Just as the mayor grew up watching Mo Laosan grow up, Mo Laosan ate a hundred meals and grew up with a child who knew the mayor’s personality very well.

Mo Lao’s impression that the mayor rarely shows such a positive attitude towards uncertain things.
Only when the truth of the incident is confirmed will the mayor be so sure of his position. He also deliberately told Mo Lao not to rashly offend the exorcist.
"Master, I have a question I want to ask you."
Hesitated briefly and inexplicably gave birth to a curious mo Lao said in a low voice
"What’s the problem?"
It’s Pei Wende’s turn to be curious about what Mo Lao wants to ask.
"Well, the mayor said that you were exorcising evil spirits during this period. What evil is exorcism?"
The tone paused a little, and then he added that he could express himself more clearly.
"Is there anything evil in this land temple?"
"I grew up in Yongle Town. It seems that I have never heard of any evil in the land temple?"
Mo Laosan is telling the truth. He spent quite a long time in this land temple since his parents died.
If it weren’t for that uncle’s inexplicable disaster, Mo Laosan wouldn’t have finally returned to his ancestral home and lived by eating hundreds of meals.
"It’s normal that you haven’t heard of it, because the real evil has long since disappeared."
"It is a special resentment that remains in this land temple, and now it has been accepted by me."
Hearing Pei Wende say this, Mo Laosan’s premonition throbbed a feeling that a strange emotion suddenly poured out of his heart.
"accept? Is she okay? !”
Yet a don’t say PeiWenDe show amazing even mo Lao himself raised his head with a face.
"How did you know it was’ her’?"
Narrowing his eyes slightly, Pei Wende stared at the same million thoughts of Mo Laosan with horror, which flashed through his mind.
"I don’t know …"
Hold your heart tightly and feel inexplicably nervous. Mo Laosan is completely overwhelmed.
I just that moment what will blurt out?
Why are you so worried about a resentful person?
[I don’t know? 】
Judging from his heart, Pei Wende knows that Mo Laosan really doesn’t know anything.
However, in this way, it can explain Mo Laosan’s previous blurting out nervousness.
It seems that things are a little more complicated than I thought? 】
At this moment, Pei Wende felt the Prajna ghost mask ready to move.
As mentioned above, the Prajnaparamita ghost mask is not an ordinary instrument or magic weapon, but a ghost with life initially.
However, due to the particularity of life resentment, most of the cases will not actively express their emotions.
But Mo Lao blurted out that there was no mood fluctuation later, and the Prajna ghost mask actually had an impulse to take the initiative to show up.
"Speaking of which, I don’t seem to know your name yet?"
Hesitated a PeiWenDe suddenly turn (asked about the mo old name.
"What’s my name?"
Staring blankly at Pei Wende Mo Lao said honestly
"The little family named Mojia didn’t take a name because of the death of his parents at home."
"But my family is the third place, and everyone is used to calling me the third place."
Chapter VI Six Enchantments, Dancing Pure Land
"Mo Laosan?"
I couldn’t help but touch myself. Ba Peiwende could feel that the Prajna ghost mask became more and more stirring after Mo Laosan said his name.
"Did it ever occur to you that the mayor would send you here to inform me?"
Gently bow their heads and have a hunch that Mo Lao replied.
"Maybe it’s because of my hard life?"
The sound is full of doubts and uncertainty, but Mo Laosan can refuse to think about it.
"Hard life?"
If you think, look at Mo Laosan. Pei Wende then asks a sharper question.
"Don’t you ever wonder why your life is so hard?"
Pei Wende, although he has not practiced life in depth, can achieve his level of monasticism, even if he has a little taste, he has attainments beyond the average person
Therefore, Pei Wende can clearly see that Mo Laosan’s life is not inferior to the "Dreadwind Lone Star" mentioned in the speech.
The most important thing is that Mo Laosan’s life is not born this way, but that some experiences have changed his life.
This kind of situation is not uncommon, and it can be said to be a common practice.
The life trajectory of all beings is not static, and it is absolutely normal to change the life trajectory at a certain stage due to sudden changes.
Career change, imperial examination, windfall and marriage are all ways to change one’s life.
But the problem is that the average person’s life, no matter how it changes, fluctuates in a horizontal line.
Just like the sudden windfall, the class, cognition and personality determine that few of them can keep this windfall, and most of them will get rich and return to poverty after two years.
This is the so-called fate, and it is also the so-called fate.
However, Mo Laosan’s situation is different. His life seems to have undergone some earth-shaking changes when he was a child, which completely changed his life track.
"Master, do you know anything?"
After another dead silence, it seemed that Mo Lao had made some determination and looked up and asked.
"I don’t know much, but I guess something."
There is no such problem as selling too much. See Pei Wende tap a finger lightly, and a wisp of wave is blooming in his palm.
One second, one big and one small, two ferocious and weird Prajna ghost masks appeared in his hand.
"Mo Lao, do you know that there are many ways to change one’s life?"
"except for those opportunities that can be met but not sought,’ changing your name and taking words’ is the simplest way."
Pause for a moment. Pei Wende knows that the other party must not understand what he means, and further explains
"You’re past your prime now, and the theory has its own words."
"What about the result?"
"Don’t you think it’s strange that you don’t even have a proper name without words?"
Even if you eat a hundred meals and grow up, you will give yourself a good name to support when you grow up.
It happened that the old one seemed to be deliberately ignored by the whole Yongle town, and no one ever pointed this out, which is obviously not normal.
"Strange … strange?"
Look some trance staring at PeiWenDe prajnaparamita ghost mask mo Lao is light repeating each other’s words.
Seeing those two masks instantly gave birth to a kind and familiar feeling as if I had not seen my friends for many years.
Especially the big Prajnaparamita ghost mask Mo Laosan saw a little sadness and bitterness in the grim face opposite Gherardini.

I can’t wait to slap myself in the face. It’s too fucking face!

Jiang Xiaonan shouted, "Get ready, everyone. The Great God said before that he would find a chance to make a big move to completely disrupt the jackals. We should attack at this time!"
Ye Zhao said, "Adjust the team immediately and wait for the attack command!"
Onu has to admit that Hangyu’s experience and will are terrible.
Several skills are more skillful than others, and they can always predict their skills repeatedly, so as to avoid them by instant attack or flashing. However, it is impossible for him to defeat himself by relying on this strength, which is just the level of several jackals.
His vitality is too weak!
Bloodthirsty rage increases strongly and returns strongly.
But every second will lose your vitality!
It’s not a problem for Onu to persist for about ten minutes with his strong vitality.
Hang Yu potion can help but persist for a minute or two. If you just delay a little, you can directly kill him.
Can be expected to be completely different!
Bloodthirsty rage skill has a characteristic.
The higher the loss ratio of health, the stronger the skill increase effect.
If the loss of life accounts for more than 1%, the skill power will increase by 1%!
If the loss of life accounts for more than 5%, the skill power will increase by 5%!
After thirty or forty seconds of fighting, Hangyu’s vitality loss has reached as high as 6%. The bloodthirsty and violent power is getting stronger and stronger, which makes Hangyu form a counter-measure against Onu with its super strength, super responsiveness and super-fast moving speed!
When the loss of life exceeds 7%!
Hang Yu has completely suppressed Onu.
Every attack can cause amazing damage.
Hang Yu will keep her vitality at 3%.
In order to save the spirit, we don’t use redundant attack skills, such as instant attack and flashing. In most cases, the flat A attack absorbs vitality and relieves blood loss by constantly causing damage.
Onu has more and more wounds.
His vitality also slipped to about 56%
Hang Yu predicted that Onu still had about 3 vitality, so he suppressed his vitality again and let his vitality slide to 12%. The power of violent skills rose by 9%, and the whole person was just like hanging up!
Onu was completely angry.
I’ve never seen such a game of fire!
He decided to kill Hang Yu in one breath!
He is fragile now, like a piece of paper!
Onu first released a violent quarrelling, and as expected, he was flashed and hid, and then he released a shower of guns and was once again attacked and hid by Hangyu.
"You’re finished!"
Aonu has found out the routine of Hangyu.
Therefore, the opponent takes out a skill scroll in the process of avoiding.
Level 1 skill scroll fire rain arrival!
Hang Yu sensed the energy fluctuation of the skill scroll. He knew that it was a range to attack the skill. His current state and the cave were exhausted, so there was no possibility of hiding.
However, when it takes a little time to release the skill scroll.
Hangyu took the opportunity to activate the commander shield of jewelry suit.
Although the level 5 green suit skill commander shield is somewhat outdated, it is enough to weaken and buffer some attacks to resist several falling fireballs, and then a ring in Hang Yu’s left hand suddenly flashes, releasing an intensive therapy.
This is the treatment ring that Hang Yu borrowed from Xiaobai.
Its physical attributes are very good, which can enhance the fighting capacity of Hangyu.
But also because of that therapy, which is why Hang Yu dare to play with fire.
The treatment instantly restored Hang Yu’s half life and offset the subsequent injuries.
Hangyu took advantage of a slam and rushed to Onu, who was hit by a gun blade in the chest and was immediately knocked out of more than ten meters.
"Another blue dress?"
"All right, all right, kill this guy first!"
Onufa calmed down. He didn’t expect one of these weak chickens to be so strong, and the other person had two very good attributes: blue dress.
Although Onu is not afraid of Hangyu
But it’s too strong to fight like this
So Onu directly gave up fighting and ordered the Jackal to attack.
Hang Yu hung a smile on his mouth when he faced the jackal who was getting closer and closer with 5% of Onu.
Gun blade
Upset energy fluctuation
Condensed to the limit in less than two seconds.
Onu has sensed danger and his face changed greatly. "Back off!"

Four people control their magic weapons and fly over Leigong Mountain, leaving a faint sigh and waiting to fly over the border of Guizhou Province. The evil spirits can’t help but feel glad that this magic shuttle is actually comparable to his normal flight speed. If the Pappy duo sacrificed the magic shuttle just now, the speed pursuit can’t catch him, but it can’t be much slower.

Yi also thought in his heart, "If you hadn’t come here today to hide evil, you might have to plant it in the hands of Pappy."
Great scenery changes along the way, not only that today’s Babbitt duo wouldn’t have made things so satisfactory if they weren’t guilty.
Although Yi has both magic weapons and a series of great events, they can’t hide the fact that his debut period is too short and his age is also a problem. Most people look down on him a bit if he doesn’t have magic weapons, he must take care of them.
Kuang Yan is generally exaggerating the truth and falsehood. Maybe that magic sword is not worthy of the name. Maybe Pappy’s two men have never experienced the magic, so they are not so afraid. Otherwise, today’s sweeping of the face will help the evil spirits to deal with the two brothers, and the consequences will not be like this.
In that case, it is also the only regret and guilty place for Babbitt’s twins. They were called "the king of big stomachs" when they were young, and they were greedy for the new and tired of the old. At the beginning, they were able to eat chicken, duck, fish and other meat. Later, when they were completely fed up, they stared at those monsters in the deep mountains of osawa, but most of them were hiding in crypts. Although they were happy with each other, they also suffered enough and suffered a lot. At the same time, they also had a narrow escape experience.
It’s easy to see that after the reform of Tianlong Mountain Villa, only one or two monster dishes became a hit. Babbitt twins were the first wave of customers, and they were able to win the lottery at that time. Since then, they have been wandering around Tianlong Mountain Villa in various provinces with years of accumulated money. They have solved the three problems, which is simply a long time. The owner of Tianlong Mountain Villa in all provinces there, Xiao Er, rarely knows Babbitt twins. At the same time, they have made many friends. It’s so unpleasant to eat and drink in the mountains every day!
There is a saying that "the spring breeze is proud of the horseshoe disease" is-"the spring breeze is proud of the horse’s hoof"
In just a few months, all the money accumulated for more than ten or twenty years was filled into the underground hole of Tianlong Villa, where people from all the villas were familiar with and owed a lot of debts. Before the two brothers began to repent, the debt collectors from all the villas came in waves. Together, the debts owed by these dozens of villas were astronomical, and both of them had the idea of fleeing overseas. This happened at the beginning of the month, and it was now that they were struggling to pay their debts every day and were running around.
They also have the idea of defaulting, but as soon as they remembered something happened in Tianlong Mountain Villa, they were dismissed.
It turned out that some people, like their brothers, owed a lot of debts, even though they wanted to default on their debts. Later, they made a rude remark and annoyed the villa owner. They made a big blackboard and wrote down the debts owed by this person in detail. Just a few days later, the people next to the gate of the villa paid tribute to this person. Even the house dared not make this move, which was worse than the killer. The only magic weapon that harmed people’s reputation was still easy to use in the secular world, but the effect was multiplied.
How dare the Babbitt twins reproduce such thoughts? If there is a villa, it will be a shame. But don’t forget that Tianlong Mountain Villa is full of flowers, and there are branches in every province. The passenger flow is very large. If it annoys people, it is better to put this killer at the door of each branch.
Today, it’s easy to encounter the evil spirits. I’m so glad to hear that the hairy and stupid two brothers are Pappy twins. You know, all the measures of Tianlong Villa can be done at the behest of others, and I dare not offend the guests so much without his command to the villa owners.
Yi’s ambition has always been small, but it’s impossible to have ambition alone, but with the rapid increase of repair, this hand is full of big cats and kittens, and it’s not ten years before they come out. At that time, the daylily was cold!
Up to now, the four brothers Yi Dong, Nan Yi, Yi Xi and Yi Bei, who are able to get their hands on, are barely left. There are less than ten people who have just stepped into the field of fixing the truth for three or four years.
The only resource is that Tianlong Mountain Villa is easy to rack one’s brains to think of a way to pay debts to win over all parties. Ying Jie is so reluctant to let the child set up a wolf. A win-over failed. Yi Zheng is thinking about finding the second goal, which is the third goal.
Otherwise, do you know that Tianlong Mountain Villa has no credit rules but let people credit? Of course, this is for an individual. At least, the mature person in the realm of spiritual cultivation should go there, otherwise everyone can get credit and don’t do that business.
At present, some people in the intelligence agency managed by Xu Rou revolve around these people. It is also a precaution to prevent this person from missing. In addition, it is necessary to inquire, observe the line, background and so on. Because the spies have worked very hard to track down, they can arrange a large number of people to win.
Yi, if it weren’t for such a hurry to form a scale of his own power in a short time, just those young men and women in Tianlong House and intelligence agents will form a certain scale after ten years.
The fourth volume Dry Kun copulation Chapter five hundred and forty-nine Mysterious red carp
Let’s talk about Yi and his party’s four-person flight, which is striking enough. Let’s not talk about Yi’s evil spirit. Let’s say that the flying momentum of the two of them can be shaped by the word "Biao Hu"
It’s not surprising that the magic shuttle flies fast, but the two of them fly in a big way, and the yellow halo unearthed from the body surface is not obvious at close range, but it will be much thicker at a distance, and a cold wind will blow out and a yellow tail will fly backwards like a cloud, leaving two long ripples. This sword is very similar to the red sword.
Through the conversation on the way, Babbitt became more and more aware that he was easy to be angry with his brothers. Not only did people look pleasing to the eye, but he also spoke very generously. Except for his voice, he was a little shorter, and there were similarities in other places. He was particularly easy to be a carnivore and had a deep accomplishment in external work. So after a while, the two sides exchanged a lot of experiences and talked more speculatively.
And the evil spirits on the side can become marginal figures. His bad feelings between Papilions are not so easy to eliminate and he doesn’t want to interrupt. If it weren’t for his easy saying every once in a while, he might have been forgotten by Papilions.
However, he is not idle, except for flying silently, but observing Yi. He found that Yi’s means of communication is very bright. It is a refreshing feeling in his heart to listen to him. Didn’t you see the appearance of the Babbitt brothers? It seems that it is even longer than when they met Yi. In such a short time, the three of them have become brothers, and nothing can be abandoned.
Moreover, Fu Xie also found that Yi Xiu was not the same as Tianlong Mansion three years ago, which made it more and more difficult to ponder. When I first met him, he definitely refined the realm of gasification, which was also discovered by an accident. Now, I feel the strength of Fu Xie from the magic sword and conclude that Yi has cultivated into a Yuan God and entered the realm of refining God and emptiness. The word "stormy waves" is not enough to say the mood of Fu Xie at this time.
Three years is just over three years! Actually, from the realm of refining and gasification to the realm of refining and returning to emptiness, even the older generation can’t work so fast, can they?
He wanted to ask all the questions seriously, but after considering it, he suppressed this discovery. It was very uncomfortable. When did he even consider other people’s opinions?
The towering peaks rise from the Bifu Mountain Range, and the dark green virgin forest is misty and misty. The outline of Nanling Mountain is already in sight.
Crossing the boundary of Qin province, Babbitt duo looked at the misty peaks of white clouds on the horizon, but they could not help but converge a lot and spoke a little less.
Glancing at it quietly, I secretly lamented that it was too great a prestige accumulated over the past thousand years. Even such a muddy person knows that convergence is no wonder that it can stand out from the crowd. However, I wonder if Kunlun and Emei can keep the present situation?
Babbitt’s twins can’t wait to look at the faint colored whirlpool in the sky seen by Tianlong Mansion. Look at the blue waves of the oblique side and the horseshoe-shaped island in the lake. Babbitt’s twins can’t help but admire and envy.
People can piss people off more than people. The two of them have worked hard to settle down for so many years. The abode of fairies and immortals is just a corner of an unknown hill. Let’s see if this mansion stands directly in the sky or this inch of land in Qin Province and its neighbors are too many. Who dares to run wild here?
I think that there was no good place for the demon monk and the flame venerable person to run wild here after several years, so I don’t want to say that this Tianlong mansion is too one place to enjoy even the slightest bit.
Who says there is no pure land in downtown? Look at the layout of Tianlong Mansion from now on, and you will know that it is a first-class gathering of spirits. Besides the envy of the land, there are three points of loss and inferiority.
At this time, the mind was suddenly and fiercely, as if there was a qi machine coming from its own side, and the mind swept past but found nothing.
"Bro, what is this fish in your family? Red as fire, fat and beautiful, and still jumping out? " Male flashing eyes looking at the lake fish throat still shaking two.
Erxiong touched a round belly and sneered, "Is Big Brother greedy?"
Nobita’s question shifted his attention. He took back his mind and took a look at the lake and smiled. "Speaking of this, the origin of fish is very strange. When the magic came out, it caused a vision of heaven and earth. The crazy thunder split the ten-mile land in Fiona Fang and watered it by rain to form a lake. It was still a dead lake …"
"Ah …" Nobita opened his mouth and suddenly said, "So this lake is formed in this way. Did I already have it?" Say that finish and tut.

Jade Duxiu smell speech shook his head. "It’s impossible that I know the snake god better than you. It’s the strong who want to erase the memory. Even it’s impossible that this snake god can’t be released for the time being. When the overall situation is settled, it’s not too late to release it again."

When I say this, Jade Duxiu sneers at me, "When my fate is controlled by a knife, I can design a plan to call the snake god to escape and ask him to dare to vent the open-air seat unappreciably, so that God will kill and bury him forever."
Looking at Yu Duxiu’s insect god biting his lips, "Well, as you said."
Jade Duxiu looked at snuff in the distance for a long time and said that the worm shinto "Everything here is given to you. Go back first."
"Worm God please help yourself." Jade Duxiu bears his hands and wears a black robe all over his body. The whole person seems to be integrated into the darkness.
"Do you believe in the myth of insects?" Kurong came out.
"Don’t believe" Jade Duxiu Road
"I knew people like you would believe in themselves all their lives." Kurong sighed gently.
Jade Duxiu unhurriedly said, "If you want this insect god to enter the Xuan door, it’s not up to him then. It’s all up to the seat."
Speaking of this, Jade Duxiu turned his head and looked at the withered monk, "Master, don’t go to rest so late."
"Before I felt the arrival of Qi Qi, I was afraid that this Jinshan Temple would be accidentally torn down." Withered and wry smile.
Jade Duxiu gently sighed, "It’s good that you can rest assured that this Jinshan Temple will not live long. It’s a hundred years long and a decade or two short."
At Yu Duxiu, Kurong shook his head. "You are not a law-abiding person by nature, and you are always making trouble everywhere."
"I’ll sue you for slander," Yu Duxiu criticised.
"Oh, old man, I’m going to bed. Be careful yourself. Don’t capsize in the gutter."
The night wind hit Yu Duxiu’s black robe and shook with the wind, and then he saw Yu Duxiu with a gentle smile. "Did you capsize in the gutter? What storms can these two small roles flush with dry ghost brakes? "
Thirty-three times a day, a pair of eyes are really dragon and purple, and the airflow is staring at the world.
"What are you looking at?" Xi he came to the dry day.
Gan Tiandao: "I want to be wonderful again. Why do I try my best to combine the white snake with the common people?"
"If something goes wrong, there must be a demon. What is this wonderful show?" Xi he Road
Dry day frown "I think for a long time, the only explanation for laxative is that the white snake Xu Xian will give birth to an heir, and then this heir has a big problem, or that Xu Xian has a big problem. If I can control Xu Xian or separate a little bit of real dragon and purple, the fetus will certainly be able to hold Miao Xiu’s feet and force Miao Xiu to hand over the seal of the day."
Xi he smell speech nodded. "It’s really such a wonderful show. It’s always not a spectator. Now, if you think about it carefully, if everything goes into position, you can say that all the plans of this wonderful show are inseparable from Xu Xian, and a baby is likely to be born in the future."
"I want to go to the world in person and see what Miao Xiu is playing, moth." After the dry day, I hid the instantaneous latent boundary of my body.
Jade Duxiu in Jinshan Temple always looks at Suzhou City and looks at the doom coming from the virtual convergence. Jade Duxiu sighs gently, "I knew this man’s fruit position was not so good, it must be a lot of doom. Everything is a routine."
Say that finish after nai a sigh.
Chapter 1731 Trauma dry day
Jade Duxiu’s eyes looked at the sky and saw a purple gas that could not be observed. It landed in the middle of 33 days and came to Suzhou.
That dry day directly turned into a streamer and entered the dream of Xu Xian. Some days here, Xu Xian is busy making babies with her own mother, and she falls asleep every day. It is natural to sleep on that dry day.
"Xu Xian"
"Are you human?" The Xu Xian looked at the whole body really dragon and purple air fills the air dry day to do imperial dress immediately one leng at loggerheads way
"I’m the Emperor of Heaven in the Hall of Wonders, and I don’t bow down quickly when I see him." A stream of qi activity in the whole body of a dry day oppressed Xu Xian.
Xu Xian suddenly one leng plop a kneeling "right Xu Xian met my emperor, long live long live long live"
"There is still a lack of a fairy official in Xu Xianzhen’s incense hall. Would you like to be an celestial official after your death?" The sound of the dry day avenue is deafening, and the dream world trembles.
Hearing the words of the dry day, Xu Xian heard that he was overjoyed to live forever, which is what people yearn for. At this time, he heard that the dry day promised to come immediately, but for a moment he saw a black lotus blossom in the void, and a shadow of a man in black emerged and turned his back on Xu Xian.
"Dry day, you this fellow has crossed the line too much, right? You also deserve to intervene in the layout. It’s really little." Jade Duxiu’s figure appeared in the field and a pair of eyes disdained to look at dry days.
"Jade Duxiu! If you find traces of me, "dry day watching jade Duxiu appear suddenly one leng.

Is this an opportunity for him to sneak in?

"Of course, it’s appropriate to know that I was enemies of Wang Ye and Yun Zui and asked me," said the kite slyly.
Su Yantong was immediately attracted and asked anxiously, "What are they like?"
She really wants to know that even knowing the answer would be deceiving herself.
13 Chapter 13 Trace
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"This also ask you are not already aware of the unusual? Of course, they are not generally two of a kind, and they already have each other’s hearts and bodies … "He said that it is not an exaggeration to guess these things, but it is just a lack of evidence.
Hear the kite said Sue dye pupil face a slight white.
It was self-deception.
"You’re in a coma these days. Although Chi Nie Yi is still single-minded about you, he has changed since he met Yun Zui. Do you know that Chi Zui Yun Zui has done a lot of things? On his birthday not long before Chi Zui, Tianchi Zui danced with Yun Zui and their clothes were a pair?" This made Kite’s words still not grandiose but honest.
Sue dyed the pupil is not silent again eyes red again.
After seeing this, the kite was immediately distressed. Su Dye wiped away her tears and said, "Don’t cry, I will feel distressed."
Su dyed her eyes with tears, but she couldn’t stop looking red and asked, "Do you love me?"
I made the kite take her away, said affectionate words, and now I say that I am distressed. What is it that I don’t love her?
I didn’t expect Su Dye’s pupil to ask such a question for a moment, and kite replied, "Love is better than myself."
His words are still not exaggerated, very serious and sincere.
Su Dye Pupil seemed to be slightly balanced in his heart for a moment, and then he said to the kite, "Then you love me in your way."
Say that finish and take the initiative to send your lip to seize the kite.
Make the kite feel soft but limp and sweet when it touches the mouth.
I cann’t believe she’s so active and still loves her in his way!
His way is to pity, cherish, cherish and spoil.
Just as he tried to maintain himself and care about his skin appearance and temperament, it was not himself, but to turn himself into the best side and dedicate it to Su Ran.
Now she’s in his arms and so active.
Make kite put all his troubles behind him for a while, and then love Su Dye Pupil in any other way.
He is not as fanatical as Chi Mi, but as gentle as water.
A drop of tears from Su Dye’s eyes made the kite swallow a drop of bitter taste, but he felt slightly sweet.
The carriage is still driving. Passers-by can’t see that the carriage is strange. The market is still lively. Chi Yi finds that he seems to have gone too far, so he makes people look for Su Dye.
Finally, I found that Su Dye’s pupil was not in the palace, but someone went out to look for it.
Chi Mi sighed and looked at the blue sky. He hoped that Yun would come back drunk or let God turn his heart into the one that used to love Su.
It’s getting dark as if it were a sudden rainstorm.
What Wangfu people looking for speed immediately accelerated.
Street people found that the sky would change and immediately cleared up their stalls and prepared to go home.
The carriage didn’t stop until the kite was ordered. It was more like a killer than a groom now. He didn’t stop until the kite was ordered.
Make the kite look at Su Dye’s bright and white skin, and find that there are traces of blue and purple on the face. When the pupil shrinks, the heart hurts.
It’s a pool trace, right?
He closed his eyes to let himself not care, but also to cover the traces of the pool.
139 Chapter 139 Returning to China
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It’s getting dark outside, and there’s a muffled thunder, and raindrops are falling.
At the same time, some people found that there seemed to be snow in the rain.
It’s really rare that it thunders when it snows, but they met on the first day of snow!
Is there anything different this year? !
Is this a good omen or an ominous sign?
All the people can’t help whispering.

Xuanyang is talented and interested in all things that are practiced.

Zhengyi French, Huangdi Jiuding Shendan Jing Volume 1, Jinyi Shendan Jing Volume 1, Taiqing Jinyi Shendan Jing Volume 3, Thirty-six Changes of Tiangang, and Fu Renlei’s Scripture …
In the past two hundred years, Xuanyang has made great achievements in every field of practice by following the example and accepting hundreds of schools.
Zhong Li said that if Xuanyang was willing to specialize in one thing, I’m afraid he would have already broken through the realm of Yin God and taken the road of achieving immortality of Yang God.
Xuanyang himself is not at ease about this.
Xuanyang is simply interested in practicing.
Avatar magic, longevity and long-term vision are all "unexpected gains" in the process of self-cultivation.
If you really specialize in it at the beginning, you may be able to reach the realm of Zhong Li’s mouth, but it is more likely that you have developed an aversion to spiritual practice since then.
Isn’t another explanation for being free and easy is the sexual self?
"This is a bit ugly. Didn’t you come here like this?"
Don’t complain about Xuan, rest assured that Yueyang conveniently folds a branch from the big tree next to it.
"When you were in the mountains, it was just you, me and Master. At that time, you were much more difficult to serve than Pure Yang."
Yueyang didn’t lie about this.
Although Xuanyang looks like a reliable and serious second brother now, he was very noisy when he was in Chushan
On the other hand, Chunyang has always been a sensible and lovely child, which is a fresh contrast with Xuanyang.
"Tut tut pure Yang and I can’t generalize …"
"Who knew that the’ human trafficker’ who took a steamed bun and turned me into a mountain turned out to be a man with a successful practice."
Xuanyang today remembers that he planned to steal something and cheat some food as usual that day. As a result, the thief actually stole the clock from him.
Then the clock from smiling a steamed bread to turn himself to the mountain.
From that day on, the world lost a beggar who cheated and cheated, and a greedy Taoist boy was added.
"Cut the crap and give me a few moves first!"
Waving the trimmed straight branches casually, Yueyang pressed the bass to drink a way.
It’s not true that she specially called Xuanyang from the Wu Yuan to recall the past with each other.
"Elder martial sister, is this necessary for you?"
Seeing this situation, Xuanyang’s face suddenly converged a little and his look became solemn.
"If Chun Yang really wants to learn sword, I’ll just teach him directly."
"You are now in the period of breaking the bond of Yin, so there is no need to be distracted by this little thing."
Although Yueyang is a master elder sister of pure yang view, it doesn’t mean that she knows everything.
On the contrary, in addition to the ability to predict good fortune and bad fortune, Yueyang is best at the medicine of the living dead and the bones.
Yueyang, like fencing, can be said to have dabbled in it, but it is far from being a teacher.
Because of the previous commitment to Chunyang Yueyang, I temporarily found Xuanyang, a fencing master who was going to be distracted from learning.
Yueyang’s talent and experience are more than enough to guide Chunyang’s entry even if it is a simple study.
"Hum, if you could teach your disciples one by one, you wouldn’t still be like this today."
"Besides, this is what I promised Chunyang. How can it delay your practice?"
Looking at a face that insisted on Yueyang Xuanyang’s awkward words and opened his mouth, he finally didn’t open his mouth and continued to persuade.
Because he knows that this is Yueyang’s character and the root of his younger brother’s gradual increase.
In the hearts of all the younger brothers in Chunyangguan, Yueyang, a teacher, sister and mother, has more prestige than his own master who doesn’t take care of things.
Even if it is lazy, such as Xuanyang, there will be no objection when Yueyang decides things.
"all right! Since you insist on this, I have to be more serious, teacher younger brother. "
Suddenly take a deep breath and see Xuanyang’s hands pointing to the air around the sword, and then the wind spins quickly and the fingertips form a blade.
-congenital kendo, flurry sword!
Swordsmanship reaches the state of Xuanyang, and plants, bamboo and stones can be used as swords.
Moreover, compared with simple firm but gentle sword and Jian Gang, which rely on the rapid wind and flowing water to form a sword, it is not only convenient, but also more powerful.
It was in the blink of an eye that Xuanyang’s figure disappeared from Yueyang’s field of vision.
At the same time, a shrill scream came from her left side and forced her back a few steps.
"Sister, this move is called’ preemptive strike’!"
Didn’t take the opportunity to further Xuanyang figure stopped when the distance Yuezhi is not a few steps away, a deep and hoarse voice explained.
"Sword is a weapon, fencing is a killing technique."
"So if you really intend to teach Chunyang yourself, this is the first lesson."
The tone didn’t pause, but Xuanyang disappeared again.
"Although my dragon swordsmanship pays attention to’ attacking the enemy from behind and breaking all the laws’, it is to establish rich combat experience and practice for years."
"Beginners who practice swordsmanship should first be determined to keep an offensive state at all times."
"It is a skill to strike first, but it is a state of mind."
The figure on the right side of Yueyang reappeared. I just wanted to repeat my old trick and stab a sword, but I was surprised to find that the branches in the other hand had already swept towards me.
"Good teaching. Do you think my attack and defense is in line with the’ preemptive strike’ mentality?"
Chapter 22 Road flyover fire dragon XuanYang
"Yes, it is a’ preemptive strike’ mentality to attack quickly and force the enemy to defend!"
If it is a real battle, Xuanyang has 10,000 ways to crack Yueyang Sweep.
But Xuanyang is not fighting now, but teaching Yueyang the tricks and techniques of practicing sword. He resolutely chose to retreat and avoid this sweep.
"It is important to know that the sword practitioner holds a sword instead of a shield."
Therefore, regardless of the situation, the offensive intention is always greater than the defense.
Seeing Xuanyang preaching to Yueyang, he constantly adjusted his position and let himself be in an offensive position at any time.
"In addition to the most basic mentality, the second lesson that beginners need to learn is the pace."

Li Xiangkun didn’t speak and walked straight towards him.

"Help me!"
The girl screamed when she saw someone coming.
Covering her mouth, the dog leg found that she actually broke free, gave her a hard mouth and blocked it again.
"Love dearly? Want a hero to save the United States? Don’t take a piss and see what kind of masked man you are? " Sunglasses man stared at Li Xiang’s mouth with disdain and chugged like a machine gun.
Li Xiangkun looked at him quietly and said, "Let her go, I’ll say it again or I’ll take the consequences."
"hey! Are you a fool when you are a young master? " Sunglasses man pulls out a knife from his waist and plays with it in his hand.
Lee sang-woon directly knocked over the sunglasses man with a hard punch, and the quality was very good. The sunglasses were smashed by a dozen.
A few dog legs let go of the girls, and they all took out their knives and aimed them at Li Xiangjuan, maintaining a five-meter distance confrontation.
"Mom dares to beat the youngest. You have guts!" Sunglasses man vociferously brandished a knife and stabbed at Li Xiangrui.
However, in an instant, a long blue knife resisted his attack and put his backhand on his neck.
"Eldest brother! Eldest brother I was wrong. "
Seeing that the situation was wrong, the sunglasses man immediately knelt down and cried and rubbed his arms around Li Xiangkang’s thigh.
Several doglegs saw each other being controlled by the boss and hurriedly stabbed Li Xiangkang with a knife.
"whoosh ~"
Who would have thought that Lee Sang-soo had directly picked up the sunglasses man and pointed his ass in the direction of those dog legs?
Those dogs tried to control their strength, but they were still a little late. Several knives were gently inserted into the sunglasses male buttocks at the same time.
A scream rang through this alley like a tenor.
The sunglasses man fainted from the pain and lay down directly with a row of knives in his ass.
"Mo Ge!"
Dog legs hurriedly went to check the injury of sunglasses man in fear and found that his ass blood had merged into a stream and directly carried him up.
"Xiao you are finished! If you offend us, Mo Ge, you can’t get along in Destiny City! "
Leave this sentence and a group of people will disappear from sight.
Li Xiangkun scratched his head and said strangely, "What are you blaming me for?"
"Snow …"
Laughing, the rescued girl wiped her eyes with tears and said, "Thank you. I really don’t know what would have happened if it weren’t for you."
"It’s okay to raise your hand and work hard. It’s too dangerous for a person to have this kind of alley." Li Xiangrui told him and turned and left
"What a mysterious person!" The girl looked at him thoughtfully until he disappeared.
"ding ~"
[Congratulations to the player for successfully completing "Being a Hero for Once" and getting honor value +5 joint currency +12 female NPC goodwill +1] Gee, what’s the surprise of such a little reward!
However, it’s interesting that the female NPC’s goodwill has increased.
He tentatively went to a tea shop in the downtown area. The owner is a sexy and charming mature woman. She is wearing slightly exposed clothes to enjoy the cool and full of temptation.
A man walked up to her carefully and asked, "The proprietress doesn’t know how much your Hualing Wuyang tea is?"
"hey! You want to buy Wuyang tea? Don’t ask when you can’t afford it! " Wife of shop-owner impatiently fan fan said
"Hum! What quality is old and not bought! " The man angrily left directly.
This scene makes the men around you even more scared.

As soon as Jose and his wife arrived in Shampoo Island, they went to the shopping street area, and there were 79 areas in Shampoo Island.

Area 1-29 is an illegal zone for human trafficking; 3-39 is an amusement park; 4-49 is the tourist area where local products are sold; No. 5-59 are all coating craftsmen in shipbuilding; 6-69 naval and government access areas; At the same time, there is a naval base in each area. At this time, there is also a 66gr naval branch in area 66 where Jose is now living. 7-79 are hotel streets and other places.
Jose, they are going to the shopping street at this time, which is located in area 4-49, and they want to buy clothes! Furniture! Eat! You can buy it here. Although there is a shopping street in its area, it is not so neat.
Domino seemed to feel something and said to Jose, "Why do I feel that there are many people watching us from behind the island?"
"Ha ha, is it?" Jose laughed and explained, "Maybe you are too beautiful!" Although he said it was easy, he had already noticed that they were really stared at by many people all the way, but at this time he didn’t know what was going on.
"Do you also like reading newspapers?" Jose looked at Domino with a news newspaper.
"Not bad. I don’t watch it very often," Domino replied.
Oh, Jose answered and went on to his destination, but they didn’t seem to know that they were being stared at.
A sniper on a roof looked at pedestrians on the street and said to others around him, "Nock, do you think that guy just published in the Navy Super Newcomer today?"
"Yes! What’s the matter? "Asked Nock, looking at the street and walking, Jos answered.
Yes, it’s a good opportunity. The sniper looked at Jose with an excited face and said to Nock, "I said 11 thousand I’ll clean him up. Maybe the captain will note me!"
"Peng Ji, you are crazy to say something stupid. That’s Lieutenant General." Nock reached out and grabbed each other’s hand at first sight … but he was still a step behind.
At the moment of listening to the "touch", the sniper had fired. Looking at the trajectory, he seemed to have seen the picture of the other person’s head blooming by holding his breath. However, at the moment, his face changed. First, he saw a palm blocking the front of the bullet, and then he couldn’t believe it happened. The bullet was actually shaken by the other person.
"What’s the matter? How did it come about?" It seems that Domino turned to ask. She was so engrossed in it just now, and it’s not her fault, because newspaper news really attracted her.
Jose, a fly, shook hands, was shot, and a scream rang from the roof not far away, and then he heard an object falling from a height "plop" and then the surrounding area was quiet again.
Jose took Domino in one hand and said, "Let’s go! It’s almost time for us to go to the shopping street. For those who want to disturb them, Jose doesn’t give them any gifts at all
Domino then realized that Jose had just been stared at by pirates and was still a sniper. At this time, he remembered the information he had just read in the newspaper, "I finally know what a lot of people are watching us, not because I am beautiful, but because of you."
"How do you say this?" Jose couldn’t help wondering. He also wanted to know what was going on. The sniper was coming for him just now.
"Look at this." Domino handed me the newspaper.
Jose glanced at a newspaper and finally knew what it was. He saw that the newspaper said "Domil Jose, the youngest naval supernova in history".
Jos continued to look at the picture, and it was a picture where Jos escorted Luo Zheng, a pirate with a reward of over 400 million yuan, and it was also noted that he was promoted to the post of lieutenant general when he was less than 2 years old.
Jose has some words. When I think about the sneak attack just now, I think this ancient marshal is simply pulling hatred for him!
"It’s simply a death wish". Not far away, Nock, the partner of the roof sniper, was greatly relieved when Jos and his wife disappeared. He looked at the sniper who had rolled on the ground and scolded him, and then rushed away into the alley.
Jose Domino finally got to the shopping street safely after a small tune.
"Honey, go that way. We’re going to buy it at the Creminell store." Domino said with a happy face.
"Is it a famous brand?" Jos asked
Of course, Domino said, "Creminell Company is the top five brand stores in the world, and even Mr. papak, the design supernova, has reached a deal."
Jose, who doesn’t watch much news, really doesn’t know who papak is! However, looking at Domino’s excited face, he walked into the Kriminell brand shop together.
Look at the bustling shops, Jose has to sigh that it is the top five famous brand stores in the world …
Twenty minutes later, Jose braved the cold sweat and dominoes and came out of the Creminell store. At this time, Jose was holding several silk threads in one hand and the ends of the silk threads were connected with bubbles. The bubbles looked like balloons, and they were already filled with all kinds of clothes. After careful calculation, there were dozens of sets of samples.
Looking at the bubble, he breathed a sigh of relief. If it weren’t for these bubble bags, he probably wouldn’t know how to take these more than 50 suits.
Domino looked happy and said to Jose, "Honey, accompany me to buy some more makeup!"
"Good" Jose should be silent with Domino. Fortunately, he brought more money. Just now, these dozens of suits cost millions of Bailey, and they are even more expensive at a 30% discount. Moreover, for makeup that is more expensive than clothes, Jose feels that it will bleed again this time, but money is nothing to Jose. Just make Domino happy.
A figure in a bar in the French zone rushed in and said
"Captain Dreyer, we have to get out of here! Pengji has been abolished, and maybe the navy will come soon. "
Yeah, I was beaten until the figure was calm and put a glass of wine. "What’s going on, Nock?"
Well, Captain, when we were resting on the roof, we saw Domil Jos, the naval supernova Ponzi who reported for duty today …
It’s really no guy. The captain thought for a moment and got up. "It’s just that our crew may be laughed at if they don’t care!" I want to see if the other party really has that strength. "
At this moment, another man beside the captain clenched his fist and shouted "Let’s get to work, boys". The speaker was none other than Lip, the deputy captain of the Pirates Group.
Chapter 44 Against pirates
"I finally have something to do, and my body is getting rusty." A man rang.
As the man shouted down, there was a warm scream in the bar
At this moment, the man who had been holding the sword and his face was covered with scars got up and looked dignified. "Captain, are you serious?" That guy has arrested a pirate with a reward of 400 million yuan. "
"You won’t be afraid! If you are afraid, don’t go, I won’t have a problem. "The vice captain sarcastically said that he didn’t like this swordsman who didn’t even know his name.
The swordsmen regarded each other sarcastically and calmly said, "I really don’t know what makes a single-celled man like you a vice captain."
"You are dead" Lip’s face is full of malicious color.
"Don’t say it, no matter whether the other party has the strength or not, since it is necessary to go to our crew for a while, and it’s not that we haven’t met vice admiral before, and there is no problem in the end." The captain then walked toward the outside of the hotel.
Hearing the captain’s words, the assistant captain "cut" and then glared at the swordsman and followed him silently. If he didn’t know the swordsmen’s strength, he would have done it.
The swordsman ignored him but said, "Captain, do you know where that man is?"
As soon as the swordsmen’s words fell, the captain and the deputy captain stopped and turned to look at Nock with a black headscarf.
Being watched by everyone, Nock trembled. "I heard that vice admiral said that he would go to the largest shopping street in the islands."
With the captain’s order, everyone followed the captain angrily to the shopping street and roared off.
Time flies by.
Jose has spent more than 10 million Bailey on the shopping street. You know that’s more than 10 million Bailey! This can make an ordinary family spend all their money in less than half a day in two or three years. At this time, Jose’s bubble bag has changed from a few to more than 20, with clothes, makeup, room decoration, curtains, furniture and other things in it.
"Do you want to buy anything else?" Jos asked
Domino looked at the goods and said, "I think it should be enough to buy these first!" It’s not enough to buy it again. Anyway, the headquarters is not far from here. "
When Jose looked at it, he said, "It’s almost time to have lunch here or go back to eat."
"Go back and do it yourself! We’ll buy some solid materials by the way and just pass by later, "Domino said with a smile."
"Can you still cook?" Jose couldn’t help but be surprised. I didn’t expect Domino to cook. He paused and smiled happily. "Good! Then I’m waiting to eat your craft. "
However, at this moment, a gloomy voice came from behind. "The guy in front, do you still want to leave so easily after you waste my ship’s sniper arm?" Don’t you know that the arm is very important to the sniper? "
Jose zheng turned his head to look at each other carefully and then smiled strangely. "Are you really all right to appear in front of the navy like this, one piece?" Mr. Dreyer, head of the Pirates of Warcraft. "
On the other hand, when I heard Jose talking, Domino changed into the Pirates of Warcraft, but it has been well known that the Pirates have been fired since the year. The whole team, including the captain, has a total of two pirates with a reward of over 100 million yuan. Just one pirate group contains two supernovae. You know, there are only five new pirates with a reward of over 100 million yuan this year. The Pirates of Warcraft actually accounted for two. From this, you can imagine how horrible the strength of this whole Pirates of Warcraft is.
Jose handed Domino the rope attached to the bubble bag and said, "Don’t worry, I will protect you."
Domino took the rope, made signal with the lips, and finally retreated aside. Somehow, there was always a voice in her heart saying that he could do it.
Haha, the captain of the Pirates of Warcraft seems to hear some good jokes and laughs. "Did you hear that he actually wants to pick our department! In that case, let him try! "

Daisies, sweet milk and sunshine

Turn this silly fat mouse yellow
He waved his wand, and the wand gave off a yellow glow. Poor Scabbers were so frightened that popcorn fell to the ground.
"Are you sure this is really a spell?" The little girl asked, "it doesn’t look so good, does it?" I tried several simple spells at home, which were linked and all worked.
No one in my family knows the magic house. When I received the admission notice, I was very surprised, but I was very happy.
Because I mean, as far as I know, this is the best magic school ―― I have memorized all the classes. Of course, I hope this can ―― my name is hermione granger. By the way, what are your names? "
She finished in rapid succession.
"Arlene Smith" Arlene said with a smile.
"My name is Ron? Weasley, "Ron muttered.
"Harry Potter," said Harry.
"Is it really you?" Hermione asked, "I know everything about you, of course-I bought some extra references, such as History of Modern Magic, The Rise and Fall of Dark Magic and Important Magic Events in the 20th Century."
"To me?" Harry asked inexplicably.
"God, you don’t know that if I were you, I would try to find everything for me," Hermione said. "Do you know which college you will be assigned to? I’ve asked around, and I hope to be assigned to Gryffindor. They all say it’s the best. I heard that Dumbledore graduated from there himself, but I don’t think Ravenclaw is too bad. Anyway, we’d better go to Neville Toad first, and you’d better change your clothes quickly, because we will arrive soon. "
Chapter 293 sorting hat (night)
"The distribution ceremony will start in front of the teachers and students in a few minutes. I suggest you dress up beautifully during this waiting period." Her eyes stopped for a long time with Neville’s hat rope fixed to her left ear and Ron’s dirty nose
Harry hurriedly touched his hair to smooth it out.
"We’ll call you when we’re ready. Please wait here quietly." She finally left the room and Harry swallowed nervously.
"According to what criteria do they assign us to different colleges?" He asked Ron
"Maybe he passed the exam. Fred once said that the distribution would hurt us a lot, but I think he was joking." Harry suddenly felt heavy to take the exam? In front of the school teachers and students? But he can’t even know the simplest magic now. What should he do? When he first arrived here, he never expected such a thing to happen. He looked around anxiously and found that others were as scared as he was.
In the crowd, Hermione gossiped to the people next to her, listing all her magic skills and saying that she didn’t know which ones could be staged.
Harry really wanted to plug his ears. He had never been so nervous, even when he turned the teacher’s wig blue and returned to Dursley’s house with a school complaint letter.
Professor McGonagall will come back at any moment and take him to the place where his fate will be decided.
Arlene found it very interesting, and everyone was nervous. Hermione chattered, Harry was silent, and Ron was bitter. It seems that I have seen this situation before.
He shook his left index finger back and forth and suddenly realized, oh! By the way, it turned out that it was the real-world squad leader who told Yalin the exact date of their college entrance examination.
"You will find that not all pure blood wizards are so noble." Malfoy Draco made Ron’s nose crooked after he wooed Harry Potter.
Then Professor McGonagall came back.
"Form a team," Professor McGonagall told the freshmen. "Now come with me!" Arlene walked in front of Khaliyar Lin, Hermione on the right, Ron on the left, fell behind them, crossed the hall, entered a split door and entered the restaurant, which can also be called the meeting room, because all countries in that country talked about customs while eating.
It’s beautiful and brilliant here, and everything around the atmosphere has a sense of dignity.
His senior students are already sitting in front of four long tables, and thousands of candles are floating in the middle of the head, lighting up the whole hall.
The table was fil with glittering gold plate and goblets.
There is another long table in front of the dining room, where all the professors are sitting.
Professor McGonagall walked slowly to the high platform with the eyes of new students and old students. wait for a while stared at Hermione in the candle. He was shocked and whispered in his ear, "Someone once enchanted it to make it look more like an outer star. This is what I learned from a history of Hogwarts." It’s hard to imagine that the Great Hall is not an open-air hall with a ceiling at the top.
Arlene, Hermione, Harry, Ron and all the freshmen stopped in front of the high platform, and their eyes were all looking at the same place.
A four-legged stool on the high platform with a pointed magician’s hat, which is dirty and old enough for people to look straight at.
There was silence, and suddenly the hat twitched, and its edge cracked like a human mouth.
Then the hat began to sing.
Maybe you think I’m not beautiful, but don’t believe your eyes. If you can find a hat smarter than me, you can do anything to me.
Your bowler hat is black and bright, your top hat is slippery and high, because I am from Hogwarts sorting hat, and they are not as good as me.
I know what’s on your mind best, and I know where you should go when you wear me.
Maybe you should go to Gryffindor, where warriors have more courage, spirit and torsion to fear the challenge;
If you belong to Hufflepuff, you are loyal, upright and outstanding, and people are patient and sincere and afraid of hard work;
If you can enter the wisdom Ravenclaw, it’s really a lot of good scholars and wise men, and it’s hard to find anywhere else;
Or you will go to Slytherin, and you will find sincere friends. The residents there are cunning and sinister, and they will do whatever it takes to achieve their goals.
Come and wear me. Don’t be scared! It’s safe to have my protection because my hat is not stupid.
When the hat performed his wonderful singing, the whole auditorium applauded warmly. It bowed to four tables full of students and then became motionless.

Now Lenovo feels that it is difficult to do business, and tries every means to transform itself into a business, a young person and an online product, but there is still no improvement, and the al negotiations have not made much progress.

Yang Yuanqing is a veteran of Lenovo, and he has a good command of the hardware market, but he is a novice to the Internet industry.
F365 was born out of Lenovo’s software department and then came out to operate independently. The name is Lenovo FM 365.
Moreover, last year, the slogan was to enter the top three in front of the door in one year, which cost 100 million yuan to invest, but the penguin overtook the car.
The appearance of Chen Bo, who is in a whirlpool dilemma, attracted their attention, which is why today’s test is made.
Chapter 31 A deliberate attempt to kill a thief can save the day
After listening to Yang Yuanqing, Chen Bo suddenly felt that his head was getting bigger. How did he feel that Lenovo was going to dump his bag, or he was looking for a back-pocket man.
Let’s not talk about the original intention of Yang Yuanqing to come up with the domain name "f365" after sitting in the toilet.
That is to say, at present, the management ideas of the whole department’s operation mode are very unclear, and now I have to give suggestions and start.
This hot potato can never be picked up, and Lenovo will not let go easily at this time with Tencent, a super killer, and another door network.
"how about it? Some of your ideas on the Internet, even foreign schools such as Speed Fox and West Wave, can all be defeated by you. "
"Cough others don’t know you don’t know? That’s all in time. If it weren’t for the Nasdaq Internet bubble, I wouldn’t be worried about returning music today. "
Chen Bo timely change the subject, and can’t keep pestering f365. Let’s talk about it first.
"Lenovo, the music network, will definitely not stand by and watch. Since you are in trouble, I can’t force you to take over f365, but you always have to help, right?"
Lao Liu, this is a quid pro quo. He also knows that the situation can’t be solved by finding someone casually. If Chen Bo doesn’t agree, he can’t force it.
We can speed up the negotiations with the United States al League, but we must also let Chen Bo give us a suggestion and come out as a dead horse.
"Now that you have said so, give me some time to investigate-I can still help with this little thing."
Chen Bo can’t drive a duck rack, but he can do it. Lao Liu has a deep network. Although it is not a word that can solve the music problem, it should not be difficult to work hard. If there is a red-headed document, there will be a legal basis.
"Yuanqing, then temporarily ask the consultant of Xiao Chen f365 Company to be responsible for the investigation and all departments will cooperate!"
Old willow personally ordered Yang Yuanqing natural don’t complain.
At any rate, this crop is a revelation of the past. Finally, I can have a pleasant chat and share my management experience without hiding anything.
Strengthening group decision-making and corporate culture are two key points. Zhuge Liang’s ability is no matter how strong he is, he is not trained, and only talents are exhausted.
Lao Liu has really trained Yang Yuanqing, Guo Wei, Zhu Linan and Li Qin in this respect, and everyone can be independent.
The eastern enterprise management system is very dictatorial, so is Lao Liu, but he is dignified, and the main senior executives and employees are mainly restricted by corporate culture.
Of course, this is all an industrial management model. Chen Bo can’t complete the construction and relocation, otherwise he will learn from each other and learn from the essence.
Moreover, he also set out to let go of trust and cultivate more management talents, which is a successful example.
After coming out of Lenovo group, it still benefits a lot. Internet companies need more patience to precipitate corporate culture. It is too short, and everything is fast lane. In case of slow speed, it will expose the problem.
Chen Bo decided to make some adjustments after returning to Pengcheng, and how to do it has to be carefully pondered.
However, the immediate matter must be solved first. Chen Bo took Gao Yuanyuan to f365 the next day, saying that the company is a business group, and Lenovo has not independently registered a company.
What Chen Bo wants to do is simply to understand the current operating mechanism and sum up all unreasonable problems and give rectification opinions.
The consultant is not managed, but even worse, he is a temporary consultant.
If you have nothing to do, just stroll around the office area to see how they work, and then find the person in charge to have tea and chat, and get the information as soon as you have it.
Before Chen Bo came, he still had a glimmer of hope for f365. When he arrived at the company, he found that he was wrong.
Yang yuanqing’s original intention is to run the network by doing brain methods, because Lenovo thinks that the internet is hot and he has to keep up with the trend since he took the first place in his personal brain in 1996.
It’s ridiculous that the Lenovo swearing-in meeting in 2 years shouted the slogan of making 100 million yuan a year. What’s the difference between this and the Great Leap Forward?
10,000 Jin per mu to catch up with British and American satellites?
The internet is fast, but it’s not like this. Even if Tengxun’s normal trajectory reaches 100 million yuan, it will take about 21 years. How can you be so strong and confident in a door network?
You did it without Yahoo, Amazon and al? Their market value is high because there is hot money on Wall Street, and relying on their own funds to do the network will bring down Lenovo’s entire industrial chain sooner or later.
After a year, it burned nearly 100 million yuan, and it was not too late for Yang Yuanqing to realize his mistake.
Of course, the company department learned that Yang Yuanqing would not tell Chen Bo about his black history, otherwise Chen Bo would definitely spit it out on the spot.
This is still the tip of the iceberg. The more you know, the more disappointed Chen Bo will be.
The whole network architecture is in a mess. It’s not that the technicians are not good enough, but that the management brain changes its thinking too slowly and rhythmically.
One of them came to inquire about the letter account information, not directly reading the letter data and displaying it on the webpage, but directly linking an ll365 network, which is not good for f365, okay?
Not only reduced the experience, but also others made wedding clothes.
The whole network management mode is also a Lenovo-style technical department, which is even more miserable. It is quantified and requires that it must be done at one time, otherwise the kpi will be deducted without discussion.
If you do online production, you won’t have to form a concept once, but you will gradually improve it according to your needs. Even if you produce it ten years later and put it into modern society, you may not necessarily like it.
This requires a gradual adaptation process, instead of building a house, just follow the drawings
After ten days, Chen Bo compiled a five-page research report and finally handed it over to Yang Yuanqing. It doesn’t matter to me whether you change it or not.
F365′ s defeat is bound to be followed by inevitable hidden dangers. Even if Chen Bo, a rebirth person with his own golden finger, takes over personally, it is also intentional to save the thief, which is likely to accelerate its fall.
Chen Bo was glad that he didn’t have the brain to turn the tide and save it from the fire and water.
Things here have come to an end, and Chen Bo has to get busy with his own affairs. Several offices have been renovated and can now be settled in.
Pangu search here is not obsessed with geomantic omen, Yin and Yang theory, and moved in as soon as it was decorated.
On the other hand, the film and television company probably has to choose a good day from Hong Kong University and prepare suckling pigs, melons and fruits to burn incense and pray for a good color before the crew can pull it out.
Although Chen Bo is a theologian, his rebirth is not explained by science, so he let them go. At that time, he is not the protagonist, so he will appear as a neighbor. There is nothing wrong with saying that the two companies are next to each other
March 24th, the 30th day of the 2nd lunar month, Xin Mao Yue Bing Xu Day.
Suitable for the city, breaking ground, traveling without picking, offering sacrifices and building houses.
Early in the morning, there was an incense table at the door of the company, and the suckling pig was crispy with golden candles. On both sides of the table, there were firecrackers like long queues.
There are also a variety of celebration baskets on the outer wall, all of which were booked by the wrist in the circle the day before and sent to us.
Chinese people pay attention to appearances, and when everyone has a wedding or a wedding, courtesy is reciprocated. In this respect, we must do our best unless there is a deep hatred.
Chen Bo is a two-handed man. What’s the point of his company? Besides, most people know that he is the boss, and the news has not spread abroad.
Xinghe Shiba is naturally a member and a member, and all of them are sister companies. It’s close to this side, and many cast and opera artists have come to a stage to call out more than 20 unknown people.
"Chen always takes more photos after meeting for the first time." Although Chen Daoming is usually busy taking plays, there is no company, but the boss of the company still knows that it is Wang Jinghua, after all. When the male artist sees him, he naturally knows who it is.
"Teacher Chen is polite. We are still at home. The development of the company is inseparable from the hard work of Teacher Chen. How hard you work!"
Chen Bo politely responded that Uncle Dao Ming, who is now in his 40s, is gentle and gentle, and has a lot of patience to kill a lot of fresh meat.
Many artists crowded over to say hello to Chen Bo and lost their boss from Pangu, feeling that they had picked it up again.
Zhou Xun also came back from the crew. Her current company status is equivalent to a sister of Xinghe, but if she is not good in front of everyone, she will politely greet Chen Bo and secretly pinch him while no one is paying attention. What is this? I won’t return the house to uncover the tiles for a few days!
Chen Bo, like Hua Hudie, greeted his acquaintances and sat down with the management.
The entertainment circle is the most snobbish boss. The more you put on a high profile, the more they fear you. If you hang out with people all the time, they will look down on you.
Except for a few people who are familiar with each other, he has to put a frame in front of the artists, but he has to change to another kind face in front of the employees.
Chen Bo’s familiarity is still relatively measured.
Zhao Baogang is dressed in white clothes, white trousers and long hair. He is born with a standard artist style.
Ding Xin is wearing a black dress, and she is not afraid of the cold in early spring. She is beaming and chatting with Wang Jinghua.