yin and Yang is completely out of the bondage, the fire is more fierce, a scream rings, and countless practitioners are destroyed under the fire of Yin and Yang.
Only a small number of them found refuge by special magic weapons and temporarily got rid of yin and yang fire.
Zhuge Liang pulled out the broken hilt and bronze hilt to avoid the erosion of yin and yang fire. Zhuge Buliang had Zhong Kui sword in his hand, and he was not consumed by Yin and Yang fire.
Dusk rain and dust will protect the moon glass by her side. She looks at the broken black gourd, and there is a flash of different mans in her eyes. The reason why she didn’t have trouble finding Zhuge is not bright is simply because there is yin and yang fire in the other hand. Now the gourd with yin-yang fire is broken, which means that yin-yang fire will no longer be used by Zhuge Liang. You can always get back at him from now on. Thought of here, dusk rain dust gives birth to a little lucky in my heart.
The rise of impermanence is inevitable, and the twilight rain and dust will not be whimsical, and Zhuge Liang will not stop him. Therefore, her heart is not bright for Zhuge and there is a murder.
The fire of Yin and Yang spread and burned, and countless practitioners died tragically. Gradually the fire of Yin and Yang spread to Qianyecheng.
At this time, the magic pestle guarding over Qianye City suddenly lowered its golden light, which fell into the fire of Yin and Yang, and the fire of Yin and Yang merged into a torrent and went out instantly. The magic pestle flies like a golden dragon, and all the yin and yang fires are extinguished at the golden light.
In the blink of an eye, the raging fire was dissolved.
They breathed a sigh of relief and looked at the magic pestle over Qianyecheng. Few people know the origin of this magic pestle, but they all know that it has guarded Qianyecheng for tens of thousands of years and must have its existence value. Nowadays, many people are even more surprised to see that the magic pestle has put out the fire of Yin and Yang so easily.
Zhuge frowned when he was not bright, the black gourd was broken, and he had no hope. How can he escape the impermanence of killing?
Although the fire of Yin and Yang made impermanence a little embarrassed, it was not fatal.
At the moment, impermanence came up again with war spear in his hand. They were ferocious, and it was necessary to slay Zhuge without light.
The spear came and went straight to Zhuge’s dull head. Many people have closed their eyes in despair. In view of the current situation, Zhuge will die before he shines. The sneer on impermanence’s face is more prosperous, and it seems that Zhuge’s head has broken under the judge’s pen.
At this time, Zhuge felt clearly before dawn that in his own body, the sleeping soul opened his eyes.
A violent momentum overflowed from Zhuge Buliang’s body, and the impermanent war spear hung directly in front of Zhuge Buliang for two feet, blocked by an invisible force.
"what!" Impermanence is a surprise.
And at that time, Zhuge raised his arm before dawn, grabbed war spear, and then volleyed a kick out.
This foot was directly raised on impermanence’s chin, and impermanence was still immersed in surprise, and the whole person had already flown a thousand feet away.
Chapter 459 The ancient warfare impermanence (below)
One foot, just one foot, lifts the previously incomparable impermanence out of the distance of thousands of feet.
This scene immediately made everyone feel awkward.
"What’s the matter? Impermanence was beaten out. "
"mistakes? Impossible, this kind of character can’t make mistakes, so there is only one reason, which was done by Zhuge Liang. "
In the frequent surprised and surprised eyes, Zhuge stopped moving, and his body was like lightning, and he caught up with the impermanence that has not yet stabilized his body. Then my feet fell heavily, "Bang!" With a bang, impermanence fell like a shell and collapsed a mountain.
"How impermanence was beaten up for the second time!"
"Not a mistake, nor an accident! Impermanence is really being beaten out! "
At this moment, all the people present, including the poor and difficult monks, are showing strange colors. Everyone was unbelievable. They thought Zhuge would die before he lit up, and there was no chance of winning. But in a flash, the situation completely changed. The incomparable impermanence of strength has been defeated twice, which is by no means a fluke.
Dusk revealed a different color on his sacred face and murmured, "How on earth did he do it?"
6 Zi Han’s face was also shocked: "How many cards does this guy have!"
At the moment, Zhuge is not bright, but I feel that a force of all previous actions is filled with my body. He knew that this force was lent to him by the soul in the body, which helped him to temporarily improve his strength. At the same time, Zhuge Liang felt a strange message appear in his mind.
"Taiwu Heart Sutra!"
Zhuge was surprised when he didn’t light up. When he came to the browser quickly, he was suddenly surprised. This is a secret book similar to the achievement method and experience, and its value will never be lower than the enlightenment volume. Moreover, this Taiwu Heart Sutra, in a sense, is the sublimation of Gu Wu’s Upright.
He was anxious to browse the Taiwu Heart Sutra, which introduced the methods of cultivation and experience, as well as some Juexue.
Among them, Zhuge Buliang found an avatar named "Magic Fist with Thousand Hands" and wrote down the information of his avatar quickly. This information has already been imprinted in his mind, and it is only a moment to write it down.

"Regardless of whether these six people have made any gains, this precious girl, Yu Yun Feng Yu Shao, is inexhaustible for your generation."

Yu Changying looked up and let people see that his expression and eyes were full of distortion and ferocity, as if he finally had a chance to kill his enemy. He seemed almost crazy and cried, "He is the great-grandson of the contemporary Pope in the Imperial Palace. His grandfather will be the Pope in the Imperial Palace. His father is the only son of his grandfather … His father has two sons, and the son born in another wing will never be inherited!"
Everyone was shocked. His words were not only to vent the shadows in his heart for many years, but also to tell someone in the place that this is a big fat sheep.
It is almost foreseeable that in the future, he will be the heir to the imperial palace, inheriting not only the so-called family but also the top 100 super powers in the celestial world
If you see this man in other places, even if he is present, no one dares to touch him, because no one knows how many peerless strong people are close to him.
However, it is different here!
Even if we kill him, no one will know. What’s more important is that this planet allows pick Jin Xian to enter his side at most. It is impossible to be protected by the strong. How can we not grasp such a golden opportunity?
"Yu Yunfeng … surname Yu … Yes, the Emperor Hanyu in the Imperial Palace seems to be surnamed Yu!"
"He is really the imperial palace office? !”
Not many people know the real names of the super powers in the celestial world, but the family names of these overlords are no secret.
The thirteen people’s eyes were a bit hot, but also a little deeply taboo.
There must be an extremely powerful person in the super power. Baby is by no means so easy to kill. Just like Qi Xianer’s ancestor is not the super power overlord, Bao Xiang’s golden wheel can resist the attack of ordinary immortals. What’s more, it’s the great-grandson of the Pope in the Imperial Palace.
If you can’t kill him, he escapes, and those who do it to him will be in trouble, and they will be hunted down by the master of the Imperial Palace.
It is true that there are many people with backgrounds, but there are only people with backgrounds like Yu Qifeng.
"Kill him! What are you still staring at? Kill him! Those treasures are all you! "
Yu Changying almost shouted wildly. This half-brother has been a nightmare hidden in his heart for hundreds of years. There has always been a voice shouting in the depths of his heart. Unfortunately, he didn’t dare to pretend to be submissive before, but it was just that that made the demons grow stronger.
In fact, to be honest, this brother has always treated him as a younger brother, unlike some concubines who fought like hell to suppress concubines.
However, Yu Yunfeng has a great shortcoming, that is, his personality is extremely arrogant, which makes Yu Yunying’s heart full of jealousy from an early age. Besides, his father, grandfather and grandfather, the Pope’s grandfather in the imperial palace, all love Yu Yunfeng to the extreme. What good things are there? All these things make Yu Yunying jealous.
A combination of various reasons will cause his demons. Although Yu Qifeng has always been good to him, it has not calmed the demons in his heart.
"Idiot! How dare you expose our identity simply … "
Yu Qifeng was mad at this half-brother. Now that his identity has been exposed, he has no fear at all. He pointed to the twelve people walking with Yu Changying and said coldly, "I will remember you less, your breath, your appearance, and you are dead!"
It’s over!
The original is also due to the identity recognition of Yu Chang Feng, and Xiao Chen’s cold almost didn’t spit out one mouthful blood.
The arrogance of this cargo really makes people unbearable. No wonder Yu Changying is bent on killing his roommate. Now he wants to say a few words to them through his identity and the other party’s scruples. The other party has scruples and never dares to make moves, but he wants to directly take revenge in the future and change it into a person who is afraid of being hunted by the imperial palace. If he wants to kill him, he will say it again.
Twelve people have already faded away and suddenly broke out, but the immortal knowledge lock is not Yu Qifeng.
Whew! Whew! Whew!
When the overwhelming sword light suddenly appeared, the strongest magic weapon among the twelve people was the fairy, and three of them held the fairy. Others were all the fairy. At this moment, there are five fairy magic weapons for twelve people, but the number of fairy weapons is two more. However, the other seven people are not the fairy, but the water is very powerful!
Just like Chen Han’s team, this elite team is also undiscovered talent, and at least half of them have a strong background.
Emotional Yu Changying hasn’t recovered yet, but he saw several swords and lights nullify at the same time.
"You …"
Before he finished preparing, twelve swords of light completely submerged him.
Although he was born in the imperial palace, Yu Changying, a super power, should have some powerful protective treasures, but he didn’t have a father, grandfather and great-grandfather to pour all his love into Yu Yufeng, as if he had forgotten that he had given all his treasures to his brother, and he didn’t even have a really powerful protective treasure.
Just at the moment when the sword light submerged Yu Changying, I saw a crimson glow almost blinking, and it was forced to squeeze into the sword curtain from the eyebrows of Yu Yufeng.
Booming …
The light clouds are flying, the colorful clouds are overflowing, the eyes are closed, and Yu Changying exclaims that when he is launched by twelve masters, the sword light flies, but there is a layer of crimson water-like ripples, which makes him intact and doesn’t even hurt a hair. This point is that even the immortal can’t break the absolute defense.
How come…
Stabilizing his body, he looked at Yu Qifeng in amazement and muttered, "Why … what did Grandpa Huo Yunxia give you?"
Yu Qifeng gnashed her teeth and couldn’t wait to swallow him alive. "You are an anti-king egg in this nest. You are heartless, but I can’t be unjust. If you weren’t my brother, I would have chopped you up and fed you to the dog today. If you want to kill me, you should collude with outsiders to deal with me on your own. Are you still a person?"
"What will save me?"

"Master, I haven’t eaten for a long time either." Chi demon shook his head.

"Well, well, you are a group of boring people." ChuYanQi shook his head and said nothing.
When Chi Mo moved over, he could see the shark slave. When he saw the shark slave, he immediately understood why Chu Hua ran away from the endless abyss.
Owl slave is suspicious in nature, so why should he entrust Chu Yanqi to himself? He is bound to get someone he can trust out.
"Ha ….." The shark slave couldn’t help but hit a "ha ha" when he saw Bitter, and then he just walked beside Bitter. "Bitter? We haven’t seen each other for many years. "
"Yes, Master Shark!" The demon said.
Shark slave wandered around him in a very serious way, and then said, "Gee, you have left the ghost land of the Ten Sides, why are you still incomplete?"
"What do you mean incomplete?" ChuYanQi leng ran, incomplete? He doesn’t lack his nose or eyes when he looks at the devil.
For this problem, Chi Mo didn’t say a word, just looked at Chu Yanqi.
"Who did you fight with just now, Yu Shuiqing?" Shark slave laughed cheerfully. "Why are you fighting?"
The devil couldn’t bear it any longer. He said angrily, "What’s your business?"
The shark slave raised his hand and slapped it in the face of the stinger, cursing, "Why is it none of my business?"
The devil shook his body, moved lightly, retreated and said coldly, "Even if I am incomplete, I will be more than enough to deal with you." (To be continued. Mobile phone users please go to read. )

Chapter three hundred and thirty-one Not allowed
The shark slave sneered. He originally just wanted to slap the owl slave, but at this time, it was vanity who drew something in the air. When the devil saw it, he was shocked and cried, "No!"
However, it was still late, and the thing appeared above the sky, just like a heart. Then the shark slave made a move and took it in his hand. The next moment, the pain of the demon screamed aloud.
"If you say no, don’t?" Shark slave sneers.
Chi Mo and Chu Hua, the red bodhi old zu, had a bad fight, and they were injured. At this time, where can they afford such torture? They immediately spit out one mouthful blood, and people fell to the ground softly.
"What did you do? Stop it. " ChuYan habitat is busy flying in the past, looking at the appearance of Chi Mo’s painful struggle on the ground, remembering how he fell down on the ground and suffered from torture when he was in the ghost land of Shifang.
Seeing that the shark slave had no theory, Chu Yanqi called again, "Shark slave, stop it."
"Your Majesty, this man is rough and dry, and he won’t die!" As the shark slave spoke, he could not help but exert himself again.
"No … don’t …" Because of the pain, Chi Mo was buried in the sand. When he saw it, he couldn’t help but look up at Chu Yanqi and pleaded, "Your Majesty is merciful!"
"Stop it!" While Chu Yanqi was talking, he had already snatched it from the shark slave, trying to snatch what was in his hand. The shark slave stayed, was busy stopping, and held Chu Yanqi at the same time. He smiled wryly: "Your Majesty, I was just joking with him."
"When shall I play this joke with you?" Chu Yanqi was annoyed. Anyway, Chi Mo is now one of his people. In front of him, torturing his people, are you kidding?
To put it mildly, beating a dog depends on the owner.
"Devil!" ChuYan habitat stretched out his hand to help sting the devil, asked. "Have you met Jade Water?"
At this time, the demon finally breathed a sigh of relief, touched the blood on his mouth and said with a wry smile, "Yes, master, is Yu Shuiqing Chu Hua?"
"He has been raising you all these years?" Chi Mo frowned slightly. Although ChuYan helped him, he still felt painful panic. What have they done all these years? Chinu and others will never let him go, they just want to help him out, while Yu Shuiqing and the red bodhi old zu and others are unwilling to let him go.
He’s … What’s the use?
ChuYanQi wry smile, over the years, it is indeed ChuHua raised him, there is no doubt about it.
"Does it still hurt?" Error-free novel network does not skip words. The demon suddenly asked.
"What?" ChuYan habitat for a stay, then follow the eyes of the sting, fell on his arm. There is a scar on my arm. It was during the daytime today when I was practicing the dance of soft light, and I was injured by a poisonous insect.
But … It’s just some common skin injuries, and it doesn’t matter. After he touched the medicine, he forgot all about it.
"No pain. If you are free tomorrow, you can continue to practice the dance of soft light with me. " ChuYan habitat smiled, "if you don’t eat. Let’s go back now, I still have some things to ask you. "
"good!" The demon readily agreed.
Chu Yanqi told Wuji to pack his things at once, then left and moved directly back to Qingsong Garden.
Sang Feilong and others were there, and when they came back, they brought a person with them, and immediately thirteen secretly asked Wuji, and Wuji didn’t know how to explain the shark slave to him, so he could only mumble.
ChuYan habitat back to the room going to wash one’s hands and change clothes, and thirteen took Wuji and Guangchengzi and secretly went to his room to talk. Shark slave didn’t care about them at all, but followed ChuYan to wait on him, just as owl slave did his duty there when he was in the ten-square ghost domain.
"You said, that person, actually has the accomplishment of being a great king?" Thirteen couldn’t help rubbing his hands, looking excited, and asked Wuji, "How did he do it? I will learn it later."
"Cough …" He felt incredible when he coughed gently for nine minutes. Really, it’s too much to go out for a walk and pick up a great king. There are many words in the error-free novel network
Road flyover Fat now has the same idea as Thirteen. He also wants to learn this skill. As Xiao Nu said, Chu Yanqi really doesn’t need to practice any secret skills. He just needs to practice spiritual cultivation at once to maintain Shou Yuan. Other things, there are slaves to help him. Why should he practice all kinds of secret skills? The point is, it seems useless.
"You can learn!" Wuji smiled. "He just said a word to others-hey, then you don’t have to chase after jade and water, so follow me from now on." This sentence, he learned the taste of Chu Yanqi.
"Just one sentence?" Thirteen wait for a while looked at him.
"hmm!" Wuji nodded. "My ancestor is the king of the Holy Spirit, and Lord Sangcheng is the king of Dacheng. You can choose one to try."
"My master will slap you to death." Sang Feilong sneered.
"I feel that my bodhi old zu will slap you to death." Infinite chuckle aloud, saying, "however, when he was still in Kunlan town, I don’t know what he fooled our bodhi old zu? Let our bodhi old zu work with him, not counting the lingshi instrument, but also give me to him as a slave, lest he be wronged. The point is that if he gives me to him, he is afraid that he will know. If he doesn’t accept it, he will design to sell me to the slave market first. "
If this was said before, Sang Feilong would probably scold Wuji, thinking that Mr. Cang had other plans and wanted to take the opportunity to let people touch Sang’s house, but now he says that he only has a wry smile. After thinking about it, he said, "I feel amazing, too. Even if he is the child of Gu She Fairy, he really has nothing to do with our family. He has something that our family can completely ignore. But the master was stupefied because of him and offended many sects in the East Wilderness. "
"Yes, yes!" The fat Taoist said, "I am a master, but it can be understood that it is for Mr. Cang’s sake, and if Master Sang is only for the sake of his son’s adoption, he can completely mediate from it, and there is absolutely no need to cut Master Mo’s waist-well, although it has not been cut."
Infinite smile, if there is no red bodhi old zu, Mo Boming will die.
"Well, don’t talk about him, he is a monster." Wuji shook his head. "What have you got there?"
"My master may have entered the poisonous fire finch pool." Nine Hou said.
"That place is not very easy to go." Infinite frown, poison fire finch pond is not a fun place, this is a fierce place in the West Desert, on the surface it is a huge crater, but it belongs to a small secret realm like Fusang’s secret realm, and countless people cultivate immortals in it.
"But you have to find a master." Nine Hou said.
"Well … we should also find the Gu She Fairy and ask about the life experience of Zi Chu’s son." Sang Feilong said, "Master privately told me to find the Gu She Fairy, otherwise-"
"Otherwise, from now on, your master is afraid that he will have trouble eating and sleeping?" Promise laughed, "right? There are many words in the error-free novel network. "
"Yes!" Sang Feilong shook his head. "I don’t know what’s going on?" In his mind, he is complaining about Sang Changfeng. If we know that Chu Yanqi can’t be his child, why did he make moves? He can publicly announce that the marriage between ChuYanQi and the whole city is cancelled, and he has nothing to do with the city of Cangwu. The major sects in the East Wilderness can do with him as they want, and it has nothing to do with the city of Cangwu.
However, he leng, took this shit in the body.
Now, the magic repair has come back again, and the city of Cangwu is equal to indirectly offending those magic repairs and also offending the whole East Wilderness.
At present, those sects in the East Wilderness dare not move because of Sang Changfeng’s cultivation, but what about the future? What will happen to the city of Cangwu if Sang Changfeng dies, or after the Tao soars? Relying on that Chu Yan who has endless ability to fool, or relying on himself?
Sang Feilong believes that he is really not weak, but-he is not even infinite, and at best it is almost the same as nine waiting for thirteen. The road to cultivate immortality in the future depends on chance and fortune. No one can guarantee that the city of Cangwu will produce a great king.
He never thought that he would become a great king one day, and it would be good to be a saint.
"Chu Gongzi also wants to find a fairy and ask about his life experience." Nine Hou said.
"get ready, get into the poisonous fire finch pool." Wuji said, "By the way, what did the Shajia say?"
"The Sha family has nothing to do, and it’s very good." The fat road flyover frowned slightly. He also hoped that Sha Jia would come to find Chuyanqi’s trouble, and then let Chi Mo slap him to death, so that he could pick up something ready-made and cheap. I can’t think about it. He is poor.